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Technical Headline News Archive - April 2014

If you came to RF Cafe looking for a certain news item you remember seeing or found on a search engine, there is a good chance it is no loner on the homepage. Headlines change daily (except Saturdays). Here are links to all the headline archives.

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My Ideas, My Boss's Property

Journalist Wearing Google Glass Attacked



China's President Xi Urges Greater Military Use of Space



New Corporate Structure Created for RF Micro, TriQuint Deal




Google Patents Smart Contact Lens System with Built-in Camera


Glow-in-the-Dark Roads Make Debut in Netherlands

U.S. Postal Service Announces Giant Ammo Purchase (hundreds of millions of rounds bought by gov't agencies in last few years - why?)


As Internet Shares Break Down, Investors See Value in Old Tech

SU Professors Test Boundaries of 'New Physics' with Discovery of 4-Quark Hadron

Gigabit Wireless Communications

Faster Wi-Fi on Flights Leads to Battle in the Sky

HAARP Facility in Danger of Being Dismantled

Samsung Looks to Life Beyond the Smartphone

Apple iWatch to Ship with NFC This Year?

Nearly $67M Salary for CBS' Moonves (another 1%er who feigns support for OWS types while exploiting their stupidity)

Optical Diode Reverses Time, Making Photo-Based IC Possible

U.S. Government Says Hackers Trying to Exploit 'Heartbleed' Bug

Researchers Develop ErSb Nanostructures with Applications in IR and THz Ranges

The College Faculty Crisis (colleges get million$ of tax $$$ to waste on useless social degrees & programs)

Improving Electrically Pumped External-Cavity Mode-Locking

Samsung's Galaxy S5 Splashes into the Smartphone Market

BLOODHOUND Team Predict Impact of 1,000 mph Supersonic Car

"World Must Triple Nuclear and Renewable Energy" – United Nations


Millions of Android Devices Vulnerable to Heartbleed Bug

Obokata Scandal Puts All Science Research in Peril

NSA Monitors WiFi on U.S. Planes 'in Violation' of Privacy Laws

LinkedIn Offers Integration with the Samsung Galaxy S5

Individuals Targeted as San Francisco Tech Money Protests Intensify

Live Amateur Radio Digital TV Test Transmits Astronaut’s Image from ISS

Heartbleed Bug Affects Gadgets Everywhere

Google Glass Goes on Sale for 1 Day

NASA Orders Spacewalk to Repair Serious Computer Malfunction at ISS

Bend It, Charge It, Dunk It: Graphene, the Material of Tomorrow

SEAKR to Build Space Lasercom Digital Processor

Criminal Gang Jailed for £1 Million Fraud Against Vodafone

Sprint Revives Market for Kid-Focused Phones with New WeGo

Army Awards Exelis 5-Year Deal for Battlefield Radios

Jet-Lagged? New Math-Using App May Help

Intel, SGI and 3M Create 2-Phase Liquid-Cooled Supercomputer


Hard Disk Pioneer Stuart Parkin Wins Millennium Prize

French Government Says Will Pursue Telecom Market Consolidation

Improving Electrically Pumped External-Cavity Mode Locking

Large Hadron Collider (LHC) Team Announces Beginning of Restart

Tech Firms Challenged over Hiring Practices


Public Urged to Reset All Passwords

ROHM Semiconductor and imec Join Forces for Ultra-Low-Power Radio R&D

Across the Atlantic, Glimpse an Alternate Internet Universe

U.S. Top in the World for Entrepreneurship

AMSAT-NA Names New Vice President of Engineering

BlackBerry May Consider Exiting Handsets, Eyes Investments

Space Superiority Remains Vital to National Security

U.S. Cellular to Add 1,200 LTE Markets

Pushing High-Power, High-Frequency Performance of GaN HEMTs on Silicon

Forget Wearable Tech, Embeddable Implants Are Already Here

Photovoltaic Cells Turn 60 This Month

New 'Switch' Could Power Quantum Computing

Future Computers That Are Normally Off

Competition FundsDevelopment of Graphene in Commercial Products

Flexible Plastics That Turn Mechanical Vibrations into Electrical Energy

New Paradigm for 'Unconventional Superconductors'


UK Amateurs Losing Access to Part of 2.3 and 3.4 GHz Bands

Retailer Prosecuted for Downloading Photos from Repaired Mobile Phones

Navy to Deploy Laser Weapon Aboard Amphibious Assault Ship This Summer

In an Online World, Are Brick and Mortar Colleges Obsolete?

