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"Spin Lasers" Could Transform High-Speed Data Transmission

Zinc Oxide Microwires Improve the Performance of LEDs

Electronic Device Theft Rate Increasing

Spy Satellite Engineer's Top Secret is Revealed

Global Chip Sales Show September Growth

Graphene Grows Better on Certain Copper Crystals

"Continent Killer" Asteroid on Possible Collision Course with Earth

Number of LTE Smartphones Trebled in Past Three Months

Zuckerberg: Silicon Valley's Too Interested in Quick Flip

New Hybrid Technology Could Bring "Quantum Information Systems"

Nature's Laws May Vary Across the Universe

Apple and Microsoft File Patents for Touchless Controls

Motorola Mobility Announces 800 Job Losses (result of Google buyout?)

Life's Extremes: Smart vs. Dumb

China Builds Petaflop Supercomputer with Homegrown CPU

Rendering Radioactive Water Safe Through New Technologies

Massive Hack Hit 760 Companies

Taxpayer-Funded Flywheel Energy Storage Company Goes Bankrupt (only $43M this time)


The Crisis That Hit Physics 100 Years Ago

USPTO Launches Small Business Innovation Research Pilot Program

LightSquared is Jilting Taxpayers Out of Billion$, GPS Industry Claims

Hacks Make Large-Scale Sabotage Possible

Russian Cargo Ship Launched to Space Station


Figures Show Slow Growth in Engineering Apprenticeships

San Francisco Cell Phone Warning Law Fails Science, Judge Says

FCC Tightens BPL Interference Rules -- But Not by Enough

Electronics Manufacturing to Grow 10.2% This Year in N. America after 2010 Market Turnaround

Sprint Will Deploy LTE-Advanced in the First Half of 2013

52% of Kids Under Age 8 Have Access to Mobile Media

Chinese Military Suspected in Hacker Attacks on U.S. Satellites

FCC Adopts Universal Service and Inter-Carrier Compensation Reform Order

Massively Parallel Computer Built from Single Layer of Molecules

Samsung Overtakes Apple in Smartphone Shipments

China's ZTE Overtakes Apple in Handset Sales Rankings

Apple Patent Uses 3-D Gestures to Control an iPad

Lady Liberty Getting High-Tech Upgrade for 125th Birthday

Toyota, Ford Lead Vehicle App Integration with Smartphones

Mobile Phone Market Growth Slows As Smartphone Purchases Soften

Massive Hack Hit 760 Companies

A Solar Industry Smackdown

Nanoparticle Imaging: A Resonant Improvement

Suspected U.S. Satellite Hacking Attacks: Reaction

China Could Play Key Role in EU Rescue


Scottish iPhone Users Are Lost in Translation

RIM Faces Compensation Lawsuits over Blackberry Outage (I believe the news outlets have been gunning for RIM for a loooong time)

Researchers Use New Approach to Overcome Key Hurdle for Next-Gen Superconductors

Ericsson to Stop Making Mobile Phones

Recession is Good for Acquisitions and New Products Say Executives

Invisibility Tiles Can Cloak Any Shape

Broadcom Supports Moves for an 'NFC Inside' Mark

FCC Meets, Rules for Rural Broadband Fund Expected

Magnetic Nanoswitch for Thermoelectric Voltages

Erasable E-Paper Saves Trees, Cuts Costs (how long until the gov't outlaws Fenerty paper?)

Cher Wang: The Most Powerful Woman in Wireless

USPTO and the Norwegian Industrial Property Office to Partner on Patent Prosecution Highway Pilot

Teens Would Give Up TV over Their Mobile Devices

LightSquared and Pctel Protect High Precision GPS Applications

Taking a Page from Nature to Build Better Nanomaterials

NSA is Feeding Wall Street with Hacker Information

Nokia to Bring NFC to New York Commuters

Tablet Users Are Rich, Educated, News-Loving (OMG, how racist!)

