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FCC: Seventh Broadband Progress Report

Switzerland Planning Radio Spectrum Auction in Early 2012

DoCoMo Demonstrates Spoken Language Translator for Smartphones

LinkedIn Opens Asia Headquarters in Singapore

Defect in Graphene May Present Bouquet of Possibilities

Personal Mobile Devices Create Security Headaches for Biz

House Panel to Debate Spectrum Policy

France Télécom Plans Fiber Broadband to 10M Homes

Pairing Quantum Dots with Fullerenes for Nanoscale Photovoltaics

President Names Telecom Advisors from Tech World

European EMS Firm Broken in Three

India's BSNL Tendering for $1.1B GSM Network Contract

The Future of Radio. Don't Be Scared.

Robot Wars Prepare Kids for Manufacturing Jobs

IEEE-USA Sponsors 'Engineering Our Future' Panel for Hollyweird Directors

Rare 'Midnight' Solar Eclipse Coming Tomorrow

PayPal : Google Stole Our Employees and Secrets

Chinese Prisoners Forced into WoW "Goldmining" Scheme

Eurozone Crisis Risks 'Systemic' Fallout


Lockheed Cyberattack Raises Concerns Over Online Espionage

Service Providers Face Surging Broadcast Retransmission Fees

Nokia Wins Review of Dismissal of Patent Claims Against Apple

Samsung Demands to See Apple's Next iPhone, iPad

Ability to Switch Magnets 'On' or 'Off' Could Revolutionize Computing

NFC Warranty Tags Could End Proof of Purchase Headache

Vodafone to Outsource Irish Call Centre Work

Tactical Laser Weapons Technology Demonstrates Its Readiness for Deployment

PBS Hacked After Critical WikiLeaks Show (lesson: don't screw with the hackers)

Research Shows Ways to Make iPad Apps More User-Friendly

Built-In Charge Boosts Quantum Dot Solar Cell Efficiency

'Nanowire' Measurements Could Improve Computer Memory

Wave of Superfluous New Startups Is Surest Sign We're in a Bubble

Jetpack Soars a Mile High

As RIM Struggles, Talk of a Change at Top Surfaces


D.C. Copper Thieves May be Posing as Road Crews

Aussie Student Finds Universe's 'Missing Mass'

ISS Ranks as an Engineering Marvel

Giant Deep-Sea Detector Hunts for Elusive Particles

Average Family Spending $168/mo. More on Gas than Last Memorial Day

Inflation Increases Your Memorial Day BBQ up by 29% (change you can believe in?)


53% of Youngsters Would Give up Sense of Smell to Stay Connected

Motorist Caught Using Two Mobile Phones While Driving

NASA Is Making Hot 'Way Cool'

Shuttle Astronauts Make History on Their Final Spacewalk

Bill Would Keep Big Brother's Mitts Off Your GPS Data

Matter-Matter Entanglement at a Distance (had that problem with my fishing line)

Freescale Semiconductor Launches IPO, Misses $1B Target

Europe Sees 40% Growth in Mobile Banking Through Smartphones

IR Satellite Images Reveal 17 Buried Pyramids (cool!)

Scientists Detect Earth-Equivalent Amount of Water Within the Moon

Smart Meters Wait for Home Net Spec

$690B 2012 Defense Budget Clears House

Fitch Cuts Japan Credit Rating Outlook to Negative

PayPal Sues After Google Unveils Smartphone Pay Service

UK Rural Broadband Plans Move On

Thieves Dismantle Railroad Track to Sell as Scrap

Global Economic Rebound Weakens on Quake, Oil Price, European Debt Crisis

Heavy Snows Spoil Weekend Holiday Plans in West

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg Only Eats Meat He Kills Himself (ha, this is great - sounds like a bubba)


Cost of Mobile Broadband up to 1333x Fixed Services (no surprise there)

FEMA Administrator Calls Amateur Radio “The Last Line of Defense”

AT&T's Spectrum Buying Spree Continues

Tesla Motors Plans Stock Offer (someone please donate a Roadster to RF Cafe!)

A Car Battery at Half the Price

Nearly Half of Canadian Mobile Phone Users Aged 18 to 34 Own a Smartphone

The Hopi Nation Climbs Toward Wireless in Arizona

LinkedIn Eyes Business Opportunities in China

Vacation Tips on How to Truly Unplug

Antimatter Breakthrough - Electron is Stunningly Spherical

O2 Comes in Tops in Broadband Study

Budget Cuts Will Degrade U.S. Power, Gates Says (that's the plan, silly)

Google VP Confirms NFC Mobile Commerce Launch Tomorrow

Wind Forecasts Could Improve National Grid's Efficiency

GE Gobbles Up More of the Smart Grid (another Immelt/Prez sweet deal?)

