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Homepage Archive July 2015 - page 1

These archive pages are provided in order to make it easier for you to find items that you remember seeing on the RF Cafe homepage. Of course probably the easiest way to find anything on the website is to use the "Search RF Cafe" box at the top of every page. About RF Cafe.

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RF & Microwave Engineering

Articles for July 15

RF & Microwave Engineering Articles for July 15, 2015 - RF CafeLots of great new articles have been posted by our industries' top magazine publishers since my last update in June. As mentioned in the past, the advent of the Internet has made it possible for many more articles to be made available than what can be printed on paper because of press and mailing costs. Some magazines have been printing an abbreviated version of ...

- 5 Things You Should Know About

    5G Cellular, L. Frenzel

- RF/Microwave EDA Supporting IoT

   Design, ANSYS

- GaN Technology and the Potential

   for EMI, K. Wyatt

- Understanding Mixers and Their

   Parameters, C. DeMartino  <more>

Per Vices Releases Crimson SDRProduct to T&M Market

Per-Vices-Crimson-SDR-Test-Measurement-Market-7-15-2015.htm" > Per Vices, a revolutionary hardware and solution provider, is pleased to announce the robust wideband RF front end and powerful digital back end of Crimson, the company's latest Software Defined Radio. Crimson features a high stability internal reference clock with stability of ±5ppb. "The successful incorporation of our ultra-low phase noise and low-jitter performance oscillators in the Per Vices Crimson software defined radio means that the Crimson software defined radio is capable of supporting the most demanding radio applications," said Anthony Mastropole, president of Crystek Corporation. Crimson's accuracy Per-Vices-Crimson-SDR-Test-Measurement-Market-7-15-2015.htm" ...

Carl & Jerry: Feedback

Carl & Jerry: Feedback, May 1956 Popular Electronics - RF CafeIn this episode of John T. Frye's "Carl & Jerry" series, the intrepid pair of teenage electronics hobbyists and Ham radio operators are experimenting with an audio amplifier rig that uses a parabolic dish for concentrating sound waves at a focal point where they have a microphone mounted. Aside from picking up bird noises and a neighbor lady scolding her husband for not properly washing the windows during a round of Spring cleaning, Carl imposes upon Jerry for a lesson in feedback techniques - both positive and negative - and the reasons one is preferred over the other. The story winds up with a clever double entendre comment referring to 'osculation' ...

RFMW & Qorvo Announce Worldwide

Distribution Agreement

RFMW-Qorvo-Worldwide-Distribution-Agreement-7-14-2015.htm" > RFMW Ltd. and Qorvo Announce Worldwide Distribution Agreement - RF CafeRFMW Ltd. and Qorvo, Inc. have announced a worldwide distribution agreement effective immediately. Qorvo, a leading provider of core technologies and RF solutions for mobile, infrastructure and aerospace/defense applications, was created through the merger of TriQuint and RFMD. RFMW is a specialized distributor providing customers and suppliers with focused distribution of RF and microwave components as well as specialized component-engineering support. Under the agreement, RFMW is franchised worldwide for all Qorvo Infrastructure and Defense Products RF and microwave devices. Qorvo provides standard and custom RFMW-Qorvo-Worldwide-Distribution-Agreement-7-14-2015.htm" ...

Advanced Computational EM

Methods and Applications

Advanced Computational Electromagnetic Methods and Applications - RF CafeAdvanced Computational Electromagnetic Methods and Applications, by Wenhua Yu, Wenxing Li, Atef Elsherbeni, and Yahya Rahmat-Samii. It's not surprising that four people were needed to write this book! My eyes roll back in my head just before passing out over the equations and program snippets included therein. "This new resource covers the latest developments in computational electromagnetic methods, with emphasis on cutting-edge applications. This book is designed to extend existing literature to the latest development in computational electromagnetic methods, which are of interest to readers in both academic and industrial areas. The topics include advanced techniques in MoM, FEM and FDTD, spectral domain method ..." Please support RF Cafe with your purchases.

Bird Channel Power Monitor Measures

Land Mobile Radio System Performance

Bird-Technologies-Channel-Power-Monitor-LMR-System-7-14-2015.htm" > Bird Technologies Channel Power Monitor Measures Land Mobile Radio System Performance with High Precision - RF CafeBird Technologies, a leading provider of RF components, subsystems, test equipment, and services, today introduced the Channel Power Monitor, a compact rack-mount system that in conjunction with Bird sensors monitors each radio, power combiner, transmission line, and antenna in an analog or digital land-mobile radio system operating between 144 MHz and 960 MHz. It alerts users to out-of-spec conditions via the Web or Bird's Android smartphone app and can monitor 16 channels with the ability to expand as needed to accommodate a radio system of any size. The Model 3141 Channel Power Monitor simultaneously monitors both the individual radios of a system as Bird-Technologies-Channel-Power-Monitor-LMR-System-7-14-2015.htm" ...

