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U.S. Firm Hit with $7.5 Million Fine for Ignoring Do Not Call Lists (good, I hate those SoBs)

AT&T Seeks to Patent Self-Destructing E-mail

Sprint Set to Become 'Spectrum Powerhouse'

Beyond Silicon: Transistors Without Semiconductors

Nitride Semiconductor on Graphene Promises 1 THz Performance


'Clinkle' to Replace NFC

Lack of Bidders Sees Singapore's 4G Spectrum Offered at Reserve Prices

Bill Allowing More Foreign Workers Stirs a Tech Debate

Your Child's Data is Stored in the Cloud (no worries, you can trust the gov't)

Startup Plans Constellation of Tiny Monitoring Satellites

Wireless Control Systems for Buildings Will Reach Nearly $300 Million by 2020

FCC Orders Carriers to Protect Customer Information Residing on Devices (while FCC collects / stores your messages, location, etc.)

New Low-Cost, Transparent Electrodes

Interview Questions That Really Work

Low-Power Wi-Fi Signal Tracks Movement - Even Behind Walls

Samsung Launches Laser Printers with NFC

Graphene to Realize Flexible Organic LED Displays

FCC Tees up H Block Spectrum Auction

As People Head into Space, PayPal Will Follow

Google Making Videogame Console and Smart Watch: Report

Chinese Firm Charged in Theft of Electricity Generator Turbine Software


World's Fastest LTE 4G Launches in South Korea

'Disruptive Wi-Fi/MVNO' Products Coming from Cable Companies in 2014

IEEE Honors Inventor of Immersion Lithography

More Women Would Pick Computer Science if Media nix Outdated 'Nerd' Stereotype (another new bad word since it might offend the easily offended)

Fad-Loving Japan May Derail a Sony Smartphone

No More Leakage of Explosive Electrolytes in Batteries

Get Ready for Natural Gas Vehicles

Good for China; Bad for Everyone Else (terrible stats for the rest of us)

The Internet of Cars Approaching a Crossroads

Myanmar Awards Cellphone Licenses

Western European Mobile Phone Market Declined in 1Q13

Silicon Labs Integrates MEMS Oscillator on Standard CMOS Chip

European Internet 'Running 25% Slower Than Advertised'

Chip-on-Heatsink Game-Changer

Win 8.1's Little Changes Are a Huge Improvement

Microsoft Reorg Rumors Heat Up


Some Tech Companies Find Ways Not to Hire Americans (amnesty bill will make it even easier)

SK Telecom Introduces World's First LTE-A Network

British Airways to Relax Rules on Electronic Devices

NFC Devices Now Account for 13.3% of Mobile WebbTraffic

Laser Guided Codes Advance Single Pixel Terahertz Imaging

Instagram Overtakes YouTube and Vine for Mobile Video Traffic

FTC Tells Search Engines to Label Advertising as Such

iDEN Shutdown Days Away, Sprint Begins 800 MHz Refarming for CDMA, LTE

UK Science Spending to Remain 'Flat'

Microscopy Technique Could Help Computer Industry Develop 3-D Components

Femtosecond X-rays from Tabletop Accelerator

CNN Exits Radio Business Completely

Northrop Grumman Contract Aims at Improving GPS-Challenged Navigation and Geo-Registration

Samsung Doubles Mobile Download Speed for Galaxy S4 Smartphone

Low-Power, Wide-Area Wireless Networks May Transform M2M

Microsoft Looks for New Start with Launch of Retooled Windows 8


UK Launches Drive to Register 100,000 Engineering Technicians

FCC Fines Firms for Unlawful Operation on GMRS Frequencies

'Password Fatigue' Haunts Internet Masses

Tesla Lab to Become Science Center

Nokia Offers Interest-Free Loans for Mobile Phone Purchases

In-Flight Wi-Fi Still Costly, but More Available  

Wood Could Be Good for Cheap Rechargeable Battery

Army Launches Program to Advance Quantum Computing for Parallel Processing 

Android to Dominate Global Device Sales in Years Ahead

Hong Kong Network Offers Special SIM Card for Tourists

Cyber Attack Hits South Korea Websites

Satellites to Bring 'Fast, Cheap' Internet to 'Under-Connected'

Small Business Sales Rise, But Hiring Lags

Nearly $1.7 Billion in Revenue from Automotive App Downloads by 2018

For Modern Jurors, Being on a Case Means Being Offline (no Facebook or Twitter - oh horrors!)

Airport Body Scanners: Are They Hazardous?


