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Electronics & Tech Headline News Archive - May 2020

Technology Headline News Archives - RF Cafe

If you came to RF Cafe looking for a certain news item you remember seeing or found on a search engine, there is a good chance it is no longer on the homepage. Headlines change daily (except Saturdays). Here are links to all the headline archives.

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Automotive Radar Chip Processes 30 Gb/s of Data

• 11 Myths About Motors

EDI CON China 2020 to be Held in October

U.S. Space Force Lays out Acquisitions Reforms in Report

• China Falling Way Short of "Made In China 2025" IC Target


Bi-Directional NFC to/from Smartphones Now Supported

2020 IEEE Texas Symposium on Wireless & Microwave Circuits to Be Held Virtually

• UK Nears Final Stage of Skynet Competition

China's Tech Reach Falls Short of Its Ambitions

Verizon Turns on 5G NR for Uploads, Increasing Speeds 30%


• Government Requests Hold, Reversal on FCC's Ligado Decision

• Facebook Sets up Political Advocacy Group as High-Tech Teeters on Edge

Hippocratic Oath for Engineers Rings True

• Wuhan Pandemic Boosts U.S. Manufacturing Revival

Qorvo Reports Strong Q4


• Classroom of the Future: The Rise of Online Learning

• Ericsson Helps Telia Turn on 5G in Norway

• Wuhan Virus's Economic Blow Forces Universities to Adapt

RF GaN Market Expected to Reach $2B by 2025

• The Internet of Things Myth Part 4


European Microwave Week Rescheduled to January 2021

• Wuhan Flu Economic Fears Scrap New Zealand 5G Spectrum Auction

China Prepares to "Tangle with the World"

• Military & Aerospace Electronics 2020 Innovators Awards

ISPs Seek Taxpayer Money to Keep Americans Connected


• FCC Seeks to Mitigate Orbital Debris

Canada's 5G Stalls in Face of Wuhan Virus Pandemic

• Deutsche Telekom, Ciena Launch 1st 800G Network in Europe

• Music Organizations Take Aim at Big Radio Companies

New Tesla Battery Poised to Reshape Auto Economics


Facebook Investing $1B to Build Subsea Cable to Africa

• Trump's Trade Ban on Huawei Extended to May 2021

Radio Amateurs' Ventilator Design Goes to FDA

• China Opposed to Latest U.S. Rules Against Huawei

• Korea's KT Adds 360,000 5G Subscribers in Q1


Intelsat Declares Bankruptcy

Skyworks' March-Quarter Revenue Falls 5% YoY

1st 2 SmallSats Launched for Chinese Data Relay Constellation

HuskySat-1 (HO-107) Transponder Now Open

• FCC Adopts Rules for 6 GHz Band


• ARRL Announces New Life 70+ Membership

• MIPI Alliance Releases New RF Front End Control Interface Specifications for IoT & 5G

Virgin Media, O2 to Merge U.K. Businesses in $38B Joint Venture

• FCC Seeks to Mitigate Orbital Debris

• Machine Learning Cracks Quantum Chemistry Conundrum


• DARPA Kicks off Program to Advance Quantum Computing

• Qualcomm, Fujitsu Validate Sub-6 GHz 5G Carrier Aggregation

17% April Boost for China Smartphone Production

Why the Electronics Industry is Being Regulated

Global Small Cell Market to Grow Steadily Despite Wuhan Flu


• Lawmakers Demand Information from FCC on Ligado

2020 IEEE TX Symposium on Wireless & Microwave Circuits to Be Held Virtually

• Socially Distanced In-Person Ham Exam Sessions Held in U.S. and Norway

5G Enabling New Data-Driven Business Model

Global Market for Automotive Radars, Cameras & Sensors to be $8.7B in 2020


• Lawmakers Demand Information from FCC on Ligado

2020 IEEE TX Symposium on Wireless & Microwave Circuits to Be Held Virtually

• Socially Distanced In-Person Ham Exam Sessions Held in U.S. and Norway

5G Enabling New Data-Driven Business Model

Global Market for Automotive Radars, Cameras & Sensors to be $8.7B in 2020


"Make UK" Draws up 3-Point Plan for Recovery from Wuhan Virus

Data Cost in China Drops 93% as U.S. Still Overly Expensive ($8 vs. 61¢)

Slashed Chip Forecasts Reflect Wuhan Pandemic's Grip

Dish Scraps NB-IoT Network in Favour of 5G

Microsoft to Invest $1B in Polish Cloud Project


Tech Jobs in the Time of Coronavirus

OTA Broadcasters Pressure FCC for Change

Q1 Silicon Shipment up 2.7% M-o-M

• Northrop Grumman Bullish on Future of On-Orbit Satellite Servicing

• India Pledges Easy Access to Land for Factories Leaving China


FCC Touts Use of 5.9 GHz by WISPs for Rural Broadband

• O2 Set to Scupper Next UK 5G Auction

3-D Memristor-Based Circuit for Brain-Inspired Computing

• Wuhan Virus Drives Smartphone Market's Largest Y-o-Y Quarterly Drop

Wirelessly Charging Electric Cars as They Drive (uh, yeah)


• Elon Musk Threatens to Move Tesla out of CA Due to Wuhan Flu Shutdown

What Is Windows 10X, and How Is It Different?

Africa's 1st 5G Network Goes Live in South Africa

• Time for a Chief Engineering Officer in UK Government?

China Launches New Rocket as It Eyes Moon Shot


Q2 Phone Units to Be down 16.5%

• Pentagon Concerned Small Launch Business Might Not Survive Wuhan Virus

• DSA Welcomes FCC's Approval of 1200 MHz of Unlicensed Spectrum in 6 GHz Band

• Russian DOSAAF-85 (RS-44) Amateur Radio Satellite Transponder Now Active

Wuhan Virus Takes Bite out of Apple Profits


• FCC Proposes $9B 5G Fund for Rural America

¼ of British Employees Furloughed in Last Fortnight Due to CCP Virus

5-9% Semi Foundry Growth in 2020

Qualcomm Upbeat on 5G Smartphone Launches Despite Wuhan Virus Impact

• Researchers Assess Quality Benchmarks of 4 GaN Varieties


• U.S. Army Moving Forward with Electronic Warfare Pod

Ofcom Revises Annual Work Plan in Wake of Wuhan Virus Pandemic

• GPS, L-Band and the Pentagon's Untenable Position on 5G

• Deutsche Telekom's Vision of 5G Germany in 2020

Europe's GDPR Blasted for Underinvestment and Enforcement


• Patent Power: Samsung's Route to 5G Glory?

• Senate Committee Planning Ligado Hearing on GPS Interference

ARRL's Spring 2020 Frequency Measuring Test Results Posted

• Vodafone Switches on Dutch 5G Using Spectrum Sharing

Nokia Lands $1B RAN Deal with Bharti Airtel


Elon Musk: Stay-at-Home is as "Forcible Imprisoning," Shut-Downs "Fascist"

FCC Prepares to Bar Chinese Telcos

• Air Force Works to Mitigate Ligado Deal's Impact on GPS

• Huawei, ZTE Win 88% of Joint China Telecom / Unicom 5G Tender

•13 Engineering Jobs in Top Demand

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