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Unique Approach to Materials Allows Temperature-Stable Circuits

New Properties of Carbon Material Graphene Discovered

FCC: 800 MHz SMR Band Order

Apple iPhone Users Account for 80% of the Heaviest Smartphone Data Users

Index Reports on Consumer Acceptance of NFC Payments

Freescale Pushes Wireless Recharge

SK Telecom to Test Multi-Carrier Capability - Doubling LTE Bandwidth

Copper-Nickel Nanowires Could Be Perfect Fit for Printable Electronics

Is This the Key to Vastly Better Batteries?

Pentagon to Troops: Caution Required When Using Social Media

Insufficient Baseband Chip Supply Hurting LTE Smartphone Sales

World's First Self-Operating 3G and LTE Network Deployed in Japan

SETI Finds No Signs of ET Nearby

Power Mapper Shows UHF Signal Strength, to Help Users Properly Install RFID Systems

FCC Expands Part 95 MedRadio Rules to Allow Devices in 2360-2400 MHz Band

Intel's First Smartphone Goes on Sale in Europe June 6

New Class of Technology Needed for Evolving Warfare

How MIT Could Help You Pour Ketchup

Air Force's Secretive X-37B Space Plane to Land

Investors Flee Spain as Financial Crisis Spirals


Economic Watch: U.S. Must Stop Using China's Fake Military Parts

U.S. Military Chips "Compromised"

Cambridge Firm Develops Satellite Radio for U.S. Military

Carbon Nanotubes to Replace Platinum in Fuel Cells (a significant $ decrease)

Eye to Create World’s Largest NFC Out-of-Home Advertising Network

LeCroy to Get New Owner and 100 GHz Scope Technology

House Armed Services Committee "Urges" MARS Consolidation

The Finest Gold Dust in the World

NASA Announces 2012 Aeronautics Scholarship Recipients

Mathematicians Can Conjure Matter Waves Inside an Invisible Hat

NSN Wins GSM-R Contract from Indian Railways

Intelsat Signs First Commercial Falcon Heavy Launch Agreement with SpaceX

Ion-Based Electronic Chip to Control Muscles

UK Government Approves New University Technical Colleges

Research Group Creates Longer Lived and More Efficient Quantum Memory

Metamaterials, Quantum Dots Show Promise for New Technologies

Leaked iPhone Schematic Reaffirms Larger Screen

Oracle's Patent 'Disaster': Beginning of a Bright New Era?

'Invisible' Bike Helmets Integrate Motion Sensors to Expand Air-Bag-Like Shell

Facebook Shares Tumble to Fresh IPO Lows


Revolutionary Chipset for High-Speed Wireless Data Transfer

Universities Adapt to Support More Engineers

As Headphones Invade the Office, Are We Lonelier?

Scientists Take Steps Toward Creating Artificial Graphene

Electronics Factory Uses RFID to Manage Assembly of Cisco Circuit Boards

Worldwide Mobile Payment Transaction Value to Surpass $170B

Vintage U2 Gives High-Tech Drone a Run for Its Money (the airplane, not the band)

Smallest Possible 5-Ringed Structure Made: 'Olympicene' Molecule

Engineers Develop Cheap Onboard Tracking System for UAVs

Index Reports on Consumer Acceptance of NFC Payments

Silica Offers £3,000 Prizes for UK Students

11% of Consumers Have a Worsened Perception of Apple Since Steve Jobs Died

China's Dynamic App Industry Lures Foreign Entrepreneurs

Global Mobile Payments to Top $171B

Intel Confirms Ireland for 14-nm Silicon

iPhone Commands Price Premium as Smartphone Sales Grow

Survival: Major Newspaper Shifting to Online (people not paying for biased reporting)

Warning over Digital Archive 'Black Hole'

$8.5B Skype Deal Presents a Puzzle

Researchers Conclude That Climate Change Led to Collapse of Ancient Indus Civilization (did they find SUVs in caves?)


German Teen Solves 300-Year-Old Mathematical Riddle Posed by Sir Isaac Newton

Renesas Cuts 14,000 Jobs; Fab Sale to TSMC (awful lot of semi jobs lost lately)

Hundreds of Words to Avoid Using Online If You Don't Want the Government Spying on You

Dresden Sets up 5G Communications Research Lab (is "5G" actually defined anywhere?)

