HD Moore Pings the Entire Internet

HD Moore Pings the Entire Internet - RF CafeI like these kinds of charts. In this case it is a map of all the Internet connected devices in the world, or at least per the 2.7 billion IP addresses (310 million replies) that computer security guru HD Moore pinged to get data for his map. On his off time as a researcher at Rapid7, he uses an arsenal of computers at home to run such experiments. Says Moore, "I have a lot of cooling equipment to make sure my house doesn't catch on fire." Part of the goal was to determine how many people never changed the default password for their modems and other gateway devices. It was a lot. Although everything he did was legal, he did get complaints from some of the pinged. Do you still have the default password on your wireless router? I just checked a few of my neighbors' WiFi connections and didn't find any with 'default' as the password.

HD Moore Pings the Entire Internet - RF Cafe

Posted  April 2013