RFCafe.com July 2017 Website Statistics

Website Traffic Statistics July 2017 - RF CafeWebsite traffic statistics for July 2017, World Countries - RF CafeThese July 2017 charts were generated from the website statistics data gathered by my web host, Hostek.com. Presented is raw data with no manipulation or filtering (I added the "weekend" label). Peaks are midweek and valleys are weekends. Details can be seen by clicking on the thumbnail images.

Overall traffic seems to be down by a couple percent since the last report in April, but that is typical over the summer months. Still, an average of around 16,000 page views during weekdays and 10,000 on weekends is not too bad.

U.S.-based visitors top the list as you might expect, the Canada comes in second followed by India, the U.K., China, and Germany.

RFCafe.com Top 100 Search Keywords for July 2017 - RF CafeYou might find the list of the top 100 search engine keywords interesting. It is generated only from searches performed by the custom Google search on the RF Cafe website. Notice that it includes words like 'to,' 'of,' 'and,' and other prepositions, indefinite articles, conjunctions, etc., that have no specific relevance. The Hostek server has no way of knowing which keywords caused visitors to land on RF Cafe as the result of searches from the general Google page or of other search engine pages.

Other than every few months producing these types of charts, I spend no time attempting to analyze website statistics either with that provided by my server or with Google Analytics. My mission for RF Cafe has always been to present information that I consider useful to my visitors who are interested in the same things as me - not just how to draw in random visitors who stumble upon a page accidentally due to a search. Yes, that philosophy violates the prime tenet of SEO techniques, but so be it. The same thing goes for page layout, Mobile optimization, etc. Notice that I do not embed banner advertisements within the primary content area on the page - which studies show that everybody hates. Thus far, the strategy has worked well for both RF Cafe and for my private advertisers.

No doubt when the day comes to sell the RFCafe.com domain and, if desired, its contents, a new, more business-minded buyer could probably apply all the proven methods of traffic maximization and multiply the revenue many-fold.

Sure, I'd love to be a millionaire, but life is pretty good the way it is now. Our 920 sq.ft. house is paid for and easy to maintain, as is our one car and everything else in the house. We have no debt, but then my being 59 years old and Melanie and I having been frugal during our 34+ years of marriage has led to this result. It is only the outrageous cost of Obamacare with its high premiums and multi thousand dollar deductibles that stresses our existence - thanks, fellow citizens.

Anyway, for what it's worth to you, there it is.



Posted August 7, 2017