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Engineering White Papers & Books, June 2016 - RF CafeAll of the whitepapers, pamphlets, books, magazines, and chapter examples listed here are a small sample of a lot of new items that are offered for FREE through TradePub. The publishers make them available to qualifying people as a promotional campaign for their full line of offerings. Note: I earn a few pennies (literally) when you download one of these or the many other pubs available, so please help yourself.

Engineering Whitepapers

5 Proven Ways to Motivate and Retain Your Technology Team - RF Cafe"5 Proven Ways to Motivate and Retain Your Technology Team" - You've managed to piece together the "Dream Team." Your tech staff works like a well-oiled machine, keeping your company humming and thriving. And then it happens: dissension. For whatever reason, your employees have grown unhappy and you find out that they're searching for new employment or losing productivity. What did you do wrong? Did you hire the wrong people? Did your company push them away? Or is it a combination of numerous factors? In order to retain employees, you must build an environment that fosters loyalty and growth.


Planning a Presentation -- Developing Your Communication Skills - RF Cafe"Planning a Presentation -- Developing Your Communication Skills" This free eBook describes a simple four-step process that you can use to create a presentation plan, whether you are making a formal presentation or a routine presentation to your team. One of the most important management skills to develop is the ability to quickly plan and structure a presentation so that you can give a strong performance even when you have minimal time in which to prepare it. From this eBook, you will learn: The importance of creating an aim statement to help you focus on what to include in your presentation. The key facts you need to find out about your audience before you begin. How to define your key message statement and why this is such an important step. How to produce an outline scope as efficiently as possible. How to quickly draft your content so that you can go forward into the preparation phase.


"Competency-Based Interview Questions - Management Skills" This eBook explains how to answer competency-based interview questions. These are behavioral questions, in which the interviewer will ask you to describe a situation that demonstrates your abilities. You will learn: How to recognize competency-based questions and how to relate them to an organization’s competency framework. How to use the STAR method, which describes: the Situation, the Task required as a result, the Action taken, and the Result of that action. How to use the SOARA method, which describes: Situation, Objective, Action, Results, and Aftermath. How to pre-plan answers that ensure you give the best possible example of a particular behavior. How to formulate a narrative that works well as an answer to a competency-based question.


Increasing Time to Market in Electrical Design - RF Cafe"Increasing Time to Market in Electrical Design" Learn how electrical and mechanical design can be integrated into a single 3D platform for increased product innovation, faster time to market and lower costs. While 3D CAD technology has revolutionized mechanical design for decades now, its electrical counterpart has languished in 2D. But no longer. Electrical design doesn't need to be an afterthought when it comes to product development.



Design and Manufacturing: Breaking Down Barriers - RF Cafe"Design and Manufacturing: Breaking Down Barriers" This paper will explore how an integrated CAD/CAM solution can help you unify the design through manufacturing process, and the benefits of doing so. It's now possible for manufacturing to create tool paths in parallel with design so that production is fully prepared once a product's design is released. Learn how CAD/CAM integration is improving the product development process. By enabling a concurrent, collaborative approach to design through manufacturing, product design and manufacturing personnel improve communication and quality, saving time and money.


The Future of Drones: Sky-High Hopes vs. Regulatory Realities - RF Cafe"The Future of Drones: Sky-High Hopes vs. Regulatory Realities" The tech giants are thought to be using their fleets of high-altitude, solar-powered drones to extend the reach of Internet connectivity across the entire planet. When Raphael Pirker needed overhead shots for a commercial he was filming at the University of Virginia, instead of spending thousands of dollars to rent a helicopter, he attached a camera to a 5-lb. (2.3 kilograms) model airplane, creating a custom drone to capture high-flying aerial views of the campus. A year earlier, the 29-year-old photographer piloted a similar drone around the Statue of Liberty in New York, buzzing the monument's iconic crown and recording stunning close-up views of Liberty Island and downtown Manhattan. Drones have been used by the military for decades, but Pirker's videos offer a glimpse of just one possible way these robotic fliers could be used in the future. As advances in technology have made drones smaller and more accessible, their potential applications are extending far beyond their use as warfighters for the military or toys for hobbyists.


Free Engineering Whitepapers for June 2016 - RF CafeHere is a complete listing of hundreds of free engineering whitepapers from which to chose.






Engineering Magazines

Microwave Product Digest - RF CafeMicrowave Product Digest: Serves the government/military OEM and user market field including: electronic warfare, radar, telemetry, and CATV broadcast systems, ground support, communications, test and measurement equipment, navigation, active and passive components, industrial & academic laboratories.




Technology Integrator - RF CafeTechnology Integrator is targeted to the home technology professional integrators and specialty retailers from the Custom Integration (CI) Channel. Technology Integrator is about the business of doing business in an industry that is about change. Content focuses on business strategies from Profitability, Human Resources, Legislative issues, Operations and Sales and Marketing.



EETimes Europe - RF CafeEETimes Europe provides the creators of technology in Europe with News, Analysis, Product and Design Information in a wide range of media formats. EETimes Europe is a next generation, integrated media product that includes a bi-weekly print publication, a digital version with enhanced features, a unique web site and a daily newsletter keeping subscribers abreast of new developments in real time. EETimes Europe incorporates a large product section in its Electronics Express pages



ECN - RF CafeECN magazine is THE source for electronic OEM design and development engineers and engineering managers for new products, components and systems. ECN is published 15 times a year (monthly except semi-monthly in May, November and December) and is available in Print or Digital format.




Wiley Engineering E-Book Bundle - RF CafeThis Wiley Engineering E-Book bundle includes selected materials from 5 recently published titles in Wiley's expansive catalog of titles. The material that is included for each selection is the book's full Table of Contents as well as a full sample chapter for your enjoyment. Titles Include: Mechanics of Materials For Dummies Optics For Dummies Signals and Systems For Dummies Statics For Dummies Thermodynamics For Dummies Engineering Magazines for June 2016 - RF CafeHere is a complete listing of hundreds of free engineering magazines from which to chose.




Posted June 2, 2016