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Tesla Movie Kickstarter Fund - RF CafeRare is the time that I drag anything from my e-mail spam bin back into the inbox, but I do always check it just in case something slips by. The subject "Tesla Movie" is what caught my eye and caused me to investigate. Tesla proposes to be a full-feature, star-studded film documenting the life and times of Nikola Tesla. Its producers have turned to the increasingly popular 'crowdfunding' venue via Kickstarter as one aspect of fundraising to help bring it to fruition.

Westinghouse: Minutes of History - RF CafePer the Kickstarter website pitch: "Why Crowdfunding? Quite simply we need a boost in finances to keep us going towards bringing this film to realization. We don’t have the financial resources the big studios or even some independent Nikola Tesla and George Westinghouse (Amazon.com image) - RF Cafeproducers in Hollywood have. But what we do have is talent, determination, years of film business experience, and above all, heart. We started preparing this film in July 2013 and are now nearing the finish line in developing this film for production, much of the preparations necessary for production (first phase of four) are completed. This phase of producing a film is a costly process and almost always at the personal expense of the film's creators as is the case with this film, over $130,000 as of May 14. 2014, it is estimated that..."

Tesla: Master of Lightning (Amazon.com image) - RF CafeNikola Tesla and George Westinghouse famously fought a longtime battle against Thomas Edison, who advocated strongly for his own direct current (DC) electrical distribution system rather than the alternating current (AC) system developed and proved by Tesla and Westinghouse. History has judged T&W to have been the correct option. Somewhat ironically, Tesla's name is nowadays most recognized as being associated with a high performance, dc-powered (battery) all-electric sports car whose brand name eponymously gives credit to his accomplishments. That fact is somewhat excused by the multi-phase AC brushless motors that power the wheels.

There are many other aspects of Nikola Tesla's life that have been discovered in the last decade or so that deserve to be introduced to the world. He was notoriously a bit of an eccentric fellow, but he conceived of and built prototypes of a huge number of apperati (M-W says "apparatuses") that were technological breakthroughs. Tesla spent his entire life thinking outside of the box. A modern, comprehensive film would be a fitting tribute to his life's endeavors. You can be a part of the effort by supporting the production of Tesla.

Tesla Movie Kickstarter Fund - RF Cafe 

Note: I have absolutely nothing to to do with the film, its producers, the distribution, the financial aspects, or any anything else.





Posted  June 20, 2014