1,000,000 Engineers in India Struggling to Get Placed in Extremely Challenging Market

Extreme Insulating-to-Conducting Nanowires Promise Novel Applications

Facebook Found Collecting, Storing Unauthorized User Info in Profiles (privacy not so important to them when big $$$ at stake)

Beyond Silicon: Transistors Without Semiconductors

New Rules for Europeans When Personal Data is Lost or Stolen

First International Partner Connects over the USAF's Protected Comms Satellite System

Scientists Solve Riddle of Strangely Behaving Magnetic Material

Looming Conflict over Spectrum Sharing

Mold Could Make Memristors for Biocomputers

Architects Plan Wooden Skyscraper for Human Habitation

Nissan Unveils "World’s Fastest" Electric Racer

Only 1 FM Satellite Available During Field Day

Australia Plans 2nd Auction of Unsold 700 MHz Spectrum

2-D Atomically-Flat Transistors Show Promise for NexGen Green Electronics

Amid Ire at U.S., Germany Does Its Own Domestic Spying

NPR Getting Grief for Fancy Digs (it's just your tax money, quit whining)


New Method Joins Gallium Nitride and Diamond for Better Thermal Management

Experimentation Key to Telcos' Success

New Zealand Emerges as Guinea Pig for Global Tech Firms

Reply Comment Deadline Extended in Proposed 5 GHz Unlicensed Broadband Expansion

Local Governments Reeling Under "Affordable Health Care" Costs, Cutting Employee Hours (LMAO)


40% of Young Smartphone Owners Now Using IP-based Messaging

Retailers Adopt NFC-Enabled Electronic Shelf Labels (good idea)

15 Competitors Selected for DARPA Spectrum Challenge

Danish Chemists' Molecular Chip Breakthrough

4 Reasons Your Employees Should Attend Conferences

Nano-Thermometer Enables First Atomic-Scale Heat Transfer Measurements

e2v Releases First Space Qualified GHz-Class Microprocessor

Eye Chip Sends Signals to Blind Rats' Brains (rat's name Steve Austin?)

Mobile Device Boom No Threat to Movie Theatre Growth

Canada Makes First Call on AEHF

Researchers Report Quantum Networking Milestone

Meet Me at the Intersection of Fiber and Wireless

India Sets up Elaborate System to Tap Phone Calls, e-Mail

Controlling Magnetic Clouds in Graphene

NAB Calls for Indecency Clarity

Europe's Space Hub to Open Its Doors on 6 October


Much Faster Wi-Fi Coming Soon, 802.11ac

Wearable Electronics: Highly Conductive Textiles and Paper with Aluminum (will triboelectric charging make people walking stun guns?)

Graphene Produces Femtosecond Pulses of Any Colour

Apocalyptic Scenes as Smog Engulfs Singapore

Microsoft Walked Away from Deal to Buy Nokia's Phone Division

African Entrepreneurs Deflate Google's Internet Balloon Idea

New 'Charmed' Particle May Represent Previously Unknown State of Matter

MBDA Reveals Future Rapid Response Missile Concept (very cool)

Flexible Multicell Zn-MnO2 Battery for Printed Electronics

The Heart of Responsible e-Waste Recycling

DOE Tool Compares Gasoline to Electricity Costs

Want to Write a Book? 4 Tips for Doing it Right

EarthLink Re-Enters Wireless as a Clearwire MVNO Offering WiMAX

Hidden Features Found in Apple's Latest iPhone Software

Tesla to Demo Quick-Swap Electric Car Batteries

End to Fed stimulus, China Slowdown Spark World Sell-Off


Broadcasting Text Messages into Space (ET text home)

Effect of Cell Phone Coverage and Political Violence in Africa (anyone surprised? we subsidize it)

Small Satellites Soar in High-Altitude Demonstration

FCC Nominee Favors Competition over Regulation

Researchers Ask Industry for Ideas on Common Data Link Radios for Small Manpackable UAVs

Cognitive Radio Arrives, All by Itself

Internet Balloons to Benefit Small Business

Mobile Call Logs Can Reveal a Lot to the NSA

LatAm Wrap-Up: 125,000 LTE subscribers; Brazil Reaches 14.1M Cellphones

Top Wireless Executives: Where Are They Now?

