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Edinburgh Start-Up Replaces 802.11 with Light

Military Comms and Networks Near Major Breakthroughs

At $500B, Apple is Worth More Than Poland

Phone Call 'Line Noise' Could Expose Thieves

Filter Uses Nano-Antennas to Precisely Control Colour Output

Exotic Material Boosts Electromagnetism Safely

Microsoft's Future Riding on Windows 8 (another meaningless bit of punditry)

U.S. Army Paranoid over Chinese Space Program

UV For Communications in Space

City with Superfast Internet Invites Innovators to Play

Microwave Backhaul Market Grows 9% in Fourth Quarter 2011

iPad Buy Would Mean Air Force is No Longer Apple-Free Zone

Smartphone Concepts and Apps to Create New Revenue Streams for Vehicle Manufacturers

Rational Design Can Improve Hydrogen Fuel Cell Efficiency

Can Radio Monetize Facebook?

Phones Poised to Replace the Money in Your Pocket

How To Adjust Your Privacy Settings, Before Google's Big Shift

Microsoft Releases Windows 8 Consumer Preview

25 Anonymous Suspected Hackers Arrested in International Raids

Guantanamo Detainees Get New $3/4M Soccer Field (theirs get games and halal meals, ours get beheaded)


IBM Reports Breakthroughs in Quantum Computing Quest

Carrier IQ: You Should Know What Your Phone Knows About You

Lasers Measure Energy Transfer at Molecular Scale

Two Molecules Communicate via Single Photons

Youth@HamRadio.Fun: Hamfesting Like Crazy

Direct Measurement of the Formation Length of Photons

DARPA Goes Rugged with Battlefield Communications

Corning Starts Shipping Upgraded Gorilla Glass to Handset Manufacturers

ST-Ericsson to Reduce Sites; Cut Head-Count.

Rainbow-Colored Polymer Could Open Door to Multispectral Imaging Devices

Gemalto Launches High Security NFC SIM

ZTE Sued for Patent Infringement in the USA

Yahoo Threatens Facebook as Patent War Looms

Battery to Take On Diesel and Natural Gas ($5M Stimulus money - bankruptcy almost guaranteed)

Samples Returned from Asteroid Itokawa Reveal History of Violent Impacts

In Japan, Bankruptcy for a Builder of PC Chips

Twitter Opens More of Your Tweets to Marketing Firms

Health Care for Veterans Severely Cut Under New Budget Proposal (a more civil form of spit upon them a la the 1960s)

Durable Goods Demand Falls Most in 3 Years

Large Asteroid Could Threaten Earth 28 Years


Ship's Anchor Clobbers East African Internet Cable (how will the pirates & war lords communicate?)

Another Victory over Uncertainty in Quantum Physics Measurements

Ford Puts Phone Apps in the Driving Seat

Domino's Pizza Intros Android App and Free Smartphone Offer (my kind of app!)

Defense Satellite Bandwidth Demand Keeps Soaring Despite Budget Cuts

Record-Speed Wireless Data Bridge Demonstrated

Planets Put on Oscar-Worthy Show Last Night (see my Jupiter-Moon-Venus photo)

Electronic Tagging System Could Replace Barcodes

Quantum Microphone Developed

Light-Emitting Nanocrystal Diodes Go Ultraviolet

Nokia Shows Off 41-Megapixel Symbian Smartphone

Scientists Image Charge Distribution Within a Single Molecule for First Time

Power Firm Warns That 4G LTE Has Radio Coverage Shortfall

Protecting Quantum Entanglement from Decoherence and Sudden Death

Northern Lights Mystery May Be Solved

eBay Sees Strong Mobile Commerce Volume Growth in 2012

Scientists See Red on NASA Cuts of Mars Missions (Mars is in eastern sky now by 9:00 pm EST)

Apple's Secrecy Could Cost It Billion$

Call for OWS'ers to "..take up their 2nd Amendment-sanctioned guns and storm Wall Street" (Prez even said "If they bring a knife to the fight , we bring a gun")


No iPhone Leads 700,000 Customers to Flee T-Mobile

Replacing Electricity With Light: First Physical 'Metatronic' Circuit Created

Why College Aid Makes College More Expensive

Snowstorm in Hawaii

Physicists Pinpoint W Boson, Narrow Search for Higgs


Army Unruffled by Smartphone Cyber Vulnerability (blabbermouths in Congress a bigger threat)

Coating Increases High-Voltage Rating of Ceramic Chip Capacitors

Is Throttling Smartphones Pointless?

