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Navy Considers New Circuit Protection Tech for Sensitive Shipboard Electronics

Noise-Canceling Tech Could Lead to 400x Faster Internet Connections

Watch Asteroid QE2 Barely NotEnd Life on Earth - Today at 4:59 PM EDT from JPL

1 in 10 People Between Ages 16 and 34 Rejected Due to Social Media Content

U.S. Lifts Ban on Mobile Phones and Software for Iran (I'm guessing the CIA has 'special' lookalike ICs installed for spying and/or sabotage - CiASICs, get it?)

Artificial Magnetic Monopoles Discovered

Online College Courses Get Big Boost, But Doubts Persist

Class of Transparent, Stretchable Electrodes

ARRL Comments on Proposed Expansion of 5 GHz Unlicensed Broadband

Faster White Space Expansion Needed for Internet Everywhere and M2M

First-Ever High-Resolution Images of Molecule As It Breaks and Reforms Chemical Bonds

Will Talk Radio Be an Early Target for The New FCC Chairman? (only those who don't toe the regime's line a la IRS)

Official Pushes for End to Roaming Fees in Europe

All Data Packets Are Equal - Some More Than Others (Animal-Farm-esque)

Self-Driving Cars for Testing Are Supported by U.S.

19M Eurozone Folks out of Work (1 in 4 youth unemployed)


Expanding Wi-Fi Spectrum May Threaten Vehicle-to-Vehicle Technologies

People Use Smartphones Nearly an Hour a Day

Government Supports Open-Source RF Initiative

FCC Seeks Small Vanity Call Sign Fee Increase

Motorola Plans to Make Smartphone in Texas

Governments Confront Rising Threat to Ships from Signal Jamming

New Mathematical Model Links Space-Time Theories

New Sensor a Thousand Times More Sensitive Than Current Camera Sensors

Fiji to Hold 4G License Auction Next Month

An Electrical Switch for Magnetism

Latest Borrell Report Reveals Fascinating Digital Facts About Radio

Two Versions of New Most Accurate Clock Ever Built

Europe Now Lagging the USA in Deploying Advanced Mobile Services

Microsoft Restores Start Button, but Not Start Menu (people will really hate them for that)Microwaves Enable co-Crystallization to Improve Properties of Drugs

Record 10,978,040 Now on Disability (but hey, the DOW is up, so who cares?)


An Engineer Goes to Congress (they went to the Dark Side)

Apple Chief Sees Computers on Wrists, Not in Glasses (iWatch on the way)

Engineering Ghost Images

U.S. Weapons System Designs Compromised by Chinese Cyberspies

Spanish Amateurs Gain New Frequencies

Wi-Fi opportunity for Carriers Grows with New Handset Features

Metallic-to-Semiconducting Nanotube Conversion Greatly Improves Transistor Performance

Intel Buys ST-Ericsson GPS Unit for $90M

Old Mobile Phones Are a Security Threat to Companies

Europe Adds to Chip Pilot Line Support List

Samsung Dominates Chinese Smartphone Market in Q1

Diamonds, Nanotubes Find Common Ground in Graphene (that's a surprise? it's all carbon)

Coupled Particles Cross Energy Wall

U.S. Prosecutes $6B Internet Money-Laundering Hub

Verizon's Samsung Galaxy S4 to Access LTE on AWS Spectrum

Tiny Cell-Phone Transmitter Takes Root in Rural Africa (smaller target for militants' rifles)


First Ever Photograph Inside a Hydrogen Atom (compare to probability density diagram)

Physics Team Entangles Photons That Never Coexisted in Time

Combining Software Defined Radios and Smart Phones

Coca Cola in Trouble for Random Text Ads

Top 5 Indian Providers Exceeded Global IT Services Industry Growth Rate

Students Perform Well Regardless of Reading Print or Digital Books

Researchers 'Light' Magnetic Fire and Analyze How Energy Propagates

'Dumbed Down' Design & Technology Syllabus Scrapped

3D Technique Reveals Vibrations of Gold Nanocrystals

Modern Day Alchemists Turn Cement into Metal

Energy Harvesting Wireless Technology

PC Industry Bleeding to Explode into Full-Blown Hemorrhaging in 2013

German Railways to Test Anti-Graffiti Drones

U.S. Weapons Designs Hacked by Chinese

Entrepreneurs Help Build Start-Ups by the Batch

"The Enemy is Everywhere": Former MI5 Head (they were invited in, just like we do in the U.S. - careful what you wish for...)