Silicon Valley Will Always Produce the Big Hits

Printing Tiny 3D Batteries

California Amateurs Claim New World Distance Record on 3.7 mm Band

Google 1st Amendment Court Case Against NSA Surveillance Secrecy (political cover - they're in bed with the WH ops)

British Retailers Struggle to Be Mobile Ready

Raising the Next Bill Gates


India to Send World's Last Telegraph Message July 14 (another bygone world-changing technology - heavy sigh)

CTIA Chief Wheeler Likely to Address Spectrum Auctions, IP Transition

India May Lift Limit on Foreign Ownership of Mobile Networks

NYC to Install Free Cellphone-Charging Stations (and probably read its contents in the process)

NSA, GCHQ Reportedly Break into BlackBerry Calls, Messages

10,000 Apple Accounts Subject to Data Requests

Yahoo: 13,000 Government Requests for Data

NASA's 'PhoneSat' Program Points to Satellites of the Future

First Direct Images of Topological Insulator's Edge Currents

Integrated Graphene Digital Circuit to Function at GHz Frequencies

Solar Cell Claims 44.4% Conversion Efficiency

China's Tianhe-2 Retakes Fastest Supercomputer Crown

McDonald's Tests NFC Payments

Chinese Good Cheer

New IEEE 1149.1-2013 Supports Accessing Silicon Instruments

oPhones for Drugs OK per Philly Wireless Company (just be sure to vote the right way)


Unused RF Spectrum May Ease Wi-Fi Traffic Jams

UK Spied on G20 Allies at London Summit (I guess we're not the only ones)

Sulfur-Based Battery Outperforms Lithium-Ion in Tests

Penetrating the Quantum Nature of Magnetism

Scientists Moving 15-Ton Magnet from New York to Chicago

Qualcomm CMOS PA Targeted at Increasing Competitiveness of Baseband

AT&T, Verizon, Others Sharpen Focus on Wireless Backhaul

Graphene Research Provides Li-Ion Battery Boost

What Do IBM Layoffs Mean for New York's Chip Initiative?

10 Super Gadgets for Your High-Tech Home

NEC Develops Wind Noise Suppression Technology for Phones (a popup that tells you to roll up the car window?)

Chemists Produce Star-Shaped Macromolecule That Grabs Large Anions

DOD Mobility Pilots Getting Ready to Move on to Operational Deployment

LinkedIn Builds Its Publishing Presence

Another $100M Prez Famly Trip to Africa While U.S. Parks and WH Tours Shut Down

AT&T Issues Wireless Emergency Alerts Update to iPhone 4S, 5 (still think Apple is innocent bystander in data snooping?)


NFC Stands for Nobody F****** Cares and Apple Gets That

Simple Invisibility Cloak Hides Toys, Pets, People

NSA Admits Listening to U.S. Phone Calls Without Warrants

Producing Cheaper and More Flexible Thin Crystalline Silicon Wafers

When Will My Computer Understand Me?

Drinking Hot Cocoa Before Going to Bed Might Prevent Diabetes (dark chocolate M&Ms are my circulatory drug of choice)


U.S. Agencies Said to Swap Data with Thousands of Firms

LinkedIn: How It's Changing Business

Do Advanced College Degrees Really Pay Off?

USAF to Replicate GPS on the Ground for NexGen Testing of at White Sands

Bangladesh Mandates Mobile Number Portability by January 2014

Tablets, Smartphones Steal Scene at Tokyo Toy Show

Army Ground-Penetrating Radar Program Moves Forward

Engineers Cheer 'Multi-CAD' Strategy

Electronics Industry Report Forecasts Slow Growth in Second Half of 2013

Trader Fined for Selling Dangerous Phone Chargers

Safety-Critical Software Certification Exam Gets Low Grade in First Test

Dish Tests 50 Mbps Fixed LTE Service

Secret Court Ruling Put Tech Companies in Data Bind

Options for Future of IC Process Technology.

A Workout for Your Brain, on Your Smartphone

Microsoft Releases Office App for iPhone


"Googleproof" Anonymity is the Height of Chic

What Is the Best Way to Measure a Researcher's Scientific Impact?

Sneaky Ways Bosses Try to Get Employees to Quit

500 W GaN L-Band Amplifier Ready for Rugged Radar Designs

Silicon Valley Intensifies Lobbying on Immigration Bill

Spot-Welding Graphene Nanoribbons Atom by Atom

ARRL Kid's Day is June 15

NFC Sees 10x Growth

Juniper Cuts NFC Ticketing Forecast

How Technology Is Destroying Jobs

Voice-Activated Technology Is Called Safety Risk for Drivers

Hands-Free Talking, Texting Still Unsafe for Drivers

'Space Odyssey' Author Inspires Imagination Research Center

TI Plans to Boost China Manufacturing

Ferroelectric Memory Device Based on Light Response

Global Market Selloff, Dollar Slumps as Rout Gathers Pace (the Fed will be running $$$ presses at full steam today)