Nokia Becomes World's Largest Microsoft Smartphone Vendor in Q4 2011

Samsung Targets NFC on Mobiles in Japan

ARRL Publishes New Guidelines for 60 Meters

Jargon-Busting Mobile Industry's Buzzwords

Loose Cable Blamed for Speedy Neutrinos (I suspected a loose nut)

World's Best Measurement of W Boson Mass Tests Standard Model, Higgs Boson Limits

LightSquared Cutting Staff After Regulator Blocks LTE Network Launch

4 Ways to Stave Off the Cell Phone Apocalypse

Canadian Astronaut Eager to Run Space Station

Fitch Revises France Telecom's Outlook to Negative

Mind-Reading Helmets on the Horizon for Fighter Pilots

A Look at How Some IPO Stocks Have Fared

Nanoscale Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Windows 8 Threatens Apple, Mac OS X, iOS

Automated Britain: The Renaissance of UK Manufacturing

Employees, Leaders Honor Late Micron CEO

Procter & Gamble to Cut 5,700 Nonmanufacturing Jobs


Wireless Spectrum Deal Could Unleash Super Wi-Fi

Nokia Siemens Networks Updates Beam-Forming to Increase Cell Performance

NASA's Spitzer Finds Solid Buckyballs in Space (3rd form of carbon, not Client #9)

Motorized Roller Could Mass-Produce Graphene-Based Devices

Hollywood Movie Features Morse Code, Homebrew Equipment

APIC Announces Germanium Laser

4G Transmitters Will Affect TV Reception

New Twist on Nanowires: Technology Can Control Composition and Structure of These Tiny Wires as They Grow

Why Your Cell Phone Bill is Going Up

Faster-Than-Light Neutrinos: Was a Faulty Connection to Blame?

Researchers Build First Physical 'Metatronic' Circuit

RFID Chip Lets Readers Talk First for Use in Retail Apps

Strong Finish to 2011 for Fixed Broadband Access Market

Avoiding High Temperatures and Plasma Improves InGaAs MOSFET Performance

Lotus CEO: "Radio Might Be Wiped Out by Internet"

Shanghai Court Rejects Request to Ban Apple's iPad

Wireless M2M Services to Control Recharging of Electric Cars

MS Office Coming to Apple iPad

Hardware Startups Look to China

Satellite Reveals That Cloud Tops Are Dropping Closer to Earth (global cooling on the way)


Photos Show Alleged Iran Bombs Hidden in $27 Radio

Rise in Identity Fraud Tied to Smartphone Use

Ericsson Triples Uplink Capacity in 3G Networks

4G TV Interference: Up to a Million Homes Need Filter

The Spectrum war's Winners and Losers

Microsoft Hits Motorola, Google with EU Complaint

DOD Seeks Help Incorporating Tech Trends into Strategy

Stratospheric Superbugs Offer New Source of Power

'Must-Have' Gadgets at World's Biggest Mobile Show

5.8 GHz Wake-up Radio Needs Only 15 µA

Study Reveals Switching Mechanism in Promising Computer Memory Device

Military Technology Research and Development Set to Continue 3-Year Decline in 2013

Verizon Wireless's $4B Spectrum Purchase Facing Obstacles

Researchers Develop New Way to Oxidize Promising Graphene

Plasma Thrusters Could Double the Lifetime of Mini Satellites

EU Suspends Copyright Treaty Ratification

T-Mobile Asks FCC to Block Verizon Deal

49.5% of Americans Now Pay No Income Taxes (many receive payments from IRS - a form of welfare)

Space: Winners and Losers as White House Cuts NASA Budget

50% Tax Rate in UK Causes Revenues to Plummet (we're following the EU off a cliff)


Apple Settles Class-Action Suit over iPhone 4 Antenna Problem ($15 or free case for you, lawyers made million$)

