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The Real Hazards of E-Devices on Planes

Mobile Networks Braced for 'Busiest Ever' New Year Surge

China Expected to Add 100 Million 3G Subscribers in 2013 (that's a huge increase in China's carbon footprint)

Brit Convicted of Mobile Phone Insurance Fraud

Nobel Scientist Rita Levi-Montalcini Dies at Age 103

FCC Wants to Lower Sky-High Prison Phone Call Rates (if you can't drop the dime, don't do the crime)

Army Eyes All-Digital SATCOM Terminal to Augment Today's Analog SATCOM Earth Stations

Qualcomm Eyes Semiconductor Battle

Researchers Told to Ward off Navigation System Interference

Worms Make Semiconductors (calling names is not necessary)

Low-Cost MEMS Fabrication Using Injection Molding

The Mobile Business Got Tougher This Year

NC Man Arrested for Stealing Meteorites (big $$$ in meteorites these days)

Boeing Puts Vision to Work in Hybrid Electric Aircraft

Obama Signs Foreign Surveillance Law


Battery Operated Unit Detects PIM in Remote Locations

Metal Thieves Plundering Areas Hardest Hit by Hurricane Sandy

3 Reasons You Should Quit Social Media in 2013

Wired Science's Top Image Galleries of the Year

Tesla CEO Buys $17 Million Mansion (Tesla received a $465 M Government Loan)


NYC's Crime Rate Is Up for First Time in 20 Years Because of Apple Thefts (at least they're not stealing junk food)

FCC Approves Smartwatch

Europe is Still Strong in Design

China Requires Internet Users to Register Names (big deal - NSA knows what everyone's doing here)

Like Math? Thank Your Motivation, Not IQ

Russian Rocket Will Launch Scotland's First Satellite

Apple Hit with Copyright Fine in China

First 'Alien Earth' Is to Be Found in 2013 (right after the Higgs boson is confirmed)

VMK Launch 'First African-Designed' Smartphone and Tablet

100-Year-Old Deathbed Dreams of Mathematician Proved True

U.S. Readers Turn Increasingly to Digital Books

China Expected to Add 100 Million 3G Subscribers in 2013

TV Broadcasters Amp up the 'Second Screen' Experience

Liquid Crystal Research, Future Applications Advance


Nomophobia Grips Canadian Smartphone Users (smartphone separation anxiety)

China's Beidou GPS-Substitute Opens to Public in Asia

Wireless Communication’s Crystal Ball

Magnetically Levitating Graphite Can Be Moved with Laser

Ison 'Brighter Than a Full Moon' Could Be Comet of the Century

U.S. Colleges Help Students Polish Online Reputation

Graphene Research Gets GBP 21.5M (article incorrectly uses 'GDP')

A Banner Year for Mobile Devices

MIT Researchers Make Smallest Working III-V Transistors Yet

China Boom Savages Coral Reefs

More-Than-Moore Memory Grows Up

Smartphones Boost Semiconductor Sales

Is This the Start of an Internet Cold War?

Blogger Created Google Map of Employees of Newspaper That Did Map of Legal Gun Owners (about time they got some of what they dish out)

Lifting the Veil on Silicon Interposer Pricing

Thousands of Mistakes Made in Surgery Every Year (keep in mind before your 2013 operations)


UK Inventor Internet Is Leaving Children Brain-Dead

Suicide Bombers Attack Nigerian Phone Networks (d**n infidel cell towers)

How to Protect the Tech Gadgets You Got for Christmas

Setting up the Christmas Tree for 4D Electronics

Time Running out on Defense Industry Efforts to Avoid Sequester

How to Sell or Get Rid of Your Old Gadgets

The Numbers Behind Some of 2012's Biggest Technology Stories

Google Apps Challenging Microsoft in Business (MS's attitude has doomed them)

Nokia Siemens Networks Wins UK LTE Network Contract

Samsung Seeks Sales Ban on Some Ericsson Products in U.S. (here we go again)