Honoring Veterans as Monuments Decay, Funds Dry Up (plenty of money for free cellphones, etc., though)

FCC Hopes to Avoid 'End of World' for Cell Phones

Prisoner Hospitalised After Smuggling Mobile Phone into Jail (guess where?)

Research Gap Threatens Innovation, Experts Warn

China's Lenovo Targets US Smartphone Market

Google Blimps Will Carry Wireless Signal Across Africa

Apple 1 from 1976 Signed by Wozniak Sells for $650,000

AT&T Set to Rake in Million$ via New 61¢ Admin Fee

Ultrashort Laser Pulses Squeezed out of Graphene

Helicopter-Light-Beams: A New Tool for Quantum Optics

Can This Man Bring Silicon Valley to Yangon?

Next-Generation Consumer 3-D Printer Arrives, But a Lawsuit Looms

At Odds over Privacy Challenges of Wearable Computing

Haswell Battery Life Claims Energize Hopes for PC Industry

Patent Battle Between Nokia and HTC Heats Up

NASA Puts Cape Canaveral Space Shuttle Launch Pad up for Lease (pathetic - maybe China or Russia will lease it)


How the Smartphone Killed the 3-Day Weekend

Are You Making This Mistake at the End of Your Meetings?

N. Carolina Might Ban Tesla from Selling Its Electric Car

Monetizing Real Estate Assets Could Lead Telcos down REIT Path

Hurricane Season Fears as Warning Satellite Fails


Cops Being Trained That Cell Phones Could Be Guns

Wireless Bio-Absorbable Circuits Could Kill Bacteria

Broadcom: Time to Prepare for the End of Moore's Law

Atomic Weights Update Changes Periodic Table (intervals added)

Motion Quotient: IQ Predicted by Ability to Filter Motion

Atomic-Scale Investigations Solve Key Puzzle of LED Efficiency

Graphene Foam as Transparent Conductive Electrode for Blue LEDs

Some in Congress Grow More Wary of Selling Sprint to SoftBank of Japan

Stitching Defects into World’s Thinnest Semiconductor

Quantum Computing Hope for Spin-Protecting Ultrathin Films

A quantum Simulator for Magnetic Materials

Weird Science: Crystals Melt When They're Cooled

Google and NASA Launch Quantum Computing AI Lab

Understanding the Past and Predicting the Future by Looking Across Space and Time

Walmart Exec: TracFone's Straight Talk is Best-Kept Secret in Wireless

€2.2B Spanish Navy Submarine Will Sink to Bottom of Sea (designed by committee)


Vintage Tech 'Firsts', Including Apple 1, up for Auction

Google Acquires Kite-Power Generator

New Technique May Open up Era of Atomic-Scale Semiconductor Devices

What 5G Will Be: Crazy-Fast Wireless Tested in NYC

Colour-Mixing Light Device Could Lead to Optical Computing

NIST Asks Industry for Custom Printed Circuit Boards for Laser Stabilization and Control

Model of Sun's Magnetic Field Created

Europe Launches $12B chip Support Campaign

How a Standard is Born: IEEE P1901.2 for Narrowband OFDM PLC

More Emphasis Needed on Recycling and Reuse of Li-ion Batteries

Star Trek into Darkness Gets NFC Promotion at Airports

Walmart Wants to Use Mobile to Transform Retail

Quantum or Not, New Supercomputer Is Certainly Something Else

Welcome to the World of Electric Paint

IEEE-USA Displeased with Weakening of U.S. Worker Provisions in Comprehensive Immigration Bill

Uncontrolled Immigration in Sweden Breeds Riots


MobileOne to Boost Indoor 3G Coverage with Femtocells

Gloomy Forecast for Semi Industry

Did You Know? Someone Else Wrote Maxwell's Equations

Whirlpools on the Nanoscale Could Multiply Magnetic Memory

Universities "Not Providing Value for Money Study" (too much time spent indoctrinating w/social crapola)

Hypersonic Weapons Could Hit Battlefield by 2025

Robot Exoskeleton Suits That Could Make Us Superhuman

Couple's £163,000 Mobile Phone Bill Shock

Researchers Develop World's Smallest Metallic Nanorods

Milan Airport Installs 50,000 NFC Tags

Nanoscale Device Turns Light to Mechanical Action

CTIA 2013: Carrier Spending on Wi-Fi Set to Soar

Public Safety Experts Debate NextGen 911 in Wake of Oklahoma Tornado

For U.S. Companies, Money 'Offshore' Means Manhattan

Semiconductor Market Contracted in 2012 - IDC Expects 3-4% Growth in 2013

Fed Has Injected >$1 Trillion into Foreign Banks (not inc'l what has gone into U.S. banks - printed from thin air)