GaN Power Devices Made on 200mm Silicon Wafers

Energy-Efficient Lights to Gain from Incandescent Ban (BTW, another floor lamp CFL just died at RF Cafe HQ after 1 yr)

$67B in Vacation Days, Out the Window

Cookie Law Deferred for One Year

Fine-Tuning Mechanical, Electrical, Thermal, Other Properties of Composites


Umpire Strikes Back over 'Stolen' iPhone (just one problem...)

Foxconn Explosion to Delay 400,000 iPad Shipments

Is Silicon Alley Here to Stay?

Volunteers Sought for 4G LTE Trial in Cornwall

Project Evaluates Viability of Inductive Power Transfer

Yandex’s Surge on Debut Stirs More Talk of Tech Bubble

Army Field Evaluations to Include Battle Phones

Wipro Helps IMEC Open Up in India

Global Telecom Spending Rising for First Time Since Financial Crash

D-Wave Sells Quantum Computer to Lockheed Martin

Laser Modules in Matchbox Size

Report: Smart Grid Could Cost $476B (no problem - just charge rate payers for it)

ST Ramps Production of Smartphone MEMS Sensors

ARRL to Testify on Interoperable Public Safety Network

76% of Young Adults Prepared to Pay £5 ($8) a Month for Mobile Banking

Lithium-Ion Battery Keeps Its Cool

Three Starts 3G Services at 900 MHz in Sweden

We Can Run Android Apps in Windows, Says Newly-Funded BlueStacks

NASA Gives up on Mars Spirit Rover (farewell and adieu)

Microsoft Announces Windows 8 Release


Outsourcing Goes Full Circle as Indian Firms Look to the U.S. for Cheap Labour

Smartphone Users Checking Emails As Soon As They Wake Up

World Record in Ultra-Rapid Data Transmission

UK VC Investment Up in Q1

DOD Awards Satellite Deal for Armed Forces Radio

Why is America the 'No-Vacation Nation'?

Three Dead in Foxconn iPad Factory Blast - Dust Blamed

Senate “Companion” Bill to HR 607 Avoids Impacting Amateur Spectrum

Novel Artificial Material Could Facilitate Wireless Power

Cisco Sued for Helping China Spy on Dissidents

Payments and the Disappearing Cash Register: Your Phone is Your Wallet (yeah, but Lowes will probably still annoyingly ask to see your CC)

T-Mobile Doubles 4G Network Speeds

Greek Government to Sell Remaining 16% Stake in OTE

The Invisible iPhone

Army Unit Synchronizing Complex Technology Now Essential for War

LHC Sets New Collisions Record

DoCoMo Invests in LTE Antenna Developer

Telecom New Zealand to Separate for $2.8B Broadband Build

Kepler's Astounding Haul of Multiple-Planet Systems


NI Set to Pay $58M for Major RF EDA Firm

Microsoft Wants to Rule the White Spaces

Laser Puts Record Data Rate Through Fiber

Deadly Explosion at iPad Factory Won't Affect Gadget Supply

Russia Now Permits Reciprocal Licensing Through CEPT

Poland Set to Roll out Commercial NFC Payments "Within 4 Months"

UK Government Recognises Importance of University IP

Radio Should Pay to Have FM Chips Installed

Norway Hit by Cyberattack After Libya F-16 Strike

Apple's iPhone 5 Might Come with a Curved Glass Screen

Silicon Valley's New Religion: "Apple'ism"

No Letup in Supply Chain Disruptions

Single Molecule Performs Multiple Logic Operations Simultaneously

Verizon to Eliminate Unlimited Data, Add Shared Data Plans

Qualcomm Adds Support for Russian GPS Service to Snapdragon Chipset

Sony to Post $3.2B Annual Loss on Tax Writeoffs (ouch!)

Aboard the Space Station, It's a Beautiful World

Study Reveals Changing Role of iPads, Tablet PCs

Pile of U.S. Debt Would Stretch Beyond Stratosphere (sheeple have been conditioned to not care)


New Nanolens Breaks Resolution Record

Up to 20 Million Americans 'Overcharged' by AT&T for Data Usage

Telcos Love LinkedIn

Spacewalking Astronauts Encounter Bolt Trouble (hope they have some WD40)


Number of Phones Exceeds Population of World

LinkedIn Hits $10B Market Cap; Valuation Ethereal (how about the RF Cafe IPO?)