Answer to Shocking 'Faster-Than-Light' Particles Due Soon

Social Messaging Apps Cost Network Operators $13.9B in Lost SMS Revenue in 2011

Researchers Find Classical Musical Compositions Adhere to Power Law (...rap music is lawless)

Spectrum Crunch Growing in U.S. as Airwaves Fill

Trademarks Take on New Importance in Internet Era

Understanding Thermoelectric Analysis of Chips

You Can't Do the Math Without the Words

LightSquared's Latest Troubles Are with Satellite Partner Inmarsat

Terahertz CMOS Debuts at ISSCC

British Companies Share Space Development Funding

Researchers Create On/Off Switch for Credit Cards to Prevent RFID Theft

Ericsson Buys BelAir to Boost WiFi Offering

Cellphone Hackers Can Track Your Location Without Your Knowledge

RIM Finally Gives PlayBook E-Mail

Pulsars: The Universe's Gift to Physics

ADI Gets 'Aggressive' to Grow Chip Sales in Europe

'Anonymous' Hackers Threatens U.S. Power Grid

Why the Popularity of Some Web Pages Doesn't Fall over Time

Launching John Glenn into Orbit Likened to 'Russian Roulette' (omg an ethnic slur - fire the writer!)


Foxconn Announces Pay Rises for Handset Assembly Staff (might reduce suicide rate)

911 Broadband Network: Brought to You by TV Spectrum Selloff

Payroll Tax Bill Includes Provision for Amateur Radio Study

Scientists Build a "Perfect" Single-Atom Transistor (final limit to Moore's Law?)

Revenge of the Tech Geezers!

Femto Forum is Renamed Small Cell Forum

Half of Internet TVs Aren't Connected

Can Tesla Survive? (I'd buy one if I had the $$$)

Frequency Electronics to Acquire 100% Ownership of Elcom Technologies

Huawei Places $6B Chip Order with U.S.

X-Rays Illuminate the Interior of the Moon

For the Young, Smartphones No Longer a Luxury Item (bovine excrememt)

Texting Affects Ability to Interpret "Real" Words

Over Half of UK Population Owns a Smartphone

Rocks Brought Back from Moon Have Gone Missing

Global-Positioning System Uses Cameras Instead of Satellites

NASA Celebrates 50th Anniversary of John Glenn's Flight

Millions of Jobless File for Disability When Unemployment Benefits Run Out (virtueless non-workers = cash cow for shrinks) 

$6T in Fraudulent U.S. Treasury Bonds Seized in Italy

Oil Prices at 9 Month High After Iran Dispute (yet no drilling in Gulf of Mexico, Alaska, ocean coasts, Keystone pipeline...)


USPTO Establishes Thomas Alva Edison Visiting Professionals Program

11th-Hour Deal to Stop Synchrotron Shutdown as Deadline Looms

School System Adopts Windows 7 Tablets over iPad

Nanosecond Trading Could Make Markets Go Haywire


Reports of Counterfeit Parts in Tech Supply Chain Reach All Time High

2/3 of Brits Suffer from Nomophobia - the Fear of Being Without a Phone (there's a name for it?)

FBI May Shut Down ½ of Fortune 500s, U.S. Government on March 8 Due to DNSChanger Virus

Cambridge Firms Aim at Novel Military Radio

Pentagon Proposes Deep Cuts in Lasers and Directed-Energy Weapons Work in 2013 Budget

Chevy Volt Subsidy to ↑$10,000 (average income of buyer is $170k; .i.e, the "rich")

Apple Wins over Motorola in 'Slide-to-Unlock' Patent Ruling

FCC Announces Expansion of Nationwide Broadband Test

Rare Earth Element Tellurium Detected for the First Time in Ancient Stars

Vodafone India Wants to Bid in Forthcoming Indian Radio Spectrum Auction

Plastic from Plants? Scientists May Have Found a Way

Physicists Discover Evidence of Rare Hypernucleus, a Component of Strange Matter

BAE Systems Reports 14% Drop in Sales for 2011

Drugs Delivered Wirelessly

WRC-12 Delegates Place Possible 5 MHz Allocation on Agenda for Next WRC

Lasers and GPS Technology Improve Snow Measurements

US Army to Start Using Androids in Afghanistan

Google Tracked iPhones, Bypassing Apple Browser Privacy Settings

Tech Analyst Arrested in Insider Trading Crackdown

CBO: Longest Period of High Unemployment Since Great Depression (@!&#$  politicians & regulator bureaucrats are killing us)


