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VCs Invest More But IPO Numbers Shrink

Medium-Wave Transmitters in Germany and France Shutting down at Year's End

Potential Tesla Competitor Posts Teaser Video of Concept Car

Android Returns to Growth in Europe's Big 5 Markets

Taiwan Neglects Supercomputing

Fairchild Semi Gets New Takeover Offer in Escalated Bidding War


5G Hurdles Gauged at DesignCon (6G specifications coming...)

TV Remotes Get Voice Activation with Bluetooth

N. Korea's Analysis Red Star OS Rife with Spy Tools (U.S. gov't envious)

Spain Gets New 5 MHz Allocation for 2016

China Telecom Chairman in Corruption Investigation

Tech 2015: BBC News Biggest Technology Stories

Deutsche Telekom CEO Hits out at Regulators on Attitude to Copper

1 Billion Cellular M2M Subscribers by 2022

Engineering Students Fix Common Glitch in Digitization of Books Published Before 1700

Backspace Flaw Enables Linux Zero-Day Attack


Norway Pioneers the Digital Radio Future, Abandoning FM

Techno-Skeptics' Objection Growing Louder

The 1996 Telecom Act – 20 Years Later

Quiz: Are You up to Speed on These Quirky Tech Stories of 2015?

Global Mobile Service Revenue Returns to Slight Growth in Q3

Is Apple Running out of New Ideas?

First Processor Demoed That Uses Light for Ultrafast Communications

Researchers Propose Using Patterns and Icons for Passwords

Common Stock Ownership Spreads Among Start-Up Investors

Strong Semiconductor Growth Forecast for Electric Vehicle DC Fast-Charging Stations


Man Walks of Cliff Christmas Day While Using Cellphone

U.S. Christmas Lights Use More Energy Than Entire Countries

Jefferson Lab Accelerator Delivers Its First 12 GeV Electrons

Whatever Happened to RFID, 3DTV?

What Finite Element Analysis Means to the Average Joe Engineer

Google Trials Phone-Based Password System


Move Aside Carbon: Boron Nitride-Reinforced Materials Even Stronger

1st Geosynchronous Orbit Amateur Radio Payload Could Aid Disaster Communication

Solid-State Li-Ion Batteries: Providing a Safer Alternative

Hackable Toys Stress an Overworked Santa


How to Have Yourself a Merry Cyber-Safe Christmas

1st Christmas Day Full Moon in 38 Years

7 Automotive Tech Vendors to Watch in 2016

Common Core Math Problems Don't Make Any Sense (strangely, I'm not totally opposed to this strategy)


NORAD's Santa Tracker on the Job Again This Year

Engineer's Holiday List: Stuff You Want But Were Afraid to Ask

School in Remote Alaskan Village Reaching out via Ham Radio

DISA Awards $4.3B in Contracts for Telecommunications Support

100 µm-Thick Silicon Capacitors Designed for Smart Cards

Navy Orders 12 Advanced Shipboard Radar Systems

MTN Seeks Court Order to Overturn $3.9B Fine

Sony Li-S Battery Targets Boosting Battery Life by 40%

Entangling Different Kinds of Atoms Could Be Way Forward for Quantum Computers

Optical Illusion Makes Objects in Plain View Disappear


$12B Electric Car Deal Signed in China

Easier Access to Spectrum for Internet of Things

Hunting for Test Gear on eBay

FCC Proposes to Penalize California Ham $25,000 for Intentional Interference

ARRL Education and Technology Program Announces School Grants

Java Plug-in Malware Alert to Be Issued by Oracle (the libation version is still safe for consumption)

Brains of Gamers Wired Differently Than Nongamers

U.S. Agrees to Sell Military Comms Equipment to Taiwan

What's Apple Want with an Old Maxim Fab?

International Year of Light Draws to a Close


SEMI Applauds Congressional Action to Make R&D Tax Credit Permanent

The World of Physics in 2016

ZigBee 3.0 to Include Energy Harvesting

The Technology of 'Star Wars': 10 Real-Life Examples

Router Maker Finds 'Unauthorised' Code

IoT Revenues to Double by 2020, Says IC Insights

'Hydricity' Concept Uses Solar Energy to Produce Power 24/7

$100M 'Breakthrough Listen' Initiative Starts Searching for E.T.

