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Hewlett Packard Archive - RF CafeWebsite contributor Joe Cahak* reminded me of the Hewlett Packard Archive website that is absolutely the go-to source for vintage HP documents. According to the site's owner, Glenn Robb, there are more than 35,000 pages of Hewlett Packard catalogs, Bench Briefs, product manuals, service notes, Watt's Current, price lists, periodicals (Measure and Insight magazines), journals, presentations, HP Test and Measurement News, seminars, application notes, and much more. Items like seminar notes in the pre-Internet days could usually only be gotten by attendees of the events. Fortunately, thanks to a huge community of supporters, a large number of similar documents have been donated for scanning and posting. If you have any qualifying HP documentation in your stack of stuff that is not listed on the Hewlett Packard Archive, please do us all a favor and get a copy of it (scanned or hard copy) to Mr. Robb.

The copyright notice at the bottom of the page links to a letter issued by Agilent Technologies giving permission to replicate documents for products discontinued and no longer supported. Any future permission will have the name of Keysight Technologies on it.

"The HP publications reproduced here have copyrights owned by Hewlett-Packard. Manuals are reproduced with permission of Agilent Technologies." 


* See Joe Cahak's white papers:


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Posted  October 16, 2014