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Cellular, Wi-Fi Spar over Spectrum

Silicon Valley Wary as Pentagon Chief to Court Innovators

4G Smartphones Market Share More Than 2x, Capturing 58% in Q2 2015

Creative Simulations Help Test New Weather Radar

Record-High Pressure Reveals Secrets of Matter

AVX Moves into Implantable Capacitors

NSA Acknowledges Quantum Computing Threat


Phone Feared Drowned Posts Selfies of Adventures with Firefighters

Marines Make Transition from GaAs to GaN in Air-Defense Radar

Superconductivity Temperature Record Achieved

The Upside of a Downturn in Silicon Valley

Send Your Name (and Call Sign) to Mars!


Parents Suing School Because Wi-Fi is Making Son Sick

GSMA Launches Low Power WAN Initiative to Accelerate Growth of IoT

280 Million "Mobile Addicts" Worldwide

5G Will Need Radio Technology Change

Magnetoelastic Waves Can Drive Magnetic Bubbles Through Photoexcitation

Another Fusion Reactor Breakthrough

GaN Nanoelectronics-Transistor Blocking Voltage Exceeds 1 kV

Outcome for 5 MHz at WRC-15 Remains in Limbo

Upturn in PC Market Won't Come Until 2017

Wireless Charging Visits the Hospital

Amazing 'Red Lightning' Photographed from Space

Americans Think Staying Glued to Phone is Rude but Do It Anyway


Mobile Phone Joke Voted Funniest (a little levity)

Startup Wants Better IoT Radios

Launch Date Set for AMSAT Fox-1A

Electrical Circuit Made of Gel Repairs Itself

Flexible Encapsulation to Enable Flexible Electronics

FTC: To Combat Robocalls, 'Just Hang Up' 

iPhone6 Powered by Hydrogen

J. Keller: How Could I Be So Wrong About UAV Market?

Microsoft's Cortana Lands on Android Phones

½ the Population of Earth at Standstill if Internet Goes Down

Walmart Partners with Reshoring Initiative as Made in USA Gets Real

Navy Makes Largest Federal Purchase of Solar Power (remember when the military budget was used to secure our freedoms?)


At PGA Tournaments, Bluetooth Beacons Are Par for the Course

Thailand Starts Cutting off Unregistered SIM Cards

Mobile Device Security Ignored by Federal Workers

IARU Reiterates Commitment to Coordinate Satellites Only Within International Band Plans

Researchers Take High-Bandwidth Communications to the South Pole

2D Transistor Made from Dual-Phase Transition-Metal Dichalcogenide Crystal (sounds like some to power a starship by)

Light Interaction Leaves Quantum Physicists Beaming

Mobile Transactions to Top 125B by 2018

Hot Tech Start-ups May Face a Long and Bumpy Fall

Teen Nabbed After Attacks on UK Government and FBI Sites

AMS to Spend $2B on New York Wafer Fab

Government Spends Big on Radio


The Stock Market Carnage Cometh for Tech

Optical Tunneling of Electron from Atom Can Occur Instantaneously

Laser-Burned Graphene Gains Metallic Powers

Ofcom Issues Fine for Silent and Abandoned Calls

Publisher Retracts 64 Articles for Fake Peer Reviews

Frictionless Quantum Highways

FCC Universal Licensing System Down for Maintenance in September

Graphene Oxide's Secret Properties Revealed at Atomic Level

Photon Processor Tests Quantum Computing Theory

Tesla Engineer Joins Apple's Growing Team of Automated Car Experts

Navy Awards 2 Huge Deals for Tactical Radios

Tracks Power Poles, Transformers with RFID


IEEE 802.11ah: Wi-Fi Below 1 GHz (great idea)

Middle-Aged Drivers Using Cellphones While Driving, Even with Children in the Car

5G the Free WiFi Killer

Small Electronics Companies Spent $78.3B on Semiconductors in 2014

Earth May Hold More Helium Than We Thought (just like oil, and natural gas, and...)

