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FAA Panel Backs Easing Electronic Device Restrictions on Planes

Siemens Cuts 15,000 Jobs in €6B Savings Drive

U.S. Defense and Homeland Security Spending to Increase Through 2018

The UK's Spectrum Conundrum

Researchers Demonstrate 'Accelerator on a Chip'

Phantom Phone Vibrations: So Common They've Changed Our Brains?

Google Tweaks Search to Challenge Apple's Siri

FCC Proposal Would Require Carriers to Report Cell Tower Outages in Wake of Disasters

Technology and the College Generation

Fossil Fuel Power Plants of Future Could Produce 0 Emissions? (interesting)

SLAC Scientists Make Detailed Map of Current Between Insulators

For FM Radio, Mobile is the Driver

Superfast Switching of Quantum Light Sources

Researchers Show How Close We Are to Fusion Power

NSA Gathers Data on Social Connections of U.S. Citizens

Giant Balloon to Study Comet ISON


Micron Ships First Samples of Hybrid Memory Cube

Ericsson's New Small Cell, the Radio Dot, Brings the Mobile Network Indoors

Making Ceramics That Bend Without Breaking

Spirals of Light May Lead to Better Electronics

The Developer Economy: Power to the Coders


Students Find Ways to Hack School-Issued iPads Within a Week

Montreal Underground Railway to Get Mobile Phone Coverage

Broadcom's Car Gambit: 802.11ac/Bluetooth LE Combo IC

The Death of the Home Stereo System

Google Unveils Major Upgrade to Search Algorithm

Agilent Creates a New and More Aggressive Test Business

U.S. #4 in LTE Penetration Survey

Intel-Backed Chinese Chip Firm Files for IPO

Australian Prison Tests Phone Jamming Technology

Water Glides Freely Across 'Nanodrapes' Made from World's Thinnest Material

BlackBerry Loses Nearly $1 Billion in Quarter

New Energy Storage Capabilities Between Layers of 2-D Materials

An AT&T Foray into Europe Carries Numerous Risks

New Metals Could Foster Phase-Change Memory Devices

Bill Gates: Control-Alt-Delete Was a Mistake

Why Are Americans Giving up Their Citizenship?


15% in U.S. Shun Internet

Nano Antennas Sense Molecules in Infrared Spectrum

Millionaire Wealth in Asia May Top North America by 2014 (mission accomplished - the banana republicization of USA)

First Computer Made of Carbon Nanotubes is Unveiled

UK Starts Government Funded Rollout of Rural Phone Coverage (no such thing as government funded)

Scientists Create Never-Before-Seen Form of Matter

Tech Giants Fear Spread of Patent Wars to Europe

SmartphoneTrade-ins Starting to Hurt Apple and Samsung

Over 16 Million Distributed Antenna System Nodes to Be Deployed Through 2018

Photoresist Technology for Organic Semiconductors Enable Submicron Patterns

Ericsson Retunes Radio for $4B Small Cell Market

Developers Cram Their Apps into Smart Watches

U.S. Lawmakers Seek to End Bulk NSA Telephone Records Collection

New Roaming Regulations Come into Effect for Australian Networks

White Paper Details Low Cost Option for Implementing 2-Way NFC

Scientists Directly Observe Bound States of Elementary Magnets in Ferromagnetic Quantum Crystals


Samsung to Unveil Smartphone with Curved Glass in October

Federal Workers: Hand over BlackBerry During Shutdown (oPhones will still work, though)

Thief Trades Life for $5k Worth of Copper

PSK31 Linear Transponder Wanted for Satellite Launch Opportunity

Nokia Wins Patent Infringement Complaint Against HTC

GPS III Prototype, Ground Station Communicate in Ground Test

Study Shows Maths Experts Are 'Made, Not Born'

OLED Remains Lit Despite Being Stretched and Folded

NFC Wristband Developers Seek Funds on Kickstarter

Australia's Telstra to Cut 1,100 Jobs

Raytheon Joins DARPA Program to Develop New Kinds of 3D Electro-Optical Imaging Sensors