Amino-Acid Semiconductors Promise Fast Phone Charging

Wooing TV Broadcasters is FCC's Next Big Job for 600 MHz Incentive Auction

Comcast Said to Be Concocting Wireless Mobile Phone Plan

WiFi Alliance Adds Support for NFC

Japanese Blamed for Italian Sackings

Flaw Discovered in One Internet's Key Security Methods

L-3, Intelsat Demonstrate Anti-Jam Technology for Military Satellites

Bacterial 'FM Radio' Developed

One Kind of Supersymmetry Shown to Emerge Naturally

Ultra-Fast Electrical Circuits Use Light-Generated Tunneling

Ensuring Safety in Electrical Engineering Design

Man Accused in Plotting to Use Drone for Bomb in Connecticut


Silicon Valley Buying Spree: A Tech Bubble, or Strategy at Play?

Being Piggy (strange statements by author)

Recharge Your Smartphone Battery in Just 30 Seconds

BlackBerry Defeats NXP in U.S. Trial over Patents

$299 3D Printer Achieves Kickstarter Goal in Minutes

Samsung Looking to Open 4,000 Phone Stores Across India

Anti Tech Industry Protesters Target Google Exec

SEMI Reports 2013 Global Semiconductor Materials Sales of $43.5B

Quantum Cryptography for Mobile Phones

Does America Need a National Broadcast Plan? (...about as much as we need nationalized medicine)

Self-Assembled Superlattices Create Molecular Machines with 'Hinges' and 'Gears'

Sprint to Shutter WiMAX Network by End of 2015, Turn off at 6,000 Towers

USA Targets Telecoms Trade Barriers in China, Pakistan and India

Internet Choice Will Be Crucial Battlefield in Big Cable Merger

Microsoft to Dig up Millions of Failed 1980s Video Game Cartridges

What Could Go Wrong When Outsourcing Product Development?


DAS Drives Demand for RF Engineers

DARPA to Spend >$100M to Reinvent the RF Phased Array Antenna

World's Most Powerful VHF Radar to Be Overhauled in Russia

How Electrodes Charge and Discharge

WWV's 25 MHz Signal Back on the Air

Internet Companies' Growing Ambitions Spook 51% of Americans (about the same % as believe Elvis is still alive)

Navy's New Airborne Command and Control Post Arrives

China Eyes 'Global Monitoring Network' of Surveillance Satellites

Thousands of Deutsche Telekom Staff to Strike

Simplifying InGaAs Growth on GaAs Substrate

Philosopher Untangles Einstein Senility Controversy (or not)

What Silicon Valley's Cast Thinks About Silicon Valley Culture

Color Pixels Made of Nanowires Offer New Paradigm for Digital Cameras

Researchers Probe Next Generation of 2-D Materials

Digital Spending to Increase 14.8% in 2014

Windows XP Users Face End to Microsoft Support


Wi-Fi Speeds Are About to Triple

FCC Drops the First Shoe in 5 GHz U-NII Devices Proceeding

U.S. Knocks Plans for European Communication Network

First Look Inside Fairphone's Fair-Trade Smartphone (RFMD & Skyworks inside)

Sprint Might Pass on FCC's Spectrum Auctions

Robot Repairmen Would Fix Satellites in Space

Quantum Key Distribution and Ultra-High Security for Mobile Phones

Tiny Power Generator Runs on Spit

Why the 'Internet of Things' Is Still Fragile

As Moore's Law Slows, Open Hardware Rises

Power Plants Put at Risk by Security Bugs


E.U. Lawmakers Approve Tough Net Neutrality Rules

DoD Switches to NIST Security Standards

FireChat Gives smartphone Users Ability to Text Without Service or Internet

Google Talked to Sprint, Verizon About Offering Its Own Wireless Service

Chips Face Tough Times


Teenage Girl Gets Trapped in a Drain Trying to Retrieve Her Phone

U.S. Gets New, Hyper-Accurate Atomic Clock

NASA Breaks Most Contact with Russia

Worldwide Semiconductor Revenue Grew 5% in 2013

Microsoft Unveils Cortana Assistant for Windows Phone (a name only Haloites will know)