Lockheed Martin to Develop Smart Weapon Seeker

New App Is a 21st-Century Walkie-Talkie


Anadigics Declares New Acquisition Offer of 48¢/Share to GaAs Labs

Spintronics, Low-Energy Electricity Take a Step Closer

Slow Microscopic Changes in Magnetic Structures Revealed

Telecommunications Giant to Challenge Nigerian Fine

California's Proposed Rules Could Stop Google Car in Its Tracks

Time-Resolved Measurement of the Anomalous Velocity


FCC Further Delays U-NII Device Certification Requirements

Nitrogen Can Triple Energy Capacity of Supercapacitors

2015's Big Hacks, Attacks and Security Blunders

Harris to Provide Navy EW Decoy to Lures Enemy Missiles Away from Targets


DARPA Eyes Free-Space Optical Sensor Technology

Hybrid Material Presents Potential for 4-D-Printed Adaptive Devices

DoD Steps up the Search for Electronic Warfare Tools

"Radar Vision" Goes On - 2 More Sentinel-1 Satellites

MACOM Acquires Aeroflex's Diode Business from Cobham

6 Singapore Satellites Launched into Orbit

New Metamaterial Manipulates Sound to Improve Acoustic Imaging

A Step Towards Quantum Electronics

Hot Hacker Targets in 2016: Fantasy Sports, Professional Services

Why Politicians Still Dream of Controlling the Internet


Qualcomm Rejects Company Break Up

SAQ to Carry on Tradition of Christmas Eve VLF Transmissions

'Silicon City' Calculates NYC Computer History

5 Bad Marketing Habits to Stop in 2016 (lots of comments on this one)

Transparent Metal Films for Smart Phone, Tablet and TV Displays

Avoiding Electronic Warfare Pearl Harbor

Thai Regulator to Push Ahead with Spectrum Auction

The Trouble with Hoverboards and Lithium-Ion Batteries

Freeze Ray! (Almost)

Chinese Nationals Charged in Plot to Steal Chips from U.S. Navy


3 Charged in Plot to Steal, Export Military-Grade Chips

EE Awarded $2.2M for Radio Interference Research

Insulator Inside: Conductor Outside

Ford to Invest Additional $4.5B into Electric Vehicles

ScN Buffer for GaN on Si Applications

9 Apply for Brazilian Spectrum Auction

Vandals Attack Facebook Building in Germany

Japanese Police Deploy Air-to-Air Drone Take-down Unit

Why AM Radio Is So Fascinating (I listen to Detroit's WJR every day from Erie)

Quantum Physics Problem Proved Unsolvable


Army Tests Small Electronic Jammers for Use in Training

Worldwide WLAN Market Shows Slowing Growth in Q3 of 2015

Cellphones Remain Largest Driver of IC Sales

Europe Extends Reach of REACH Regs

Text Me? Ping Me? Communications Overload in the Digital Age

Florida Ham Agrees to $3,500 Penalty for Failure to Identify

Design New Readers Sound off on the Worst Inventions Ever (must have been a terrorist reader that suggested the A-10 Warthog)

Analysts Predict CES 2016 Trends

October Chip Market Points to Flat 2015

Akatsuki Space Mission Orbits Venus after 5-Year Detour (congrats!)


Is HP Entering the Windows Phone Market?

Your iPhone Is Ruining Your Posture - and Your Mood

2/3 of Tesla Model S Drivetrains Need Replacing at 60k Miles

Shift to Value Investment to Lift French Telecom Operators' Profitability in 2016

Tech Giants Pledge $1B for 'Altruistic AI' Venture, OpenAI

All-Ham ISS Crew Increment Returns to Earth After 141 Days in Space


Smartphone Market Will See First Single-Digit Growth Year on Record

6 Predictions About the Future of Digital Transformation

Walmart Prepares to Enter Mobile Payments Business

Taiwan Joins Pack Pursuing Qualcomm on Patents


Smartphones to Die out 'Within 5 Years'

Russia Loses Satellite in Another Setback to Its Space Program

Is Amazon the 800-Pound Gorilla of Electronic Component Distribution?

Google's Quantum Computer 100Mx Faster Than Your PC'

UK to Have 'Tech-Savvy TV Christmas', Says Ofcom

Text Messages That End in a Period Seen As Less Sincere.