For Tech Start-Ups, New York Has Increasing Allure

Irish Mathematicians Solve The Guinness [beer] Sinking Bubble Problem (important breakthrough for mankind)

"Flame" Massive Cyber-Attack Discovered

US Army Wants Fire-Resistant Gloves That Work with Smartphones (follow-on RFP: phones that survive fire for use w/gloves)

Graphene on Boron Nitride May Lead to Breakthrough in Microchip Technology

'Fake' Internet Would Prepare Soldiers for Real-World Social Media

Engineered Materials: Custom-Made Magnets

Irish Regulator Outlines Radio Spectrum Auction Plans

'Nanoclutch' Simulations Could Aid Nanorobot Manufacture

Lloyd's of London Preparing for Euro Collapse (UE visitors: Would you prefer sovereign nations again?)

DARPA Launches DEFT Program to Pull Actionable Intelligence out of Ambiguously Worded Text (I'm sure no mistaken "threats" will result in honest citizens being raided in the middle of the night)

Cut in Handset Subsidies Would Be Positive for Operators

House to Examine Plan for United Nations to Regulate the Internet (yeah, let the anti-American thugs have control)


Submarine Cabling Boom Drives Down Bandwidth Prices in High Cost Regions

Students Will Be Tracked Via Chips

German Court Says Motorola Violates Microsoft Text Messaging Patent

Google Warns Hundreds of Thousands May Lose Internet in July

½ of U.S. Households Receive Government Payments ("...the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship.")


U.S. Postal Service to Ban Shipping of Consumer Electronics Overseas

Renesas to Try and Raise $1.3B; Lay Off 10,000

'Battle Kites' Latest in Fixed Aerial Surveillance Concepts

China Voice: U.S. Counterfeit Military Parts Accusation Goes Too Far

Memristor is 200 Years Old, Say Academics

Digital Edition of QST Now Available!

SpaceX Dragon Arrives at ISS in Historic First

A SIM Card for Domineering Parents

Sending an SMS to a Motorist May Leave the Sender Liable for Road Accidents (thank a lawyer)

Landmark Calculation Clears the Way to Answering How Matter is Formed

First Direct Observation of Oriented Attachment in Nanocrystal Growth

Yahoo Gets into the Browser World with Axis

2012 Campaigns Target Voters Through Their Phones (nowhere to hide)

Huawei Seeks EU Help on InterDigital Patent Fee Dispute

Nokia Sells New York Headquarters Building

Solar Plane Ends First Leg of Intercontinental Bid

NSA Certifies JTRS Wideband Networking Waveform Radio

Frazer-Nash Completes ITER Reactor Equipment Analysis

Legal Row over Dish Network's Ad-Skipping TV Box

Small Investors Seek Answers in Facebook IPO Problems


Military Radio Competition Heats Up as Lawmakers Intervene

Report Reveals Fake Chips in U.S. Military Hardware

Facebook Banks Said to Make $100 Million on Stabilizing Stock (move along folks, nothing to see here)

Intersil to Cut 11% of Workforce

AT&T Starts Migrating GSM Spectrum to 3G Services

Russian Spam Mastermind Jailed for Creating Botnet

Two-Dimensional Layered Materials for High-Performance Electronics

Radar-in-a-Backpack Can Keep Soldiers from Being Ambushed

3 Navy Ships to Get Microwave-Based WWAN in 2012

Government Says It Must Support Science Research

Research Team Sees Water as a Replacement Form of Lubricant

Hong Kong Government to Expand Municipal Wi-Fi Network

MTS Launches Commercial NFC Payments Service in Russia

New Circuit Pattern-Design Process Has Promise for 14 nm Design with Directed Self-Assembly

ZTE Completes World's First FDD/TDD LTE PS Handover Test

SpaceX Craft Aims to Dock with International Space Station

Man Breaks into WIBW-TV, Stabs 2 (lots of "kill the cracker" going on - be on alert)

New iPad, Nokia Lumia 900: 10 Gadgets to Boost Your Summer Productivity

Cyber Countershot: U.S. Hacks Web Ads of Al-Qaida's Yemen Affiliate

USA Today: Real Federal Deficit Dwarfs Official Tally ($42,054 debt per household - median income is $49,445)


TV Remote Control Inventor Eugene Polley Dies at 96 (the couch potato enabler live to a ripe old age)

Stolen Phone Beams Photos to Owner, Who Puts Them on Facebook

IBM Worries iPhone's Siri Has Loose Lips

Researchers Improve Infrared Detectors Using Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes

Boy Scouts Get High-Tech to Bring in New Recruits

Mobile Phones Offer Indian Women a Better Life

U.S. Army's Rocket-Intercept System Hits the Mark

Wireless LAN Market Sales Up 18% Y/Y in Q1

Coupling Electron Spin States and Carbon Nanotube Vibrations

Apple Designer Behind the iPod and iPhone Receives Knighthood

Technical Advisory Board for First Responder Interoperability Submits Report to FCC

Will Japan Inc. Say Sayonara to TV Manufacturing?