Starlight Study Shows Pluto's Chilly Twin


Nokia Bets on Windows Phone Future (see all the new Nokia jobs posted on RF Cafe Forums)

Cooperative Communications When Collaborators Are Not Synchronized

Apple Accused of Selling Second-Hand iPhones as New

N. American Orders of Circuit Boards and Flexible Circuits Drop for Three Straight Quarters

Stretchable Graphene Transistors Overcome Limitations of Other Materials

MRAP Crews to Get Radios for Satcom on-the-Move

Colored Laser Sources Produce Amazing White Light

Tantalum Stack Capacitors Use Organic Polymers for First Time

Geothermal Potential Reaches Coast to Coast (hmmm... sounds interesting - cheaper than solar, wind)

Mobile Payments Arrive on BlackBerry Phones

Itron to Showcase Innovative Smart Grid Technology at Metering Latin America

Researchers Couple Printed Logic with Printed Memory

This Angry Bird Will Fly All the Way into Space

Texas Instruments Sees Q3 Profits Plummet

2011 ARRL CW Sweepstakes -- Are You Ready?

Google Gets Nearly 6,000 Data Requests from Uncle Sam (better watch where you visit, 'cause Big Bro is)

Radio Business Gaining Momentum

UK Urged to Research Pilot-Free Planes

America's Most Powerful Nuclear Bomb Being Dismantled (we're disarming while the Muslim Brotherhood gains strength worldwide - yea!)

Coffee Linked with Decreased Risk for Skin Cancer (score again!)


Thieves Steal 2-Ton Copper Bell from St. Mary's Garden

Artificial Intelligence Community Mourns John McCarthy Passing at 84

RIM Announces BlackBerry Business Cloud Services for Microsoft Office 365

Wired Textiles for a Phone as Useful as the Shirt on Your Back

NASA Sting over Moon Rock Terrifies Woman, 74

Material Scientists Create Super-Hard Form of Carbon (isn't that called a diamond?)

Reports Examine Mobile Patent Wars

iPhone 4S First Phone for Low-Power Bluetooth

Free Femtocell Offers Driven by Competitive Markets

Magnetic Nanoswitch for Thermoelectric Voltages

WD2XSH Experimental Stations to Be Active on November 3

Computer Scientist Cracks Mysterious 'Copiale Cipher'

Will the Air Force Go Facebook-Style for Next-Gen Comm? (let us hope not)

Scientists Bring Mysterious Magnetic Process Down to Earth

UK Politicians Ask Networks Not to Profit from Stolen Phone Calls

Bluetooth 4.0 Becomes 'Smart': What It Means for You

Netflix Loses 800,000 Subscribers

2011 LTE Goal Reached, Verizon Continues Expansion

Rare Northern Lights Paint Skies Deep-Red Across N. America

U.S. States Facing Total Debt >$4T (this is where bailout $$$ is going - to fund pensions)


Security Flaw with iPad 2 Lets Anyone Break Into Your Device

Chip Counterfeiting Case Exposes Defense Supply Chain Flaw

AT&T Wi-Fi Usage Soars with 302M Connections Made in Q3 2011

Researchers Develop Fluoride-Based Rechargeable Batteries [eliminates charge cavities ;-)]

150 Years Ago, a Primitive Internet United the USA

DARPA Hopes to Retrieve, Reuse Components from Dead Satellites

Microsoft Claims Android License Patent Milestone

Research Finds GaN is Nontoxic, Biocompatible - Holds Promise for Implants

More Jobs Predicted for Machines, Not People

Giant Flakes Make Graphene Oxide Gel: Discovery Could Boost Metamaterials

Why Video Games Are Key to Modern Science

Unexpected Magnetic Excitations in Doped Insulator Surprise Researchers (hey, who wouldn't be surprised?)

German Satellite Must Have Crashed into Asia

Mechanical Switches Can Be Flipped Using Light Alone

Windows Phones to Get NFC in 2012

Old Time Radio Convention Shuts Down (too bad, I listen to old shows sometimes)

Falling Meteorite Sparks Panic in Britain After Pilot Mistakes It for a Plane

187M Mobile Broadband Devices to Be Sold on Shared Data Plans in 2015

Berlin: The Birth Place of the Next Facebook? (suggested name: NarcissistBook)


1 Clock with 2 Times

USPTO Meets or Exceeds its FY2011 Goals (well, which it it - met or exceeded?)

