Many Nice Online Calculators from Phase Matrix

Many Nice Online Calculators from Phase Matrix - RF CafeWhile clicking around the Phase Matrix website the other day, I happened upon a nice set of online calculators like the cascade calculator shown in the thumbnail. Also included under the "RF Design Tools" menu are Tee & Pi Attenuator Calculator, VSWR Mismatch & Power Uncertainty, Microstrip Line Design, Power Dividers / Couplers Designer, and a few other calculators. A nice feature about these calculators are the sliders and dials for making parameter adjustments, or you can enter an exact number. Many of the RF / microwave vendor websites have nice calculators buried in them.

Below are a few examples of the Phase Matrix calculators.

Phase Matrix Cascaded Amplifier Calculator - RF Cafe Phase Matrix Power-to-Voltage Calculator - RF Cafe

Phase Matrix Phase Noise Jitter Calculator - RF CafePhase Matrix Wilkinson Power Divider Calculator - RF Cafe

   Phase Matrix Pi & T Attenuator Calculator - RF CafePhase Matrix Reflectometer Calculator - RF Cafe

Posted  August 6, 2013