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Huawei Hits Back at Australian Security Paranoia

• India Must Release Spectrum Soon, or Risk Falling Behind in 5G Race


• SK Telecom and KT Win Big at South Korea's 5G Auction

UK Telcos Not Meeting Demands of Brits


• Increased Russian Activity Around Undersea Communications Cables

• Former France Telecom CEO to Stand Trial over Employee Deaths

Engineer Salary Survey Highlights Widening Gender Pay Gap

• Where on the Hype Cycle Is 5G?

Spectrum Sharing Is Key per OSTP, FAA, FCC, CTIA


• Trumps Orders Pentagon to Create U.S. 'Space Force'

• Former Radio Amateur-Astronaut Named as Spain's Minister of Science

Higgs Boson and Top Quark Interaction Finally Observed at CERN

• Italian Broadcasters Threaten Italy's Plans to Award 5G Spectrum

Multitenant Small Cell Deployments Prove Challenging


Broadcom Lays off 1,100; There May Be More

• Wi-Fi Expects 802.11ax Go-Ahead in July

• Wireless Tech to Comprise 55% of Connectivity IC Shipments in 2018

ARRL/TAPR Digital Communications Conference Invites Technical Papers

• 3GPP Puts Finishing Touch on Standalone Version of 5G Standard


C-Band Plan Prompts New Round of Concerns

Semi Equipment Record Spending to Continue Through 2019

• Globalfoundries Cuts 5% of Workforce

• China Leads in IoT Deployments, North America Leads in 5G

IQ Scores Have Been Dropping Since the 1970s


• EU Takes China to WTO over Technology Transfer

Iranian Radars Showing up on 10 Meters

• WSTS Raises Chip Sales Forecast

• USAF Partnership to Push Emerging Tech

Microsoft Acquires GitHub for $7.5B


Tesla to Cut 9% of Jobs

Canadian Radio Amateurs Petition Parliament to End Deliberate Interference

• Microsoft Keeps White Spaces on Front Burner

Irwin Jacobs on Q'comm and Moore

• TI Tops Industrial Semi Rankings


Semi Increase 20% YoY in April; Double-Digit Growth Projected for 2018

Matchbox-Sized Atomic Clock for Commercial Space

• Building Owners Could Pay for Part of 5G Rollout

• Clocks for Watched 14 Years to Prove Einstein's Theory of Relativity

• Navy Shipboard EW Extending to Helicopters


• MIT Just Built World's Fastest Supercomputer

Aircraft Hack Only a Matter of Time

• Nokia, T-Mo Tackle Bi-directional, OTA 5G NR

• Avoiding Career Death by Twitter

Hobby Drones Banned Near Hawaii Volcano


The FM Chip: A Potential Life Saver in Troubled Times

• ZTE Signs Preliminary Agreement with U.S. to Overturn Ban

• Hungary Regains Access to 60 Meters

• Small Companies Make Leap to Advanced Manufacturing

UPS Strike Could Disrupt Business Across U.S. (Amazon will do a hostile takeover of them)


• Sophisticated Cellphone Spying Found Near White House

Northern Ireland's £150M Broadband Funding to Boost Local Economy by £1.2B

FCC Denies Petition Preventing Interference from Digital Repeaters to Analog Repeaters

• Long-Soaring Smartphone Market Heading to Earth

• ARRL Foundation Announces 2 New Scholarships


Tech Stocks at Record High as FAANGs and BATTS Bite

• ARRL Foundation Announces 2 New Scholarships

• India Among Top 5 Countries in e-Waste Generation

• Army Awards $93M Unmanned Target Drone Contract

• 2018 Radio Mercury Awards Winners Announced


• International Trade Wars Threaten to Spark a 5G Arms Race

Commercial Satellite Launch Service to Grow Strongly Through 2024

• South Korean Carriers to Submit Offers for 5G Spectrum Next Week

• Teens Falling Away from Facebook

South Africa Gets 100 kHz Band at 5 MHz


People Fleeing Silicon Valley for Nevada, Texas and Idaho

Eagles Guitarist Joe Walsh, WB6ACU, Promotes Amateur Radio

• Tech's Titans Tiptoe Toward Monopoly

Qualcomm and Huawei: More Partners Than Rivals

Telecom Egypt Secures $200M 4G Funding from Chinese Firms


• MARS Urging Members to Use Computers Isolated from the Internet

• Telcos Must Raise Game or Lose out on $1.1T IoT Prize

• FCC Orders Largest Forfeiture Ever

China ICs Grow 21%

NB-IoT Device Shipments to Rise to 613M Units in 2023