Physicists Take Photonic Topological Insulators to the Next Level

SBA Jumps into Brazilian Tower Market

Ultrasound Method Could Lead to Non-Invasive Surgical Knife (this is very cool)

World's Longest Bullet Train Service Launched in China

U.S. Retailers Report Weakest Holiday Sales Since 2008 (must be Bush's fault)


Queen's Christmas Message Broadcast in 3D for 1st Time

How Excess Holiday Eating Disturbs Your 'Food Clock'

New Form of Quantum Computation Promises Showdown with Ordinary Computers

USPTO Announces New Patent Prosecution Highway Partnership (PPH) with Taiwan Intellectual Property Office

Space Fence Program Moving Forward


NORAD Tracks Santa for 57th Year

Russians Prepare to Bring First-of-Its-Kind Dual-Screen Smartphone to Market

2012: Tech People of the Year

Cloud-Powered GPS Chip Slashes Smartphone Power Consumption

China to Curtail Trademark Trolls

Solidoodle 3 Provides High-Quality 3D Printing on the Cheap ($799)

On-Demand Synaptic Electronics: Circuits That Learn and Forget

The Amateur Amateur: HO-HO-Handheld Transceiver!

The 500 Phases of Matter: New System Successfully Classifies Symmetry-Protected Phases

EC Investigates Samsung for Patent Abuse

Over 5 Billion Wireless Connectivity Chips to Ship in 2013

More Kids Learn to Tinker with Growth of 'Hacker Scouting' (desperately needed, see this article)

California Meteorite a Scientific Gold Mine

British Museum Restores Early 1900's Domestic Phonograph Wax Recordings

USA Moves Closer to Banning So-Called Stalking Apps

Russian Rocket Docks at Space Station with Fresh Crew


U.S. Alarm at Foreign State Acquisitions (bankruptcy liquidation sale - all offers considered)

When 2 Visions of the Internet Collide

Boeing Test Breakthrough Means More Reliable Connectivity on Airplanes

Telecoms in 2013: What's in Store?

GM Workers Score Big Bonuses This Year (taxpayers losing $13B)


FCC Fines New Jersey Ham $16k for Operating in Federal Band

2013: It's Time to Tackle Fake Components

Study Shows a Hit of Caffeine Can Boost Your Information-Processing Skills

Photons Emitted by Quantum Dots Can Be Made Indistinguishable Through Quantum Frequency Conversion

Scut Farkus Suing 'A Christmas Story' Producer over Royalties ("what a rotten name!")

MIT Advances Quantum Magnetism

Canadian Experiment to Track Space Radiation and Its Risks

Are Automotive 'Black Boxes' Secure?

Graphene Could Enable Fast All-Carbon ICs

Nokia and RIM Settle Wi-Fi Patent Dispute

Boson Samplers Offering Promise for New Kinds of Computing Devices (BS detectors?)

New Experiment Helps Explain Extraordinary Optical Transmission

China Makes Its Own 22-nm Transistor

7 Set for UK’s LTE Auction

UK to Remotely Monitor the Unemployed

Steve Jobs' Yacht Impounded


Fearful 'End of World' Callers Flood NASA (this helps explain why we have the government we have)

How to Cope with Impending Doomsday (6e6 American residents believe it - pathetic)

Wireless Phone Charging in Cars Planned by Toyota

Ericsson Hit by $1.2 Billion Write Down of Subsidiary Company

FAA Pressured to Give E-Readers a Pass During Takeoff, Landing

The End of the Public Phone Network

New York City Agrees with Local Ham Regarding Tower Installation

Ofcom Names 4G Auction Bidders

Boeing Uses Potatoes to Improve WiFi Connectivity

USAF Looks for Companies to Design Replacement Modem for GPS Antenna Ground Station

Cellphone, GPS Data Suggest New Strategy for Alleviating Traffic Tie-Ups

For Newly Discovered 'Quantum Spin Liquid', the Beauty Is in Its Simplicity

Australian University to Hand out 11,000 iPads to Students

USPTO Patent Agency Rejects Apple Pinch-to-Zoom Patent in Initial Ruling

Why China's Homemade Microchips Will Struggle to Displace Western Giants

Treasury Announces Gov't Motors (GM) Exit Strategy - Taxpayers to Lose >$13 Billion


10 Tech Gifts to Buy Your Engineer for Christmas (better hurry)

What Do Smartphone Sensors Sense All Day?