Google Mulls European Fibre Network

U.S. Cyber Command Chief Opposes U.N. Net Control

No Reports Yet of Debris from Falling Deutsche Satellite


Europe's First Galileo Satellites Liftoff (video - hear countdown in French)

Raytheon, Boeing Seen Likely to Weather Defense Cuts

iPhone 4S Supports Russia’s Glonass Navigation System

Steve Jobs Vowed to Spend Apple's Entire $40B Cash Pile to Destroy Android

Researchers Develop Microchip to Transport Magnetic Beads

ARRL Executive Committee Examines BPL Issues, Regulatory Matters, Electronic Balloting, More

Has Ericsson Plateaued in the U.S.?

Electric Car Company Gets U.S. Taxpayer Loan, Builds Cars in Finland (backed by AlGore VC group!)

10 Million More Australians to Use Smartphones by 2015

Mobile Phones Don't Cause Cancer, New Study Concludes (stay tuned for study showing they cause cancer)

Researchers Create Two-Segment Nanotubes with Distinct Semiconducting Domains

7 Gadgets That Won't Be Around in 2020

'Microring' Device Could Aid in Future Optical Technologies

Shoot Now, Focus Later

MIT Develops Devices to Produce Both Energy and Heat

Ammonium Sulfide Vapor Passivation for InGaAs

Magnets Fix Superconducting Plate in Levitation

$3.2B in Overpaid Tax Credits by IRS (waste and fraud in gov't is immense)

Strong Office Sales Boost Microsoft

GE Profit Soars 57% (mine would soar about 25% if I didn't pay any taxes like GE)


Pi Enthusiast Calculates Its Ten Trillionth Digit (huh? my cat only has 18 digits)

China Rare Earths Supplier Suspends Production

Military Avionics Spending to Increase, Become More Specialized Through 2015

A Pinch of Salt Makes All the Difference in Nanoscale Process for Hard Disks

Microsoft Founder Bill Gates to Testify in Billion-Dollar Lawsuit

The Trend for Choosing Operating Systems over Handsets Accelerates

Key Property of Potential 'Spintronic' Material Measured

ARM Chip Promises Cheaper Smartphones

Windows Phones to Get NFC in 2012

In-Stat: LTE Growth Will Overtake EV-DO in 2012

IQ 'Can Change in Teenage Years'

Europe's Galileo Sat-Nav Launch Delayed

AVX Claims Device Has Fastest Response to ESD Spikes in Cars

Nokia Records a Net Loss on Weaker Smartphone Sales

Giant Space 'Bubble' Floats in Stunning Skywatcher Photo (this is cool)

Google Rolls Out Android 4.0 with Samsung

Service Blackouts Threaten Cloud Users

A Long, Steep Drop for Americans' Standard of Living

Florida Man Arrested After Yelling 'You're all going to die' on Southwest Flight (also yelled something about somebody being great)

5 Foreign Nationals in Custody After Attempted Break-in at Texas Courthouse (move along folks, just a few more Amish terrorists)


Thieves Stealing X-Ray Film from Area Hospitals for Silver Content

Airspan Completes Mobile Broadband Trials in UHF Radio Spectrum

UK Electronics Firms Receive Invite to Apply for Funding

Mobile Handsets to Comprise 50% of $6.4B GaAs Device Revenues in 2015

iPhone Keylogger Can Snoop on Desktop Typing

Venture Investments Grow in 3Q from Last Year

Diamonds, Silver and the Quest for Single Photons

Scientists Detect Unusual 'Quasiparticles' in Tri-Layer Graphene

Rise of the Machines: America's Jobs Challenge (those evil ATMs stealing jobs!)

I Still Love You, Blackberry!

Motorola's Droid Razr Aims to Slice Into iPhone 4S

Brazilian Chip Maker Announces EPC UHF Chip

The LTE Signaling Challenge

SideBySide Projection System Enables Projected Interaction Between Mobile Devices

Nano Funnel Used to Generate Extreme Ultraviolet Light Pulses

Postage Rates to Increase in January

Spitzer's Latest Big Name to Keynote Forecast 2012 (Client #9)

Why Do Ice Trees Grow on Frozen Droplets?

