My Favorite PSAs by The Ad Council

My Favorite PSAs by The Ad Council - RF Cafe

I listen to a lot of radio - all day, every day - while pounding away at the computer keyboard publishing RF Cafe and Airplanes and Rockets websites. During those many hours a lot of commercials get aired. Most I can't stand, some are tolerable, and there are a precious few that I actually enjoy hearing. Although as a rule the vast majority of public service commercials produced by the Ad Council run the gamut from inane to downright insulting, they do on occasion come up with a really good ad.

Chance:  One of my all-time favorites titled Chance (click link to listen) is from their "The Grads of Life" campaign that encourages companies to not hold rigidly to an employee background requirement of a college degree. It essentially gives legitimacy to those whose bona fides include being 'graduates' of what is allegorically known as The School of Hard Knocks. From the PSA Central website, "For many businesses, the hiring process is largely built around points of elimination and a series of assumptions. Through its PSAs, the Grads of Life campaign will educate hiring influencers about this pool of untapped talent and encourage them to rethink their business practices and take action."

Rocket:  Two other PSAs I like are part of the Adoption from Foster Care campaign, also promoted by the Ad Council. This one, titled Rockets (click link to listen), as you might expect if you know my background, really hits home. It juxtaposes an adoptive father's interpretation of a 'disastrous' experience of launching a model rocket with his son's interpretation.

Science Project:  The jingle sung along with Science Project (click link to listen) is a very effective accompaniment with the story of a mother reluctantly but willingly taking on the task of assisting an adopted child with a school assignment building a model volcano.

Many moons ago there was another commercial I really liked that featured a couple cavemen dealing with the subject of 'diversity' as it applied to getting along with other tribes. The retorts by caveman #2 to caveman #1's suggestions are hilarious. Unfortunately, I can't find a sound clip of that one. 



Posted September , 2015