40 Gbit/s at 240 GHz: New World Record in Wireless Data Transmission

Apple Sheltered $44 Billion from Taxes (pay little or no taxes anywhere, but chieftains donate heavily to the right pols)

Ireland Rejects Blame for Apple's Low Tax Rate

Samsung Gains on Apple in Ranking of Most Valuable Global Tech Brands

Military Vehicles in High Speed Data Connection

Method Developed to Print Highly Conductive, Bendable Layers of Graphene

Ruling Could Support FCC's Net Neutrality Defense

Guantanamo Wi-Fi Shut Down after Anonymous Threat

Below the Surface, Why Wireless Carriers Are Worrying

Physicists Develop Revolutionary Low-Power Polariton Laser

Researchers Improve Potential for Lithium-Air Batteries

Fastest Measurements Ever Made of Ion Channel Proteins

In-Flight Thieves Targeting Airline Travelers' Carry-On Bags

RFID Reduces Oxygen-Generator Waste for Delta Air Lines

1975 Newsweek: Tornado Outbreaks Blamed on Global Cooling

Chinese Hackers Gained Access To Database With Massive Files on U.S. Intelligence Targets


Billion Dollar Deal Makes 26-Year-Old America's Next Tech Tycoon (I'm still waiting for a $Million deal for RF Cafe)

Thai Networks Agree to 15% Cut in 3G Tariffs

NEC Phone is Liquid-Cooled and Gender-Specific

High School Student Develops Supercapacitor, Wins Young Scientist Award

Teen Creates Gadget That Could Charge Your Cellphone in 20 Seconds (2nd place winner)

IEEE-USA Urges Senate to Reject Expanding H-1B Visa Program & Removing Safeguards for High-Skill Workers

Global Smartphone Shipments to Outstrip Feature Phones in 2013

Dayton Hamvention Saturday Roundup & Photos

Nanoantennas Improve Infrared Sensing

Millions Hit by Yahoo Japan Hack Attack

Financial Times Hit by Hackers

Attempt to Curb Bangladesh VoIP Services Backfires

Oops! The 5 Greatest Scientific Blunders

Government Agencies to Brief Industry on Upcoming Contracting Opportunities in August

Tech Industry Pushes to Amend Immigration Bill

Anchorage Sets New Record for Longest Snow Season (hmmm.... maybe I'll move to Anchorage)


Google Insider Exposes 'Immoral' Tax Scam (no pro - they donate to the needed politicians)

Intel's New CEO Vows Rapid Growth in Mobile Market

NASA Says Sun Eruption Sending Billions of Tons of Particles to Earth

Watch the Biggest Explosion Ever Seen on the Moon (get the feeling we're close to being hit?)

Digital Multitasking Is Making Us Dumber


Samsung to Launch 5G by 2020, Hits 1Gbps Speeds in Tests

Small Cells with Wi-Fi Set to Reshape Wireless Communications Market

Novel Material Shows Promise for Extracting Uranium from Seawater (really 'heavy water')

Imec and Renesas Collaborate on Low-Power Radio

FCC Hands out 3 Hefty Fines

Confession: I Prefer My Landline to My Cellphone (landline quality is much better - no delays or echoes)

Former QST Managing Editor Joel Kleinman, N1BKE, Inducted into CQ Amateur Radio Hall of Fame

Foxconn Says Needs More Time to Further Cut Workers' Overtime (maybe fewer suicide nets will be needed)

Femtosecond 'Snapshots' Reveal Dramatic Bond Tightening in Photo-Excited Gold Complexes

Nearly 75% of All Smartphones Sold in Q1 Were Android

1/3 of U.S. Smartphone Sales Were Prepaid in Q1

World's Smallest Liquid Droplets Ever Made in Lab

Google's Page Slams Focus on Competition in Tech, Draws Rebukes (of course he would discourage competition)

Whose Tech is Better: 'Star Trek' or 'Star Wars'?

'Facebook Fatigue' Stirs Investor Concern

IRS Official in Charge During Tea Party Targeting Now Runs Health Care Office (is this country screwed or what?)


