A Fresh Start to the Week: Job/Career Headlines for July 7, 2014

Engineering Job & Career Headlines July 7, 2014 - RF CafeIn her article "The Five Deadliest Job Interview Mistakes," Liz Ryan contrasts an interview with a citizenship test vis-à-vis answer the question correctly = get your papers, but it doesn't happen that way with an interview. Continuing that analogy, my advice for America today is as follows: Just walk into a company and declare yourself an employee, occupy a cubicle, receive free coffee, a company T-shirt, and full benefits. If it's a good enough policy for an entire sovereign country, it's good enough for all the companies in that country - right?

Here is a list of current engineering jobs listed on RF Cafe.
Here is a running list of job hunting and career advice from 2014.

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Posted  July 7, 2014