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Median Annual Engineering Salaries for 2012
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Handbook - RF Cafe

Whilst searching for some employment news, I ran across a U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics web page that gave median annual salaries for engineers and technicians in 2012. I doubt the numbers moved much in 2013. Median is the point where half the samples are less than and half the samples are greater than that median number. Personally, I prefer a mean average number along with a standard deviation. The problem with a median value is that it is possible (albeit not necessarily probable) that the lower half values all lie within, say, 2% below the median, while the upper half values lie 200% above the median. In such a situation the mean average of the sample would be almost 100% (2x) the median and the standard deviation, and the standard deviation would be nearly equal to the median. For example this set of sample data (49,49,49,49,49,49,50,150,150,150,150,150,150) produces the following statistical values: Median = 50, mean average (x) = 95.7, standard deviation (σ) = 52.3. The median tells me nothing about the distribution of the sample data, whereas x and σ tell me the data points are widely separated from the average (which is close to the median). So, keep that in mind when considering the salary information from the BLS.

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Career Field Median
Aerospace Engineering and Operations Technicians $61,530
Aerospace Engineers $103,720
Architects $73,090
Chemical Engineers $94,350
Computer Hardware Engineers $100,920
Civil Engineering Technicians $47,560
Computer Hardware Engineers $100,920
Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technicians $57,850
Electrical and Electronics Engineers $89,630
Industrial Engineering Technicians $50,980
Industrial Engineers $78,860
Materials Engineers $85,150
Mechanical Engineering Technicians $51,980
Mechanical Engineers $80,580
Nuclear Engineers $104,270





Posted  January 9, 2014

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