Smartphone Party Ending for Wireless Carriers

DARPA Seeks to Speed RF and Microwave Array Development for Radar, Comms, and SIGINT

FCC Fines Pennsylvania Man $18,000 for Failing to Allow Inspection of CB Station

Twitter Users Risk Damnation, Saudi Religious Police Say

NASA Buys into 'Quantum' Computer

Apple Deluged by Police Demands to Decrypt iPhones

New Electronics Coalition Pushes for Industry-Wide Collaboration

Smartphone Software That Automatically Enables Wi-Fi When Within Range

New insights into How Materials Transfer Heat Could Lead to Improved Electronics

Blue Bite Puts NFC Ads into 5,000 U.S. Taxis

8 Ways to Design End-of-Life into Your Products

Rarest Natural Element Study Could Enable New Radiotherapy

Windows Phone Overtakes BlackBerry in Q1 Smartphone OS Shipments

Can Samsung Overtake Apple in 2013?

Whatever Happened to the Ringtone?

Boston Reservoir Trespassed by 7 Foreign Chemical Engineer (nothing to see here folks, just move on)


European Semi Sales Soar in Q1

3GPP and CDMA Certification Bodies to Align Efforts

Quantum Dot LED Approaches Theoretical Maximum Efficiency

More Good News for Radio in Phones

Creative Intros NFC Speakers

Electronics Comes to Paper

BlackBerry Shows off New Youth-Oriented Smartphone (need one w/accelerometer to autodial 911 after crash while texting)

Mathematician Proves There Are Infinitely Many Pairs of Primes <70M Units Apart

Anonymous Bidder Pays $610k for Coffee with Apple's Tim Cook

New Principle May Help Explain Why Nature is Quantum (Nov 2012 SciAm Unquantum Quantum suggests otherwise)

Even the Tech Elites Leave Gadgets Behind

Grading the Top 10 U.S. Carriers in the Q1 of 2013

Early Math and Reading Ability Linked to Job and Income in Adulthood (duh)

Warp Speed, Scotty: Faster Than Light Drives a Reality?

China Conducts Test of New Anti-Satellite Missile (last time they added about 1000s of new chunks of space debris)

May Snow in Britain (it's Global Warming!)


France Mulls Smartphone and Tablet Tax to Fund Culture (c'est scandaleux!)

Telecom New Zealand Converting Payphone Booths into Wi-Fi Hotspots

2014 "I Am the ARRL" Video Contest Underway

New Payload Brings Jamming Capability to an Army UAS for the First Time

Glimpses of a World Revealed by Cell-Phone Data

The Commercial Side of Fast Wi-Fi on Flights

USAF Asks Industry for Handheld Link-16 Special Ops Networking Radios

Teens Who Text and Drive Also Don't Wear Seatbelts

Asia/Pacific Led Worldwide Mobile Phone Sales to Growth in Q1 of 2013

The Man Who Made a Majorana Particle

Verizon Wireless Surprises with $7B Dividend

Japan's Chip Vendors Slide Down Q1 Global Rankings

China Comes to Silicon Valley at One Startup Accelerator

Efficiency of Spectrum Use

Technology Strategy Board Secures Budget of £440M

New Obamacare Tax Form in 2014 Requires Your Personal Health Data (page 3, Minimum Coverage Provision)


Crowdsourcing Saves Tesla Lab (the HV guy, not the car)

Qualcomm Surges 28%; World's 4th Largest IC Company.

Samsung Tips Breakthrough in '5G' Technology

Teen Girl Blocks Twitter Plot Spoilers to Win Hackathon

How to Mine Cell Phone Data Without Invading Your Privacy

Even the Tech Elites Leave Gadgets Behind

BT Branded 4G Service as Soon as Next Year

ESPN in Talks with U.S. Carrier on Toll-Free Data Plans

Chaos Could Improve Performance of Wireless Communication Systems

How to Make Light Go Faster

SheerWind Claims Its Wind Turbine Produces 600% More Power

Component Obsolescence: Is Your Process up to the Challenge?