Booting Up: New NSA Data Farm Takes Root in Utah

AWS Spectrum Dominant Band for LTE in Americas

A Call for New Laws in New York to Fight High-Tech Crime

USAF School Looks to Locata GPS Antenna Technology

Empty F-16 Jet Tested by Boeing and U.S. Air Force


Blackberry in $4.7B Takeover Deal with Fairfax

Gold Colored iPhones Selling for Staggering Amounts on eBay

ARISS Looks Forward to Installation of "Ham Video" on Space Station

Worldwide Semi Manufacturing Equipment Spending to Decline 8.5% in 2013

Worldwide Semi Market to Grow 3% in 2013

'Atomic Cage' Material Converts Waste Heat to Electricity

Crowd Investing New Way to Finance Technology Development

Australian Hams May Keep 2300-2302 MHz

Telecom Italia May Raise €1B from Towers Sale

How Can Radio Keep at-Work Listeners?

'Terminator' Polymer That Regenerates Itself

Physicists Create 'Crystal' of Spin-Swapping Ultracold Molecules

Lock-Mart and SAIC Seek to Share RF Spectrum Among Radar and Communications

Sprint to Cut 75% of Remaining Clearwire Employees

RSA Warns Customers Off Suspected NSA-Tainted Crypto Tools

Scientists Use Balloon to Find Proof of Alien Life


BlackBerry Announces $1 Billion Loss and Cuts 4,500 Jobs

Apple Fingerprint Tech Raises 'Privacy Questions' (users' prints will go directly to 3-letter gov't agencies)

Huawei to Hire Additional 5,500 Staff in Europe by 2018

Vitamin E Stops Static Electricity (how apropos)

GaN to Push Microwave RF Power Semiconductor Market to $250M by 2018

Users Sue LinkedIn over Harvesting of E-Mail Addresses (trust nobody)

Testing Begins on Third AEHF Military Satellite

Building Bridges Between Nanowires

New UK 76 GHz Distance Record Set

MARS Okays HF Transmission Methods Study for Propagation Failures

Water-Shedding Surfaces Can Be Made to Last (ducks knew this already)

Densest Array of Carbon Nanotubes Grown to Date

Broadcasters Get Detailed Connected Car Lesson

The Promises and Pitfalls of Social Media — for Police (ooh, too many donuts)

Google's Android Open Source Project Leader Departs for Yahoo!

Longtime Nintendo President Dies at 85


Todayis the AutumnalEquinox

How Granite Telecomm Turns Legacy Landlines into a Growth Business

USPTO to Host 18th Annual Independent Inventor Conference

How an Engineer Earned 1.25 Million Air Miles by Buying Pudding


Agilent Spins off Measurement Division - RF Cafe Agilent Spins off Electronic Measurement Business (suggested new name "ηρ")

Canada's 700 MHz Auction Generating More Attention Than Foreign Ownership Debate

Up to 15 Years in Prison for Phone Theft in Guatemala

Spintronics for Silicon Approaching

Republic of Kosovo is Re-Establishing a Ham Radio Presence

Researchers Make Flexible, Transparent e-Paper from Silicon

Google Makes QuickOffice Apps Free, Adds 10GB of Storage (they'll be glad to share your docs w/Big Bro)

Huge Payday for Chief Executive Who Is Leaving Nokia

Seawater Magnesium Process Promises Cheaper Lightweight Metals

DARPA, Boston Dynamics to Build Enhanced Legged Infantry-Support Robot (this sight would freak out the cave dwellers)

U.S. Military Begins Rolling on Airless Tires

Molten-Air Battery's storage Capacity Among the Highest of Any Battery Type

Disney Runs NFC Advertising Campaign in France

New iPhones Draw Lines Around the World (that's news?)