USAF Awards Lockheed Martin Full Production Contracts for Next Two GPS 3 Satellites

How to Wean Yourself from Your Smartphone

New Insights into Quantum Dynamics and Quantum Chaos

Microsoft Makes Windows 8.1 Mouse-Friendly

ICANN Chief: Russia, China Will Not Hijack Internet Oversight

Researchers Open Path to Finding Rare, Polarized Metals

Lithuania's President Relays Greetings via Amateur Radio CubeSat

Reversible USB Cable Design Shown for First Time

First Sentinel Satellite Ready for Launch Tomorrow (ready to attack the Nebuchadnezzar)

The Science of Champagne Fizz

New Field of "Strain Engineering" Could Open up Areas of Materials Research


Pentagon Gives Weight to Electronic Warfare

Ericsson Accused of Paying Bribes to Win Greek Contracts

Johnson Space Center Seeks Partners to Market NASA-Developed RFID Technologies

Amazon Launches TV Streaming and Gaming Device

Carbon Nanotubes Grow in Combustion Flames

MEMS Mics Pass $1B Milestone

Nanosheets and Nanowires

Shop and Charge: Stores Offer Cellphone Charging (they'll read its contents while you shop)

Washington Aeronautic Safety Law Exempts Amateur Radio "Guyed Towers"

GaN-on-Diamond HEMT with 3x Increase in Power Density over GaN-on-SiC

April Schools' Day: School Canceled Thanks to IT System Hack

A&T Looking to Hire 3,000 Sales Staff

Pentagon Wants Teamwork out of Drones

India to Have Own Satellite Navigation System by 2015

BlackBerry Ends T-Mobile US Partnership

"Bin Laden is Dead and General Motors is Alive" (not so much... to wit: al quaeda, ignition switch)


The Internet's Best April Fools Gags

Tesla Motors Model S Highly Vulnerable to Hacking

LinkedIn Email Addresses Exposed by Plug-in Software

Tektronix TBS1000B-EDU DSO Designed with Students in Mind

BlackBerry 10 Passes DISA's 'Full Operational' Tests

ARRL Calls for Timely, Visible FCC Amateur Radio Enforcement

Major Solar Flare on March 29 Caused Radio Blackout for Several Minutes

Cell Tower Worker Deaths Prompt OSHA to Scrutinize Industry More Closely

Top 20 IC Vendors 2013

25 CEOs Who Started as Engineers

German Regulator to Claw Back Radio Spectrum from Merged Mobile Networks

Political Unrest and Economic Slowdown Fail to Dampen Thailand's Appetite for Mobile Phones

Microsoft Expected to Unveil Windows 8 Updates at San Fran Conference

Intel to Pump $100M into Chinese Mobile Device Developers

Datacenters Drive 100G Race

Feds to Require Rearview Cameras on Vehicles in 2018 (more cost added unnecessarily - like Bluetooth tire pressure sensors)


High-Altitude Balloon Flight to Carry APRS and Crossband Repeater

Biggest Source of DOD's Cyber Threats: Inept Co-workers

IPO Fever Running into Trouble as Deals Struggle

Bluetooth Smart's Rise from Obscurity to Mainstream

Tesla to Add Triple Underbody Shield and Better Fire Protection to Model S

Heat-Conducting Polymer Cools Hot Electronic Devices at 200° C

BlackBerry Reports $5.9B Annual Loss (the mass media did this to them IMO)

BlackBerry Wins Sales Ban Against Copycat Keyboard for Apple's iPhone

A Tax Break to Anchor Tech Growth in San Francisco

Return to Historic Growth Rates for OSD Semis

L.A. TV Stations Show Broadcast Channel Sharing for 600 MHz Auction is Possible

Google Says Government Requests 'up 120%' in 4 Years (faux outrage, it's a trade for perks like cheap jet fuel)

Fabricating Nanostructures with Silk Could Make Clean Rooms Green Rooms

Wireless Electricity? It's Here

Apple Files Patent for Transparent Display Screen

Scientists Watch Nanoparticles Grow



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