After the Crash: Driver's License, Registration, Cellphone, Please (coming soon to NJ)

Discovery of New Material State Counterintuitive to Laws of Physics

Across Asia, Officials' E-mails May Be Vulnerable (GMail, YahooMail, etc., ain't really 'free')

U.S. LTE Subscribers will Make up 70% of Connections by 2017

Amid Data Controversy, NSA Builds Its Biggest Data Farm (if you squint, you can see NSA's record of your conversations and Web surfing)

Armstrong Dedication, Commemorative Broadcast Planned

First Wafer-Scale Heteroepitaxial Growth of III-V Nanowires on Silicon

Additive Offers Near-Perfect Results as Nucleating Agent for Organic Semiconductors

Carrier WiFi Equipment Market Red Hot, up 53% in 2012

Visa to Launch NFC Payments in the UK This Year

Broadcom Hits TbPS with Comms Processor

U. of Derby Researchers Seek New Ways to Use RFID

T-Mobile Assails Study on 600 MHz Auction, Calls for Spectrum Aggregation Limits

Google Seals Waze App Sat-Nav Takeover

Smartphones Will Account for Nearly Half of Wi-Fi Chipset Shipments in 2018

3 Tech Giants Want to Reveal Data Requests


'Crazy Ants' That Feast on Electronics (buggy hardware?)

Semiconducting Films for Atom-Thick Circuits

USAF Considers New ASIC to Handle Wideband RF Phased Array Beamforming

iPhone on AT&T Gets Push-to-Talk with Wi-Fi

Switched-Capacitor Filters: An Introduction

Researchers Move Closer to Low-Cost, Implantable Electronics

Camera Captures Voices Without a Microphone (yea! another way to be spied on)

Graphene and Semiconductor Technology Together: Smaller, Cheaper, Better

iTunes Radio no Threat to Radio

Closing the Last Bell-Test Loophole for Photons

Dayton Contest University Videos Available on YouTube

'Popcorn' Particle Pathways Promise Better Li-Ion Batteries

MEMS Startup Wins Strategic Investment

Tech Companies Tread Lightly in Statements on U.S. Spying

BBC Digital 'Catastrophe' Criticised

Tesla to Produce 'Affordable EV' by 2016


Steady Cell Phone Use Leads to Spikes in Blood Pressure

Data-Driven Tech Industry Is Shaken by Online Privacy Fears

FCC Targets Online Retailer in Citation

Tech Giants Deny Granting NSA 'Direct Access' to Servers (right, and we believe them)

Few Options for Companies to Defy U.S. Intelligence Demands

NASA's 'PhoneSat' Program Points to Satellites of the Future

Some Shrug at NSA Snooping: Privacy's Already Dead (lapdog U.S. media wants you - not themselves - to just comply)

To Invent Like Edison, Learn to Collaborate

Carbon Nanotubes for Molecular Magnetic Resonances

New Experiment Opens Window on Glasses

Pandora Reports Radio Listening Down Again

More Delays for Bangladesh's 3G License Auction

Google to Buy Israeli GPS App Waze for $1B

Protesters Rally in Singapore Against New Online Rules

Army Eyes Open-Systems Standard for SATCOM Networking for Big Combat Vehicles

Managing Market Share by Restricting Spectrum Ownership - Warnings of a Managed Economy?


World's 5 Largest Intellectual Property Offices (IP5) Meet in Silicon Valley

Tech Industry Could Pay Stiff Price for PRISM

Huawei Hits Back at UK Cyber Security Report

Improving Dynamic Performance of Nitride HEMTs

TiVo to Gain $490M in Patent Settlement with Google, Cisco


NSA Taps Internet Giants' Systems to Mine User Data (flash: all the top inet guys are o buds)

U.S. Spy Chief Clapper Defends Prism and Phone Surveillance

FCC to Vote on New Rules to Protect Wireless Customers' Call Data (fox guarding the hen house?)

