Full-Featured e-Cigarette w/Bluetooth and a Music Player

Full-Featured e-Cigarette w/Bluetooth and a Music Player - RF CafeWhen I first saw this video, I thought it was a satire. The video is a for-real commercial promoting the new Supersmoker Bluetooth e-cigarette that has built-in Bluetooth connectivity and a music player. From their website, "Supersmoker or Clubsmoker are electronic cigarettes, you can smoke without all the harmful ingredients of a conventional cigarette. We have two kinds, rechargeable and disposable e-cigarettes. With the rechargeable you need refills (Cartomizers/Cartridges) and this cigarette can be recharged every day. The disposable is an e-cigarette that lasts about 2 packs of conventional cigarettes and can be thrown away after use. Easy to take with you on an evening out. " At 79,95€ ($110US), they are not cheap, but compared to a pack of tobacco-based smokes that cost about $5 to $15 per pack of 20 'cancer sticks,' the Supersmoker Bluetooth is a bargain. Add to that the recent major 11-year study that concluded cellphone and WiFi RF radiation does not cause cancer, and you have a win-win situation from a cancer perspective. A USB charger is available for 6,95€ in case it takes more than one set of batteries to kick the habit or maybe you'll find you like listening to the music and want to continue.

I wonder if Supersmoker Club will open a branch office in Colorado and offer a Bluetooth-connected bong or perhaps a refillable pack of Bluetooth-connected rolling papers? Heck, how about a Bluetooth-connected bag clip for keeping Doritos fresh between munchies binges? I loved Colorado enough to move there twice, but I'm glad to not be there now amongst the stoners!

Supersmoker E-Cigarette

Posted  March 3, 2014