Open Source Effort Targets the Trouble with Joint Avionics

Ex-Google Engineers Promise Ultra-Low Cost Android PC


Researchers Reveal New, Stable 2-D Materials

If a Massive Solar Storm Hit the Earth...

Undergrad Radio Amateur Uses Reverse Beacon Network in Research Project

Ad Blockers and the Nuisance at the Heart of the Modern Web

As Utilities Get Smarter, Smart Meter Semiconductors Rise


FCC Fines Company $750,000 for Disabling Conference Hotspots

MIT Reveals Small 'Iron Man' Fusion Reactor

Google Loses Data as Lightning Strikes

China Gives Its Homegrown GPS Rival Another Push

Dish Network Loses Out on $3.3B of Spectrum Discounts

Huawei Wins Deal to Swap Entire Indian Network's Base Stations

Natcore Takes Silver out of Photovoltaic Landscape

More Must Be Done to Overcome Challenges to Reshoring

Warp Speed Could Be Reality in Next 100 Years

Why Are Plastic Film Capacitors Making a Comeback?

20% off ARRL Operating Books and Resources

Longer Work Hours Linked to Increased Stroke Risk


Million-Year Error-Corrected Digital Data Storage in DNA Now Possible (reader comment: "Maybe we should be running these algorithms on existing DNA. Perhaps somebody has already left a message in the bottle.")

Drexel Engineers Sandwich Atomic Layers to Make New Materials for Energy Storage

Qualcomm Lays off American Engineers While Hiring H1B Visa Holders

Slow Load Times Lead to Mobile Transaction Abandonment

Facebook Founder Challenged on H1B Visa Policy

Changes to Radio Rules

In-Building Location Services: The Next Big Bluetooth App?

A farmer Built His Own 4G Mast to Fix Rural Broadband

Lightweight Braid System for Aerospace

Depiction of Amazon Stirs a Debate About Work Culture

Hydrogen Sulfide Becomes Superconductive Under High Pressure at -70°C

Meet Daniel's New Oscilloscope


Constantly Checking Mobile Phone Can Lead to 'Cognitive Failures'

Black Phosphorus Surges Ahead of Graphene

Airbus to Build Low Cost Flexi-Satellites in UK

5G Expectations Soar (6G coming)

Samsung Imagines Earth-Wide internet Through 4,600 Satellites (the shadow could usher in new Ice Age)

Apple Rumored to Be Developing Massive Head-Up Display

Physicists Get Surprise When Watching Quasicrystals Grow

Faulty Mobile Devices Play Major Role in Carrier Churn

Georgia Tech Finds 11 Security Flaws in Popular Internet Browsers (KA's alma mater)

Boeing Joins Lockheed Martin and Raytheon to Develop Multi-Warhead Killer Missile Defense

Smarter, Lighter Car Battery Replaces Lead Acid Types

Company Receives Patent for 'Space Elevator'


Latest Devices Allow Employers to Track Behaviour of Their Workers

Facial Recognition Software Moves from Overseas Wars to Local Police

Inside Amazon: Wrestling Big Ideas in a Bruising Workplace (interesting & scary)

TV Flickers as Viewers Find New Screens

AT&T Helped U.S. Spy on Internet on Vast Scale (think they had a choice?)

Which Engineering Disciplines Have the Most Job Openings?

Rockwell Collins to End Mechanical Filter Production

University of Arkansas Receives $200,000 NSF Grant to Study GaN Device Modeling

Nokia Networks Completes World's 1st Shared GSM, 3G and LTE Radio Network

RT Logic and Spaceflight to Enhanced Small Satellite Ground Support

The Evolution of Beer

NASA Tests the 'Ferrari of Rocket Engines' for Mission to Mars


Man Looking for Lost Cellphone Hit by Roller Coaster

AM Radio on Track for Revitalization

Nanoribbon Growth Method Compatible with Electronic Production

New Diamond Laser 20x More Powerful

UK Hails Superfast Broadband Progress

Protons and Antiprotons Appear to Be True Mirror Images

Slideshow: Current Engineer Job Openings by Discipline

Philly School Registers 800 Students from 70 Countries Speaking 40 Languages (we're basically an occupied nation now)


Microscopic Rake Doubles Efficiency of Low-Cost Solar Cells

Facebook Axed Internship for Student Who Exposed Location Flaw

Greenwich Prime Meridian Has Moved 334 Feet (102 Meters)

Quick Quiz: Would You Make a Good Entrepreneur?