Cubesat: a Satellite in a Box

Heavy Snow Disrupting GSM Services in Eastern Bulgaria (dang global warming again)


Brothers Steal 50' Bridge to Sell for Scrap

Woman Shocked by $201,000 Cellphone Bill

DeLorean Goes Electric: Company Plans New Model of Iconic Gullwing Car (didn't Doc already build one that runs on garbage?)

Magnets Without Rare Earths?

Ford Vehicles Will Read You Text Messages While You Drive

China’s First Major Highway LED Lighting Project Lit by Over 1M Cree LEDs (I like it)

Taiwan's HTC Loses Apple Patent Infringement Case in US

Smart Phones Could Hear Your Password

Six Savvy Law & Technology Resources

MIT Radar Can See Through Walls

Britain Would Strike First in Cyberwar, Government Says

China Growth Slows to 2-Year Low

Analyst: Chip Market Downturn to Be Brief

DOD Axes Ground Mobile Radio Portion of JTRS Program

IBM Shares Fall as Tech-Spend Worries Loom

UK Space Agency Invests in Mars Research Projects

2D Nanoscopy Achieves Direct Imaging of Nanoscale Coherence

Dark Matter Mystery Deepens

TOTUS Kidnapped! - President Speechless

Is Coffee in Danger of Extinction? (fortunately it's just a question asked by a moonbat)


Apple Gets Rare Downgrade

BlackBerry Freebie: RIM Apps to Placate for Outage

Fewer Road Accidents During BlackBerry Outage

Wireless Users Will Get Alerts on Excess Use

Samsung Seeks iPhone4S Sales Ban in Australia and Japan

LightSquared, GPS Industry Spar over Proposed Interference Fix

New Method of Growing High-Quality Graphene Promising for Next-Gen Technology

Dead German Satellite Will Fall to Earth This Week

Clear Channel Brings NFC to London’s Oxford Street

Apple Looking to Simplify Bluetooth Power States to Conserve Battery Life

Through the Looking Glass: Physicists Solve Age-Old Problem

Interest in Mobile WiFi Hotspots Fuels New Solutions

Laser Analysis Betrays Diamonds' Origins

Self-Replication Process Holds Promise for Production of New Materials

Could a Computer One Day Rewire Itself?

BSNL Offers to Hand Back BWA Spectrum - Wants Refund on License Fee

Murata to Buy MEMS Firm for $260M

Smart Grid Investment in UK

Memory Trick Could Speed Up the Web


Another Genius Electrocuted Trying to Steal HV Power Line Copper

Pyramid LED Arrays on Amorphous Glass Offer Low Cost, Large Size

Physicists Offer Mundane Explanations for Faster-Than-Light Neutrinos

Sony Ericsson Sees Weakening Demand in Western Europe

World Population to Reach 7B in Next Few Days (literally breaking the bank)


UK's Analogue TV Signals to End in October 2012

AMSAT to Celebrate 50 Years in Space at Annual Space Symposium

Verizon Admits to Tracking Your Location and Habits to Sell Info to Advertisers

Army Hones In on Tactical Edge Communications

Dennis Ritchie, C Programmer and Unix Co-Creator, Has Died

Gov't Cameras in Your Car? E-Toll Patent Hints at Big Brotherish Future

Graphene: Boron Nitride Sandwich Unveils Electronic Potential

Murata to Buy MEMS Firm for $260M

40% of Tablet and Smartphone Owners Use Them While Watching TV

Thousands Around the World Line Up to Buy iPhone 4S

Space Companies Hatch Plans for Reusable Rockets

U.S. Amateurs Radio Operators Now 700,000 Strong!

Body Patch Transmits Health Information Using Bluetooth

Sony Ericsson Quarterly Revenues Flat as Phone Shipments Decline

Chinese Military Mobilizes Cybermilitias

Google Revenue Surge Sets Record (OWS hippies protesters not mentioning Google - certain billionaire$ OK)

With BlackBerry Service Resumed, RIM Focused on Winning Back Users

New Bluetooth v4.0 Solution Helps Blood Banks Monitor Blood Usage and Quality

Costs Up at India's R&D Centers

Iran Failed with Space Monkey Launch (anyone see PETA heroes protesting in Tehran?)


