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Apple Watch Failing on Tattooed Wrists

Cyclotron Radiation from Single Electrons Measured Directly for 1st Time

Chemists Strike Nano-Gold: 4 New Atomic Structures for Gold Nanoparticle Clusters

Faulty Taptic Engine Slows Apple Watch Rollout

Nokia Denies Plans to Sell Mobile Phones Again (official denial = already plans in the works)

Apple Warns of ‘Material’ Financial Damage from Irish Tax Probe

Starwood Guests Unlock Hotel Rooms with Apple Watch App

Armed Forces Day 2015 Crossband Communications Test to Offer New Modes

Disney Replaces American IT Staff with H-1B Workers (continuing dilution of American heritage everywhere)

Hackers’ New Weapons: Routers and Printers

DARPA Eyes Affordable New Smart Weapons Seeker

Tracking Exploding Lithium-Ion Batteries in Real-Time


Global Study Finds 58% of Generation Mobile Suffering from Mobile Guilt

5G Makes Waves for Asia Giants (6G on the horizon)

Radio Still Dominates Car and Music Discovery

FCC Proposes to Permit Amateur Access to 2200 and 630 Meters (now that's long wave!)

Radar Modules Aimed at Smart-Home Sensing

From Metal to Insulator and Back Again

2-D Semiconductor Comes Clean

Tesla's New Battery Will Supply Energy for Your Home

HKT and Huawei Demonstrate 450 Mbps Download Speeds over LTE-A

New Magnetic Phase Confirms Predictions Related to Unconventional Superconductivity

Nichia's White LED Patents Ruled Invalid in Germany and USA Following Lawsuits

Graphene-Based Technique Creates Smallest Gaps in Nanostructures


Parents Sound off on Mobile Device Use by Children

Wireless Charging Gets Universal Antenna

Tesla and Elon Musk Twitter Accounts and Website Hijacked, Free Teslas Offered

Amateur Radio Volunteers in Nepal, India Continue to Aid Earthquake Response

Texas A&M Study Finds We Think Better on Our Feet, Literally (as evidenced by all the witty cashiers in KMart)

Google to Hold Patent Purchase Program Next Month

Lenovo, Acer Smartphones Pack Huge Batteries

Hawaii's 30 Meter Telescope Website Taken down in Apparent Cyberattack

Downside of Police Body Cameras: Your Arrest Hits YouTube

Technology and Persuasion

European Space Agency to Send Ultracapacitors into Orbit

Rich Get Richer in UK Index of Wealthiest People


What Does the Norwegian FM Shutdown Mean For the U.S.? (I can't pick them up from here, anyway)

Rapid Single-Electron Sensor Has Promise for Quantum Devices

Amateur Radio Payload Could Share Space on Geostationary Satellite

The 10 Greatest Inventors of the Mid-20th Century 

Peregrine Semiconductor Introduces Glitch-less RF Digital Step Attenuators

Generating Broadband THz Radiation from Microplasma in Air

NASA 3-D Prints 1st Full-Scale Copper Rocket Engine Part


Rail Signaling Upgrade 'Could Be Hacked to Cause Crashes'

Babies As Young As 6 Months Using Mobile Media

Undersea GPS Could Guide Submerged Drones in the Deep

House Committee Asks FCC for Documents Related to Proposed Enforcement Bureau Closures (how can Gov't be short on $$$ with all the taxes it collects?)

Tear Down: The Propagating Plane Wave


Metamaterials Shine Bright as New Terahertz Source

Chinese Mobile App Used for Hiring Thugs to Beat up People

Huge Reduction of Heat Conduction Observed in Flat Silicon Channels

Pentagon’s New Cyber Strategy Cites U.S. Ability to Retaliate

Indium GaAs on Insulator Transistors with Buried Yttrium Oxide

Iron Fluoride to Triple Energy Storage?

Pseudoparticle Discovery Spotlights Energy Conversion Processes for Photovoltaics

Google Sets up Own Mobile Network

Lab Making Star Trek's Transparent Armor a Reality

Raytheon to Provide Submarine SATCOM Antennas

Radio Royalty Bill Reintroduced

Scientists Create the Sensation of Invisibility (I do that every time I walk into a room)


Steerable Beam Antenna Brings Movement Data to Retailers

Why Do Measurements of Gravitational Constant Vary So Much?