"I Know It's True – I Read It on Facebook"

IMS ExpertServices BullsEye Blog

"I Know It's True - I Read It on Facebook" by IMS ExpertServices - RF CafeIMS ExpertServices periodically sends me e-mails that highlight recent key court cases that can significantly affect the effectiveness of expert testimony, both for the plaintiff and for the defendant. You need only scan the headlines I post daily to know the importance of effective legal representation when IP is being contested. This article by Annie Dike, writing for IMS ExpertServices, discusses relatively recent issues caused by the ubiquitous presence of Internet-connected mobile devices and the difficulty with preventing jurors from accessing online resources while listening to evidence and deliberating a decision. Even with being informed that seeking out information sources outside of the evidence introduced during trial proceedings is forbidden - and outright illegal - legal teams are constantly fighting a battle ...

!!! New Horizons Has Arrived at Pluto !!!

New Horizons Reaches Pluto on July 14, 2015 - RF CafeThe New Horizons planetary probe launched from Cape Canaveral on January 19, 2006. 3,463 days later we are treated to the world's first close-up images and physics data of our solar system's most distant [minor] planet. The craft passed by Pluto this morning at 7:49 am EDT at a distance of a mere 7,800 miles (12.5 km) while traveling at a whopping 30,800 mph (49,600 kph). Interestingly, once past the planet, New Horizons stops communications with Earth while its antenna is used to collect science data. 22 hours later, that info then begins its 4½ hour trip back home. Also noteworthy is that the cremated remains of Pluto discoverer Clyde Tombaugh are in a flask aboard New Horizons; that makes him the first human to travel out of the solar system - "boldly go[ing] where no man has gone before." Congrats to the New Horizons team !

Send Me Your Press Releases

Send Me Your Press Releases! - RF CafeSince deciding to discontinue the hosting of private advertising on RF Cafe, I have had many requests to resume the program. Serving between 7,000 and 9,000 pages each weekday provides a valuable amount of exposure to people like you - serious engineers, technicians, students, and hobbyists. While I do not plan to reconstitute private advertising anytime soon, there remains a very easy - and FREE - way for you to get your company's products and services in front of RF Cafe visitors: Press Releases. If your company makes products that I deem relevant to my readership, I will gladly post your press release, company news ...

RF / Analog / Mixed-Signal Staff Design

Engineer Needed by Peregrine

Peregrine Semiconductor Has Opening for a Staff Engineer, RF/Analog/Mixed-Signal Design - RF CafePeregrine Semiconductor has an immediate opening for a Staff-Level RF / Analog / Mixed-Signal Design Engineer. This position is responsible for ensuring success of Peregrine's Global 1 platform in the cellular market. Specify, design, analyze, and debug analog/mixed-signal circuits to support programmable precision performance of RF PAs. Simulate circuits to support the design process. Perform and direct layout of circuits.  Measure circuits on lab bench to prove performance. Debug failures at all levels, support products during the entire product life cycle ...

Fuel Economy - April 1977

AOPA Newsletter

Fuel Economy - April 1977 AOPA Newsletter - RF CafeFuel economy today is a concern not as a matter of availability, but as a matter of ecological stewardship. In the mid 1970s, however, the worldwide Arab oil embargo during 1973 and 1974 and the attendant gas shortage was fresh in everyone's minds. I vividly recall sitting in a gas station line in the family car when there was a government mandated limit of 10 gallons per car. Per one source, in May 1973 the average gasoline price was 38.5¢ per gallons ($2.06 in 2015 dollars per BLS Inflation Calculator). By June 1974, it had risen to 55 cents¢ ($2.95 in 2015.). Incidentally, per the AAA Daily Fuel Gauge Report, the average gas price in the U.S. today ...

Notable Tech Quote: Isaac Asimov

Notable Tech Quote: Isaac Asimov - RF Cafe"The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom." - Isaac Asimov, Isaac Asimov's Book of Science and Nature Quotations

Analyst-MP V12 Delivers

10X Speed Improvement

NI-AWR-Analyst-MP-V12-Delivers-10X-Speed-Improvement-7-13-2015.htm" > Analyst-MP V12 Delivers 10X Speed Improvement - RF CafeNI (formerly AWR Corporation) announces the release of its version 12 Analyst-MP™ 3D multiphysics finite element method (FEM) electromagnetic (EM) analysis software. This latest version delivers up to 10X improvement in speed from the previous version, making it even faster for analyzing extremely complex high-frequency, multiphysics structures like the X- and L-band accelerators designed by Japan's High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK). Analyst-MP leverages the same capabilities within NI AWR Design Environment™ V12 - Analyst™ software but adds to it additional features and functionality that tailor it to large, multiphysics NI-AWR-Analyst-MP-V12-Delivers-10X-Speed-Improvement-7-13-2015.htm" ...

Radio Service Data Sheets

March 1936 Radio Craft

Radio Service Data Sheets (Crosley, International, Firestone, Belmont) - RF CafeThese schematics, tuning instructions, and other data are reproduced from my collection of vintage radio and electronics magazines. As back in the era, similar schematic and service info was available for purchase from sources such as SAMS Photofacts, but these printings were a no-cost bonus for readers.

- International Radio Corp. Model 90

- Belmont Model 578 Series A

- Firestone-Stewart-Warner R1332

- Fairbanks-Morse "Farm" Set

- Crosley Model 555 (A.F.M.)