Hearing Explores Challenge of Forced Technology Transfer to U.S. Competitiveness

Liquid Metal Used to Create Wires That Stretch 8x Their Original Length (pretty cool)

Army Tests BAE’s Phoenix Radios in Advance of Mid-Tier Network Radio Competition

DARPA to Announce 100G Program to Build 100-Gbps Air-to-Air Data Links

Dutch Railway Expands In-Train Wi-Fi Service

Photonic Crystals Reinvent Tungsten Light Bulbs

NASA to Launch Upgraded Comms Satellites

Physicist's Research May Lead to More Precise Measurements of Time

Kodak Sells Imagine Patents for $525 Million

Chipmakers Fight for China's Smartphone Market

Distributed Bragg Reflection in Epitaxial Nitride Layers

IEEE-USA Tells Engineering Stories Through Its Hollywood Connection

Synthetic and Biological Nanoparticles Combined to Produce New Metamaterials

China's State-Run Newspaper Calls for American Citizen Disarming (huh, just like our state-run media)


Top 10 Automotive Electronics Stories of 2012 (and so top year-end Top 10 lists begin...)

Dutch 4G Auction Raises €3.8B

Semiconductor Sales Top $25 Billion for First Time in 2012

China is Largest Single Android Market with the USA in 2nd Place

German Research Could Be a Route to Faster Computer Chips

PayPal: "NFC Will Fail to Gain Mass Adoption" (another visionary quote, "You could put in this room, de Forest, all the radiotelephone apparatus that the country will ever need.")

Judge Rejects Apple Plea for Sales Ban

FT-817 Satellite Interface Available As a Kit

New Insight into an Intriguing State of Magnetism

World's Largest Atom Smasher Gets Faster

EU Pushes for Higher Phone Fees

FCC Says Dish Must Build 40% of Its Wireless Network in 4 years

HTML5: The Future of the Web is Finally Here

Local Radio Down 1.3%

Superconductors That Work by Themselves

Sprint to Be Largest U.S. Spectrum Holder if Clearwire Deal Approved


Smart TVs Can Spy on Their Owners

Ministry of Defence (MoD) to Sell Part of Its Radio Spectrum

European Mobile Stocks Fall After Costly Spectrum Auction

Researchers Use Quantum Properties to Create Jammer-Proof Radar (right up until someone figures out how to defeat it)

Sprint to Buy Clearwire for $2.2B

New Energy-Efficient Computer Memory Using Magnetic Materials

ARRL Headquarters to Close in Observance of Christmas, New Year's Day

Engineers Roll up Their Sleeves -- And Then Do Same with Inductors

Chip Market Rebound Coming (my favorite is Wegmans Wavy)

Nextel Quietly Launches 3G Data Plans in Brazil

Electron Spin Transport Demonstrated for First Time in an Organic Device

KPN Debt Ratings Downgraded Following Radio Spectrum Auction

Sierra Nevada Will Provide Counter IED Jammers to Be Worn by Individual Soldiers

Who Needs College? Young Entrepreneur Bets on Bright Idea for Solar Energy (interesting story)

Severe Weather and the Grid

Google Working to End Errant Clicks on Mobile Ads


Higgs Hiccup: Contradictory Results Show up at LHC (physicists still haven't found god)

FCC Finds New Jersey Ham Violated Communication Act

India Expects at Least $3.7B from Next Bandwidth Auction (all gov'ts taken in unfathomable amounts from private sector, but it's never enough)

Patent Offices of U.S., Europe, and Japan Approve Trilateral Cooperation Declaration to Further Advance Patent Systems Worldwide

Test Could Reveal Which Side of the Looking Glass We're On


U.S. and UK Refuse to Sign UN's Communications Treaty (I'm amazed, but quite pleased)