Get Ready for the 6th Annual ARRL On-Line Auction

Blackberry Says Services 'Fully Restored'

Gulf Air Takes Delivery of First Connectivity-Enabled Aircraft

Time Cloaking Achieved at Cornell University

RFID Guides Employees at Company Parking Lots

Robert Galvin, ex-Motorola CEO, Dies Aged 89

Experimental Mathematics: Computing Power Leads to Insights

Best Buy, Microsoft Join FCC in Bid to Boost Broadband

U.S. Navy's 'UFO-Like' Stealth Drone Takes Flight

Apple's iOS 5 Upgrade Causing Problems

Silicon Valley Can No Longer Save California -- Or the U.S.

Imec Says mm-Wave SiGe:C Devices Are Ready for Volume

Space Taxi Test Flight Next Summer

Adapting Mobile Phone Barcodes for Use by Existing Red-Laser Barcode Scanners

Mineral Found in Colored Glass Absorbs Toxic Heavy mMetals

Small Defects Mean Big Problems for Industrial Solar Cells

Do Volunteer Programmers Produce Better Code?

Cheaper Yet Efficient Thin Film Solar Cells Created

Return of the Pink Slip? Risk of Layoffs Rising


Metal Shortages Alert from Leading Geologists

New SuperB Factory Particle Accelerator Project Launched in Italy

Sony Recalls 1.6M LCD TVs Worldwide

Phone Makers Outlook in Focus in Grimmer Economy

Einstein's Theory May Put Brakes on Faster-Than-Light Neutrinos (still right after all these years)

OSHA Slaps ERI with $91k Fine for Tower Deaths

German Satellite's Doom Looms Sooner

BlackBerry Problems Spreads to the USA on 3rd Day of Disruption

Mexican Telecom Sector Grew 11.2%

Erasing History? Temporal Cloaks Adjust Light's Throttle to Hide an Event in Time

Radioactive Decay Anomaly Finally Explained

Broadband Availability Focus of India's New Telecom Policy

Cellphones Are Servers and Servers are Cellphones

Increasing Mobile Threats & Attacks Target Android Growth

iPad Dominates 97% of Tablet Traffic

Court Appoints Damages Expert in Oracle v. Google

Solar Changes Help Create Cold Northern Winters (and yet can't also cause global warming?)

College Radio Day a Huge Success

Google Unveils Dart Web Programming Language

Illegal Immigrant Parents Rely on Kids for Help Online


California Gov. Moonbeam's Veto Allows Warrantless Cellphone Searches

Street Lights Repossessed from City that Cannot Pay Utility Bill

The $1.2T Revenue Opportunity for Mobile Operators by 2020

The Need for More Rare Earth Elements Increases

New Deposits Found at Rare Earth Mine in U.S.

EE Times: Where Are the Jobs? Suffers Blips as Anonymous Takes Aim

Today is 'College Radio Day'

Wired Petri Dish Gives Real-Time Updates (that's 'wired,' not 'weird')

Graphene's 'Big Mac' Creates Next Generation of Chips

More Cell Phones in the USA Than People

Competition Will Bring Space Technology to Earth

Germany Spyware: Minister Calls for Probe of State Use

The Wizard and the Mortal: Two Sides of Genius (yes, another S.J. tribute)

India Unveils Draft National Telecom Policy 2011

SEMICON Europa: Plastic Electronics Should Follow ARM's Way

CMOS Integrated Poly-SiGe Piezoresistive Pressure Sensor Demonstrated

PatientID+ Uses NFC to Speed up Medical Administration

Yahoo Shares Rise on More Takeover Speculation

Secret Space Plane Could Evolve to Carry Astronauts


Suspect’s Cell Phone Dials 911 During Burglary

How the iPhone 4S Reaps Benefits of Defense Research (just like with space program)

Apple Says iPhone 4S Orders Top 1 Million in First Day (1 million phones = megaphone?)

White Space Radio Firms Launch Systems This Year

Blackberry Services Down in Europe, Middle East and Africa

Ofcom Delays 4G Mobile Auctions

How Many Gills in a Cubic Dekameter?