Social Apps 'Harvest Smartphone Contacts' (Twitter can copy your phone address book)

Limits Sought on Vehicle Electronics

European Parliament Approves 5-Year Radio Spectrum Plan

DOD Earmarks at Least $31.6B for C4ISR Procurement and Research Next Year

Amateur Radio Gets Secondary MF Allocation at WRC-12

Watchdata Unveils NFC on a SIM (pretty cool, if it really works wells)

DOD's 2013 Budget and the Evolution of the Defense Industry

Falcone Said to Be Seeking Spectrum Swap to Salvage LightSquared

IBM: Big Data, Bigger Patterns (IBM world's largest employer of Ph.D.s)

Mapping out the Future of GPS Technology

Physicists Entangle 8 Photons in 'Spooky' Experiment

New 'Soft' Motor Made from Artificial Muscles

Crystals May Be Possible in Time as Well as Space

China Confiscates iPads over Trademark Argument

Exploding Carbon Nanotubes Could Act as Drug Grenades

U.S. Eyes Growing Global Cooperation on Satellites

'Xombie' Rocket Makes First Free-Flight for NASA (this has been notoriously difficult to do)

Analyst Ranks Chip Markets by 2012 Growth Prediction

Rare Glimpse Inside the Googleplex

Zurich Is World's Costliest City


GPS Saved? LightSquared Dealt Serious Blow over Interference

Large Hadron Collider to Run at 4 TeV Per Beam in 2012

Chinese Authorities Seize iPads from Reseller's Shelves

Swiss Craft Janitor Satellites to Grab Space Junk

Cellular PA Market to Reach $4B in 2016; Opportunities for GaAs and CMOS

Harris Introduces Pair of Frequency-Hopping Waveforms

Canada Unveils New Cyber Monitoring Rules

Firm Finds NFC Users Interact More Than QR Code Users

Understanding the Controversy over Silicon Valley's 'Journalism'

Engineers Develop Rapid, Uniform Dispersion Method for Carbon Nanotubes in Solutions and Solids

RAC to Split Ontario into Four Sections

New Technology Platform for Molecule-Based Electronics

Digital Radio Must Clean up Before Analogue Switch Off

IEEE-USA Supports Inventors' Rights in Brief Before U.S. Supreme Court

Landline to Mobile Fees to Be Reduced Sooner

Advanced 2D Material Reveals Critical Secrets

Structural Batteries Could Offer Support to Soldiers on Front Line

Space Diamonds Reveal Supernova Origins

e-Cigarette Explodes in Man's Mouth, Knocks out Teeth

Chicago Called Most Corrupt City in Nation (gee, what a surprise)


The Future of Military Comms on the Battlefield

2-Year DOD Spending for Electronics and Communications Set to Drop by Nearly 1/4th (need $ for food stamps and free cellphones)

Google Motorola Bid Approved in EU and U.S.

Peregrine: Single Chip Phone RF is Possible

Braille Under Siege as Blind Turn to Smartphones

Scientists Make Iron Transparent (like Mr. Scott's transparent aluminum)

UT Researchers Find China's Pollution Related to e-Cars May Be More Harmful Than Gasoline Cars

TI Announces 5-Radio Combo Chip

Apple Investigates 'Sweat Shop' Factories Following Suicide Threat

European Commission Suspends Dutch Proposal to Raise Rates for Mobile Telephony

PW-Sat, Poland's First Satellite Launched into Orbit

Mobile Broadband Users More Likely to Churn

3 Tech Deals Approved by Justice Department

LEDs That Burn 10x Brighter

Tandem Polymer Solar Cells That Set Record for Energy-Conversion

Patent Fight Between Apple and Samsung in California District

Mars Lost: NASA Cutting Mission to Red Planet (welcome to 3rd-world States of America)

SIA Makes Public Technology Roadmap

Moody’s Cuts European Sovereigns Including Italy, Spain

Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer Robbed by Machete-Wielding Intruder (stricter machete control laws needed!)