Google's New Search Algorithm Stokes Fears of 'Mobilegeddon'

Connecting 3 Atomic Layers Puts Semiconducting Science on Its Edge

Amateur Radio Special Events to Mark International Marconi Day, April 25

Google Introduces Wireless Service Called Project Fi

What Do Advertisers Really Think About Radio?

New Tabletop Detector 'Sees' Single Electrons

Honeywell Gives ESA New Satellite Technology

Newest GPS Satellite Goes into Service

Electronic Paper Could Make Inexpensive Electronic Displays

1,500 iOS Apps Vulnerable to an HTTPS-Crippling Bug

Census: Record 51M Immigrants in 8 Years to Account for 82% of U.S. Growth (we're sunk, finito, caput, terminado)


Enraged Man Shoots His Malfunctioning Computer

Giant Magnetic Effects Induced in Hybrid Materials

Police Use Lost Phone to Post Selfies on Woman's Facebook Account

NFC Inventors Nominated for Patent Office Award

Smartphone Shipments Set to Hit 2B in 2019

New Source of Hydrogen for Fuel-Cell Vehicles

WSTS Marks America up for 2015 Boom

Army Awards $36M Deal for Tactical Communications Support

Japan Maglev Train Breaks World Speed Record - Again

Proto-Quantum Computer Addresses Boson Sampling

De-Embed Transmission Lines with FIR Filters

Trader Charged with Manipulation That Contributed to 2010 ‘Flash Crash’


Norway to Become 1st Country to Switch off FM Radio in 2017 (all state-controlled DAB)

Woman Sues Google When In-App Purchases Drain Her Bank Account

Engineer-Backed Competition Envisions Woman on TV as 'The Next MacGyver'

Mattel Hopes You'll Design 3D-Printed Toys

The EV Taxpayer Shakedown: Time to Reconsider?

Medical Devices: Where Wireless Charging Has Real Impact

Amateur Radio Heads into WRC-15 “With Every Possibility of Success”

Resistive RAM Memory Finally Here

Sprint Expected to Help Provide Free Wi-Fi for Smart City Project in Kansas City

Electronics Adhesive Epoxy That Resists Extremes in Temperature

Missile-Maker Raytheon Buys Websense for $1.9B

Nigeria Privatises State-Owned Telco - Again


Win $10k Value in Silicon Labs and Digi-Key Challenge Developer Innovation with “Your IoT” Design Competition

Mountain of Electrical Waste Reaches New Peak (all Church of Green faithful should stop buying electronics stuff)

Why Astronomers Hate the Lawn-Mowing Roomba

Clearing Space Debris with a Laser

100' Asteroid Could Hit Earth in October 2017

Riding in Driverless Cars Could Be Sickening (so is riding with many human drivers)

OneWeb Aims at Global Internet Access by 2019


Australian Ham’s “PicoSpace” Balloon Circumnavigates Globe

FCC Proposes to Make Past Amateur Radio Address Information Private

Moore's Law: Beyond the1st Law of Computing

China Overtakes U.S. to Become World's Largest LTE SIM Market (yay, more hope & change!)

Dynamic Software Aims at Eliminating Updates by Responding to Environment


Majority of Telecoms Firms Set to Create New Roles in 2015

Japan Bumps China as Top Holder of U.S. Treasury Debt

Nootropic Brain Drugs Rise in Popularity for Today’s Cutthroat Corporate Climbers

An Unexpected Source of Mobile Security: Ada (haven't seen Ada in news since Y2K scare)

Teen Charged For Using Teacher's Admin Password to Access School Computer

Moore’s Law Hits Middle Age

Indian Companies Withdraw from Facebook's

Vodafone Recovering from Network Outage

Double Walled Carbon Nanotubes Allow Gandgap Tuning

FCC to Pirates: We're Still Hunting You

EU accuses Google of Abusing Search Dominance, Opens Android Investigation

TSMC Cuts Capex by $1B

Local Broadcasters Could Reap Billions in Airwaves Auction

Defense Electronics Industry Concerned over Cyber Security


IEEE 2015 International Microwave Symposium (MTT-S) to Include Amateur Radio Presence

Nokia Buys Alcatel-Lucent for $16.5B

2015 Salaries for 10 Engineering Disciplines

Patents Forecast Technological Change (duh)