- Crosley Model 515 (Fiver)

- Crosley Model 425 (Travo) 

Quasi-Optical Short Waves

- Electron Oscillations

Quasi-Optical Short Waves Electron Oscillations, February March 1932 Short Wave Craft - RF CafeIn 2015 we would hardly think of electromagnetic radiation in the 5 cm wavelength realm as being 'quasi-optical' as far as circuit-based manipulation is concerned. Optical wavelengths begin at around 6,300 Å for red light, which is 6.3x10-5 cm, or 630 nm. The 5 cm wavelength used an example in a 1932 article in Short Wave Craft magazine is equivalent to 6 GHz. 6 GHz was an extraordinarily high frequency to be using for communications back then, and the author did not intend to liken it to anywhere near visible light. Instead, his terming its properties as 'quasi-optical' referred to how the waves interacted with physical objects; e.g., reflection, refraction, absorption, and scattering. Barkhausen oscillations were a popular subject of the era ...

Engineering & Science Crossword

Puzzle for July 12

Engineering & Science Crossword Puzzle for July 12, 2015 - RF CafeFor the sake of avid cruciverbalists amongst us, each week I create a new crossword puzzle that has a theme related to engineering, mathematics, chemistry, physics, and other technical words. You will never be asked the name of a movie star unless he/she was involved in a technical endeavor (e.g., Hedy Lamar). Enjoy! ...

Peregrine Has Opening for a

Senior RFIC Design Engineer

Peregrine Semiconductor Has Opening for a Senior RFIC Design Engineer - RF CafePeregrine Semiconductor has an immediate opening for a Senior RFIC Design Engineer. This position is responsible for development of advanced power amplifier products. This includes device characterization, PA design and characterization, prototype development, system testing, demonstrations, characterization, production support. The candidate will interact with other essential disciplines including substrate design, marketing, process technology development, modeling, test engineering and manufacturing ...

PMI Intros 1030 MHz

Power Detector Module

PMI-1030-MHz-Power-Detector-Module-7-11-2015.htm" > Planar Monolithic Industries (PMI) Intros 1030 MHz Power Detector Module - RF CafePMI Model No. PMOD-PWR-1030M-ATN-SFF is a power detector module. The operating frequency is 1030 MHz ±0.01 MHz. Two pairs of forward and reverse signals are input allowing for a 12 bit linear digital output proportional to the input power. A GUI is provided to interface through Ethernet and allow MCU programming, unit calibration and setting of the variable attenuators PMI-1030-MHz-Power-Detector-Module-7-11-2015.htm" ...

Keysight's EDA Simulation Seminar for Solving Signal/Power Integrity Challenges

Keysight-Technologies-EDAn-Seminar-Signal-Power-Integrity-7-10-2015.htm" > Keysight Technologies' EDA Simulation Tools Seminar Details Solutions for Solving Signal/Power Integrity Challenges - RF CafeThis free seminar will discuss the new features included in Keysight's EEsof EDA simulation tools and how the software helps engineers, focused on high-speed digital electronics, solve their toughest design challenges. The seminar will look at all stages of the pre-layout, post-layout and measurement design flow. Tools featured in the seminar include: ADS, ADS Controlled Impedance Line Designer, SI S-Parameter analysis tools, and the ADS PCIe and USB Test Benches used with Keysight real-time oscilloscope certified Test Compliance software Keysight-Technologies-EDAn-Seminar-Signal-Power-Integrity-7-10-2015.htm" ...

MECA Intros 4.1/9.5 (Mini-DIN)

2 Watt Termination to 4 GHz

MECA-Mini-DIN-2-Watt-Termination-4-GHz-7-6-2015.htm" > MECA Intros 4.1/9.5 (Mini-DIN) 2 Watt Termination - RF CafeMECA offers a new compact 2 watt (2 kW peak), 4.1/9.5 (Mini-DIN) Male 50 ohm load optimized for Wireless bands covering up to 4 GHz. VSWRs of 1.10:1 typical up to 2 GHZ and 1.20:1 typical up to 4GHz. Made in the USA and carries MECA's industry leading 36 month manufacturing warranty MECA-Mini-DIN-2-Watt-Termination-4-GHz-7-6-2015.htm" ...

Enjoy Your Friday with a Few

Electronics-Themed Comics

Electronics-Themed Comics, September 1949 Radio & Television News - RF CafeIt's Friday, so why not kick back at the end of work today and enjoy these electronics-themed comics from a vintage edition of Radio & Television News? Seeing a comic panel in any modern technical magazine these days is rare, if for no other reason than a fear amongst publishers (and their lawyers) that somebody, somewhere might be offended. You have my invitation to create a good-humored cartoon about me or RF Cafe anytime you wish, and I promise not to sue you. I'll even post it here on the website if you like. BTW, these comics make good fodder for the front page of your technical presentations ...

