Neil Blaho - "EMI Guy" - Bio & Vintage Test Equipment Ads

Neil Blaho - "EMI Guy" - RF CafeThis could prove to be a popular feature if other RF Cafe visitors care to get involved. Yesterday, Neil Blaho (aka "EMI Guy" - see his helmet for proof), having seen all the vintage magazine articles and advertisements posted here over the years, sent me an e-mail with the ads pages below attached. Wrote Neil, simply, "I'll never admit to using these items years ago…." His statement alludes to what many of us veteran communications electronics industry types recognize as the uncomfortable number of years that have slipped by while we were busy making a living and raising families. I wrote back asking him for permission to post the images and requested a short biography that could be posted along with them. To wit:

"Greetings Neil: That's quite an interesting lineup of stuff. I'm sure there are lots of guys like you out there who wax nostalgic over the old days and the equipment of the era (I'm one of them, obviously). How about if I make a page for your magazine / catalog pages and include a short bio of your career? It could be something simple like "worked in the defense electronics industry for 40 years," or you can elaborate as much as you care to. At the very least I could post the equipment pages and note that you submitted them. Maybe doing so will encourage others to do the same. That would be kinda cool."

He obliged with the following:

"[I] obtained a BSEE degree from Northeastern University in 1982, specializing in Electromagnetics. After 36 years in aerospace in the designing and testing of Antennas, RCS and E3 fields [I am] currently an E3 design/test engineer for Boeing Helicopters. If electrons are involved, then I've probably tested it. [I am] married and [have] one daughter whom is a computer 'genius'. [I] spend [my] free time enjoying Amateur Radio activities (AA3EO) with [my] daughter (KB3ZDF). I'll try to find some other old ads. That Microwave Engineers Handbook has been my EME bible for all these years! Neil R. Blaho, Associate Technical Fellow Electromagnetics."

If you are so inclined, you are welcome to send your own short bio and similar documentation so that the rest of us can join you in reminiscing over old times.

American Electronic Laboratories Advertisement - RF Cafe

American Electronic Laboratories Advertisement
(credit: Neil Blaho)

Microwave Engineers Handbook - RF Cafe

Microwave Engineers Handbook
(credit: Neil Blaho)

Varian Associates Advertisement - RF Cafe

Varian Associates Advertisement
(credit: Neil Blaho)

Bird Electronic Corporation Advertisement - RF Cafe

Bird Electronic Corporation Advertisement
(credit: Neil Blaho)

Amperex Advertisement - RF Cafe

Amperex Advertisement
(credit: Neil Blaho)

Empire Devices Advertisement - RF Cafe

Empire Devices Advertisement
(credit: Neil Blaho)

Scientific Atlanta Advertisement - RF Cafe

Scientific Atlanta Advertisement
(credit: Neil Blaho)



Posted on July 24, 2015