Reviveaphone™ Salvaging Solution

Reviveaphone™ Before Photo - RF CafeIt has never happened to me, but I have read many tales of woe from people who dropped their cellphones, iPods, Walkmans, etc., into the toilet, a puddle of mud, or a bowl of soup, or else jumped into a pool or the ocean with them in their pockets. The results are usually disastrous, with an expensive repair or replacement bill ensuing. Standard device warranties do not cover immersion, and indeed most devices these days contain an indicator strip inside that turns color when moistened, so there's no way to lie your way into free service. The well-known, but dubiously successful trick of embedding your device in a bowl of white rice to absorb the wetness is only good if you happened to drop it into a glass of demineralized water - something not typically found in a toilet bowl or lake. Sometimes if you act quickly enough you can get away with dunking the phone in a bowl of deionized water and shaking it around, then carefully drying it with a hair dryer, but the misadventure needs to occur where those tools are on-hand - which is almost never. Fortunately, the folks at Reviveaphone™ claim to have a solution that will address just about any scenario. Using their secret solution Reviveaphone™ After Photo - RF Caferecipe, you simply drop your device into the bag of solution for 7 minutes, then place it in a drying tray for 24 hours. Presto, the phone should work again. If not, then let it dry a little longer. Disclaimer: I have never used Reviveaphone™, but some testimonials claim it does work, and for £16.99 including shipping ($32.75 to the USA) it's worth a try.


Reviveaphone™ Before and After Photos

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 They would make great gifts for any occasion.

Posted  December 19, 2013