Facebook Launches Advanced AI Effort to Find Meaning in Your Posts

100-Year-Starship Conference Warps into Houston


China to Spend Over $400 Billion on Expanding Internet Access

BlackBerry May Be About to Announce 5,000 Job Losses

IMEC Process Supports Germanium-Tin Transistors

Spider Silk Coated with Carbon Nanotubes Has Multiple Surprising Uses

Tech Firms, Medical Research Threatened by Helium Shortage

NTIA Pushes FCC to Mandate Free Cellphone Unlocking

Goodbye Big Bang, Hello Black Hole? (still doesn't answer where all energy-matter came from)

Inmarsat-5 Global Xpress Satellite on Track for Launch

Sensor Basics: Types, Functions and Applications

SLAC Scientists Create Twisted Light

Solid-State Battery Could Double the Range of Electric Cars

FCC Dismisses ARRL Encryption Petition

Board Game Aims to Teach Preschoolers How to Code

FM Translators for Everyone

'Comet of the Century' to Buzz Mars

IBM's Massive Bet on Watson


AT&T May Sell Cell Towers for as Much as $5B

LinkedIn Challenges U.S. Government over Data Requests

DARPA Unveils Plans for Underwater Drone Network (coming next, earth-burrowing drones)

Scientists Achieve Highest Open-Circuit Voltage for Quantum Dot Solar Cells

LockMart Aculight to Develop 60-kW Laser to Kill UAVs, Rockets, and Mortars

True White LEDs on the Horizon

Proton Weak Charge Determined for First Time

Invention Jet Prints Nanostructures with Self-Assembling Material

The Serial Port: It Just Keeps Going

WH Petitions FCC to Legalize Cell Phone Unlocking

Microsoft ups Dividend, Plans $40B Share Repurchase

Packers Fans Get NFC Merchandise

Cygnus Cargo Craft on First Space Station Run

UK Enters Global Online University Race

Auranova Bluetooth Necklace Vibrates for Incoming Calls

Combined Smartphone Data-Based Activities Far Outpace Talking


Ray Dolby Dies: EE Pioneer in Noise Reduction

Future Electric Vehicles Will Use GaN and SiC

Broadband Speed Upgrades Lead to Average Rise in Household Incomes

Team Uses 'Wired Microbes' to Generate Electricity from Sewage (SVC - sewage-to-voltage-converter)

NFC Brings Real-Time Audio Commentary to America's Cup

Obsolescent Technology Needed: Navy Needs Old Computer Boards to Keep Ship Systems Running (check your junk boxes)

Share Your Repair-Redesign Tales, Win a Tektronix Scope

Graphene is Key to Fast Light-to-Current Converter

Study Finds High-Energy Electrons May be to Blame for Satellite Failures

Mobile Phone Emergency Alert System to be Tested in UK

Bill Gates, Warren Buffett Again Top Forbes 400 (if only it went to 401, I'd be there, too)

The Next Billion Users – Why India is the Next Big Smartphone Play

'Terminator' Polymer Regenerates Itself

2-D Material Could Lead to Shaped, Wavy, Curved, and Sharply Bending Ways to Steer Light

U.S. Mobile Web Use Has Doubled Since 2009

HTC Confirms Job Cuts at U.S. Unit


Be Careful Whom You Recommend on LinkedIn

Experts Consider Consequences of 'Leap Second' Elimination (how about ridding us of the DST innanity?)

