AirBulb App-Controlled LED Light and Wireless Speaker

AirBulb App-Controlled LED Light and Wireless Speaker - RF Cafe"AirBulb: When there is Light, there is Music." That is the tag line for a Kickstarter product that is seeking investor funding to bring to market their combination LED light bulb and speaker. An app is used on your smartphone, tablet, or any device with Bluetooth to stream stereo audio to the AirBulb, and it also adjusts the LED light spectrum and intensity. AirBulb is already designed and tested, so the money is mainly needed for expensive production tooling. Officially: "What is AirBulb? AirBulb combines LED bulb and wireless speaker together at an affordable price. Integrated with Bluetooth technology, you can play music or control the lighting from your iOS or Android device. One single unit. No extra wires. No extra plugs. No AC adapters required. No remotes to lose."

Among its marketed features are easy installation in any standard light bulb socket, a full range acoustic driver, 6 high power LEDs, incoming call and alarm notifications, different patterns of flashing light, 3 different color temperatures to match your mood. Unlike the mercury-filled CFL bulbs imposed on us by an all-knowing and benevolent government, AirBulb does not have any highly toxic chemicals in it that require HazMat procedures for proper cleanup and disposal if it gets broken.

Team members are Stephen Lee (core creator, software & app creator), YW Nok (creative director, hardware developer, electronic engineer), Jeremy Sim (CFO), SC Wai (software engineer, a 'programming robot'), Thomas Davis (mechanical mechanical engineer, and Eric Zhao (marketing expert). These young guys are typical of the amazing talent and boundless energy, and entrepreneurial spirit of freedom whose abilities are unleashed by the Internet and crowdfunding schemes like Kickstarter.

Buy-in for a working prototype costs as little as $59, but there is only one left as of this writing. The next available level to get an AirBulb is $105, but you can also contribute at a lower level of support of $10 for a coffee coaster and $25 for a T-shirt. This project will only be funded if at least $100,000 is pledged by Monday, April 28, 2014 at 9:02 AM EDT. As of this writing, 578 backers have pledged $55,708.


AirBulb Schematic - RF Cafe

AirBulb Schematic





Posted  March 28, 2014