Is Mobile Computing Good For Productivity?

DOD Achieves Record Throughput in WGS Bandwidth Test

Philippines Complains About Illegal Signal Repeaters

Availability of Hydrogen Controls Chemical Structure of Graphene Oxide

Vote of Confidence for UK Manufacturing (see bleow)

Polls Suggest That UK Policies Aren't Helping Manufacturers (see above)

Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8 Look to Redefine PC Experience

Engine Could Boost Fuel Economy by Half


SpaceX Launches Falcon 9/Dragon on Historic Mission

China Fake Parts Used in U.S. Military Equipment

Timely Discovery: Physics Research Sheds New Light on Quantum Dynamics

Scotty's Ash Gets Kicked into Space

IEEE Career Day Gets Students Fired Up about Engineering

UCL Makes Memristors Manufacturable

DOD Achieves Record Throughput in WGS Bandwidth Test

Renesas May Lay Off 6000

Passengers Pass Seamlessly Through Toulouse Airport Using Only a Mobile Phone (yeah, that would make me feel safer)

A Magnetic Approach to Lattices

Biophoton Communication: Can Cells Talk Using Light?

Making Microscopic Machines Using Metallic Glass

IEEE Launches Spark Online Magazine to Spark Engineering Interest in Teens

New Silicon Memory Chip May Offer Super-Fast Memory

Qualcomm Offers $250,000 Funding for Best Startup

Software App Keeps Smartphone Chatter Secure

Google Becomes Hardware Company with $12.5B Motorola Buy

Military Addresses Double-Edged Sword of Troops on Social Media

Major Acquisition! Eaton to Acquire Cooper Industries

Facebomb - Shares Drop 11% off IPO


Samsung Makes Graphene Logic

European Physicists Smash Chinese Teleportation Record

Major U.S. Cable Companies Join Forces for Single Wi-Fi Service

Researchers Improve Fast-Moving Mobile Networks

Inexact Processor is More Power Efficient (interesting)

N. Korea Denies Jamming GPS of Civilian Aircraft

ICOM to Support Boy Scouts at National Jamboree and at Local Council Level

Companies Increasingly Concerned About Employee Use of Cell Phones While Driving

French Team Demonstrates Paramagnetic Properties of Liquid Oxygen Drops

Silicon Labs Buys Zigbee Specialist

House Rolls Back Export Restrictions on Satellites (just sell secrets when Fed can't print money fast enough)

NASA Announces 2012 Space Technology Research Fellowship Grants

Europe's Eco-Chip Project Has 10% Energy-Cut Target

$21,500 Fine to Radio Station for Unattended Studio

Cloak of Invisibility: Engineers Use Plasmonics to Create Invisible Photodetector

Qualcomm Seeks World's Best Start-Up

DARPA Moves Ahead with Fractionated-Satellite System F6 Program

Naval Surface Warfare Center Demos RFID Tool-Tracking Solution for Combat Ships

Facebook Shares Drop Below Flotation Price

Mark Zuckerberg Marries Long-Time Sweetheart


China Mobile Still Talking to Apple over iPhone Sales

Dashboard Delivery is Radio's Biggest Advantage.

Verizon Says Users Can Avoid Data Change by Paying Full Phone Price

Gov. Moonbean Claims Facebook Was Invented in California


News Alert! - RF Cafe HP to Slash Work Force by up to 30,000

Graphite Enters Different States of Matter in Ultrafast Experiment

Russia Develops Air Defence Lasers

Gray Market for Mobile Cellphones Serves As Boon to Low-Cost Flash Memory

Full Control of Plastic Transistors

Met Police to Extract Suspects' Mobile Phone Data (no 4th Amendment protection in the UK)