Space-X Rocket Tips over after ISS Delivery

Printed Circuits Can Stretch the Wearable Boundaries

Musk Wants Mars, Branson & Allen Seek Earth Orbit

IBM vs. Intel in Supercomputer Bout

Frustrated That FCC Cannot Fix AM Radio Quicker

Case Against Google May Be Undercut by Rapid Changes in Technology

½ of UK Population Now Uses Tablets

ISS Getting Italian Espresso Maker


Sprint Fined $15.5M for Billing Government for Spy Upgrades

Engineers Work to Prevent E-Vehicle Charging from Overloading Grids

Local Radio and TV More Relevant Than Ever

Solution-Grown Nanowires Make the Best Lasers

Podcast 'Patent Troll' Faces Blow After U.S. Ruling

Global Semi Sales Increase in February vs. 2014

It's Time to Investigate the H-1B Mess

DARPA Programs Simultaneously Test Limits of Technology, Credulity

Switching Power Supplies a More Common Noise Source Than Power Lines, ARRL Lab

Microscopy Combo Sheds New Light on Trace Elements

Qualcomm Reportedly Urged to Reorganize

Frenemies U.S. and China Join Forces to Fight Cybercrime (a bit hypocritical on both sides?)


“Thinking Day” Activity Gets Girl Scouts Thinking About Ham Radio

Towards Taster-Than-Light Transmission by Slowing Down Light

China to Comprise ½ of All LED Epi & Chip Equipment Spending in 2015-2016

EU Court Challenge to UK Surveillance

Russian Telco Investors Move to London with $16B to Spend

Guardians of the Galaxy: Russia Creates International Space Patrol

Insulator-to-Metal Transition of Vanadium Dioxide

New Material Set to Change Cooling Industry

EEuropeans Back Banks for Mobile Payments

Significant Step for Artificial Intelligence

Maine Police Pay Ransom to Hackers to Get Files Back

Government 'Rewrites' Law to Get Overseas Microsoft Emails


Intel Blocked from Selling Supercomputer Chips to China

No More Exploding Phone Batteries Promise Researchers (you're safe now - trust us)

Attacks Reveal China's 'Great Cannon' Cyber Weapon

Chinese-Backed Cyber-Attacks Found in S.E. Asia, India

EE Times Quiz: Near-Field Communications

Electrical Control of Qbits in Silicon Paves Way to Large Quantum Computers

Radio's Battle with Congress Starts Monday

ISPs Ordered to Hand over Names, Addresses of Illegal File Sharers


Judge Allows N.Y. Woman to Serve Divorce Notice Using Facebook

World Amateur Radio Day is April 18!

New Kind of Smart-Glass Changes Color and Produces Electricity

DARPA Seeks to Create Software Immune to Changes in OSs and Web Browsers

RTOS Evolves to Ease Wireless IoT Device Design


'Symmetry Breaking' Could Enable 'Antennas on a Chip' (no mention of frequency)

Kickstarter Transparency Report Shows Crowdfunding's Copyright Woes

Army to Create a Marketplace for Manpack Radios

Consumers to Automakers: We Love AM/FM Radio. Leave It!

Nokia Demos 10 Gbits on High Frequency

WWV’s 25 MHz Signal Still Going Strong After 1 Year Back on the Air

Physicists Show 'Quantum Freezing Phenomenon' Is Universal

DARPA Asks Teens to Determine Future Societal Impact of Robots

Quantum Teleportation on a Chip

Siemens’ Electric Airplane Motor

UK Research Project for Secure Data Transactions

Researchers Pluck Hair to Grow Hair (not relevant, but quite interesting)


'Unparticles' May Provide a New Path to Superconductivity

Patent Case Could Shift Power Balance in Tech Industry

'Stingray' System Used by Law Enforcement to Track Cellphone Users

New .[dot]Sucks Internet Domain: Extortion Or Free Speech?

Silicon Valley: Perks for Some Workers, Struggles for Parents

Future Electronics Based on Carbon Nanotubes

AT&T Data Breaches Revealed: 280K US Customers Exposed

Indium Tin Oxide Cladding for Semi-Polar InGaN Laser Diodes

Tunneling Across a Tiny Gap

Small Cells for Big Customers in Mexico

Can Radio Grow Its Revenue?