Engineering Faculty Debates Generalists vs. Specialists

FCC Approves Dish Network's Wireless Plans

Sprint Would Be Spectrum King with Clearwire Deal

CIA Fund Backs Tyfone for NFC Transactions and Cloud Security (guess who will be monitoring your NFC transactions)

China Warns Europe Against Imposing Sanctions on Huawei and ZTE

Android Malware Creeps into Cellphone Bills

Wireless LAN Gear, Star of the Networking Industry, Tops $1 Billion per Quarter

FCC Proposes Action to Accelerate the Availability of Nationwide Text-to-911 Service

The Startups That Want to Bring E-Mail Back to the Future

RIM's Comeback May Rest on UI Design from The Astonishing Tribe

Dazzle Laser Reflector Transmits Drone Data

Barcode Co-Inventor Norman Joseph Woodland Dies Aged 91

Foundries Not Dead, Just Evolving

NASA to Crash Two Probes into the Moon

Army Handbook Blames U.S. Soldiers for Own Troop Deaths at Hands of Taliban (this crap has been going on for many years)


Man-Portable Military Electronics Market Worth $2.77 Billion in 2013

Semiconductor Sales to Reach $311 Billion in 2013, a 4.5% Increase from 2012

North Korean Satellite 'Tumbling out of Control'

Graphene Sheets' Growing Attractions

Apple, Ericsson, RIM and Other Tech Firms Lobby Congress for More Spectrum

Google Maps Returns to Apple's iPhone

Talks on Telecommunications Treaty Falter

Checkerboard Surface Put to Flexible Electronics test

Intel's FinFETs Approach Draws Fire from Rivals

Fed Projects High Unemployment for Next 3 Years (what fixes it after 3 years?)

Cities Across Country Installing Listening Devices on Public Buses

iPhone 5S with NFC "Likely"

The Man Looking to Turn Samsung into a Silicon Valley Trendsetter

Inside the Air Force's Secret Space Plane

Google Calls Offshore Tax Avoidance 'Capitalism' (Google very cozy with pols who demonize this when non-donors do it)

Coffee May Lower Risk of Dying from Oral Cancers

Stunning Geminid Meteor Shower to Peak Tonight


MIT Fabs Smallest GaAs Transistor

New FCC Airwave-Sharing Scheme Will Launch a Wireless Revolution

Engineering Students Show Off Interdisciplinary Problem-Solving Skills

Dish Network Gets Approval to Use Satellite Spectrum for Mobile Broadband Services

New Diploma Welcomed by Royal Academy of Engineering

Micron Ships Phase-Change Memory for Nokia Phones

Europe Reaches Agreement on System for Patents

Self-Rolled Tubes Make Miniature Electronics

Hitachi Deal Could Put UK Civil Nuclear Industry Back on Map

Ultra-Miniature Chip Capacitors for RF and Microwave Communications Introduced by AVX

Broadcom Sets Its Sights on a Billion NFC Devices

Netflix Ranks Fastest Internet Providers: Google Fiber #1

IEEE: The Pursuit of Corporate Happiness

History Made When X-47B UCAS Taxis for First Time on an Aircraft Carrier

Bedroom TVs Linked to Childhood Obesity

GE CEO Immelt Envies China's Communist State-Run Government (well yeah, if you ignore the human tragedy)


FITSAT-1 Satellite to Flash LEDs over the US and Europe (I'll try to capture it in my CPC 800 HD telescope)

Hurricane Sandy's Historic Effect on IEEE

Government Investigating Makers of Cellphone Apps

Free Online Courses Could Change Engineering Education

Hot Technologies: Looking Ahead to 2013

2013 - Hope Springs Eternal Across the Mobile Ecosystem

Beijing and Shanghai Each Have More Multi-Millionaires Than Los Angeles

UK 4G Auction Process Starts Today

Stores Use Mobile to Make Sales on the Spot

Black Boxes in Cars Raise Privacy Concerns

Device Could Mass-Produce Nano-Patterned Materials

China's ZTE to Invest $30 Million More in the USA Market

Smartphones Prices to Continue Falling

BlackBerry Phones Get Free Calls over Wi-Fi

Google Revenues Sheltered in No-Tax Bermuda Soar to $10 Billion (they are BIG supporters of the "raise our taxes" crowd - hypocrites)

