RF Tool Company Introduces RF Wizard for Amplifier Design

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RF Wizard creator Gordon Hockey wrote to let me know about his new software for RF amplifier design. "RF Wizard has been created for RF Designers, Educators, and Students to greatly simplify the normally complex tasks associated with R.F. and Microwave Amplifier Design for specific Gain and Bandwidth. It also simplifies the design of Matching Interconnection Networks between R.F. Subsystems such as antennas, transmission lines, amplifiers, mixers, etc."

"Using Smith Charts and utilising a device's Scattering Parameters, in conjunction with a User-Selected design methodology (Available, Operating, or Unilateral Gain), optimum, stable, Input and Output Matching Design Solutions are arrived-at in Minutes rather than in Hours (or even Days). The application also supports Low-Noise Design and Wide Band Design."

RF Tool Company Introduces RF Wizard for Amplifier Design - RF Cafe"As the name suggests, the application provides a Simple, Step-by-Step, Wizard approach in order to simplify the design process."

RF Wizard Narrowband Input Screen Shot - RF Cafe"Data can be input Manually or from a Touchstone File."

"RF Wizard also includes three useful Calculators and a number of Demonstration Design Processes for user familiarisation."


RF Wizard is priced at US$39.99




About RF Tool Company

RF Tool Co is staffed by experienced design engineers whose aim is the production of exceptional RF Design Software which: is useful, accelerates productivity, is easy to drive, is realistically priced. RF Wizard is the first of our products to be released. Please take the opportunity to trial and assess it. We are confident that RF Wizard delivers.



Gordon Hockey
RF Tool Co
Queensland,  Australia





Posted  December 12, 2014