Intel Said to Unseat Qualcomm in iPhone


England to Test Charge-As-You-Drive 'Electric Motorways'

Back to the Future: Next-Generation Vacuum Tubes

Attosecond Electron Catapult

Stingray-Like Phone Spying Machine Used to Blackmail and Rig State Tenders

5G Service Revenues Forecast to Exceed $65B Globally by 2025

New Tools for Predicting Arrival, Impact of Solar Storms

LEDs Spot Quantum Dots Ready for Nanophotonic Devices

Taking out Many Ballistic Warheads with One Shot

Neutrino-Mass Measurements Could Benefit from Holmium-Trapping Result

NSA Funding a 'Safer' Internet of Things

Quantum Computing Advance Locates Neutral Atoms

Electronic DC Load Returns 94% of Load Test Energy to the Grid


'Funtenna' Hack Turns IoT Devices into Radios

Graphene Nanoribbon Could Enable Faster, More Efficient Electronics

Apple Bullish on Chinese Market Growth

Boosting Solid-State Memory Technology

CMR Induced in Pure Lanthanum Manganite

World-Circling Danish Radio Amateur-Cyclist Now in the U.S.

A New Day for Rad-Hardened Space Parts

Conductive Ink Market Finds New Growth Channels

Worldwide Record Silicon Wafer Shipments in Q2

New Hybrid Microscope Offers Unparalleled Capabilities

32 Charged over 'Insider Trading Hack' Scheme

Alibaba to Invest $4.6B in China Electronics Retailer Suning


Perseid Meteor Show Expected to Be Spectacular This Year (late Wednesday evening)

New Device Converts DC Electric Field to Terahertz Radiation

Electricity Meter Sticks on Circuit Breakers

New Design Could Finally Help Bring Fusion Power to Reality

Target Tests Bluetooth Beacons in 50 U.S. Stores

Investors Find Ways to Indirectly Profit from Valuable Start-Ups

Samsung's 256-Gb IC Puts Multi-Tb Flash Drives in Your PC

Tesla Loses >$4k on Every Car Sold

Italy Makes First €2.2B Available for Ultrafast Broadband

Portable Ultra-Broadband Lasers Key to Next-Gen Sensors

Back to the Future: Nokia Prepares for Mobile Comeback

Caltech Announces Discovery in Fundamental Physics - Correlated Electrons

Tiny Particles Dance Around Each Other in Near-Zero Gravity


Dog Days of Summer End

Google Becomes Alphabet

ZigBee-Sniffing Drone Maps Hackable IoT Devices

'Inevitable' Ethernet Moving Slowly into Cars

Navy Adds $29M Worth of Radios for Global Satellite System

Building-Integrated Photovoltaics About to Take Off

Counterterrorism Expert Wants to Arm U.S. Companies with Hack-Back Capabilities (interesting concept)

Wi-Fi in the Sky

Sprint Challenges T-Mobile's International Plans with 'Open World'

PCB Layout: Design In-House, or Outsource?

