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KindCards - e-Cards with a Mission

Kind Cards: e-Cards with a Mission -  RF Cafe

Mike Press was a department manager at RF Micro Devices during my 6½ years there as an RF Applications Engineer. While he and I only worked together a couple times, we did manage to hold a few memorable discussions - usually on holidays when most normal people had taken the day off - on a broad range of social, economic, and national defense topics. None of humanity's problems were ever solved as a result of our dialogs, but I did come to have a great respect for Mike's worldview as what I deem a classical Liberal. By that I mean one whose focus is on compassion for his fellow man and truly wanting to foster unity, as opposed to many modern Liberals who seem angrily intolerant and want to destroy anyone that disagrees with any of their positions. Yes, some Conservatives are regrettably that way as well.

Happy Birthday KindCard example - RF CafeWhen I told Mike in 2007 that I was leaving the company to run RF Cafe full-time, he wished me well and mentioned that he had a non-engineering-related business concept in mind that he would like to see come to fruition. The exact nature was never disclosed, even after occasional e-mail exchanges between then and now. At long last and with much anticipation for success, his new business venture, "KindCards," has gone live on the Internet (KindCards.com). Immediately upon seeing the name my thought was that it is no surprise that Mike would found such a company. KindCards' tag line is "Choose Kindness - Send A KindCard to Benefit Your Friends and Charities."

Valentine's Day KindCard example - RF CafeSympathy KindCard example - RF CafeKindCards provides a venue for charitable souls to send an e-card to friends and family while also making tax-deductible donations to their favorite charities. Mike has teamed with Charity Navigator to see to it that 100% of your contribution goes to the designated charity. When you order a KindCard, two separate charges are made: one for the donation to your charity and another for the processing fee. Doing so eliminates the question about how much the middleman is withholding for himself. You cannot get much more honest than that. Charity Navigator now represents more than 6,000 groups covering an immense range of religions, social, medical, conservation, educational, and other causes. A FAQ page addresses most questions you might have, but you can send an e-mail if you have others.

Custom KindCard example - RF CafeWhile there are pre-designed e-cards available from which to choose, a really unique feature of KindCards is the ability to create a custom card by uploading your own graphic.

From the Charity Navigator website: "Charity Navigator, America's leading independent charity evaluator, works to advance a more efficient and responsive philanthropic marketplace by evaluating the Financial Health and Accountability and Transparency of 6,000 of America's largest charities. "

If you are accustomed to sending e-cards or if you have been meaning to give it a try, then please use this opportunity to add even more meaning to your thoughtfulness. Mike and I would both appreciate it. Thank you.

KindCards invites you to visit their Facebook page as well.

Posted  September 3, 2013
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