Bankrupt California to Hand Out Free o-Phones, 250 Free Minutes Talk + 250 Texts per Month

Sales of American Eagle Gold Coins Soar


Even FCC Thinks in-Flight Gadget Bans Are Dumb

Self-Assembled Monolayers Create p-n Junctions in Graphene Films

Uncertain Future for ST-Ericsson as 50% Shareholder Looks to Sell Stake

Take on GaN Measurement Challenges

ARRL Files Petition for Rulemaking with FCC to Create New MF Band at 472-479 kHz

Big Brother Is in Your Pocket, But You Get a Discount

New Atomic-Layer Electrodeposition Method Yields Surprising Results

Method Could Increase Bandwidth of Optical Communications

Extraterrestrial Chorus Heard in Radiation Belts

Apple Maps 'Is Life-Threatening' to Motorists Lost in Australia Heat

Telecom New Zealand Starts LTE Trials

IBM Chips to Use Silicon Nanophotonics to Wrangle Big Data

Juniper Scales Back NFC Forecast

Magnetic Bubbles Behave Differently Than Other Magnetic Defects

Broadcom to Take on Qualcomm with LTE Chips Next Year

Europe's Carbon Trading Problems May Influence U.S. Climate Policy


Text Messages Directly to Your Contact Lens

How Corruption Is Strangling U.S. Innovation

Machines with Built-in Copy Protection

73% of Jobs Created in Last 5 Months Are in Government (what a scam)

Iran Uses Huawei Gear to Snoop on Citizens (U.S. uses anybody's gear to snoop on citizens)

The World's Best - and Worst - Places to Live (U.S. doesn't make either list)


Visit the U.S. Navy's Pearl Harbor History Page on This 71st Anniversary (rare footage of Japanese aircraft leaving carriers)

Treegonometry Solves Christmas Decoration Dilemma

FCC Asks FAA to Relax Gadget Restrictions

U.S. Small Business Hiring Plans Evaporate (no confidence in government's oppressive policies)

£9 Million Manufacturing Facility to be Built in Scotland

Apple May Fall Another 20% on 'Panic Selling'

After Apple, Foxconn Eyes U.S. Expansion

The #1 Career Mistake Capable People Make

Google's Nexus 4 Smartphone Selling out Due to Unexpectedly High Demand

Here’s How BYOD Turns into a Monster

Apollo 17, Last Lunar Landing, Launched 40 Years Ago Today

Social Media Benefit to Police Investigations (your boldness can be self-incriminating)

Broadcom Sees Rising 20 nm Costs Amid Handset Push

Metamaterials Could Lead to Better Large-Area Energy Absorbers (metamaterials have negative refraction index)

Apple's Market Cap Falls Below $500 Billion as Shares Keep Falling

Major Quake Strikes off Japan, Setting off Small Tsunami


Racy Photo Shoot Lands Russian Telecom Retailer in Trouble (done to punish poor sales performance)

Europe Fines Electronics Makers $1.92 Billion 

Wafer-Free Semiconductors a Step Closer 

Intel to Detail Tri-Gate Advances at IEDM

Apple Will Make Computers in the U.S. Next Year (I guarantee it will be in a Right to Work state - hypocrites)

Syria Outage Sheds Light on U.S. 'Kill Switch' Concerns

Flexible Silicon Solar-Cell Fabrics May Soon Become Possible

Stanford Engineers Invent All-Carbon Solar Cell

Disappearing Light: Precision Measurement of an Atomic Transition 

Curved LCD Can Be Embedded in Contact Lenses

Physicists Extend Entanglement in Einstein Experiment 

Researchers Discover Fastest Light-Driven Process

Court Quashes Verizon's Objections to Data Roaming Rule

A Thin Line: Economic Development or Corporate Welfare?