Airbrush Technique for Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanofibres

When Tech Turns Nouns into Verbs

Former NSA and CIA Director Says Terrorists Love Using Gmail

Massive Tidal Turbine Project Given Consent (sensible, vs. wind turbines)

Dear Apple: Good Luck Against the Smartphone Black Market

Amateur Radio Provides Critical Communication in Colorado Flooding Response

The Electrical Grid of the Future

Even No-Tax Republicans Are Embracing Internet Sales Tax (pigs at the trough)

Taiwan Chip Industry Powers the Tech World

FCC Sets H Block Spectrum Auction for January 14

NPR Looks to Cut 10% of Workforce

Graphene Could Yield Cheaper Optical Chips

CCA 2013: M2M Growth, 700 MHz Interoperability Will Dominate

Japan Launches Space Telescope on New Rocket


Ofcom Likely to Allocate 2.3-GHz, 3.4-GHz Bands for 4G

New Magnetic Semiconductor Material Holds Promise for 'Spintronics'

Worldwide Total Semiconductor Market to Grow 3% in 2013

Japan's New Rocket Blasts off in Laptop-Controlled Launch

Huawei Blasts U.S. for Illegal NSA Spying


Gogo to Launch 60 Mbps In-Flight Wi-Fi Service in 2014

Silicon Sees Schizophrenic Forecast

UK to Release 200 MHz of Radio Spectrum for Mobile Broadband Services

Molex - The $7 Billion Acquisition You Haven't Heard About

Visualizing Short-Range Charge Transfer at Interfaces (will that be Visa or Master Card?)

Microsoft Offers $200 Credit for Used iPads, Hopes You'll Be a Surface Convert

Twitter Files for IPO

Defects in 2D Semiconductors Could Lead to Multi-Colored LEDs

Radio Amateur Takes off on Transatlantic Cluster Balloon Attempt

Functioning 'Mechanical Gears' Seen in Nature for First Time (this is cool)

Voyager 1 Becomes 1st Human-Made Object to Leave Solar System

Free Apple iWork on iOS Could Pummel Microsoft Office

Senator Asks Cellphone Carriers: What Exactly Do You Share with Government?

Mexico Close to Settlement on Reclaiming Radio Spectrum Assets

Engineers Claim Gas-Diesel Engine Halves CO2 Output

Google Founders' Jet Fleet Loses a Pentagon Fuel Perk (did you know about that?)


Samsung Follows Apple's 64-bit Smartphone Chip Switch

European Commission Lays out 'Ambitious Plan' for Single EU Telecom Market

Lithium Ion Beats Supercapacitors for Power

Sodium-Ion Battery Has Highest Energy Density to Date

Apple Will Never Make a Cheap iPhone (they don't market to poor people that can't buy all their products)

McDonalds Starts Burger Payments by Mobile Phone Trials

Work with Qualcomm, Network Vendors Made 700 MHz Interoperability Possible

New Twist on RF Production Test

New Approach to Making Graphene Could Lead to Workable Transistors

Magnetic Semiconductor Opens up Silicon-Based Spintronics

Long Before Most, Intel Chased the Smart Watch

Apple's iPhone 5s and 5c Do Not Support LTE on 2.5 GHz Spectrum

World's Thinnest Glass is Just 2 Atoms Thick

High Tech Developers Compete at Low Tech Bluetooth Golf

Passive Stylus Design for Large Capacitive Touchscreens

Facebook Privacy Change Is Subject of FTC Inquiry


Cloaking Without Metamaterials

European Telecoms Facing Merger Earthquake

Women Engineers Call for Better Career Advice

Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers Issues Call for Conference Papers

Operators Look to '4th Wave' as Voice, Messaging and Data Revenues Decline

Motorola Touts Made-in-USA Smartphone Plant

Apple iPhone 5S and 5C Handsets Unveiled in California

No NFC for iPhone 5S

Uganda Bans Mobile Phones from Schools

Airbrushing Could Facilitate Large-Scale Manufacture of Carbon Nanofibers

"Tamper-Proof" Chips, with Some Work, Might Give up Their Secrets

Google Faces Streetview Wi-Fi Snooping Action

How Green Is a Tesla, Really?

iPhones Approved for Use on China Mobile Network

U.S. Tests Layered Missile Defense

Beijing to Crack down on Social Media 'Slanderous Rumors'


