Some Career Advice from RF Cafe Et Alia

Some Career Advice from RF Cafe Et Alia - RF CafeIs it just me, or does there seem to you, too, to be a flood of career advice stories lately? Just about every website and magazine I read has above-the-fold headlines for job hunters and people trying to get ahead in their present positions. A lot of it is old advice presented in a new wrapper, but as with an article on basic cascaded component analysis, what might be old new hat to you and me is a welcome bit of information to someone just getting started in the field. More and more of the advice deals with handling undesirable office environments - bad bosses and workmates. That particular topic has been an issue for as long as I can recall and like the common cold, there has been no sure-fire remedy found for it yet. The more often those types of things are discussed, though, the more awareness there is of it and the more likely it is that such behavior will be quashed ... but at least until that time you can still hire someone to do a Tonya Harding number on the creep ;-) 

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Posted  October 6, 2014