A Fresh Start to the Week: Job/Career Headlines for August 4, 2014

Engineering Job & Career Headlines August 4, 2014 - RF CafeAlong with a new week comes a new set of career advice tips from the 'experts.' Most of these bits of sage opinions are applicable in general, but they will tell you that tailoring the application to specific situations is the key to success. Duh, like you didn't know that. Although I usually approach these advice columns with a healthy degree of skepticism, it is sometimes advantageous to allow for the possibility that a different tack might be more useful. Unless you have a direct contact in the department being targeted, the first person seeing your resume will likely be a non-engineer who is not fluent in technospeak. Just like on the street, speaking more loudly (i.e., lots of impressive technical content) is not as effective as learning to speak their native language.

Here is a list of current engineering jobs listed on RF Cafe.
Here is a running list of job hunting and career advice from 2014.

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Posted  August 4, 2014