DoCoMo Working on Universal Translator for Smartphones

FAA Paves Way for Commercial Aircraft to Exchange Data with ATC over HF Radio

Magnetic Resonance Imaging Shows Batteries' Inner Workings

Vodafone Confirms Takeover Talks with Cable and Wireless Worldwide

Men Stressed Most by Work, Women by Life (with men smiley)

Middle School Teachers, Students Stay After School to Work on Science, Engineering Projects

Thousands Take to Streets Across Europe over Acta

GPS Court Ruling Leaves U.S. Phone Tracking Unclear

Apple Expands Lead over Exxon as World's Richest Company (Big Electronics now more evil than Big Oil)

Apple Shares Climb Above $500

Anonymous Takes CIA Web Site Offline

Accounting for Missing Meson Particles

Iranian Nuclear Facilities Immune to Cyberattack

Mysterious Haze of Microwaves Found in the Milky Way (ovens in space)

New ESA Satellites Reach Orbit

RFID Brings Italian History to Life

Raytheon Boosts Satellite Capacity for Airborne Radio Terminals

Fast Photon Control Brings Quantum Photonic Technologies Closer

Apple Sues Samsung (again) for Patent Infringements

Rapunzel, Leonardo and the Physics of the Ponytail


Take a Virtual Tour of W1AW on February 12 (Sunday)

Successful U.S.-Israel Radar Test launches U.S. Missile Shield's Operational Phase

Iran Government Cuts off Internet Access (no pesky Congress to bypass on decision when you're a dictator)

Telus Launches LTE in 14 Canadian Cities

Stunning New 3-D Moon Map Made from Lunar Data (you'll need 3D glasses)


Jury Strikes Down Patent Troll's Claim to Own the Web

Dead Lizard Knocks Out 1,000 Phone Lines in Nepal

AA to Launch Sat-Nav Tech Tracked Insurance Policy

Your Next Table Lamp Could Be a Laser

New Error-Correcting Codes Guarantee the Fastest Possible Rate of Data Transmission

Electrical Engineers Build 'No-Waste' Laser

First New U.S. Nuclear Reactors in Decades Approved

Railguns Could Soon Get Pulse Power Capabilities

1 in 10 Smartphones Sold in 2011 Included NFC

Tesla Unveils Its Electric SUV (250-mile range!)

Mobile Operators Starting to Abandon Unlimited Data Tariffs

Rockot to Launch Two Sentinel Satellites (sounds Matrix-like)

U.S. Air Force Chief Wants Affordable New Bomber

Wireless Factory Revenue Growth to Fall, Says IHS

An ‘Entertainment Device’ Is Expected from Google

Chinese Thieves Stole 1,700 U.S.-Bound iPhones

Army Wants to Extend UAS Endurance, Add Weapons

Scientists Develop Biological Computer to Encrypt and Decipher Images

40% of CO High School Students Tests Positive for TB (Illegals bringing TB, leprosy, hepatitis from Mexico, but don't worry)

Los Angeles City Luxury Yacht Gets $500k Taxpayer Funds to Retrofit Engines


U.S. Government Lobbies for GPS Spectrum Buffer

Reducing Wi-Fi Congestion by Harvesting TV White Space Spectrum

Nujira Launches 4G Handset Chip to Cut Power by 50%

Business Owners Adjusting to Overhaul of Patent System

Study Finds Electrical Jolt to the Brain Boosts Memory (or wipes it)

Ofcom Targets Phone and Broadband Switching 'Slammers'

Rebuilding America: Silicon Valley Is Back

Unusual 'Collapsing' Iron Superconductor Sets Record for Its Class

A Tough Tip for Nano Manipulation

World Record Balloon Attempt, APRS Radio Onboard

Mobile Communications Revenue to Rise by Double-Digit Margin in 2012

Nokia: No "Plan B" Should Windows Phone Fail

Your Taxes Footing Cell Phone Bill for Millions of Low Income Americans (who also receive welfare, SS, food stamps, free school for children, free health care...)