Wireless LAN Gear Nears $5 Billion in 2014; 802.11ac Access Points Take Off


Metamaterial Radar Coming to Car and Drone Vision

Smart Meters Used to Bust Water Abusers

Overheating Datacenter Knocks out Three Ireland Network

Court Might Force U.S. to Reveal Details of Secret WiFi Kill Switch

Open Systems Architectures for RF and Microwave Systems

Chinese Tower Assets Company Could Start with Nearly Million Towers

5 Don’ts & Do’s When Working with a Contract Manufacturer

ARRL to FCC: Amateurs and Vehicular Radars Can Play Nicely Together on 77-81 GHz

VoLTE Needed to Support Voice Roaming with CDMA Carriers at 700 MHz

IC Insights Halves Sensor Growth Forecast

Jeff Bezos' Spaceship Set to Lift off Later This Year

Samsung Attacks Galaxy S6 Edge Bend-and-Break Tests


USAF Begins Construction of Space Fence Tracking System

Australians Breaking Their Wallets to Stay on Top of Technology

Astronics Test Systems to Build Radio Signal-Routing Systems for Submarine Fleet

Stanford's Aluminum Battery Fully Charges in Just 1 Minute

Far from Silicon Valley, A Disruptive Startup Hub

$16 Billion Investment Fund Set up for Telecoms Investments

Small Cells Are Finally Taking Off

Robots Assemble in Silicon Valley

Planes Without Pilots

Slow-Scan TV Transmissions from ISS Scheduled for April 11

Google Gmail Users Hit by Software Glitch

Gates, Allen and Nadella Commemorate 40 Years of Microsoft


Cambridge ET Firm Targets Gigabit Wi-Fi

Jay Edelson, the Class-Action Lawyer Who May Be Tech’s Least Friended Man

Power Grids - How Many EVs Can Be Charged Simultaneously?

TEN-TEC and Alpha Purchased from RF Concepts

CCD Image Sensors are Dead

HTC One M9 Flagship Smartphone Makes For Very Expensive Portable Radio

'Proof' That the Laplace Transform is Nothing


The Pentagon’s $10-Billion Bet Gone Bad

ARRL Teachers Institutes Want to Equip Teachers to Meet the STEM Challenge

Tech Titans’ Latest Project: Defy Death

Breakthrough in Thermoelectric Materials

Except for Rich, Americans' Incomes Fell Last Year (Bush's fault, right?)


Standard General Affiliate Acquires 1743 RadioShack Stores - RF Cafe Standard General Affiliate Acquires 1743 RadioShack Stores (see Standard General LP info)

Sprint to Take over 1/3 of the Space in 1,400 RadioShack Stores

DOD Projects Didn’t Go Unscathed on April Fools' Day

GPS Tracking Counts as a "Search", Says U.S. Supreme Court

Android Apps to Run on Windows, Macs and Linux

'Smartphone-Dependents' Often Have No Backup Plan for Web Access

Hybrid Supercapacitor Trumps Thin-Film Lithium Battery

Royal Academy of Engineering Backs University Projects with Entrepreneurial Training

Will H-1B Visas Kill Jobs or Ensure Survival of the Fittest?

Antitrust and Other Inquiries in Europe Target U.S. Tech Giants

Top 50 Contract Manufacturers Ranked

Google May Soon Face Formal Antitrust Charges in EU


The 10 Greatest Hoaxes in the History of Engineering (#6 is a hoot!)

Facebook Accused of Tracking All Users - Even Deleted & No Follows

AI Interns: Software Already Taking Jobs from Humans

Small Cells Take over the Mobile World

LTE Pushes Mobile Infrastructure Market to $47B in 2014; Big Drop Coming

NAB Criticizes FCC Field Office Closures

FTC Sets Watch on the Internet of Things

2 More Radio Amateurs Join International Space Station Crew

Graphene's First Commercial Success: Energy-Saving Light Bulbs?

How an Airborne 'System of Systems' Attack Would Work

European Project Develops 3D LEDs in GaN

Americans Work Through April 24 Just to Pay Taxes (CT worst state - May 13th)


Man Escapes from Jail After Sending Fake Bail Email

Metals Used in High-Tech Products Face Future Supply Risks

Qorvo Boosts Optical BW w/90 nm GaAs pHEMT Process for Next-Gen High-Frequency Amplifiers

Chinese Scientists Mull Power Station in Space

Quantum Computers Could Greatly Accelerate Machine Learning

Online Measurement Takes Another Big Step Forward

Imec Demonstrates 50 GHz Ge Waveguide Electro-Absorption Modulator

New Technology with Potential for Sub-Micron Optical Switches

Stress-Testing LTE Diameter Signaling

Probing the Whole Internet for Weak Spots

Mira Supercomputer Used to Peer Inside High-Temperature Superconductors