Send Me Your Press Releases!

Send Me Your Press Releases! - RF CafeIf your company provide products and/or services that I deem relevant to my readership, I will gladly post your press release, company news, product announcement, seminar, job opening, etc., at no charge, as a service to RF Cafe visitors. While there is no guarantee a particular item will be posted, I do try to give fair exposure to the >10,000 engineers, technicians, students, and hobbyists RF Cafe receives each weekday.

...of cour$e there i$ a way to $ee to it that your $ubmi$$ion get$ $pecial con$ideration  ;-)

Please send via e-mail the information, along with images (or links to online images), hyperlinks to featured product pages, contact information, an About Us statement, and other such commonly included content.

Please review some of the press releases already on RF Cafe as a guide to format since I do not have the time to do a lot of editing.

NOTE: Only hyperlinks that point directly to your company website will be used. Hyperlinks redirected via advertising services will be ignored.

Along with posting your press release on a dedicated page, there will also be a notice placed on the RF Cafe homepage that typically remains for 3 to 5 days before being pushed off the bottom by newer content. The homepage item usually has at least one hyperlink directly back to your company's website, along with one to the dedicated page on RF Cafe.

New homepage additions also get broadcast on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, so you'll get a little boost there as well.

I reserve the option to refuse anything not deemed appropriate for or germane to my readers' primary interests; they are busy people. No promises are made or implied regarding whether or not anyone's submissions will be published. My job, as defined by me, is to get good, useful information to RF Cafe visitors.

Finally, please take a quick look at what I offer for private advertising on RF Cafe. Thanks for reading.



Posted February 3, 2015