Proposed Type of Solar Neutrino Spotted

'Ethical iPhone' Protests Hit Apple Stores

Nanoparticle-Infused Oil Could Improve Transformer Cooling

4 in 5 Major Airlines Plan to Use NFC by 2014

More Previews of Windows 8

FBI Releases File on Steve Jobs That Details Acquaintances' Negative Perceptions

Mysterious Flash in Sky Sparks Conspiracy Theories in Moscow


Nokia Announces 4,000 Job Losses at Smartphone Factories

The iPhone Is a Nightmare for Carriers

Chinese Labor Practices Sour Apple Consumers

LightSquared Calls on FCC to Initiate Receiver Reliability Standards, Set Level Playing Field for Spectrum Licensees

Materials for First Optical Fibers with High-Speed Electronic Function Developed

Breaking the Satellite Phone Encryption Standards

Fall of Communism Changed Mathematics in U.S.

How an Extremely Advanced Battery Material Works (LiFePO4)

USPTO Seeks Public Input on Proposed Fees

SIA Makes Public Technology Roadmap

Transphorm Announces GaN Products at 600-V

Satellite Industry Growth to Continue Despite Challenging Environment

Plaintree Systems Buys U.S. Aerospace Company (are there any U.S.-owned U.S. tech companies anymore?)

The 2012 ARRL International DX CW Contest Takes to the Air Next Weekend

Apple Asks Europe to Clarify Rules on Licensing Essential Patents

Heat-Based Laser Recording Improves Speed of Hard Drives

Scientists Break Satellite Telephony Security Standards

Daredevil to Plunge from Outer Space, Break Sound Barrier

This Year's Killer App — Pen and Paper


Google Unveils 'Solve for X,' a Secret Project to Solve the World's Biggest Problems

Trendnet Security Cam Flaw Exposes Video Feeds on Net (baby crib cams, home monitors, etc.)

UK Reveals Plans for Becoming “Graphene Hub”

U.S. Researchers Use Light to Weld Meshes of Nanowires

Rapid Decline in Australian Landlines As More Choose Mobile Only

Global Chip Sales Squeeze 0.4% Annual Growth

Air Force Takes Hard Look at Structure as Budget Crunch Looms

A Bronze Matryoshka Doll: The Metal in the Metal in the Metal

Employers, Workers Navigate Pitfalls of Social Media

Be a Star! Deadline for Second Annual ARRL Video Contest is February 29

Wolfram, a Search Engine, Finds Answers Within Itself

Researchers Uncover a Mechanism to Explain Dune Field Patterns

LightSquared’s GPS-Interference Controversy Comes to a Boil

California Retailers Test NFC Digital Receipts

Letting Hackers Compete, Facebook Eyes New Talent

This is NOT a Tech Bubble

Signs of Ancient Mars Ocean Spotted by European Spacecraft

Cliff Electronics Wins Against Counterfeiters

Truth, Lies and Afghanistan (like Vietnam: a-hole politicians screwing it up for military)

Designing Windows 8, or How to Redesign a Religion


NJ Robber Dies After Trying to Steal Phone from Former HS Wrestler

Tech Spending Remains Strong, Despite Economic Risks and Volatility

Engineers Weld Nanowires with Light

NAB Says Groups Distorting FM Chip Position (NAB wants to require FM radio in all phones)

Proposed Maritime Mobile Allocation Gets First Reading at WRC-12 Plenary Session

Smartphone Market Hits All-Time High Due to Seasonal Strength and Wider Variety of Offerings

Engineering Research Improves Laser Detectors, Batteries

NGA Commercial Satellite Program Cuts Expected

Graphene Electronics Moves into a Third Dimension

Panasonic Demonstrates New WiGig Wireless SD Cards

Website Can Find Your Exact Location with Your Phone Number

BT Wi-Fi Hotspot Numbers Pass 3.5M

Tech Pioneer Philippe Kahn to Star in Super Bowl Ad

Galactic Magnetic Field Mapped in Detail

Major Smartphone Firm Adopts NFC

Russian Manned Moon Shot Possible by 2020

Austrian Law Student Faces Down Facebook

Google Earth Update Quashes Atlantis Rumors

Supreme Court Justice Ruth [Buzzy] Ginsburg Disses U.S. Constitution on Egyptian TV (she's sworn to defend and protect it)


