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RF Cafe visitor Adam V. wrote to let me know about OnRecycle's services for disposing of your electronic gadgets in an environmentally - and possibly profitable - manner. OnRecycle is located in the United Kingdom, and is basically a clearing house for finding the best price offered for your used device, be it a smartphone, dumbphone, tablet, PC, e-reader, GPS unit, camera, or whatever. In the same manner that a service like Priceline shops around for the best airline rates, OnRecycle searches its database of buyers to find the one that offers the best price.

Per their website, "OnRecycle is a recycling comparison site. We grab the most recent prices offered by all the major recyclers for a range of gadgets including: mobile phones, tablets, consoles, laptops, cameras and GPS devices. When you search for your device, we'll display everything you need to know in an easy to understand table, and we'll tell you things like how much your device is worth, who will buy it and what sort of service you can expect from each recycler. Our mission is to give you your best deal possible so you can recycle your old gadgets. By using OnRecycle you can find where to get the most cash for your mobile or gadget without having to go anywhere else. We do the hard work so you don't have to! "

OnRecycle's most popular phone models - RF CafeSupposedly, most recyclers will send you a postage-paid envelope in which to ship your gadget. OnRecycle recommends that you send it yourself and be sure to use a service that offers insurance "just in case the postie gives your phone a hard time on its way to the recycler.' So, instead of throwing your old electronic device in a drawer or box, find out what it is worth and reduce the effective cost of that replacement that will someday itself be tossed into a drawer or box ... or also wind up at an OnRecycle client.

I like the use of 'gobsmacked' by this one customer in his comment : "I used OnRecycle to sell my mobile for the best possible price. I was gobsmacked that the price offered was over £40 higher than advertised on a major phone recycler that I had seen on TV. OnRecycle should be on TV! People could make a lot more money that way!" - N Garrett





Posted  December 11, 2014