Sodom & Gomorrah, aka Agbogbloshie

This story appeared on a news website I found while gathering daily tech headlines... in case you've forgotten where your e-waste is likely to end up.

Sodom & Gomorrah (Kevin McElvaney) - RF CafeAccording to German photographer Kevin McElvaney, the 40,000 Agbogbloshie (near Accra) locals call their land Sodom & Gomorrah, after the Biblical city that was destroyed by fire. This is just one small part of the world where such activities are daily routine for those living in abject poverty.

BTW, similar sacrifices are made to build our e-devices in the first place during the extraction of raw materials and during manufacturing and transportation of finished goods. Many of our clothes, vehicles, appliances, tools, sports items, food containers, and other items pass through these conditions at some point in their life cycle.

From Merriam-Webster: Hypocrite definition per Merriam-Webster - RF Cafe This doesn't mean everyone should take in only air and sunshine for sustenance and live like a Tibetan monk, but do keep in mind when criticizing others for not doing "their part" for saving the planet and supporting a certain minimum wage that nearly everyone in the first world is at least a bit guilty of selfish indulgence at the expense of someone in the third world. If one poor soul in a faraway place is intoxicated by a product whose provenance includes your ownership, then you are as guilty as the rest of us for supporting it since these conditions are well known. I'm just say'n...

Here is the first page of results from a Google image search on "e-waste."

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Posted  March 6, 2014