Copper Mountain Technologies to

Show Broad Range of VNAs at EuMW

Copper-Mountain-Technologies-VNAs-EuMW-7-9-2015.htm" > Copper Mountain Technologies to Showcase Broad Range of VNAs at EuMW - RF CafeCopper Mountain Technologies (CMT) will showcase its new, high-performance Cobalt vector network analyzer (VNA) series during European Microwave Week (EuMW) in Paris, taking place September 6-11. In stand 268 at Palais Des Congrès, the company will also demonstrate affordable, lab-grade instruments from each of its product lines. And, as part of the show's technical program, the company will share highly useful VNA-based information with attendees inside the MicroApps Auditorium Copper-Mountain-Technologies-VNAs-EuMW-7-9-2015.htm" ...

Pasternack Intros Portfolio of mm- Wave

Directional Waveguide Couplers

Pasternack-mm-Wave-Directional-Waveguide-Couplers-7-9-2015.htm" > Pasternack Introduces New Portfolio of Millimeter Wave Directional Waveguide Couplers - RF CafePasternack, a leading manufacturer and supplier of RF, microwave and millimeter wave products, unveils a brand new family of instrumentation grade directional waveguide couplers boasting accurate performance up to 110 GHz. These Pasternack-mm-Wave-Directional-Waveguide-Couplers-7-9-2015.htm" >ultra-high frequency waveguide couplers are commonly used for signal sampling and other general purpose applications in wireless transmit / receive systems, test benches, satellite communications, radar systems, point-to-point backhaul and telecom. In this latest release of waveguide directional couplers from Pasternack are 28 unique models spanning a frequency range of 18 GHz to 110 GHz in seven popular frequency bands including K, Ka, Q, U, V, E Pasternack-mm-Wave-Directional-Waveguide-Couplers-7-9-2015.htm" ...

I = E over R

I Equals E over R, August 1932 Radio-Craft - RF CafeWhoa, it's a good thing I read these articles prior to publishing them, lest some uninitiated soul be lead to the wrong conclusion! Keep in mind that this article was written in 1932, prior to the development of the quantum mechanical model of the atom, but on the other hand, Ernest Rutherford and Niels Bohr developed their model in 1913, so the information was available. The Rutherford-Bohr model of the atom suggested a nucleus comprised of positive masses called protons, each of which carries a charge of +1 unit, and neutrons with no net charge. Surrounding the nucleus were orbiting masses called electrons, each of which carries a charge of -1 units. Accordingly, the net charge of an atom was the sum of protons and electrons, with unionized atoms having a net ...

Analyze Broadband and Pulsed Signals

up to 85 GHz with New R&S FSW85

Rohde-Schwarz-FSW85-Analyze-Broadband-Pulsed-Signal-85-GHz-7-9-2015.htm" > Analyze Broadband and Pulsed Signals up to 85 GHz with the New R&S FSW85 - RF CafeThe R&S FSW85 from Rohde & Schwarz is the company's latest addition to its successful family of high-end signal and spectrum analyzers. It is ideal for demanding research and development applications. Thanks to its easy handling, the Rohde-Schwarz-FSW85-Analyze-Broadband-Pulsed-Signal-85-GHz-7-9-2015.htm" >R&S FSW85 simplifies complex measurement tasks in the fields of automotive radar, 5G and other wireless communications standards or aerospace and defense. The new R&S FSW85 high-end signal and spectrum analyzer is the only instrument on the market to cover the frequency range from 2 Hz to 85 GHz in a single sweep Rohde-Schwarz-FSW85-Analyze-Broadband-Pulsed-Signal-85-GHz-7-9-2015.htm" ...

Peregrine Introduces 1st RF SOI

300 mm Technology Platform

Peregrine-Semiconductor-First-RF-SOI-300-mm-MPAC-7-6-2015.htm" > Peregrine Semiconductor Introduces First RF SOI 300 mm Technology Platform - RF CafePeregrine Semiconductor Corp., founder of RF SOI (silicon on insulator) and pioneer of advanced RF solutions, announces the UltraCMOS® 11 platform, the industry's first RF SOI technology built on GLOBALFOUNDRIES' 130 nm 300 mm RF technology platform. By moving to a 300 mm wafer, Peregrine opens the door to new enhancements and advanced features in future generations of the Peregrine-Semiconductor-First-RF-SOI-300-mm-MPAC-7-6-2015.htm" >UltraCMOS technology platform, which can leverage GLOBALFOUNDRIES' 300 mm production-proven design enablement and manufacturing expertise and scale. "As an industry first, the new RF SOI technology reaffirms our commitment to the RF market, and is another Peregrine-Semiconductor-First-RF-SOI-300-mm-MPAC-7-6-2015.htm" ...

Please Welcome AFM Microelectronics

as a New Advertiser !

American Function Materials, located in San Diego, CA, is RF Cafe's newest private advertiser. AFM designs, develops, manufactures and markets RF/microwave multilayer capacitors, high power & high current multilayer, and high temperature & high voltage multilayer capacitors, GBBL high-K substrates for single layer capacitors, and ultra-low-fire dielectric powder for multilayer capacitors. Sizes range from 0201 to 13560, with operating voltages from 25 to 20,000 volts. AFM operates a state of the art MLCC manufacturing line including ceramic slip casting, automated tight-tolerance printing-stacking, iso-static pressing, automated termination, automated test and sorting process, and plating process. AFM has a full complement of test tools. Please visit the AFM Microelectronics' website to see whether they can be of assistance on your project.

