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UK Bids to Create IoT Standard

Harley Hopes an Electric Hog Will Appeal to Young, Urban Riders

5 Online Privacy Tips from an Ex-FBI Agent

10 Free Math Analysis and Design Tools for Engineers

Navy's Carbon-Fiber Clouds Could Make Incoming Missiles Miss Their Target

YouTube Announces Slew of New Features at Vidcon (YT owned by Google)

NASA's Mars 'Flying Saucer' Splashes Down

Electric Cars 'to Cost More to Run Than Petrol Vehicles'

Future Cars May Give Themselves Dimples to Reduce Drag

Pioneering Architect of Soviet-Era Computing


Germany Ditches Verizon in Wake of Spy Scandal

Time-Traveling Photons Connect General Relativity to Quantum Mechanics (WWED?)

Chicago's Mayor Plans to Drive up Phone Surcharge by 56% (need money for outrageous pensions)

Russia Abruptly Aborts Launch of New-Generation Rocket

Scientists Solve Mysteries of Electric Fish


Tracking Space Junk

House Bill Would Require FCC to Extend PRB-1 Coverage to Restrictive Covenants (it would negate prohibition against erecting Ham radio antennas)

Network Congestion Could See 30% Failure Rate for M2M Applications

Cambridge Team Breaks Superconductor World Record

50 Years of TTL

DIA Reveals New Gateway for Disruptive Technologies

Berkeley Researchers Detect Smallest Force Ever Measured

The Tech-Savvy Supreme Court

Physicist Suggests Speed of Light Might Be Slower Than Thought (another Einstein denier)

Google Unveils Cardboard VR Headset with NFC

Smartphone Shipments Account For over ½ Thailand's Phone Market for 1st Time

Chemists Develop Magnetically Responsive Liquid Crystals

Startup Successfully Tests Space Tourism Balloon

Facebook is 69% Male and Mostly White (why should we care?)

Aussie Scientists' Time Travel Breakthrough

U.S. Economy Shrinks by Most in 5 Years (no prob, e-print money)


Rediscovered Plans Aid Edsac Reconstruction

Interest Increasing in Electronic Warfare

U.S. Conflict Minerals Legislation Has No Exceptions

Army Seeks Drastic Reductions in Size, Power Consumption of Embedded GPS Modules

USAF Awards $1.86B Contract for Next Two SBIRS Satellites

Australian 'Mozart of Maths' Among 5 Winners of New $3M Breakthrough Prize

Phablet Sized Smartphones Generating Strong Consumer Interest Worldwide

McDonald's Tests Mobile Ordering and Payments in U.S.

72 Fabs Closed in 4 Years

Supreme Court Rules Against Aereo's Antenna-to-DVR-to-Consumer Service

New Math Technique Improves Atomic Property Predictions to Historic Accuracy

Watch Hacks Around the World in Real Time

China Smartphones: Hot for Sensor Hubs

Tech Startup Cruise Offers Autonomous Driving Package for $10k

Research Finds That Cell Phones Reflect Our Personal Microbiome (our what?)

Advanced Light Source Provides New Look at Skyrmions (never heard of a skyrmion)


4G LTE and Other High-Speed Tools Ready for Battlefield

ConFab 2014: Do We Still Need Moore's Law? (Mr. Moore already made his Billion$ on the fame)

Experimental 36-Core chip Unveiled

Measuring the Mass of 'Massless' Electrons

Tech-Savvy Investors Want Digital Solutions

NASA's Science Mission Directorate CubeSat Initiative

European Bank 'Hit by Sophisticated Cyber-Thefts'

Australian Mobile Phone Market Hit Seasonal Low in Q1 2014

Entrepreneur Barbie Introduced by Mattel (get her on Amazon)

Sprint Rolls out 30-Day Trial, Expands LTE, Spark, HD Voice

Elon Musk Plans to Take People to Mars Within 10 Years (NASA can't even get astronauts to the ISS anymore)

Manufacturing Is Coming Back. Well, Mostly...