Amateur Radio Goes to College

Wal-Mart Launches Smartphone Trade-in Program Ahead of New iPhone

Apple Patent Reignites iPhone NFC Hopes

New Jersey Schools Adopt RFID to Secure Their Facilities

Scientists Theorize Properties of Fleeting Astatine

NASA's LADEE Launch Holds Key to Faster, Big Data Laser Communications

New Technique Efficiently Resolves Chemistry of Nanoparticles

Japan No Longer Gung-Ho on Vehicle-to-Infra Alone

ICO Calls for Law Change to Help Clampdown on Nuisance Calls

Verizon, FCC to Square off in Court over Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality in Court: Here's What You Need to Know

Jaguar Land Rover Aluminium Car Plan Good News for Electronics

ORNL-Grown Oxygen 'Sponge' Presents Path to Better Batteries, Fuel Cells

How Window Glass Is Getting Smarter

HSPA and LTE Now 52% of Mobile Connections in USA and Canada

Strange Space Wind Blows Through Solar System

And Now It's Global COOLING! Record Return of Arctic Ice Cap Grown by 60% in Year


Formula E Racing & Qualcomm Sign Wireless Charging Promotion Deal

Quantum MIIM Diodes Beat Silicon

Prankster Calls NSA Asking for Help Retrieving Deleted E-Mail

Queues Already Starting Outside an Apple Store for New iPhone (for the mentally iDle)

Are You the Next Rising Engineering Star?

Nissan Launches Nismo Smartwatch for Drivers

Electronics Techn on Dispaly at DSEi Exhibition in London

Graphene Minds Bandgap with Non-Boolean Logic

North Carolina to Host 2013 USA ARDF Championships


Ghetto Tracker Site Offends, Dies and Returns (rumors says it just looks for oPhones)


Transformer Maker Uses 3D Printing

Fab Fire Causes DRAM Price Surge

Amazon Denies Plans to Offer a Free Smartphone (how many times can the same card be played?)

Graphene Manufacturer to Set up Facility at Manchester University


Cafes Declare War on Wi-Fi Squatters

Qualcomm Gets Serious About Low-Power Wi-Fi with New Chips

NSA OKs Itself for Spying on Smart Phone Data (no worries, you'll probably never get punked by them)

Lost Droid Takes Stealth Seriously to Secure Your Phone

NTT DoCoMo to Offer iPhone This Autumn

IBM to Move Retirees off Health Plan (more Hope and Change)


Man Snatches Mobile Phone After Date Refuses to Pay for Drinks

NSA Foils Much Internet Encryption

Inflatable Antennae Could Give CubeSats Greater Reach

Al-Qaeda Targeting U.S. Drones (the 'moderates' we're planning to risk American lives for in Syria)

Silicon Valley Spawns Million-Dollar Engineers

Despite LTE Push, Qualcomm Promises CDMA Enhancements

North American PCB Sales and Orders Trending Upward

Japan's Kirobo Takes 'One Small Step' for Robotkind

Gold Standard for Future Electronic Devices

Intel's Laser Chips Could Make Data Centers Run Better

Apple Tests iPhone Screens as Large as 6"

NSA Has Keys to Most Internet Encryption

Nanotubes Boost E-Nose Sensitivity

Americans Go to Great Lengths to Mask Web Surfing

Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo Completes 2nd Powered Flight

Elementary School Kids Forced to Kneel Before Admin (gov't worship - your tax dollars at work)


BlackBerry Looking for a Buyer by End of This Year (good people at RIM)

Clay Helps to Shape High Temperature Supercapacitor

Switzerland Keeps Crown as Most Competitive Economy

Magnetic Model Offers Hope in Avoiding Rare Earths

Ham Radio Community Invited to Say "Hi" to Juno Spacecraft

Why Bluetooth Use Is on the Rise

Samsung's $299 Galaxy Gear Smartwatch Coming September 25

Scientists Demonstrate Leaner System for Quantum Encryption

FTC Says Webcam's Flaw Put Users' Lives on Display

Finland Suspends 800 MHz Spectrum Auction to Review the Rules

AeroVironment Gets Order for Manpackable Killer Drones Able to Seek & Destroy

The Top 6 iPhone 5S/iPhone 5C Rumors

Lego Releases First Female Scientist

Smart is First SE Asian Operator to Deploy Ericsson's Antenna-Integrated Radio Solution