Summer Short-Wave Reception

Summer Short-Wave Reception, July 1932 Radio-Craft - RF CafeThis article was written in 1932, before anyone had in-situ empirical measurements of the ionosphere, since suitable instrumented sounding rockets were not yet available. It had only been 30 years since Oliver Heaviside and Arthur Kennelly first proposed their theory of the ionized layer that encompasses the Earth. It turned out that the ionosphere is composed of multiple layers of ionized regions whose intensities are dependent on solar surface activity, time of day and night, time of year, and even on terrestrial events like large volcanoes. Large network communications have been built so as not to be held hostage by atmospheric conditions by utilizing ...

PMI Intros Two PIN Diode Switches

PMI-pin-diode-switches-7-8-2015.htm" > Planar Monolithic Industries (PMI) Intros Two PIN Diode Switches - RF CafePlanar Monolithics Industries (PMI) has introduced two single-pole, single-throw PIN diode RF switches with coaxial connectors.P1T-DC40G-65-T-292MF-1NS-OPT27 is an absorptive, single pole, single throw PIN diode switch that operates from DC to 27 GHz. This model incorporates a TTL compatible driver for easy system integration. Model No. P2T-6G18G-40-R-570-TFF-1D6KW is a 6.0-18.0 GHz SPDT solid-state switch capable of handling input power levels up to 1.6 kW peak having a duty cycle of 8% and a pulse width of 250 us. This switch offers low loss of 2.2 dB maximum and 40 dB of isolation with a switching speed of 200 ns PMI-pin-diode-switches-7-8-2015.htm" ...

Peregrine Has Opening for a

Senior RFIC Characterization Engineer

Peregrine Semiconductor Has Opening for a Senior RFIC Characterization Engineer - RF CafePeregrine Semiconductor has an immediate opening for a Senior RFIC Characterization Engineer. The successful candidate will be responsible for the characterization & product development of RF ICs in Peregrine's UltraCMOS technology for space and military as well as commercial/industrial applications. A successful candidate will enjoy being part of the product development team, taking industry leading product designs and readying them for mass production. The job will require expertise in RF and analog measurements combined with disciplined project planning to ensure only the highest quality products are released. As part of a cross-functional product development team, the ...

LTE Band Definition Chart from RFMW

RFMW-LTE-Band-Definition-Chart-7-7-2015.htm" > RFMW Announces LTE Band Definition Chart - RF CafeRFMW, Ltd. announces the availability of a LTE Band Definition Chart outlining frequency designations and bandwidths for LTE bands 1 through 44. Both uplink and downlink information is provided along with duplex spacing information. Applicable usage areas for each band are highlighted. If you've ever had confusion or questions regarding the multitude of LTE bands, this chart from RFMW provides a concise resource for your desktop or design bench RFMW-LTE-Band-Definition-Chart-7-7-2015.htm" ...

Staff Level Applications Engineer

Opening at Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin Staff Level Applications Engineer - RF CafeLockheed Martin has an need for a Staff Level Application Engineer at their Meridian, Mississippi location. The successful candidate will be a subject matter expert for manufacturing automation technology who identifies opportunities to deploy latest manufacturing technologies at LM-Aero C-130 feeder plants. He/she will also develop understanding of Meridian, MS manufacturing processes and be a liaison with LM-Aero Manufacturing Technology departments. Perform initial trouble analysis on automation issues and coordinates resolution with Facilities, Tooling, Manufacturing Technology and vendors. Apply today ...

Distributed Power Amplifiers for RF and Microwave Communications

Distributed Power Amplifiers for RF and Microwave Communications - RF CafeDistributed Power Amplifiers for RF and Microwave Communications, authored by Narendra Kumar and published by Artech House. This new resource presents readers with all relevant information and comprehensive design methodology of wideband amplifiers. This book specifically focuses on distributed amplifiers and their main components, and presents numerous RF and microwave applications including well-known historical and recent architectures, theoretical approaches, circuit simulation, and practical implementation techniques. A great resource for practicing designers and engineers, this book contains numerous well-known and novel ...

Please support RF Cafe with your purchases.

Peregrine Has Opening Staff Engineer,

RF Test Engineering - Mobile Wireless

Peregrine Semiconductor Has Opening for a Staff Engineer in RF Test Engineering - Mobile Wireless - RF CafePeregrine Semiconductor has an immediate opening for a Staff Engineer in the Mobile Wireless area of Test Engineering. This position is responsible for designing and developing production and characterization ATE solutions for integrated circuits. Acts as the technical lead for projects and has a solid understanding of RF principles, software development and IC test development practices. This position works closely with Management, Engineers, Program Management, and Manufacturing to ensure that the team is delivering the highest quality level of tested products. The position will also be required to plan, prioritize, technically support and manage the implementation and release of production test solutions ...


in the Atomic Energy Program

Radio-Electronics in the Atomic Energy Program, September 1949 Radio & Television News - RF CafeAtomic energy research came to the forefront of public awareness in 1945 following the detonation of the world's first nuclear bombs. X-rays had been studied for decades and uses had been developed for medical and industrial inspection purposes, but the harmful effects of low level exposure over long periods of time were still largely undetermined. Some people, like the author of this report from a 1949 edition of Radio & Television News magazine, believed "man's life is shortened by exposure to any amount of radioactivity." That was a rather extreme and alarmist statement to make in an article whose purpose was ostensibly to encourage engineers, scientists, and technicians to seek careers in the radio-electronics-nucleonics field ...