Thai Regulator OKs 3G Auction Plan

Solar Electric Propulsion Technology Proposed

Army Puts New Comms Systems to the Test at Third NIE

Strategy Analytics: 1B LTE Connections by 2017

Avago and TriQuint Settle BAW Filter Patent Dispute

Chinese Counterfeiter Goes Out of Business

Comcast Scraps Broadband Cap, Moves to Usage-Based Billing

Amateurs Asked to Listen for HORYU-2 Satellite

New Research Could Mean Faster Computers and Better Smart Phones

Ariane 5 Mission with Twin Telecommunications Satellites Approved for Launch

World's Largest Solar Eclipse Party Takes over Football Stadium Sunday

Customers Clog Panera's Free Wi-Fi

2,000 Apply for Jobs Building Asteroid-Mining Robots

Still Smiling, Eduardo? U.S. Senators Want to Collect Your $67M in Facebook IPO Taxes Anyway


Coffee Buzz: Study Finds Java Drinkers Live Longer (my insurance rates should be going down!)

ARRL Responds to FCC Request for Comments on Impediments to Amateur Radio Communications

Army Looks to GSA for Fast Purchase of Vehicle Radios

Employers Make Ever Greater Assaults on Job Seekers' Privacy

Watching the 'Birth' of an Electron: Ionization Viewed with 10 Attosecond Resolution

Apple Fan Writes Letter Praising Nokia's Latest Smartphone

New "Shall Issue" Law for Amateur Stations Now in Effect in Ohio

Researchers Solve Tuning Problem for Wireless Power Transfer Systems

Disposable Satellite System Sees Soldiers

Bath University Opens Entrepreneurship Programme to All-Comers

Girls Encouraged to Pursue STEM Careers (it seems they just don't want them)

Sunstorms' Costly Threat to U.S. Grid Stirs Debate

FCC Wants Clarity from Verizon on Proposed Spectrum Deals

Underwater Turbine Set to Be Used for Scottish Tidal Power

Technology Convergence May Widen the Digital Divide

Electric Car Could Power Home During Blackout (good idea, I have to admit)

Google Patents Augmented Reality Project Glass Design

Iranian Military Claims E-Weapon No Other Country Has Been Able to Invent

UK Opens Europe's Largest Robotics Laboratory

Minorities Now Surpass Whites in U.S. Births (huge # of illegal anchor babies bankrupting hospitals, social services)


Lack of Trust in the Use of Personal Data Threatens to Undermine the Digital Economy

Patent Dispute Holds Up Sales of 2 HTC Phones in U.S.

DARPA Wants Small Satellites to Test Fractionated Concept

ARRL Responds to FCC Request for Comments on Impediments to Amateur Radio Communications

Jaguar Joins Drive to Boost Engineer Graduate Numbers

GSA Spies Venture Capital Investment Uptick in April

You're Only Worth $1.21 to Facebook

OMG! Texting Ups Truthfulness, New iPhone Study Suggests

Receivers Could Promote More Widespread Wireless Recharging

Topological Insulators Open Path to Room-Temperature Spintronics

Electronic Congestion in the Microchips of the Future

DeviceFidelity Adds Full NFC Functionality to iPhone

A Reason For RIM: Why We Still Need the Blackberry

What Rare Earth Shortages Mean for Engineers, Part 5

"Data Killer" Erases the Evidence

Samsung Loses $10B Market Value on Apple Order Report

When Lightning Strikes: A Photographer's Experience Going Viral

On-Demand Satellite Photos of the Battlefield, Coming to a Handheld Device Near You

States Using Fed Money Meant for Mortgages to Fund Budgets, Pensions

U.S. Leads Biggest War Drill in Middle East in 10 Years (Israel Not Invited, But Their Sworn Enemies Are)


Applied Materials to Cut Jobs, Move Solar Manufacturing to Asia ("this [Stimulus] bill (Applied got $10M)... will create thousands of ‘green’ jobs" - CEO of Applied Materials, Mike Splinter)

First Simulation of Quantum Tunneling on a Quantum Computer

UU.S. Phone Subscribers Hang Up on Contracts

GaN is Coming, Silicon Beware

Linx Technologies Begins Shipping Radiotronix Product Lines

Scientists Plan $1B Ghost Town

House Shoots Down DOD Plea to Alter Commercial Products Definition

ITU's Broadband Commission Studies Impact of Broadband Growth on Economies

LightSquared Files for Bankruptcy

Technique Keeps Cool High-Power Semiconductor Devices Used in Wireless Applications

