RF & Microwave Engineering Articles for May 2016

RF & Microwave Engineering Articles for May 2016 - RF CafeMany great new RF-type magazine articles that have appeared in the trade magazines in the last couple weeks. Since the majority of people no longer receive paper copies of the magazines, I try to drive a little traffic to their websites by highlighting titles that appeal to my interest and like-minded RF Cafe visitors. That's not to say the other articles are not noteworthy, though. Items move onto and off of all homepages quickly, so even if you visit Microwave & RF, Microwave Journal, Microwave Product Digest, High Frequency Electronics, et al, regularly, you might have missed something in the list below.

Tom Perkins' article on "misused" terminology hits on some key peeves for some people (including me); however, there might still be some disagreement over the technical difference between a diplexer and a duplexer even by major filter manufacturers. Also, Chris DeMartino implies (according to my inference, anyway) that the UHF connector is not so commonly used anymore - and that is probably so for commercial installations - but amateur radio operators still use the UHF connector commonly, although they often refer to them based on their original United States Army Signal Corps designations of PL-259 (plug/male) and SO-239 (socket/female).

Here is a complete list of all featured RF & microwave articles in 2016.



Posted May 19, 2016