Narda STS's IDA 2 Reveals Hidden

Transmitters That Use FHSS

Narda-Safety-Test-Solutions-IDA-2-Transmitters-Frequency-Hopping-7-1-2015.htm" > Narda Safety Test Solutions' IDA 2 Reveals Interference and Hidden Transmitters That Use Frequency Hopping - RF CafeNarda Safety Test Solutions has expanded the features of its Interference and Direction Analyzer: Spectrograms with a time resolution of as fine as 1 μs now allow insights into signal structures that were otherwise only possible with large scale lab equipment. This means that interference and hidden transmitters with rapidly changing frequencies can also be analyzed and then localized with subsequent operating steps. In the Narda-Safety-Test-Solutions-IDA-2-Transmitters-Frequency-Hopping-7-1-2015.htm" > IDA 2's new high resolution spectrogram display mode, the type of signal, i.e. its "fingerprint", can be identified. The instrument writes the spectrums line by line, with levels indicated by different colors. In this way the time and spectral Narda-Safety-Test-Solutions-IDA-2-Transmitters-Frequency-Hopping-7-1-2015.htm" ...

Career Tips for Engineers & New Grads

Engineering Career Advice Articles for July 7, 2015 - RF CafeInfographics are the "in" thing with this week's collection of career advice articles. If a picture is still worth 1,000 words in today's economy, then there are at least 2,000-worth here, and maybe as many as 21,000 if you count individual graphics within the infographics. I like the allusion in one of the titles to Mark Twain's famous quote following a domestic absence during an extended trip to Europe. The other ...

- Economists Offer Career Tips for

   Today's Graduates

- The Death of the Cover Letter:

   Greatly Exaggerated?

- The Impact of Bad Bosses in the

   Workplace [Infographic]  <more>

Notable Tech Quote: Steve nt Andrea

Steve Sant Andrea Quote ARRL QST file photo - RF Cafe"The great thing about reactances being imaginary is the the -j1590 Ω of capacitive reactance can be neutralized by adding +j1590 Ω of inductive reactance. Cool, huh? Add ohms to ohms and get fewer ohms! You can't do that with resistors!" - Steve ant Andrea (AG1YK), June 2014 QST magazine.

MECA Multi Band / Multi Market

RF Power Dividers 500 MHz – 6.00 GHz

MECA-Multi-Band-Multi-Market-RF-Power-Dividers-500-MHz-6-GHz-7-6-2015.htm" > MECA Intros Multi Band / Multi Market RF/Microwave Power Dividers 500 MHz – 6.00 GHz - RF CafeMECA is pleased to announce its latest addition to our extensive line of Power Dividers with (80X-X-3.250WWP); broad band models covering UHF through ISM bands. Available in; 2, 4, 8 & 16-Way, 30 W Wilkinson Power Dividers, optimized for excellent performance with industry leading specifications from 500 MHz – 6.00 GHz. Offering typical VSWR's ranging from 1.20:1 to 1.30:1, Isolation of 17-20 dB minimum while offering phase and amplitude balance typically only seen in narrower/octave band models. Also available in a variety of connector styles such as Type N MECA-Multi-Band-Multi-Market-RF-Power-Dividers-500-MHz-6-GHz-7-6-2015.htm" ...

Cobham Antenna Systems Supports

Liverpool U. in IMechE's UAS Challenge

Cobham-Antenna-Systems-Liverpool-U-IMechE-UAS-Challenge-2015-7-1-2015.htm" > Cobham Antenna Systems Proud to Support Liverpool University in IMechE's UAS Challenge 2015 - RF CafeCobham Antenna Systems, a market-leading supplier of antennas, is proud to announce the sponsorship of the Cobham-Antenna-Systems-Liverpool-U-IMechE-UAS-Challenge-2015-7-1-2015.htm" > Liverpool University Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) team taking part in IMechE's UAS Challenge 2015. Cobham has supplied antennas, cables, connectors and has provided its expertise to the Liverpool Team. First test reports, from the team, showed exceptional results with operational range more than doubled when compared with the standard 'off the shelf' antennas. This improvement in range was prior to installation of a ground plane for the antenna Cobham-Antenna-Systems-Liverpool-U-IMechE-UAS-Challenge-2015-7-1-2015.htm" ...

Bell Telephone Laboratories

Advertisement: Germanium Semi

Bell Telephone Laboratories Ad, January 1954 Radio & Television News - RF CafeGeAs was the semiconductor substrate material of choice long before the III-V series like GaN and GaAs came along. GeAs would be considered a III-IV semiconductor since Ge is in group IV of the periodic table (Ga is group III, As is group V). It is actually know simply as germanium. 1954, when this advertisement from Bell Telephone Laboratories appeared in Radio & Television News magazine, was the same year that Texas Instruments (TI) introduced the world's first commercially available silicon (Si) transistor. The GeAs boule photo in the ad was printed "life size," which makes it around 2" in diameter. Compare that to 12" diameter wafers standard today for Si. Gallium nitride (GaN), a more ...

