Free Vintage Electronics Magazines

Here is your chance to own a pile of vintage electronics magazines for just the cost of shipping. As you are probably aware, for the past few years I have been buying vintage editions of QST, Popular Electronics, Electronics World, Radio & TV News, Radio-Electronics, and Wireless World, for the purpose of scanning and posting articles that I believe will be of interest to RF Cafe visitors. I have gotten all I need from them and rather than having them sit around taking up space, I am offering to mail them to you on a first come, first served basis.

UPDATE:  All have been claimed - thanks!

Most of the magazines were purchased on eBay at cost ranging between about $1-5 per edition, plus I had to pay shipping shipping on them. I have grouped them as shown in the photos below so that they fit into a standard Flat Rate box that costs $12.75. PayPal will extract a processing fee, so asking $15 is about a break-even proposition for me (not including what I paid for them). The rate applies for anywhere in the U.S. and Canada. Please let me know which ones you are interested in and I will send you a PayPal link.

You can click on the thumbnails (below) to find out which editions are included in each group. Clicking on the hyperlinked titles (above) will allow you to see the table of contents for each edition. Please do not ask for specific editions - groups only.

Popular Electronics (1955-1958) - RF Cafe
Popular Electronics (1955-1958)
Popular Electronics (1959-1962) - RF Cafe
Popular Electronics (1959-1962)
Popular Electronics (1963-1970) - RF Cafe
Popular Electronics (1963-1970)
Radio-Electronics (1958) - RF Cafe
Radio-Electronics (1958)
Radio & TV News (1934-1957) - RF Cafe
Radio & TV News (1934-1957)
Electronics World (1967) - RF Cafe
Electronics World (1967)
QST (1932-1945) - RF Cafe
QST (1932-1945)
QST (1966-1967) - RF Cafe
QST (1966-1967)

Posted  March 5, 2014