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Day in Engineering History Archive - February 5

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Note: These historical tidbits have been collected from various sources, mostly on the Internet. As detailed in this article, there is a lot of wrong information that is repeated hundreds of times because most websites do not validate with authoritative sources. On RF Cafe, events with hyperlinks have been verified.
Please submit significant historical events and dates for inclusion in these lists. I will be glad to include your name and birthday. Please do not submit your death date ;-) A couple years ago, I began commemorating the birthdays of notable people and events with special RF Cafe logos. Where available, I like to use images from postage stamps from the country where the person or event occurred.

February 5

1840: Scottish inventor of the pneumatic tire, John Dunlop, was born. 1850: The first adding machine with keys was patented by Du Bois Parmelee. 1897: The Indiana House of Representatives unanimously passed a measure redefining the area of a circle and the value of π -- the "Indiana Pi Bill" died in the state Senate (because it was obvious in error). 1901: Edwin Prescott received a patent for his 20 foot diameter loop-the-loop centrifugal railway (roller coaster) at Coney Island. 1971: Alan Shepard and Edward Mitchell walked on the moon for four hours during the third manned moon expedition, Apollo 14. 1974: U.S. space probe Mariner 10 returned the first close-up photos of Venus' cloud structure. 1978: One of the worst blizzards in recorded history hit the U.S. northeast.