China Builds Fastest Supercomputer in the World

Robbing a Gas Station with a Smartphone

'Long-Awaited Explanation' for Mysterious Effects in High-Temperature Superconductors

Navy Names 5 Electronics Distributors to Supply Aerial Weapons Parts over Next 5 Years

Massive Lasers Could Cut High-Level Nuclear Wastes' Half-Lives to Decades

Second Life for Possible Spintronic Materials

A Day in the Life of the Relentlessly Tracked

Quantum Teleportation Between Atomic Systems over Long Distances

'Time Cloak' Hides Data - But Not the Fact There's Something to Hide

Novel Electrodes Improve Li-Ion Batteries

Wafer Bonding Could Push Solar Efficiency to 50%

Indian Networks Sign $2.1B Towers Sharing Deal

Why Bypass Caps Make a Difference - Part 5


NSA Collecting Phone Records of Millions of Verizon Customers Daily (out of control gov't)

Beer Fridge Blamed for Cellphone Network Blackout

Sparks Fly at Senate Hearing About Spectrum Auctions

Countries Seek Entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley

2013 Semi Market Growth Estimate Reduced

Wi-See Uses Wi-Fi Signals to Recognise Body Gestures

1 in 3 Mobile Phones to Come with NFC by 2017

TV Still King as Viewing Medium

Belgium Issues Timetable for 4G Spectrum Auction

Cuban Emergency Net Activated (they have a clever logo)

Intel Exec Admits LTE Weakness is Holding Back U.S. Sales

Gadgets in Space

Fourier Domain Mode-Locked Lasers Could Achieve Femtosecond Pulses

Wi-Fi and BYOD Are Two Key Factors Shaping the Future of the Mobile Workforce

Samsung Passes Apple in U.S. Smartphone Market

Gov't Motors (GM) Bailout Has Cost Taxpayers $50 Billion


Airline Kicks 100 Students off Plane for Not Putting Away Phones

Data is 'Next Big Opportunity' for UK Space Industry

FCC Sets Deadlines for Comments on RF Exposure Reassessment

ITC Rules Apple Violated Samsung Patents

Bandwidth Capacity Trading for Wi-Fi Hotspots

In China, an Empire Built by Aping Apple

Precise Measurements Test Quantum Electrodynamics, Possible 5th Fundamental Force

Infrastructure for NFC Mobile Wallet Services is Being Rolled Out

GSMA Lobbies for Consolidation

Novel Silicon Electrodes That Improve Li-Ion Batteries

Just 5% of Locations Carry 50% of All Mobile Data Traffic

Cheap Batteries for Backup Renewable Energy

FreedomPop Announces Free Mobile Service

Dense Hydrogen in a New Light

Verizon and AT&T vs. Sprint and T-Mobile in 600 MHz Auction Battle

Smog Plus Storm Sends Beijing into Darkness at Noon


U.S. Cellular Launches Home Phone Service for $20/Month

Perfectly Designed Microelectronics

Manufacturing in U.S. Shrinks at Fastest Pace in 4 Years

WLAN Gear Sees Rare Down Quarter

'Atari Dump' Will Be Excavated, After Nearly 30 Years

Samsung Says New Superfast '5G' Works with Handsets in Motion

Cool Electron Acceleration

Get Ready for .Google and .Apple (or maybe .YouAreOwnedFool)

Home Depot Goes Radio Crazy

Online Throttling and Site-Blocking to Be Outlawed in Europe Under Net Neutrality

Foxconn to Build at Least 5 Devices Running Mozilla's Firefox OS

Over 1 Billion Android Smartphones to Ship in 2017

Most Parents Show Little Concern About Children's Media Use

Crash-Testing Lithium-Ion Batteries

Analyst Wants Microsoft to Break Up

Blind Federation Criticizes Captcha Security Test (hackers love these groups)


Man Struck, Killed By Subway Train by Jumping Down for Cell Phone

Qualcomm Grabs Record 59% Revenue Share of Cellular Baseband Revenues

New Method Improves Printed Electronics Efficiency 10x

IBM Breakthrough Could Alleviate Mobile Data Bottleneck

Artificial Magnetic Monopoles Discovered

'Fake Votes' Cast in France's First Digital Election (Does anyone really think electronic ballots are secure? It's a dream come true for fraudsters.)

16 Cell Bands, 3 Wi-Fi Bands, 1 Handset - the Complexity of the 'Worldphone'

New Mathematical Model Links Space-Time Theories

LTE and Smartphone Uptake Drives Video Traffic Growth

Europe Set for Record-Breaking Space Launch

Virtual Mobile Phone Firms Spy Growth in Spain's Recession

New Sensor 1000x More Sensitive Than Current Camera Sensors

Samsung Says New Superfast '5G' Works with Handsets

The Echo Chamber of Silicon Valley

To Thwart Stray RFID Reads, IDRO Develops Glowfly

Wealth of Most Americans Down 55% Since Recession


Even with Defects, Graphene Is Strongest Material in the Universe

Semiconductor Market Expects 3-4% Revenue Growth in 2013

Nokia's India Tax Appeal Rejected

Silicon Nitride Gate Insulation and Passivation Reduces Current Collapse

Genes Weakly Linked to Education Level