Microsoft Notches up Patent Victory Against Google

Shields Are Your Friend, Except When... (Part 3)


Samsung Seeks 'iPod Moment' with Smartwatch Launch

U.S. "Space Fence" Shut Down

Sellotape Solution Helps Shrink Electrical and Optical Devices (Sellotape = Scotch tape)

NASA Moonshot Will Test Laser Communications

New Zealand Outlines 4G Spectrum Auction Details

Is Mathematics an Effective Way to Describe the World? (Charlie would convulse at the question)

Shedding Handsets, Nokia Looks to the Future

Turbulent Times for Defense Industry

5 Ways Nokia Helped Create the Modern Cell Phone

Broadcom Buys LTE Technology and Patents from Renesas Electronics

Chip Market Growth Strengthens in July

'Master of Science Fiction' Author Frederik Pohl Dies at Age 93

Kite Detects Pollution, Shines Light on Beijing Smog

Caffeine Could Help Combat Liver Disease

Record Cold Strikes Alaska – 15°F in August!

Federal and Local Drug Agents Access Massive AT&T Call Database


Microsoft Acquires Nokia Units, and Leader - RF Cafe Microsoft to Buy Nokia's Mobile Phone Unit

India Smartphone Growth Accelerates as Phablets Take Center Stage

NFL Lagging on Stadium Wi-Fi

TAPR/ARRL Digital Communications Conference to Offer Wide-Ranging Forum Schedule

Apple's Sliding Mobile Market Share

The True Raw Material Footprint of Nations

Advancing Graphene for Post-Silicon Computer Logic

Radar Open Standard Does Not Cover Digital Data Networking

Online Attack Leads to Peek into Spam Den

NFC Chip for Medical Implants

Syria Hacks, Urges Cooperation Against Al Qaeda

Amish Community Not Anti-Technology, Just More Thoughtful

Ultra-Low-Power Radios Key Enablers in Wireless Sensor Systems

Abundant Elements Used to Create Inexpensive Solar Cells

BlackBerry May Need to Seek to Become a Niche Company

Brazil Says U.S. Violated Its Sovereignty with Spying (weren't we told the world would love us if we had the 'right' prez?)


'Alien' Marketing Promotion Scares Residents in Alabama Community

Test Reveals Facebook, Twitter and Google Snoop on E-mails

Vietnam Internet Restrictions Come into Effect (why have freedom when you can have Communism?)

PA Hospital to Open Country's First Inpatient Treatment Program for Internet Addiction

Are computer Chips on the Verge of a Quantum Leap?

1mm Lightweight Piezo Film Speaker for Thin TVs, Tablets

EU Plans to Fit All Cars with Speed Limiters (congratulations)

Raytheon and Battelle Join DARPA Program to Create 100-Gbps Wireless Links

U.S. Judge Dismisses iPhone Lawsuit over Faulty Power Buttons

Classified Payload Launches into Space

Drug Agents Use Vast Phone Trove, Eclipsing NSA's

GlobalFoundries Wins Approval for Next New York Fab

Gel-Based Speaker Also Promises Noise Cancellation

Wal-Mart Slashes iPhone 5 and iPad Prices

AT&T Mulling Takeover Bid for Vodafone

Average Vehicle Age Hits 11 Years (time for another wonderful Cash for Clunkers program)


TSMC Largest Semiconductor Supplier in the World in 2Q13

The Newest Little Idea for Nanosat Micro Rockets

China's Worried Elites

Why Electrons Pass Through Very Tiny Wires Less Smoothly Than Expected

RF Front-End Suppliers See Strong Growth in Wi-Fi