Keysight cum Agilent cum HP Engineering Wall Posters

Wall charts featuring high tech themes are Art du Jour for engineering labs, cubicles, and offices. Many companies provide custom designs that provide useful information about subjects like RF and microwave system design, frequency standards, radar fundamentals, wireless network planning, regulatory topics, etc., while also often taking the opportunity to promote their products. Unlike the lab wall posters of yore, today's posters are large and full of vibrant colors. Since it had been a very long while since I last scoured the Internet for available posters, I decided to begin with Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent Technologies, formerly Hewlett-Packard) to see what they have. Thumbnails of some of the most interesting for RF Cafe visitors are shown below, and there are hyperlinks provided to the company website where you can either download them in JPG or PDF directly for local printing, or you fill out a form to request that the poster and a DVD with additional info (white papers, product brochure files, etc.) be mailed to you at no charge.

The next round of posters will be from companies like Rohde & Schwarz, Keithley, et al, if they happen to have good ones available.

BTW, 'cum' is pronounced 'koom,' as in Magna cum Laude.


Keysight Technologies RF Design Process and Parameters Poster - RF Cafe
RF Design Process and Parameters
Keysight Technologies RF Transmitter & Receiver Poster - RF Cafe
RF Transmitter & Receiver 
Keysight RF Fundamentals Poster - RF Cafe
RF Fundamentals
Keysight Microwaves Poster - RF Cafe
Microwaves Fundamentals 
Keysight Radar Fundamentals Poster - RF Cafe
Radar Fundamentals  
Keysight Evolving Wireless Standards Poster - RF Cafe
Evolving Wireless Standards
KEysight History of Scanning Probe Microscopy - RF Cafe
History of Scanning Probe Microscopy
Keysight Understanding the Intricacies of LTE - RF Cafe
Understanding the Intricacies of LTE
Keysight 10 Things You Should Know About MIMO - RF Cafe
10 Things You Should Know About MIMO
Keysight Satellite Test Essentials - RF Cafe
Satellite Test Essentials






Posted  October 13, 2014