Electrostatics: Simple Model Describes Organic Semiconductors Interaction with Metals

Hover Cars to be built in Tel Aviv (very cool - hope they have anti-missile tech onboard)

Ti-V Alloys' Superconductivity: Inherent, Not Accidental

Sharper Imaging Using X-rays


Wi-Fi Represents the Bulk of LTE Subscriber Mobile Data Traffic

RadioShack Trading for <$1, Could Be Delisted from NYSE

China's Tianhe-2 Tops Supercomputer Chart Again

Europe's Big Push in Graphene Research

Microsoft Makes Bet Quantum Computing Will Be Next Big Leap

Shooting Carbon Nanotubes out of High-Speed Gun

States, Counties, Communities Recognize the Value of Amateur Radio

U.S. LTE subscribers Use About 1.6 GB of Data Per Month

IBM Fabs at the Crossroads: Employees Talk

Evidence Found for Higgs Boson Direct Decay into Fermions

Young Women Raise Big Bucks for Startups

Digital Detox, Step 1: Step Away from the Phone

Globalstar Sat-Fi Satellite Hotspot Available Now for $999 (buy it at

Army Adding to Its Supply of Manpack Radios

10 Free Math Analysis & Design Tools for Engineers

Private Mars Mission Could Return Samples by 2020


Emergency Services Sent to Rescue Crashed Google Balloon (lucky for them it didn't kill anyone)

The Military Now Has X-Ray Guns

Redefining What It Means to Talk in the Age of Smartphones

Russia to Get Its First Private Satellite Constellation

Electronics Manufacturer Says Europe is Competitive Again

Vietnam Regulator Says Reshuffle Will Boost Competition

Kevlar Inventor Stephanie Kwolek Dies at Age 90

Marine Vehicles Could Soon Have Anti-Drone Laser Guns (country boys use shotguns to kill drones)

Rare Materials Perform at Near-Room Temperature

Amateur Radio Payload Beacons Heard Following June 19 Launch


Android Security Weaknesses Caused by Performance Design Identified

Lego to Introduce Mixed Digital-Physical Blocks

GS Nanotech Pioneers 3D Packaging Technology in Russia

GigOptix to Acquire Tahoe RF

Cutting a Round Cake with Knife, Elastic Bands and Principles


U.S. Supreme Court Reaches Landmark Patent Ruling

Researchers Finds Thousands of Secret Keys in Android Apps

Air Force Considers Switching Vendors on GPS III Program

Radios Give IoT New Channels

Making Smartphones Smarter with See-Through Sensors

Harley-Davidson Invites Public to Test Its Electric Bike (what would Fonzie say to this?)

Sheet Resistance of Copper Foil: Rule of Thumb #13

UK Universities Discover New Quantum Wells

Strange Physics Turns off Laser

Newly Minted Ham Hopes His Celestial Concert is Not HAARP's Final Opus

Superconducting Refrigerator Cools via Tunneling Cascade

'Kill Switch' Coming to Google, Microsoft Phones

Neighborhood Small Cells and Smarter Cities

CTIA's Baker: Unlicensed Spectrum Is Important Too

American Airlines Pilots Bluetooth LE Beacons in Dallas

54,200 Newspaper, Magazine Jobs Axed Since 2003 (people sick of 'old media')


DOD Looks to Accelerate Commercialization of Military Tech

Amazon Finally Shows off Its 3D Display Smartphone

Move Over, Silicon, There's a New Circuit in Town

New Model for Quantum Noise

56-Year-Old Prototype of 1st Microchip up for Auction

Pepper Spray Bullet Firing Drones

Graphene Quantum Dot Flash Memories Look Promising for Data Storage

Is China the World's Leading Cyberspy?

Consumers Spend Half Their Audio Time with Radio

NIST Technique Could Make Sub-Wavelength Images at RF

Smartphones to Drive Double-Digit Growth of Smart Connected Devices in 2014

Faster Path to Optical Circuits

From Lab to Boardroom: Tech Launch Lifts Startups

Navy Researchers Try to Kick-Start Industry Development and Prototyping Non-Lethal Weapons

Government Seeks to Regulate Maps Apps

Rio Grande Valley a Seemingly Endless Surge of Illegals (&*!%^*@)


Cops Can Access Your Connected Home Data

U.S. Lifts Restrictions on More Detailed Satellite Images

Finally! A Decent Espresso on the International Space Station (coffee news always get top billing on RF Cafe)

