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Free RF & Microwave Webinars - July 2014

Of course you know that there are hundreds - maybe even thousands - of useful instructional videos available on YouTube and/or company and college websites. They can be a valuable resource for information on design, test, implementation, and theory on nearly any topic imaginable. The busier you are, the less time you have to watch one of the videos simply for review or general knowledge enhancement. However, some of the webinars, classroom lessons, company presentations, and privately done videos are very useful when you have a specific problem to solve. A lot of digitized productions from old armed forces and other government entities can be really useful even in black-and-white. Here are a few videos that I have viewed recently which might be of interest to you, but even if not these, surely there is some topic you have been meaning to look up but haven't gotten around to it.


Anritsu Webinar: PIM Testing DAS - Which Frequency Band Should You Use?Anritsu Webinar: PIM Testing DAS - Which Frequency Band Should You Use?

Presented by Tom Bell, Sr. Product Manager.

Passive Intermodulation is a phenomenon caused by nonlinear properties of mechanical interfaces like coaxial cable connectors, antenna bolts and rivets, etc.


Capacitors: Chip Antenna Presentation - RF CafeCapacitors: Chip Antenna Presentation

Presented by Vishay.

Introduces chip antenna configurations for 400-1,000 MHz. The web page also has numerous other related product webinar videos.


Analysis of the Patch Antenna (Webinar) - RF CafeAnalysis of the Patch Antenna

Presented by Dr. Peter Bevelacqua of Antenna-Theory.com

Antenna-Theory.com is a very nice resource for people wanting to learn the basics of antenna theory up through some fairly sophisticated discussion of various antenna configurations and test methodologies.


Unique Capabilities of Tektronix Real Time Signal Analyzers - RF CafeReal Time Signal Analyzers

Presented by Tektronix RF Test Applications product manager Matt Maxwell

A signal analyzer extends the functionality of a spectrum analyzer by measuring modulation properties, time domain information, etc.



Waveguide Plumbing (USAF) - RF CafeWaveguide Plumbing

Presented by U.S. Air Force (c.1969)

A high level presentation on waveguide systems.



Radar Tutorial #1: Demonstrating Radar Principles Using a Vector Network Analyzer (R&S) - RF CafeRadar Tutorial #1: Demonstrating Radar Principles Using a Vector Network Analyzer

Presented by Rohde & Schwarz

This is the first of a 4-part series on radar measurements.


Anritsu Webinar: PIM Testing DAS

Analysis of the Patch Antenna

Capacitors: Chip Antenna Presentation

Waveguide Plumbing

Radar Tutorial #1:
Radar Principles Using a Vector Network Analyzer

Real Time Signal Analyzers





Posted  July 10, 2014

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