Moon-Bound Spacecraft Could Use GPS for Navigation

Telcos Eye New Opportunities as Turkey Gears up for 4G Rollout


Molecular Diode with 200:1 Conduction Ratio

Implantable RF Module Only 5.5x4.5x1.5mm

Coleford Ham Makes International Space Station Contact

Highlights of National Instruments' NIWeek 2015

Ericsson and SK Telecom to Collaborate on 5G Network Slicing (6G specification announced)

U.S. Suspects Russia in 'Most Sophisticated' Joint Staff Hack

Fermilab Experiment Sees Neutrinos Change over 500 Miles


Federal Aid's Role in Driving up Tuitions Gains Credence

IARU Raises Satellite Frequency-Coordination Concerns

Consumer Sentiment Toward Tech Spending Rises in July

100% of Female Employment Gains Since 2007 Taken by Foreigners

Record 83 Million American Residents 20+ Years Old Not in Labor Force in July


Stanene: 2-Dimensional Tin (a la graphene is 2-D carbon)

Washing Machine, Printer Can Steal Files from Your Computer

Hackers Turn off Tesla Model S at Low Speed

Smartphones Overtake Laptops as UK's Preferred Web Device

Ultra-Fast Electron Camera

Mobile Backhaul Equipment to Generate $39B of Revenue over Next 5 Years

Hiram Percy Maxim Award Recipient is Anna Veal, W0ANT (call sign = want nothing? ;-)

Intel to Collaborate with Georgia Tech

Tellurium Doping for n-Type InGaAn

Labor Department Ignores Years of Cybersecurity Warnings

Tesla Trims Delivery Outlook, Sending Stock Down

NFC Mobile Payments: An Industry Snapshot


New 'Gig' Economy Spells End to Lifetime Careers

Molecular Trick Alters Rules of Attraction for Non-Magnetic Metals

CoolCube Circuit Stacking Moves to FinFET Process


'Concentration Rehab Camp' for Net-Junkie Youths

Dream of Free and Open Internet Dying (more Hope and Change)

WWV's 25 MHz Signal Back on Original Vertical Dipole

Energy Storage Unit Combines Truck Battery, Ultracaps

Bad News on Apple's Stock Only Beginning

Time Stands Still for No Tech

Britons 'Love Smartphones and Selfies'

World's Quietest Gas Lets Physicists Hear Faint Quantum Effects (SBD?)


Terahertz Optical Transistors Beat Silicon

How a Deeper Dive by Apple Could Crush This Market

Air Force Wants New Electronics Thermal Management Techniques for Fighter Aircraft

Army Releases Manpack Radio Request for Proposals

Automotive Electronics Complexity at Tipping Point

'IoT' Connected Devices to Almost Triple to over 38 Billion Units by 2020

FDA Approves Drug Made Using 3D Printing

X-Ray Development Allows 3D Studies Without Synchrotron

Magnetism at Nanoscale

German Carmakers Buy Nokia's 'Here' Mapping Unit for $3 Billion

Wi-Fi-Enabled Sniper Rifle Hacked to Change Target


U.S. Navy's Reign in Patent Rankings Continues

Drones and Powerful ICs Face China Export Limit

Small Tilt in Magnets Makes Them Viable Memory Chips

Suppliers Are Joining the Design Team

Plan for Supersized Entanglement Unveiled

Global Smartphone Shipments Growth Slows to 15% in Q2 2015

CoolCube Circuit Stacking Moves to FinFET Process

Mid-Year Global Semiconductor Sales YoY up 4%

EMI Antennas Come in Many Shapes & Sizes

ICANN Posts Proposal to End U.S. Oversight of Internet (more death to America)

Rollup for Android Studio 1.3

Is Solar Electric Propulsion (SEP) Hope for Deep-Space Travel?


Study: Cellphone Radiation Does Increase Cancer Risk

EETimes' Friday Quiz: Oscilloscopes

Navy Awards $97M Deal for Radar Jammers

Are You Bored with Your [PC]Board?

HAARP Facility Will Be Transferred to U. of Alaska-Fairbanks

Water Repellent Coating Improves Capacitor Reliability

Patents: Exercises in Futility and Incomprehensibility?


NASA's Passive Wi-Fi Saves 80% Power

Lockheed Martin Begins Layoffs at NORAD

Reservoir of Ultracold Atoms Filled Continuously

'Plasmonic' Material Could Bring Ultrafast All-Optical Communications

Politics Overshadows U.S. Tech Firms' Hopes for Entering Iran (pesky things like being world's largest supporter of terrorism)