Understanding Wireless Charging Configurations

IMEC to Detail Memristor Progress at VLSI Symposia

Survey Points to Complexities of Current Patent Box Rules

ARRL Microwave Band Planning Committee Releases Draft Band Plans 

Unusual Shape of Intel's Finfets

FCC Announces Low Power FM and FM Translator Public Forum

Light-Powered Bionic Eye Invented to Help Restore Sight

Engineering Tricks That Helped Facebook Win

Internet Hall of Fame Inductees: How Their Contributions Impact Everyone

Windmill Company Pulls the Plug in Pennsylvania


The Army Wants You[r] Ideas on How to Place Communications and EW Systems on Vehicles Without Co-Location Interference

What Yahoo CEO's False Bio Tell Us About Resume Fraud (that you can make a lot of $$$ until caught, then not give it back?)

UK High-Tech VC Investment Sharply Up

New Ultra-Thin Electronic Films Have Greater Capacity

In Metallic Glasses, Researchers Find a Few New Atomic Structures

43% of American Teenagers Say They Text While Driving

QST Digital Edition Launch Approaching

Researchers Generate Electricity from Viruses

NFC Phones and Tablets with Fingerprint Security Protection “Expected Later This Year”

Apple Drops '4G' from iPad Adverts

Steve Jobs Didn't Invent Design, But He Patented It

Law Firm Uses RFID to Track Every Page of Confidential Documents

Semi Industry Set For a Good Year

Are Smart Phones Spreading Faster than Any Technology in Human History? (I don't have one)

Fewer Women in Top U.S. Tech Jobs Since 2010

Mathematics Links Structure to Function in Leaves

Engineers Seek Zero-Defect Micro Manufacturing Strategy

Samsung Galaxy S III Spills Battery Life Secrets

The FM Cell Chip Provides an Opportunity to Serve (after forcing customers to buy it)

Euro Fall Would Raise Stakes for China, U.S.


More Adults Uses Location-Based Services on Smartphone

Official Claims Fisker Karma to Blame in Texas House Fire

Wireless Carriers Eye Solutions to Spectrum Crunch

Airborne Observatory Tests New Science Instrument

U.S. Oil Shale Deposits 5x Proven Reserves in Saudi Arabia


U.S. Student Science Scores Draw Concern (how long has this been a problem? just send billion$ more to DoE)

Several Antennas in One: A Major Innovation for Mobile Communications

FCC: Spectrum Auction Plans Big Part of Proposed $346M Budget

Chinese Physicists Smash Distance Record For Teleportation

Wearable Batteries Unburden Soldiers

Sony Mobile Posts Loss of US$1.5B on Write Downs and Lower Revenue

Use GPS and MEMS Sensor Combo for Next-Gen Positioning and Navigation

Silicon Nanospheres Could Be Building Blocks of Optical Invisibility Cloaks

EU Sanctions Cheaper Mobile-Phone Calls Within Europe

Opportunity Rover Fires up Engines, Starts Another Year Exploring Mars

Envisat Satellite Formally Declared Lost (forever polluting space)

Germans Send on Average 2 SMS Each a Day

Path Dependence and the Stupidity of LED Light Bulbs

2013 Defense Act Has Long Road Ahead of It

Despite Obstacles, Experts Say China Continues to Innovate

EC Ends Roaming Rip-Offs

Google Starts Mapping Indoors

Sun’s Shock Wave Goes Missing


Do Consumers Really Want an FM Chip in Their Smart Phones?

RIM Announces Approval of BlackBerry 7 Smartphones by USA Department of Defense

Three Hams Venture to ISS Next Week

AOL to Give Shareholders All Proceeds from Patent Bonanza

Infantry Gets Waveform Network Manager for Rifleman Radio

Huawei Conducts World's First Commercial Network LTE Category 4 Trial

New York’s Tech Industry Tops U.S. in Growth

Mobile Firms Attack 'Early 4G' on Everything Everywhere

Heavy-Ion Nuclear Fusion Brought One Step Closer to Reality

DHS Officials Select Five Companies for Tactical Communications Program

Baltimore Concert Venues to Try Reusable RFID Wristbands Instead of Tickets

KIT Researchers Succeed in Realizing a New Material Class

Coast Guard to Join Armed Forces Crossband Communications Test

Genachowski Promises Spectrum Solutions

New X-Ray Telescope Will Be Able to Focus

Tesla Still Losing Money, But Plans an Early Debut for its Sedan

Toyota Unveils $49k All-Electric SUV (100 whole miles on a charge - look out Chevy Volt!)