PMI Intros Two Successive Detection

Log Video Amplifiers (SDLVA)

PMI-successive-detection-log-video-amplifiers-7-6-2015.htm" > Planar Monolithic Industries (PMI) Intros Two Successive Detection Log Video Amplifier (SDLVA) - RF CafePlanar Monolithic Industries (PMI) announces two successive detection log video amplifiers (SDLVA). PMI Model No. SDLVA-418-65-16MV-12DBM operates between the 4.0 GHz to 18.0 GHz frequency range. It has a dynamic range of 65 dB, a nominal log slope of 16.7mV / dB. PMI Model No. SDLVA-100M18G-CW-70-MAH is a CW-Immune, Successive Detection Log Video Amplifier operating in the 100 MHz to 18.0 GHz frequency band. It features an SPST on the RF output which  allows for the RF to be turned off when the RF signal is below the adjustable threshold setting PMI-successive-detection-log-video-amplifiers-7-6-2015.htm" ...

Transmission Line for Windows

(TLW) 2014 Update

Transmission Line Program for Windows (TLW) 2014 Update - RF CafeThe June 2014 edition of QST (pp38-40) has an article by Joel Hallas (W1ZR) reporting on an updated version of the venerable Transmission Line Program for Windows (TLW), by Mr. R. Dean Straw (N6BV). The previous version was last released in 2006. Owners of the ARRL Antenna Handbook receive the program on the included CD/DVD, and are eligible for a free upgrade if you have a previous version. The Zip file can be downloaded from the ARRL website. If you are not eligible but would like to read the user's manual, download the Zip file and extract just the PDF file since the one available elsewhere on the Web is for the 2006 version. According to Joel's review, the main changes in TLW are refinements in the manufacturer's data used for curve fitting and in the electrical parameter calculations ...

Linx Technologies PML ½-Wave

Antennas Expand to 2.4 GHz

Linx-Technologies-PML-Half-Wave-Antennas-Expand-2d4-GHz-6-22-2015.htm" > Linx Technologies PML Half-Wave Antennas Expand to 2.4 GHz - RF Cafe2.4 GHz is a major part of our lives. We see it everywhere: in our homes, offices, schools, vehicles, and we see it globally. In response to this, Linx Technologies announces the addition of 2.4 GHz to its already popular permanent-mount PML Series half-wave dipole antennas. This new design adds yet more options for antenna design in the Linx-Technologies-PML-Half-Wave-Antennas-Expand-2d4-GHz-6-22-2015.htm" >2.4 GHz ISM band. With multiple standards operating at 2.4 GHz, such as Bluetooth, Thread, Wi-Fi, ZigBee and others, the vast growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) is driving the added need for more options to antenna design. Where permanent mount design is needed, the PML Linx-Technologies-PML-Half-Wave-Antennas-Expand-2d4-GHz-6-22-2015.htm" ...

Peregrine Intros First UltraCMOS®

MPAC Product

Peregrine-Semiconductor-UltraCMOS-MPAC-5-19-2015.htm" > Peregrine Semiconductor Announces Availability of First UltraCMOS® MPAC Product - RF CafePeregrine Semiconductor Corp., founder of RF SOI (silicon on insulator) and pioneer of advanced RF solutions, announces availability of the first product from the MPAC product family, the UltraCMOS® PE46120. Covering a frequency range of 1.8 to 2.2 GHz, the PE46120 integrates a 90-degree hybrid splitter, phase shifters, digital step attenuator and a digital serial interface on a single die. Ideal for optimizing dual-path dynamically load-modulated amplifier architectures such as Doherty power amplifiers, the monolithic RF controller offers high linearity, high isolation, high power handling and maximum Peregrine-Semiconductor-UltraCMOS-MPAC-5-19-2015.htm" ...

NI AWR Professors in Partnership Book

RF Electronics: Design and Simulation

NI-AWR-e-Book-RF-Electronics-Design-Simulation-2015-6-30-2015.htm" > NI AWR Professors in Partnership Portal Adds 2015 e-Book Edition of RF Electronics: Design and Simulation - RF CafeNI (formerly AWR Corporation) announces that a new 2015 edition of the eBook, RF Electronics: Design and Simulation, is now available free of charge to students, graduates, professors and industry professionals through its Professors in Partnership web portal. The Professors in Partnership program is designed to provide engineering students, faculty and graduates with access to ongoing microwave and RF educational content that enhances and promotes the use of NI AWR software solutions through e-books, textbooks, and NI-AWR-e-Book-RF-Electronics-Design-Simulation-2015-6-30-2015.htm" ...