Lockheed Martin to Provide Radar Electronics

FCC to Focus on Treating Wireless Like Wireline on Net Neutrality

British Spy Agencies Are Said to Assert Power to Intercept Web Traffic

Theorists Propose Globally Networked Entangled Atomic Clock

EU to Team up with South Korea in Global 5G Race

India Moves Closer to Having Nationwide Mobile Number Portability

American Tower Bets a Billion on Brazil

The Quirks of Quarks

Wireless Industry Has Sustainable Agenda

Breakthrough May Lead to Very High Performance Spintronic Components

The Radio Industry Remembers an Icon

In Managing Boundaries Between Work and Home, Technology Can Be Both 'Friend' and 'Foe'

Tesla's Model X SUV Enters Production in Early 2015 (yes, I'm accepting donations)


Deutsche Telekom "Does a Vodafone" and Dishes Dirt on Government Snooping

Tiny Particles Can Pass Through Long-Distance Barriers

IT Worker Made to Train an H-1B to Replace Him

Tech Companies Don't Just Recruit from the Ivy Leagues

F.C.C. Begins Investigation into Quality of Internet Download Speeds

Nano-Scale Gallium Oxide High-Voltage Transistor Demo

New Tech Tracks Football in 3-D Space

High-Quality 3-D Metal Parts Using Additive Manufacturing

Intel Loses Court Challenge Against $1.4B EU Fine

Fast Ground-Penetrating Radar for IED Detection

NASA's Warp-Speed Mission Leads to Star Trek-Like Spacecraft

Canada's Top Court Says Anonymity Is Essential to Online Privacy

Einstein vs. Quantum Mechanics, and Why He'd Be a Convert Today

Interactive Teaching Methods Help Students Master Calculus

Talk Radio Remains a Powerful Force in U.S. Politics

U.S. Back to Iraq (more Americans to die in Middle East - just send the bombers)

Islamist Jihadists Mass Executing Iraqis


Doctors Remove Mobile Phone from Man's Mouth (human stupidity knows no bounds)

UP Coffee: An App to Track Your Java Consumption

Brazil Drives to 4G for World Cup

Ex-Microsoft Employee Who Leaked Company Secrets Sentenced to 3 months in Prison

HackSpotter: Hot-Roding your Bluetooth headset

World's Highest-Performance MOSFET Is III-V

Apple Recalling European iPhone Chargers

Chipset Suppliers Helping OEMs Get Other Phone Components

Indian Government Still Fighting 3G Roaming Between Networks

Aussie Government Grabs $360M from Idle Household Bank Accounts (the U.S. simply prints more when we want it)


Circuits Capable of Functioning at Temperatures >350° C

GaN Power Device Market to Grow at 80% During 2016-2020 to Almost $600M

Quantum Computation: Fragile Yet Error-Free

Industry Sustainability Efforts Mount with III-Vs and Other Advanced Technologies

Chinese Military Hackers Target Space Industry


Massive Solar Flare to Disrupt Communications on Friday the 13th

BlackBerry Wins NFC Provisioning Deal in Canada

Viewing Deeper into the Quantum World

Mozilla to Sell $25 Firefox OS Smartphones in India

American Airlines Adds In-Flight Wi-Fi to Its Aircraft

Researchers Find Weird Magic Ingredient for Quantum Computing

Starbucks Installs Wireless Charging Pads

Developing Terahertz Detectors with Carbon Nanotubes

How Dame Shirley Jumped over Tech's Gender Gap in the 1960s

Even Toilets Aren't Safe as Hackers Target Connected Homes

Bouygues Telecom Announces 1,500 Job Losses

Introducing the 2014 FierceWireless Fierce 15 winners

Magnetic Moment of the Proton Measured with Unprecedented Precision

Intel Goes Wireless with Resonant Power

SPICE Models Need Correlation to Measurements

Crumbling Iraq Feels Like the Fall of Saigon (pathetic and unnecessary - wasted American lives and fortune)


Spies Can Listen to Your iPhone Microphone Even When Turned Off

Like It Or Nor Your Comcast Xfinity Router May Be a WiFi Hotspot

Mini Cell Towers: The End of Crappy Phone Service

4G LTE in Malaysia - A New Cash Cow for Telcos?

FCC Okays Changes to Amateur Radio Exam Credit, Test Administration, Emission Type Rules

Manipulating and Detecting Ultrahigh Frequency Sound Waves

DISA Mulls Laser System for Satellite Communications

Analog Engineers: Too Few or Too Many?

