Free Engineering Magazine Subscriptions - December 2014

Wouldn't it be nice if you could get a free subscription to your favorite cycling, fishing, or camping magazine merely by demonstrating that you have a vested interest in the subject that advertisers can exploit? Don't be looking for a year's worth of Sports Illustrated, Field & Stream, or Handyman to arrive in your mailbox anytime soon (unless some kind soul gives you a subscription), but you can, if you are qualified, receive complimentary subscriptions to many of the big-time engineering magazines. Here are just a few of what is available:


GPS World - RF Cafe
GPS World
Radio Resource Inernational - RF Cafe
Radio Resource International 
Military & Aerospace Electronics - RF Cafe
Military & Aerospace Electronics
 Asia Electronics Industry - RF Cafe
Asia Electronics Industry
Consulting-Specifying Engineer - RF Cafe
Consulting-Specifying Engineer
Product Design & Development - RF Cafe
Product Design & Development 
Desktop Engineering - RF Cafe
Desktop Engineering
ECN - RF Cafe
 EETimes Europe - RF Fcafe
EETimes Europe
Photonics Spectra - RF Cafe
Photonics Spectra
 Microwave Engineering Europe - RF Cafe
Microwave Engineering Europe
 Wireless Design & Development
Wireless Design & Development
Electronic Design Europe - RF Cafe
Electronic Design Europe 
 EDN Europe - RF Cafe
EDN Europe





Posted  December 10, 2014