The Good Articles Just Keep Flowing In...

The Good Articles Just Keep Flowing In... (April 2014) - RF CafeSome people like to complain about the rising world population and the stress it places on the environment and economy. The upside of more humanity is that there is an unprecedented amount of research and product design being performed by some really smart people - many of whom would have gone undiscovered in remote regions of the Earth if not for outreach programs. The current plethora of great new books and magazine articles is evidence of it, like the ones I have hyperlinked below. Internet venues and self-publishing opportunities make the wealth of accumulated knowledge even greater - just do a quick Google search on any topic for proof. Peer review is no guarantee that information is valid. A lot of useless junk science is done as well (usually taxpayer-funded), but I believe the useful results far outnumber the garbage. Thanks to all the good guys (and gals) who provide their services.

The downside to population growth is that there seems to be an increasingly unbalanced parentage of slothful dregs in society who pull everyone else down to their gutter level. They benefit undeservingly from the hard work of others and never express appreciation for what is doled out to them by politicians; their only 'work' in life is to demand more and cause more trouble for the rest of us.





Posted  April 25, 2014