TDK Opens Capacitor Factory in India

Space Veterans Offer NASA Their Liberty Launch System

YouTuber Alleges NASA Cover up of Spaceship Spotted Near Sun (maybe it's LF's famous "mother plane")


Heathkit Educational Systems Closes Up Shop (tragic loos of an American icon)

Yahoo CEO Apologizes for Bogus College Degree

Physicists Store Short Movie in a Cloud of Gas (no jokes, please)

iPhone Costs Sprint CEO $3.25M

Advertising Funded Free Wi-Fi for London, UK

Paper Stirs up Controversy over Nature of Quantum Wave Function (it's making waves)

A Phone You Can Hear in Your Bones

AT&T Plans "Small Cell" Tests Around Year End

Spectrum Need Fuels Tension Between Wireless Industry, FCC

Research In Motion Shows off a New BlackBerry Smartphone

Zinc-Anode Battery Overcomes Problem of Dendrite Formation

Quantum Dots Brighten the Future of Lighting

CTIA 2012

Facebook Employees Face $4B Tax Bite (feeding the Fed beast, ,but it's never enough)

Qualcomm, Samsung Form Wireless Power Alliance

Cyber Briefings 'Scare the Bejeezus' out of CEOs

SMS is Still the King of Messaging with Speed, Reach and Reliability Cited As Reasons

How Internet Detectives, and Others, Find out Where You Live

Visa and Samsung Reveal Olympics NFC Payments Plans

Investors Less Likely to Back Women-Led Ventures


Google Gets Nevada Driving License for Self-Driven Car

BSA to Offer Morse Code Interpreter Strip

Team Makes Progress on High-Temperature Semiconductors

Bill Would Have Businesses Foot Cost of Cyberwar

AT&T Expands into Wireless Home Security, Automation

Two Stopped Light Pulses Interact with Each Other

LTE Growth Leaves Security Gaps Due to High Traffic, Lack of Security Standards

Many Competing Paths on the Road to the Phone Wallet

NIST Develops Biometric Wireless Communication Protocol

Secret Air Force X-37B Space Plane Mission a 'Spectacular Success'

Baolab Plans Monolithic Inertial MEMS

Metafluids: German Researchers Realize New Material Class

RIM Taps Former Sony Mobile and Vodafone Execs for New Management

Lockheed Martin to Provide Orbital Operations Support of GPS IIR/IIR-M Satellites

$60 LED Light Bulb to Last More Than 20 Years

The Frequent Fliers Who Flew Too Much (interesting)

Smartphones Top Computers for U.S. Facebook Time

Monster Sunspot Threatens to Unleash Powerful Solar Flares

1 in 4 Users Lie on Facebook

U.S. Foils New Underwear Bomb Plot by White Christian Grandmother (oh wait, it was a really what we no longer call a terrorist)


Copper Thief Gets Handful of 33 kV

Trade Group Survey to Measure 'On-Shoring' in Electronics

Manufacturers Not Expecting Imminent EconomicRecovery

FCC Seeks Higher Vanity Call Sign Fee

Agilent Releases Aerospace, Defense Application Videos

Why You Should Believe the 4-inch iPhone Rumor

Can Minor Vibrations Replaces Batteries in Power Sensors, Radio Transmitters and GPS Modules?

Apple Offering to Settle Chinese iPad Trademark Dispute

Nokia's Woes Might Call for Microsoft Aid

A nNew Paper Made of Graphene and Protein Fibrils

Physicists Go Totally Random

Hubble to Use Moon as Mirror to See Venus Transit

Magnetic Bacteria May Be Building Future Bio-Computers

Nokia Siemens Networks Improves Radio Spectrum Refarming for GSM to 3G Networks

AEHF-2 Satellite Launch Delayed Due to Rocket Glitch

MasterCard Certifies More NFC Phones, Introduces a New Logo

Researchers Use Doppler Effect for Computer Gesture Control

GE Aviation Invests in Electrical Power Technology for Commercial, Military Use

India's Slowing Economy Worrisome

Inconvenient Employment Numbers (pretending things are not what they are only helps politicians)


Hold on to Your Ground Grids - Largest Coronal Mass Ejection Since 2005 Headed Our Way