The Netherlands Opens 100 kHz Band at 5 MHz

Chinese Group Bids for Fairchild

EC Starts Anti-Trust Action Against Qualcomm

Zuckerberg: Facebook Will Fight to Protect Christian Rights


Atomically Flat Tunnel Transistor Overcomes Power Electronics Challenges

Qorvo to Invest $25M, Hire 100 R&D Staff in Greensboro over Next 3 Years

Can't Put Down Your Device? That's by Design

Billionaire  Says Technology Will Kill White Collar Jobs

Pai Says FCC Enforcement Bureau out of Control

Nanostructured Germanium for Portable Photovoltaics and Battery Electrodes

X Marks the Spot That Makes Online Ads So Maddening

FCC to Launch Redesigned Website

TV Advertising Falls Globally; Digital Poised to Overtake by 2018

How to Not Hire Americans, the H-2 Visa Program


Engineering's Most Important Equations

FCC Expands HAC Requirements for All Wireless Phones

IoT Will Be 1,000 Markets

Design News Quick Poll Results: Don't Believe the IoT Hype

All the Product Reviews Money Can Buy

Hawaiian Court Throws out Thirty Meter Telescope Building Permit (anti-science zealots)

China Telcos' Credit Metrics to Weaken

Engineers Build Biologically Powered Chip

Company Told to Stop Facebook Naming and Shaming Overdue Customers

Volvo's Innovative Child Seat Concept (nice if you can afford it)


Teens Know Dangers of Driving and Cellphone Use, Do It Anyway

Is the Smartphone Age Over?

Silicon Valley's Hometown Bank Booms

There's a New Ham in the House

Japanese Tech Giant Toshiba to Face $60M Fine

Scattered Light Measurement Focuses on 10-nm Semiconductor Features

Laser-Induced Graphene Looks to Displace Batteries with Supercapacitors

General Dynamics Wins $80M Air Force Communications Contract

New Stretchable, Wearable Sensor Made with Chewing Gum

72 DHS Employees on Terrorist Watch List (fox watching the hen house)

ISIS Plot for World Domination Revealed in Chilling Detail (hmmm... wonder what that first 'I' stand for?)


Patent Power 2015: Social Media and Smartphones Score Big

Can't Get What You Want for Christmas? Blame the Supply Chain

Should You Buy a Smart Toy for Christmas?

Measuring Nanoscale Features with Fractions of Light

RF Charger Taps Tiny Antenna

Rudeness at Work Is Contagious


Storing Electricity in Paper

Samsung to Pay Apple $548M over Patent Row

Promise of the Future in the Satellite Industry

Radio Amateurs of Canada Releases Revised 0-30 MHz Band Plan


Mysterious Radio Pulses from Outer Space Detected

8-Year Leap Second Delay Might Not Be As Bad As It Seems

15 Hot Tech Stories for 2016 

Electronic Tattoos for Payments and Healthcare

Graphene Hybrid Interacts with Electromagnetic Radiation

Apple Pays out After Genius Bar Worker Wipes Honeymooner's iPhone

New Access to Interior of Electronic Components

Optical Metacage Blocks Light from Entering or Escaping

Homeland Security Will Hack You If Asked Nicely


New Method for Generating X-Rays

Top 25 Most Expensive Engineering Degrees

Russia Flight Tests Anti-Satellite Missile

Air New Zealand Gives Children NFC Wristbands to Track Their Journey

Mark Zuckerberg and Wife Pledge 99% of Facebook Shares to Charity ('during our lives' ... which could mean at the end of their lives)

Russian Push Towards Spintronics

Quantum Data Bit (QBit) Data Storage Problem Solved

Ericsson and Orange Trial Internet of Things (IoT) over GSM and LTE

Google 'Stores Children's Data' per EFF

China's Hypersonic Weapon Capable of Overcoming Air Defense Systems


FCC Cites Homeowner for Unintentional Interference to Telecoms Provider

High Stakes in Broadband Satellites Race

Delhi Issues Face Mask Warning as Pollution Hits 'Hazardous' Levels

Mathematicians Identify Limits to Heat Flow at Nanoscale

New Phase of Carbon Found to Make Diamond at Room Temperature

Driven by IEEE Standards, Ethernet Hits the Road in 2016

Simulation Shows Key to Building Powerful Magnetic Fields

Sensor Predicts Impending Cable Fires

Thermodynamic Irreversibility in a Quantum System Confirmed

Study Highlights Role of Mobile in Delivering a Digital India