Ohio Nonprofit to Run NASA Civilian Drone Contest

Google Kills off Physical NFC Card for Google Wallet

Bell Labs Group Aims at 90% Energy-Saving in Networks

HHS Secretary Shaking Down Private Companies to Fund [Un]Affordable Health Care (they - therefore we - are in deep doodoo)

Boom in DIY Dental Kits as Patients Cannot Afford NHS Fees


Man Struck by Lightning After Answering Phone (remember what your mother told you about lightning storms and phones, plumbing)

Amazon's 3D Phone Could Simply Be a Wonder to Behold

Facebook Eyes $1B Deal for GPS App Waze

YouTube Users to Pay for Big Bird and Elmo

U. of Maryland Spins Huge Dynamo


W. Va. Man Electrocuted After Shooting Down Power Line to Steal Copper (Darwin Award candidate, no Cu in power lines)

FCC Advances Plan for Faster In-Flight Wi-Fi

Why Employers Are So Reluctant to Hire New College Grads

Amazon Working on Smartphone with 3-D Display

Metamaterials Able to Control Spread of Light

Multiband LTE Will Need Better RF Design

New Comprehensive Research Confirms Power of Radio

UK Government Funds Gravel-Based Mechanical Battery

British Teenager Wins $100,000 U.S. Technology Fellowship

China Mobile Beefs up Supervision after Audit Finds Accounting Problems

New Magnetic Graphene May Revolutionize Electronics

Leak in Space Station's Radiator May Require Emergency Spacewalk

GSMA Calls for Feedback on NFC Loyalty and Coupon Proposals

AT&T Will Use Small Cells to Strengthen VoLTE Coverage

Facebook Mulling $1 Billion Investment in Location Based Mobile Services

Consumer Reports: Tesla Model S as Close to Perfect as a Car Gets


FCC and GAO Release Recommendations on Receiver Performance

Breakthrough Paves Way for Graphene Sensor Applications

Silicon Valley Group's Political Effort Causes Uproar (many high tech CEOs highly political - Google their party donations)

Satellite Phones Obsolete; DISA Needs New, Secure Capability

Light Emission in 2D Semiconductors Increased by 100x

Top Smartphones May Soon Cost More Than $200

UK Public Backs Support for Aspiring Engineers

Radio Needs a Shot in the Arm

China May Not Overtake America This Century after All

Spintronics: New Magic in Magnetic Material

How Mobile App Developers Can Protect Themselves from Patent Trolls

Speed Test of Quantum Versus Conventional Computing

UK Mobile Phone Theft Rates Remain Stable at 2%

Crowdsourcing Smartphone Sensors to Build Weather Stations

Standard Model Goes PEAR-SHAPED in CERN Experiment

Bell Canada Profits Rise Despite Flat Revenue Performance


Google Glass Picks up Early Signal: Keep Out

Philippine Telecom Quarterly Profits Plunge

Cold Atoms for Quantum Technology

Quantum Cloner Device Lets Hackers Hide in Background

Syrian Reports Widespread Internet Outage

2013 Global Amateur Radio Emergency Communications Conference (GAREC) June 25-27 in Zurich, Switzerland

Largest Ever Fiber-Optic Network

Study Finds Semiclassical Gravity Counterintuitive

Doorbell App Answers the Door with NFC

Comparing American and Chinese Mobile App Downloaders

Navy Looks to Repair and Rebuild Klystron Tubes for Shipboard Radar

Coming Soon: An App Explosion in China

Europe to Lose Role in Driving Global PV Market (very expensive electricity)

ST Licenses Russia-Backed Wi-Fi for SoCs

Windows 8 Update Public Preview to Be Released in June

Gun Crime Has Plunged, But Americans Think It's Up


Dismal Unemployment Numbers for Electrical Engineers

Old School Pagers Cost Hospitals Billions

SAW, BAW and the Future of Wireless

In Vivo Flexible Large Scale Integrated Circuits Developed

U.S. Turns up Heat on Costly Commercial Cyber Theft in China

Los Alamos Reveals It's Been Running Quantum Network for 2½ Years

Meet the 15 Highest Paid Wireline Executives

Weakening BlackBerry Sales May Force Company into Asset Sales (media has attacked RIM unfairly over the years)

Chip Sales up 1% Through Q1

E.U. Rules Against Patent Move by Google's Motorola Unit

Nokia Investors Tell CEO Their Patience Running Thin

Scaling up Gyroscopes: From Navigation to Measuring the Earth's Rotation

Navy Shipboard Weapons Experts Look to Rochester for Hard-to-Find Electronic Parts (maybe you have a similar need)

Tsinghua Science and Technology Journal Goes Open Access

IE8 Exploit Had US Nuke Workers in Its Sights

Al Gore, Man of the People, Gets Paid >$1 Million a Day to Sit on Apple’s Board (iFool)


Broadcast Video Will Soon Be Packed into Smartphone Signals

What You Need to Know About Upcoming Spectrum Auctions

Motorola Mobility Accused of Abusing Patents Licenses in Apple Lawsuit

Where Do Old Cellphones Go to Die? (see my article E-Waste... Just Don't Think About It)

DIY Invisibility with 3-D Printing

"Magicians" Reborn as Navy's 1st Squadron to Operate Manned and Unmanned Aircraft

Physicists Present a Non-Destructive Technique for Measuring at the Atomic Scale

Apple Raises Debt to Avoid $9.2 Billion Tax Bill (a company all for having gov't raising taxes on its customers)

Is Massively Open Online Education a Threat or a Blessing?