Berkeley Lab Researchers Create Nanoparticle Thin Films That Self-Assemble in 1 Minute

HP's Machine Technology Rethinks the Basics of Computing

Mobile Apps Will Have Significant Impact on Information Infrastructure

Size of GPS Satellite Electronics Shrink with Signal-Generation Upgrade

Project Eavesdrop: What Passive Surveillance Collects

Magnetic Cooling Enables Efficient, 'Green' Refrigeration

Barclaycard to Introduce Contactless Payment Wristbands

Big Transformers Go Veggie


FCC Decides Not to Adopt New Rules Affecting 902-928 MHz Band

5G Millimetre Comms from Bristol University

Imec Reports Record ADC for Next-Gen Software Defined Radio (SDR)

Charging Portable Electronics in 10 Minutes

IBM Upgrades RF Foundry Efforts

UU.S. to allow First Commercial Drone Flights over Land

How Solar Wind Can Break Through Earth's Magnetic Field

Dress Shirt Maker Offers NFC Bonus

Microwave Heating May Impact Electronics Manufacture

Funky Ferroelectric Properties Probed with X-Rays

Silicon Valley Tries to Remake the Idea Machine

Internet Usage to Reach 3B But Majority Still Not Online ((gasp! how do they survive?)

FM Radio Hurts Music Sales

Electrical Control of Nuclear Spin Qubits

Google Buys Satellite Start-up Skybox Imaging

3rd Military Base Flooded with Illegal Child Immigrants (when will this lawless !$%@* crap stop???)


Analog Devices to Buy Hittite Analog Devices to Buy Hittite for $2.45B

Colorado Ham Tracks down, Resolves Interference from Pot Cultivators' Grow Lights

Cellphones Negatively Affect Male Fertility

Google 'Nearby' Will Let 'People, Places, and Things' Know When You're Around

New Way to Create Compact Light Sources

How Telecom Leadership is Changing

Turing Test Passed by AI Computer

Cyber Crime Costs Global Economy $445B Per Year

NASA Beams Video from Space Station Via Laser

GoDaddy Files for $100M IPO

Digital Radio Listening Continues to Grow

Designing Ion 'Highway Systems' for Batteries

Google Glass Gets Makeover from Diane von Furstenberg (reminds me of The Far Side glasses)

Automotive Electronics: A Future Road to Be Well-Traveled

Seeing How a Lithium-Ion Battery Works

Apple Jacks the Headphone Port


NTIA Report Frees up More Broadband Spectrum

Amateur Radio Satellite Payloads Set to Launch into Orbit This Month (hope it goes better than KickSat)

Tech Giants Scramble for Lead on 'Internet of Things'

Strong Momentum in Semi Sales, Says SIA

Internet Giants Erect Barriers to Spy Agencies (so only they can exploit your data)

Uber Taxicab App Valued at $18.2B (unbelievable)

Shatterproof Screens That Save Smartphones

Has Commercial Radio Lost Its 'Cool' Factor?

BBC Report: Scientists Blame Sun for Global Warming - Mini Ice Age Could Follow (oh, that was in 1998 before blaming SUVs)

Bill Gates Could Buy Every House in Boston - w/$1B Left Over

Hurricanes with Female Names More Deadly Than Male-Named Storms


Wireless Infrastructure Drives RF Power Semiconductor Market over $1B in 2013

Elon Musk Thinking of Doing Something 'Fairly Controversial' with Tesla's Patents

Vodafone Report Reveals Massive Government Snooping w/o Court Orders (U.S. is not one of them)

Semi Fab Equipment Spending Increases 24% in 2014


Radio Amateurs Are Key Players in Effort to Maneuver 36-Year-Old NASA Spacecraft (amazing story!)

Inmarsat Plans EU-Wide 'Hybrid' Network for In-Flight Wi-Fi

Electronic Test Equipment Sees Strong Demand in Africa's Telecoms Sectors

Army Boosts BW with new Suitcase-Sized Satellite Terminals

Electrically Pumped Light Emission in Ge-on-Si Substrates

Silicon Alternatives Key to Future Computers, Consumer Electronics

Big Changes Coming to iPhone Messaging

Using Computers to Influence the Law

Lithium Sulfur: A Battery Revolution on the Cheap?