U.S. Government Issues New Classified Information Protection Policy

Samsung Researchers Announce Breakthrough in Growing Gallium Nitride LEDs on Glass

European Mobile Satellite Services to Be Coordinated by the EU

Semiconductor Inventories are Rising

Are Carriers About to Lose All Profits from Texting?

Why 60 GHz Matters for Small Cell Backhaul

Google's Android Market Blocked in China

Physicists Localize 3-D Matter Waves for First Time

Chinese Lanterns Cause UFO Scare in Tiny Utah Town

Designers Claim Island-Like Vessel is Future of Yachting (I'm holding off on buying a yacht until this is available)

New EPA Regulations Will Close at Least 28 GW of Generating Capacity (these fools are purposely crippling American workers)


KickSat: Send Tiny DIY Satellites into Space

Computer Virus Hits U.S. Drone Fleet

Sprint to Unveil LTE Network, Stop Selling WiMAX Devices

Myers Predicts Strong 2012 Growth for Broadcast Radio

How a Physicist Sees the Universe: Messy and Sublime (one of my favorite photos - 100s of galaxies)

Time-Zone Database is Taken Offline After Legal Action


Satellite Shuts Down Some Canada Communications

FCC to Revamp $8B Phone Subsidy to Expand HS Internet Access (yet another tax on paying customers!)

Middle School Students Reach for Space with Ham Radio

Top DoD Brass Warns Against Sequester Cuts

Sony in Talks to Buy Ericsson out of Handset Venture

Greece to Track Citizens' Purchases to Solve Tax Evasion Problem (βιγ βροτηερ)

Analyst Sees 1% Chip Market Growth for 2011

Motorola Sued over Patents Used in Android Phones

RF IDIC Claims Smallest Low-Frequency Package

Obituary: Lee Davenport / Pitt Grad Enhanced Radar in WWII (thanks to Joe B. for this)

Satisfaction with Australian Mobile Networks Dropping

Moving Forward, Spin Goes Sideways

What the Wireless Industry Owes to Steve Jobs

VoIP Services Market on Track to Top $76B by 2015

Bluetooth 4.0: What Is It, and Does It Matter?

Physicists Learn More About Sun by Measuring Elusive Neutrinos Flowing Through Earth

Smart-Home Systems Go Mainstream

GRAIL Probes Complete Flight Correction Maneuvers

"World Facing Worst Financial Crisis in History," Bank of England Governor

Surprise: Another Saudi Student Tries to Bring Down Airplane over U.S. Soil (passenger subdues him)


Steve Jobs Dead at 56 Years Young - RF CafeSteve Jobs Dead at 56 Years Young

Laser Used to Cool Object to Quantum Ground State

Tablets and Smartphones Transforming How Retailers Interact with Consumers

Missile Defense System Hits 2 Targets over Hawaii

Women Entrepreneurs Succeeding in a "Man's World"

India to Issue Notices to 5 Telcos for Revenue Misreporting

European Proposal for Amateur Secondary MF Allocation Clears Important Hurdle

Advances in Satellite Terminals Improve Their Reliability

Virtual Institutes to Support Scientific Collaborations of the Future

Bluetooth Innovation World Cup Closes with Record Number of Submissions

Price Cited as Top Challenge in 3-D IC Stacks

Secure Updates for Navigation Systems

Japan Looks to Austin for Guidance in Building Smartgrid

New Light Shed on Mysterious Structure of World's Water-Air Interface

Small Business Hiring Drops as Economic Optimism Fades

Stocks Shift After iPhone 4S Announcement, Microsoft and RIM Comeback Imminent

Halliburton Wins Software Patentability Appeal

Watching Out for Falling Stars, with a Smartphone in Hand

Announced Job Cuts Rise 212% from Year Ago

Nearly ½ of U.S. Lives in Household Receiving Government Benefit (only ½ pay income tax - probably strong correlation)


Freescale Chooses Scotland for Global R&D Centre

Samsung Seeks Order Banning Sales of Apple's Newest iPhone 4S

Apple's Big iPhone Disappointment

BoM for 32-GB iPhone 4S Estimated at $203

JTRS Radios and Waveforms Stretch the Battlefield Network

Microsoft, Google Tussle over Android Phone Patents

Israeli Scientist Wins Nobel Chemistry Prize For 'Quasicrystals'

