The Old Radio Builder Website

A nice mixture of the classic and the sybaritic describes some of the projects designed and built by Mike Starcher (KB4YJ), owner of The Old Radio Builder website. He has both a "Vintage Homebrew" area and a "Modern Homebrew" area, as well as "Restorations" on vintage equipment - you'll appreciate the photo at the top of the page if you've seen the inside of some barn or garage finds. There's even a page of tips for how to take really nice photos of your components and hardware.

The Old Radio Builder Website - RF Cafe

Some of Mike's projects feature a nicely crafted mahogany base onto which is mounted wafer type variable capacitors, vacuum tube bases, hand-wound coils, transformers, resistors, and a nicely painted black front panel with vintage dials. Structures are left open to showcase the craftsman-like handiwork that includes carefully routed solid wires. Viewed from overhead, the entire assembly looks like a real-life version of a typical 1930s era schematic / point-to-point wiring diagram from electronics magazines.

Here are a couple examples of Mike's projects:

Browning-Drake Receiver model from Old Radio Builder website - RF Cafe

Browning-Drake Receiver
(The Old Radio Builder image)

Double Slider Crystal Set from the Old Radio Builder website - RF cafe

Double Slider Crystal Set
(The Old Radio Builder image)



Posted August 14, 2015