USPTO Seeks Nominations for Patent and Trademark Advisory Committees

Australia's Mobile Phone Radiation Emission Limits May Be Cut

RIM Demos New BlackBerry 10 Mobile OS, Impressing Programmers, Users

Nokia to Defend Itself Against U.S. Class Action Suit

2.2 Million Go on Disability Since Mid-2010; Fraud Explains Falling Unemployment Rate


U.S. Mobile Industry Faces Spectrum, Deal Paralysis

New Technique Uses Electrons to Map Nanoparticle Atomic Structures

'Graphene' University Joins Electronics Skills Initiative

Atomic-Scale Visualization of Electron Pairing in Iron Superconductors

Smartphone Shipments to Reach 1.7B in 2017 and Android to Dominate as OS

Fast, Low-Power, All-Optical Switch

Simplicity and Quantum Complexity

Researchers Develop Sensitive Radiation Surveillance Method

NYC Subway Stations to Get Wi-Fi

NASA Announces 2012 Summer of Innovation Project

U.S. Tech Fest Showcases Young Engineers

Intel Wants to Plug a Smartphone into Your Brain

Northrop Grumman Continues Significant Uptrend

New 'Unknowns' Hacking Group Hits NASA, USAF, ESA

Laser Pointers Provide Super-Fast Optical Comms

People Not in Labor Force Soar by 522,000, Labor Force Participation Rate Lowest Since 1981 (Carter era)

Army Concept Vehicle Can Double as Electricity Generator

Nielsen: TV Still King, But Web, Mobile Video Rising

Russia Threatens to Strike NATO Missile Defense Sites (must not think O will get 2nd term)

More Americans Stashing Cash in Home Safes


Harvard and MIT Launch edX to Offer Free Online Classes (non-credit)

RIM's Blackberrys Account for 80%of NFC Phones

Report Warns of Weather Satellites' 'Rapid Decline' (trillion$ of deficit spending for this?)

Acquisition Abuse Drives DOD to Reassess Commercial Purchase Rules

USPTO Honors National Inventors Hall of Fame 2012 Inductees

Freezing Liquids Help to Predict Properties of Prime Numbers

2/3 of World's LTE Connections in USA/Canada (yet we're together only 1/20 of world population - redistribute!)

Manipulating Liquid Crystals Leads to New Materials

Logbook of the World Marks 50,000 Users

First-Ever Image of a Flat Torus in 3-D

SpaceX Delays ISS Launch to May 10

Chip Executives' Conference is Off to Armenia (yeah, that's where I would have held it)

Bell Canada Profits Rise on Wireless and Media Growth

20% of U.S. Consumers Buy Via Mobile; 62% Couldn’t Care Less

Wireless Carriers Who Aid Police Are Asked for Data

China Launches Two Satellites for Its Navigation System

Materials Science: Perfecting the Defect

Getting a GPS Fix on Indoor Location

Single Nanomaterial Yields Many Laser Colors

Stray Parakeet Tells Japanese Police Where He Lives


Graphene-Based Terahertz Devices: The Wave of the Future

Motorola Wins Xbox and Windows 7 Ban in Germany

In Cellphone Era, Timepieces are Fashion Trend to Watch

Transparent, Lightweight, Flexible Conductor Could Revolutionize Electronics Industry

Annual Armed Forces Day Crossband Test Scheduled for May 12

Graphene-Based Material 'Outperforms' Indium Tin Oxide

Novel Radiation Surveillance Technology Could Help Thwart Nuclear Terrorism

Researchers from University of Zurich Discover New Particle at CERN

Discarded Digital Devices Can Retain Sensitive Data

Jewel-Like Nanowires Pretty as Well as Efficient

Nano-Factory Promises Great Things for Graphene Science

Barnes & Noble to Add NFC to Nook E-Reader

Nokia to Start Sales of 41-Megapixel Cameraphone This Month

Golden Potential for Gold Thin Films

Whatever Happened to Technology Innovation?

Google, FCC Showdown Spotlights Technology Law Lag

RIM Previews Long-Delayed BlackBerry 10

7 Gbit/s 60 GHz Wireless Transceiver for Tablets

TriQuint Wins $12.3M DARPA Contract to Develop Ultra-Fast E-Mode GaN Power Switch

ESA Selects 1B€ Juice Probe to Jupiter


Handset RF Front End Market to Double to $10B

Moore’s Law Ends in 10 Years

As Chip Plants Get Pricey, U.S. Risks Losing Edge (EPA regs greatly drive up costs)

iPad '4G' Claims Face Scrutiny from UK Regulator

Electronics Shine at UK Manufacturing Expo

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