Mac's Radio Service Shop: A Little Lightning, July 1948 Radio News

Mac's Radio Service Shop: A Little Lightning, July 1948 Radio News - RF CafeBenjamin Franklin is famous for his kite-flying experiment whereby he 'discovered' not electricity (as many people believe), but that lightning is a form of electricity (most people thought it was a jet of gas). A lesser known fact about Mr. Franklin is that he invented the lightning rod after realizing the electrical nature of lightning. His understanding of electric fields facilitated a implementation whereby hefty iron cabling interconnected a tall, pointed rod installed at the tallest point on a building and a spike driven into the ground. Lightning typically strikes the object that is the shortest distance (in terms of electrical field strength) from it because the discharge can begin at the lowest voltage. The presence of the grounded lightning rod above the highest point on a structure effectively brings that point all the ...

Properties of Soft Magnetic Materials

Properties of Soft Magnetic Materials - RF CafeAfter recently reading a few articles on ferromagnetic materials for both power supply and RF balun use, I did a little research to find some good sources for information. This table of parameters on common soft magnetic materials is derived from a page in a whitepaper on the Magnetics website. The paper contrasts properties of powdered magnetics, which are composed almost totally of ferrous metal (iron, nickel, cobalt, manganese, et al), versus ferrites, which are a mix of ferrous metal ...

Congrats to June Book Drawing

Winner Mendez A. !!!

Electronic Warfare Receivers and Receiving Systems - RF CafeCongratulations to June 2015 Book Drawing winner Mendez A., of Lansdale, PA. Mendez wisely selected Electronic Warfare Receivers, and Receiving Systems, by Richard A. Poisel. Each month I randomly choose one or two names from the list of people who have ordered my modest array of software products like RF Stencils for Visio, RF & EE Symbols for Word, and RF Cascade Workbook. Most of the books are graciously provided by Artech House and Cambridge University Press, but occasionally McGraw Hill or a private publisher like Explore RF will sponsor the drawing.

Mouser & Imahara Launch Home

& Factory Automation Series

Mouser-Imahara-Home-Factory-Automation-Series-7-1-2015.htm" > Mouser and Imahara Launch New Home and Factory Automation Series to Connect Engineers to the Latest Innovations in Technology - RF CafeMouser Electronics is teaming up with celebrity engineer Grant Imahara and a group of visionaries in the home and factory automation industry, including Insteon, AiroCorp, TE Connectivity, and Factory Automation Systems, to announce an exciting new Home and Factory Automation Series. The new Home and Factory Automation series is part of the Empowering Innovation Together™ program and is available only on Mouser.com. It focuses on innovative automation technologies that were once only seen in science fiction movies or TV shows like The Jetsons. It highlights some of the companies that are making these technologies a reality. Filmed on location inside the Insteon smart Mouser-Imahara-Home-Factory-Automation-Series-7-1-2015.htm" ...

Modern Batteries

Modern Batteries, October 1963 Electronics World - RF CafeAs with most things of consumer, commercial, and industrial nature, the battery - more correctly 'cell' - science has come a long way in a relatively short time. Alessandro Volta invented the eponymous voltaic pile in 1799; it consisted of zinc and copper electrodes immersed in a sulfuric acid electrolyte, thereby being a wet cell. The first dry cell was the zinc-carbon type invented by Guiseppe Zamboni (not the guy who invented the ice rink resurfacer) in 1812. Rechargeable dry cells of the NiCad variety hit the scene in 1899. Then, it wasn't until 1991 - a century later - that Sony commercialized the Li-Ion cell (and varieties thereof) that now dominates portable electronic markets. By ...

Free Engineering & Science

White Papers & Magazines

Engineering & Science Magazine Subscriptions, July 2015 - RF CafeMany of these engineering magazines have websites that I visit on a daily basis in search of up-to-the-minute industry headlines. Free subscriptions are offered to qualified applicants. 'Qualified' usually means that you are currently employed in a field related to the primary theme of the magazine, and often you also need to be a decision maker for buying products represented within the pages. If you believe you meet the qualification(s) and can use a subscription to one of these publications, please sign up using the provided hyperlinks, since that way RF Cafe gets credit ...

The Rochelle-Salt Crystal Reproducer

The Rochelle-Salt Crystal Reproducer, July 1932 Radio-Craft - RF CafePotassium sodium tartrate (Rochelle salt) was used in commercial speakers for a while in place of electromagnetic driver coils. The relatively large mechanical deformation produced when subject to an electric field made them attractive as coil alternatives because a separate energization circuit was not required. The drawback, at least early on, was unavailability of crystals large enough to drive anything other than a headphone size speaker cone. This article tells of the time when a process was created to grow large crystals from a seed, similar to how silicon, gallium-arsenide, and other modern semiconductors are grown ...

Featured Book: Backscattering from

Multiscale Rough Surfaces

Backscattering from Multiscale Rough Surfaces with Application to Wind ScatterometryBackscattering from Multiscale Rough Surfaces with Application to Wind Scatterometry, by Adrian K. Fung. "This resource explains and demonstrates the backscattering properties of multiscale rough surfaces, and illustrates their application to establish the geophysical model function (GMF) needed in wind scatterometry. This book also explains how the mechanisms of backscattering change with frequency and the incident angle on a multiscale surface and how to recognize single scale versus multiscale surfaces - very useful information for those wanting to ...

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