CEPT Committee Approves Proposal for Secondary MF Allocation in Advance of WRC-12

Taliban Shutting Down Cell Towers

3M Invents Transparent Film That Turns Windows into Solar Panels

Weather-Proof Satellite Capable of Imaging Any Spot on Earth

Siemens Lobby Is Lined with RFID-Enabled SKIN

Cellular Industry Fighting New San Francisco SAR Legislation

Slovakia Planning Radio Spectrum Auction in 2012

Improving Etch Process Control in InGaN Laser Diodes

Galileo Satellites Fueled for October Launch

Sulfur in Hollow Nanofibers Overcomes Challenges of Lithium-Ion Battery Design

Electricity from the Nose: Engineers Make Power from Human Respiration

Nobel Prizes and American Leadership in Science

Physicists Move One Step Closer to Quantum Computer

Global Ad Revenues From Social Networks to Reach $5.4B in 2011; $10B in 2013


October 10: Anonymous Threatens to 'Erase NYSE from the Internet' (that's next Monday)

Electric Plane Wins $1.35M NASA Prize

Fifth iPhone Expected to Be Launched by Apple

India Drafts New Electronics Manufacturing Policy

Three Americans Share 2011 Nobel Peace Prize in Physics

New Space Venture Could Bring Every City on Earth Within Two Hours Travel

'Mirage-Effect' Helps Researchers Hide Objects

Freescale Has Sub-1 GHz Ultra-Low-Power Smart Radio

NXP and Landis+Gyr Demo NFC Smart Meters

Trilayer Graphene Exhibits Quantum Effect

Chip Trade Group Spends $310k on 2Q Lobbying

Nokia Windows Phones Launching This Quarter

Helsinki Airport Puts RFID 'Guidance Display Card' to the Test

'Subconscious Mode' for Smartphones Could Extend Battery Life by Over 50%

Chip Delivers Bluetooth from 0.8V

Amazon's Cloud Gives Its New Browser an Unfair Edge

New Way to Store Light Could Prove Useful for Optical Communication

NASA Now Hiring Astronauts (proudly hitch a ride on Russian & Chinese rockets!)

Moon's Shadow Makes Waves in Earth's Atmosphere

How North Dakota Became Saudi Arabia (we could trash terrorist-funding OPEC in a few years)


DoJ Document Shows How Phone Firms Treat Private Data

Nobel Prizes: Asian Scientists Set to Topple America's Run of Wins (another nail in the coffin)

First Use of Atom Interferometer to Measure Aircraft Acceleration

Senator Demands to Know Who Will Pay for LightSquared GPS Retrofit

BT Suffers Major Broadband Outage

iPhone App to Fly Drones in the Works

AT&T Begins Sending Throttling Warnings to Top Data Hogs

Researchers Find World's First x-Ray Laser Produces Most Coherent x-Ray Radiation Ever

ARRL Briefs White House Staff on Amateur Radio’s Capabilities During Emergencies

Indian Telecom Minister Announces Plan for Spectrum Allocation

Osborne Announces UK Science and Engineering Investment

August Chip Sales Show Surprise Growth (why are the analysts always 'surprised?")

Air Force Wants Industry to Streamline Space Programs

Europe to Study Telecommunications Leasing Charges

Android Getting Close to 50% of UK Smartphone Market

Eight NFC Products Reach Finals of Sesames Awards

Assessing the Faster-Than-Light Neutrino Theory

Unmanned Vehicles Push Wireless, But Lack in Multicore

Amazon Opens Fire, Sells Nearly 100,000 Tablets on Day One

New Funding for European Extremely Large Telescope


How Graphene's Electrical Properties Can Be Tuned

Google's Chrome Will Overtake Firefox by 2012

DOE Announces Round 3 Funding Opportunity for SS Lighting U.S. Manufacturing Support (another Solyndra debacle in the making?)

UK Ad Watchdog Updates Rules on Broadband Speed Claims

14 Epic Tech Fails That Will Live in Infamy (I had a ZIP Drive for backup)