Kodak May Accept Just $500 Million for Patents Portfolio (a pittance for a century of accomplishment)

Fugitive John McAfee Arrested in Guatemala (the anti-virus guy)


Staples to Offer 3-D Printing (this will be cool)

A Shape-Shifting Smartphone Touch Screen

New '4-D' Transistor is Preview of Future Computers

Research Could Lead to More Efficient Integrated Circuits

NASA Now Accepting Applications for Hosting a Real-Time Conversation with ISS Crewmembers

Court Upholds FCC Rule on Use of Data Networks

Raytheon Wins First Contract for New Lightweight GPS Anti-Jam Capability for Land Systems

Juniper Scales Back NFC Forecast 

Dish Relents, Says It Will Accept 5 MHz Guard Band 

Apps Redirect Text Messages, and Profits, from Cellular Providers

EU Imposes Record $1.9B Cartel Fine on Philips, 5 Others 

Rockwell Collins Receives Production Order for 1/2 of U.S. Army 2-channel AN/PRC-155 Manpack Radios

Mysterious Gravity Waves May Explain Clear-Skies Turbulence

Why Automakers Are Rolling Out Electric Cars

Chevy Volt Sales Plunge After Election (stick a fork in that thing - it's done)

Geminid Meteor Shower Due December 13–14


Black Friday Consumer Electronics Sales Fall Nearly 6% (we were told record highs a week ago)

FM Radio Signals Could Track All Space Debris

Nokia Sells Its Head Office Building (this is not so unusual)

Swiss Spy Agency Warns U.S., Britain About Huge Data Leak

Internet Hangs in Balance as World Leaders Meet in Secret (no end to what we allow to be taken away by UN)

EngineeringUK Report Highlights Need to Double Recruit Numbers

China Unicom Expects to Sell 140 Million 3G Phones in 2013

Scientists Develop Indium-Free Organic Light-Emitting Diodes

Many Cars Have a Hundred Million Lines of Code

Cork the Key to Unlocking the Potential of Graphene

Border Agents' Power to Search e-Devices Is Facing Increasing Challenges in Court (rights not conveyed by the U.S. constitution on Illegals)

Globalfoundries Cuts Jobs in Singapore Due to Softening Global Demand

Virgin Spaceship Aims to Be Science Lab

Tiny Changes in Energy Use Could Mean Your Computer Is Under Attack

Mobile Comms Equipment Poised for Double-Digit Growth

Cloud Radio Access and Small Cell Networks Based on RapidIO


Plastic Bulb Could Replace Traditional Fluorescent Lights (this would be great if it works out)

Checking Your Phone 60/Day Drives Away Friends 

The Next Workplace? Behind the Wheel (owning a Bentley Mulssane helps)

Korean Operators Warned Not to Subsidize Apple's iPhone 5

NASA Responds to "December 21st End of World" Scare (NASA)

World's Smallest Wrench Puts a New Twist on Microscopic Manipulation

Printed Electronics Pilot Line Starts Production

DNA Directly Photographed for First Time (hey, it really is a double helix!)

Narrower Nanoribbons Give Graphene the Bends

Pet Owners Log Dog Walks with NFC

Raytheon to Help Develop Small Satellites to Give Persistent-Surveillance Data to the Front Lines

High Heat Helps 'Heal' Flash Memory Chips

Time Warner Cable Taps WeFi for Additional Wi-Fi Hotspots 

British Police Use Twitter to Track iPad Owner 6,000 Miles Away

Lines Blur as Texas Gives Industries a Bonanza (no personal income tax, low regulations, watch for huge ingress in next few years)

Costco Borrowing $3.5B to Avoid Tax Increase in 2013 (CEO a huge contributor to the "tax us more" crowd)


Europe Joins Free Internet Chorus

iPhone 5 to Hit Shelves in China on 14 December

WSTS Trims Chip Sales Outlook for 2012, 2013

The Biggest Breakthrough in Propulsion Since the Jet Engine

Congressman Wants to Amend U.S. Constitution to Control "So-Called" Free Speech (the genius who thought island of Guam would tip over if too many Marines were stationed there)