How Not to Pay the Price for 'Free' Wi-Fi

Air Force Eyes Reducing Costs of AESA Radar

Fujitsu Labs: Is Trend Open-Source or Cloud-Labor?

New Way to Make Laser-Like Beams Using 1,000x Less Power

Microsoft Exec Indicates <$200 Windows Phones Coming

No Evidence of Double Nature if Neutrinos

Feedback and Impedances


China State Media Calls for 'Severe Punishment' for Google, Apple, U.S. Tech Firms

Wireless Infrastructure Drives RF Power Semiconductor Markets to Well over $1B in 2013

Amazon Said to Be Ready to Unveil Smartphone to Vie with Apple

MEMS Clock Cuts Wearable Power in Half

3-D silicon Shapes Fold Themselves When Wetted by Microscopic Droplets

China Clamps Down on Google Ahead of Tiananmen Anniversary

Mathematician Unleashes 'A Wave of New Results' in Geometric Analysis

Smartphone Holograms on the Way

Scientists Find Stronger 3-D Material That Behaves Like Graphene

Top London Shopping Street Installs BT Beacons in 100 Stores

FCC Bars Package Bidding in 600 MHz Auction

Big Changes Coming to iPhone Messaging

Quantum Criticality Observed in New Class of Materials

Relays Are Best in Phones, if They Are Tiny

Prototype Electrolyte Sensor to Provide Immediate Read-Outs

59% Believe 'The American Dream' Is Dead (except for the future MS-13 members pouring across the border)


Russia to 'Restrict' U.S.-Run GPS Satellites

Air Force Awards Deal for Space Fence to Track Orbital Debris

Success for Scientists in Academic Job Market Highly Predictable

The AM Band is Doomed

Broadcom to Divest Cellular Baseband Chip Business

2D Transistors Promise a Faster Electronics future

Chinese Handset Vendors Advancing in Mobile Content and Services

Call for 2014 AMSAT Space Symposium Papers

Scientists Probe Solar Wind with Blue Waters Supercomputer

Google Testing Super-Secure Email

64-Bit Beta Chrome Web Browser Arrives for Windows

Dielectric for High-Voltage Capacitors

North America to Dominate LTE Subscriptions Through 2019

Nanotech May Provide Power Storage in Electric Cables

Former Siemens Division to Cut 3,800 Jobs

NASA Bringing High-Speed Internet Access from the Moon?


Google to Launch 180 Satellites to Blanket Earth with Internet

Man Suffers Detached Retina After Texting Girlfriend in the Dark

Broadcom Patents Multiple Antenna Solution for NFC Phones

Building 'Conflict-Free' Smartphones

Lockheed Martin Wins Space Radar Contract

Quantum Leap Made Toward Ultra-Precise Measurement

DARPA Program Looks to Develop GPS-Level Capabilities - Without GPS

World's Best Thermometer Made from Light

Your Car is a Giant Computer - It Can Be Hacked

Apple Makes Play for 'Smart Homes' by Connecting Appliances

'Star Trek' Teleportation Style Works on Sub-Atomic Particles

M2M White-Space Radio Network Application Developed

Light Source from Harmonic Generation

Researchers Predict Electrical Response of Metals to Extreme Pressures

Greek Regulator Opens Consultation on Fresh Spectrum Auction

Real Time Movies of Light-to-Current Conversion in Organic Solar Cell


European GPS Improves Accuracy of Location Tracking in Early Tests

Northrop Grumman Offering MMIC Broadband Ultra-Low-Noise Amplifiers for Commercial Use

GE Lets Retailers Send Offers to Shoppers via LED Lighting

Invisibility Cloak Physicist Shares $1M Prize for Nano-Optics

NASA Faces Identity Crisis, Funding Battle

Plan to Sue FCC over LightSquared

NFC Tap-and-Go Deception Cases Increase

Web Business Startups Increasingly Hampered by Regulations

Experiment Could Test Gravity's Effects on Quantum Entanglement

Business School, Disrupted

Weak Password Strategies - and One That Works


Creating a New Electronics Revolution for National Defense

NASA Reconnects with Wayward Spacecraft Launched in 1978

Drone Wars: Who Owns the Air?

Cree Launches Low-Cost, High-Power GaN RF Transistors

Google Gets 12,000 Requests to be 'Forgotten' on 1st Day (that's all?)