Samsung 3D Camera Gets NFC

Students Build Electric Racing Car

Baidu: China's Search Engine

NASA Chief Urges Congress to Fund Private Space Taxis

Working Gun Made with 3D Printer

Chinese Attackers Infiltrate Defense Contractor, Steal Sensitive Military Technology

Pizza Reduces Cancer Risk, Italian Researchers Say (between coffee & pizza I should live forever)


New Method Joins GaN and Diamond for Better Thermal Management

'Going Negative' Pays for Nanotubes

Facebook CEO Reaped $2.3B Gain on Stock Options (yet not considered part of the "evil 1%")

More Than 1B Tablets to Be in Use by 2017

USAF's Scramjet Aircraft Hits Mach 5.1


Qualcomm Proposes a Cell-Phone Network by the People, for the People

Alaska Phishing Pupils Take over Classroom Computers

Navy Launches Its First Drone Squadron (très cool)

Mystery Motorola Smartphone Photos Leaked

Fabless to Command 1/3 of IC Market by 2017

'Graphene Sandwich' Unlocks Solar Cell Properties of 2D Crystal

U.S. Wireless Network Traffic Reaches 1.468 Trillion MB in 2012

HF Radio Switch Module for Connecting 32 Transceivers and Antennas Released by DRS

New Measurement Tool for Fast-Growing MEMS Industry

Dutch Police May Get Right to Hack in Cyber Crime Fight

Hurricane Watch Net Seeks New Members for Net Control Stations

UN Report Wants Moratorium on Killer Robots (it wouldn't be fair to the terrorists who don't have any)

Huawei Won't Hang up on U.S. Smartphone Market

New Experiments Set to Detect Gravitational Waves

Corporate Jet Center Exposes Silicon Valley's Class Divide

Congressional Debate over Science Funding Draws Fire from Critics


Nanowire Transistors May help Keep Moore's Law Alive

The Single Most Valuable Document in the History of the World Wide Web

Tiny Device Will Detect Nearby Domestic Drones

Cellphone Thefts Grow, but Industry Looks the Other Way

Front-Seat TV Unwelcome in U.S. Auto Market

Airbus Guides EADS Divisions' RFID Adoption

Vodafone Ireland Starts Deploying 4G Services

Samsung Eyes Windows, White House as DoD Approves Its Devices

Financier and Former Telecom Executive Tom Wheeler Nominated as FCC Chairman

Nanocrystals Able to Squeeze Through Nanotubes Without Changing

With Florida Project, the Smart Grid Has Arrived

U.S. Wireless Network Traffic Reaches 1.468 Trillion MB in 2012

Use of Laser Light Yields Versatile Manipulation of a Qbit

Apple's iPad Growth Slows as UK Tablet Market Continues to Expand

Qualcomm Rises in 2012 Analog Chip Market

Russian Space Junk Almost Destroys NASA Telescope


How War on Korean Peninsula Could Affect Worldwide Electronics Production

Bistable Graphene Transistor Could Surpass Silicon's Speed

Craving Wi-Fi, Preferably Free and Really Fast

GPS Tags for Dementia Patients

Annual Armed Forces Day Crossband Test Scheduled for May 11

New Magnetic State of Bismuth Ferrite Observed

Direct Evidence of How Atoms of Antimatter Interact with Gravity

FCC Releases 2011 International Traffic Data

4 in 10 Smartphone Users Fail to Take Most Basic Security Measures

Lasers, Microwave Deployed in High-Speed Trading Arms Race (seem my Arbitrage via Microwaves article)

Scientists Develop Smart RFID-Enabled Paper

Big Companies Are Investing in Service that Listens to Phone Calls

Shattered Glass: New Theory Explains How Things Break

2014 Trips to Space by Virgin Galactic

Nearly Million Israeli Switch Mobile Networks in Six Months

Employee Benefits Fall as Firms Brace for 'Free' Healthcare (January's just around the corner - brace for it)