Japanese Entrepreneurs Aim for Silicon Valley

BT Doubles FTTC Speeds, Plans 300-Mbps FTTP 'On Demand'

New Rules for 5 MHz (60 Meters) Go into Effect March 5

Chief of Micron Technology Dies in Plane Crash (Steve was also an airshow stunt pilot)

Big Wind Farms 'Alter Climate'


U.S. Government, Military to Get Secure Android Phones

Motorola Makes Apple Pull iPads and iPhones in Germany

Graphene Electronics Moves into a Third Dimension

Are Tech Jobs Returning to the U.S.?

Investments Set to Support Further UK Graphene Research

Global Telecom Industry Revenue to Grow at 5.3% Annually

Searching for a Solid That Flows Like a Liquid

Amateur Allocation at 472 kHz Moves a Step Closer to Acceptance

Computer Science High School to Open in NYC

Samsung Retains Top Spot in American Mobile Phone Market

Not Settling for Radio's Measly 7%

MasterCard Delivers Popcorn to Movie-Goers with NFC

Raytheon Wins $38.1M Contract for Missile Defense System

First Pics of Next-Gen BlackBerry 10 Smartphone

How Apple Can Revolutionize Television

Is That a Crashed Flying Saucer on the Seabed?

4-Telescope Link-Up Creates World's Largest Mirror

P&G to Lay Off 1,600 After Discovering It's Free to Advertise on Facebook

EU Regulators Want Google to Halt New Privacy Policy

Millisecond Pulsar Paradox Explained


Feature Phone Sales Declined Faster Than Expected in Q4 2011

High-tech Terror Testing Keeps Game Day Safe

Indian Supreme Court Cancels Wireless Licenses in Tainted Sale

Leap Second Surviving on Borrowed Time

Electric Railgun Tech Takes a Step Towards Warship Reality

Sun Delivered Curveball of Powerful Radiation at Earth

Top 10 Selling Phones for January 2012

Wireless Power Could Revolutionize Highway Transportation

Self-Assembling Nanorods: Researchers Obtain 1-, 2 And 3-D Nanorod Arrays and Networks

Consortium Set to Build Eight Additional Satellites for Galileo

Hacked Companies Still Not Telling Investors

Volt Sales Bleed Off in January

Seekers of Alien Contact Renew Search

Samsung Scores Win in German Patent Battle with Apple over Its Tablets

Automakers Give Disregarded Diesels a Second Look (long overdue)

Far Side of the Moon Revealed in New Video

Internet Addiction a Growing Problem Among Youth

USAF Reveals Latest X-Plane: X-56A

Zuckerberg's Facebook Stake Worth at Least $16B (he'll be part of the 0.001%, but OWS rats will give him a pass)


Malaysia Grants License to Aussie Rare Earth Plant

Metal Scarcity Threatens Global Electronics Industry

Microscopy Reveals 'Atomic Antenna' Behavior in Graphene

Apple Petitioners Tell Firm to Protect Chinese Workers

Wireless Displaces Computers As Top Semiconductor Spending Area for OEMs in 2011

Engineers Build First Sub-10nm Carbon Nanotube Transistor

North America Increases Share of Chip Sales in 2011

Take a Virtual Tour of W1AW on February 12

Can the AM Radio Band Be Saved?

Russia Blames 'Cosmic Rays' for Mars Probe Failure (didn't steal enough UV hardening tech from U.S.)

MasterCard Publishes Roadmap for Moving the U.S. to EMV and NFC

Increased Mobility and Reduced Residual Electron Concentration Indium Nitride

Superfluorescence Seen from Solid-State Material

Patent Plaintiffs Target Facebook As $5B IPO Approaches

Spacecraft Captures Dust from Interstellar Wind

Repulsive Gravity As An Alternative to Dark Energy

LG Electronics Shrinks Quarterly Loss As Smartphones Return to Profit

Researchers Create Extremely Hot and Dense Plasma

Tough Times for U.S. EV Battery Makers

Self-Guided Bullet Accurate up to a Mile Away