Electro Sonic Supply Co. Ltd. C.O.D. Invoice from 1958

Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company Stock Certificate - RF CafeLockheed Aircraft Corporation Stock Certificate - RF CafeAlthough it is not my motivation for buying vintage electronics magazines, I do keep hoping that some day I will turn a page and find tucked inside an initial issue preferred stock certificate of a American De Forest Wireless Telegraph Company - RF Cafecompany like Westinghouse Electric, Lockheed Aircraft Corporation, American De Forest Wireless Telegraph Company, or any other similar company. Alas, thus far it has not happened. However, I have found interesting inscriptions from previous magazine owners who evidently planned to build one of the circuits presented in an article, as well as an occasional item like this C.O.D. (collect on delivery) invoice from the Electro Sonic Supply Co. Ltd. (c.1958). It was inside the December 1958 issue of Radio-ElectronicsESSCO, as their logo proclaims, was located in Ontario, Canada. They are, as it turns out, still in business. Per their "About Us" page, "Electro Sonic is Canada's leading full-service electronic and electrical component distributor and has been building partnerships with Canadian businesses for over 60 years. We specialize in developing customized programs and services to suit our OEM and MRO customers' needs. Our commitment is to stock a complete range of components from the more than 160 world-class manufacturers we represent." Congrats to them for running a successful operation. The customer, Norman Wade Co., of Toronto, Canada, was a manufacturer of architectural drafting tables. I cannot locate a website for them, so I assume they are no longer in business - drafting tables are not in big demand these days.


Electro Sonic Supply Co. Ltd. C.O.D. invoice from 1958 - RF Cafe

C.O.D. Receipt from Electro Sonic Supply Co. Ltd., c. 1958





Posted  January 7, 2015