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Repair Zone (York Repair)
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Bay City, Michigan,  48706
Phone: 989-922-0043

Even though I have spent decades in the electronics and microelectronics fields, there is something about rolling up my sleeves and delving into a 1/3 HP motor that takes me back to my roots as an electrician and controls guy. Just like you can actually buy a bottle of men's cologne (somewhat of an oxymoronic term) with the scent of bourbon, glue, saw dust, or cut grass (not the 5-bladed variety), I might place a bottle of Eau de Overheated Stator Winding Enamel on my medicine cabinet shelf next to the Old Spice if it was available. The aroma would make a nice addition to Yankee Candle's collection of man-candles as well... although maybe not.

Repair Zone (York Repair) - We're Here When You Need Us, 24/7!Why am I bringing this up just to announce the addition of the Repair Zone (aka York Repair) website to my Motors, Solenoids, Fans & Cooling Manufacturers & Services webpage? Well, while perusing their site I ran across some videos of technicians in their facility performing tasks like replacing the field windings in an industrial servo motor, connecting AC supply lines to 3-phase, 230/460 volt motors, and using an ohmmeter to  identify the winding leads on motors where the labels are missing. It took me back to my days in high school vocational classes (circa mid-1970s) where we studied and practiced such skills and that I later for a few years, prior to entering the U.S. Air Force as an electronics technician, applied those skills professionally. Although I wired a lot of houses and small businesses, my favorite work was doing wiring and troubleshooting on motors, welders, automation controls, etc. I remember once making an emergency visit to the local Coca Cola bottling operation in Annapolis, Maryland, and being rewarded by the manager with a half dozen cases of soda for my quick resolution of a problem that was keeping his bottle washing machine offline. The most awful service call I remember was to a concrete block manufacturing plant where I had to endure ear-splitting, bone rattling machines that pounded wet concrete into the familiar 8x8x16-in cinder blocks. It felt like being in a war zone (not that I know what being in a war zone is like).

Aside from actually offering repair and replacement services for servo motors and industrial electronics, the Repair Zone website offers the aforementioned videos as well as some articles, case studies, and tech notes.

Repair Zone Website Sample Video: Servo Motor Rewind - A Time Lapse

Although it's kind of off-topic at this point, while searching for the manly aromas info, I ran across a great website that has some great content: The Art of Manliness. You're welcome.

Posted  August 14, 2013