Engineering Career and Job Hunting Advice for May 2017

Engineering Career and Job Hunting Advice for May 2017 - RF CafeReports on which jobs are seeing the fastest growth in a particular state are to be read with a bit of skepticism because intentional or not, bias and error are always an integral part of the results. Lily Martis, writing for the Monster job website, present just such a survey, and it is worth looking at since it does give a good idea of what types of jobs are in demand overall. It might just be accurate to boot. Evidently electrical and electronics repairers are currently in high demand in Idaho and avionics technicians are needed in Maryland. Engineers must be a dime a dozen because no state lists any form of engineering as the highest growing career field. Graduation time is here now, so there are, as is typical, a plethora of articles offering advice to seniors.

Here is a list of current engineering jobs listed on RF Cafe.
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Posted May 22, 2017