USPTO Announces U.S. Government-Wide Intellectual Property Training Database

Verizon to Offload 3G/4G Data Through Free Wi-Fi Hotspots

Amazon E-Books Now Outselling Print Books

Nearly a Third of Brits Now Own a Smartphone

Post-Rapture Entrepreneur Ready to Deliver on Mail Promise

Landis+Gyr to be Acquired by Toshiba for US$2.3B - Smart Grid Mania

The Atom and Its Quantum Mirror Image

51% of iPad Use Is in Bed or in Front of TV

Mobile Wallet Offered to UK Shoppers

How 50-Mile-High Jets of Lightning Shoot Toward Space

RFID Tracks Clean-Room Laundry for High-Tech Companies

Simplifying the Process of Detecting Genuine Multiparticle Entanglement

The Hackathon Almost Here. Root for Your Favorite Hackers This Sunday!

Radio Still Not Representing Itself Well

Galileo Node Station Brought Online in the Arctic

Galactic Census Confirms Existence of Mysterious 'Dark Energy'

EU to End Plastic Grocery Bags (remember we had to dump paper bags to save the Earth?)


Inventories to Cap Phone Market Growth

Meet the Woman Allergic to Electricity

Is U.S. Losing Its R&D Edge?

Europe to Built Gravitational Wave Detector

NFC Indoor Navigation System Proposed by Turkish Scientists

Class-Action Suit Accuses Major Tech Firms of Pay Collusion

Amazon Expands Trade-In Plan to Electronics

BlackBerry PlayBook Beats Xoom Sales in First Month

Record Efficiency of 18.7% for Flexible Solar Cells on Plastics

Electric Car Goes over 200 Miles on One Charge

LinkedIn's IPO Leads to $352.8M Payday

CSR Co-Founders Form M2M Wireless Startup

Video: Virgin Atlantic's Commercial Space Plane Flight

3-D TV Boom Times Ahead

Unemployed People in U.S. Have Personal Data Stolen

Army Radio Program Sparks Nunn-McCurdy Breach

Astronauts Install Big Magnet on Space Station

RoHS to Adopt REACH Approach?

Electronic Warfare Linked up with Space Communications

Designer of Chinese Web Controls Hit by Shoe


Skyworks to Pay Up to $275M for SiGe

Woman's Cell Phone Use Halts Train

New Evidence That Cell Phones Stress Bee Colonies (that explains the buzz in the line)

Will LinkedIn's IPO Open the Floodgates?

Rad-Hardened Electronics Designers Face Increasing Difficulty with Shrinking Chip Geometries

App Developers Facing Patent Lawsuits

Karlsruhe Invisibility Cloak: Disappearing Visibly

Youth@HamRadio.Fun: The Status of Youth in Amateur Radio

Helium-4 Doesn't Turn Supersolid at Low Temperatures (whoda guessed?)

'God Particle' Mystery Could Be Solved Next Year

1 in 5 UK Consumers "Eagerly Awaiting" Arrival of NFC

Does Radio Have a Strategy For Smart Phones?

Israeli Electric Car Pioneer Unveils Price Plans

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance with No Magnets

Over 2 Billion People to Own a Smartphone by 2015 (probably not me)

Reality Check: Why Wireline Matters to Wireless

The Bulletproof Gog That Stormed Bin Laden's Lair (are GSDs cool or what?)

Microsoft: 1 Out of 14 Downloads Is Malware

How GE's Green Lobbying is Killing U.S. Factory Jobs

20% of New Obamacare Waivers in Architect Pelosi's District (Reed got waiver for all of NV - don't want to live in the world they created)

Harvard Researchers Discover Caffeine Wards off Prostrate Cancer (gotta love it)


Growing Threat from Solar Storms

Navy Calling on Gamers to Help with Security

HP Discovers Memristor Mechanism

Special Ops Wants Radios to Hook into Smart Phones

Scientists Cast Doubt on TSA Tests of Full-Body Scanners

Rumor: Nokia May Sell Handset Division to Microsoft

Sponge-Like Carbon Can Be Used as a Supercapacitor

Army Believes Rewards Outweigh Risks with Smart Phones

Photo of Space Shuttle Endeavour Becomes Internet Hit

Physical Phenomenon Could Lead to Clock Speed Increases

Wireless Service Customer Satisfaction in the USA Declining

New Laser Will Facilitate Optical Communications

FCC Upholds $4000 Fine to Penn. Amateur

PayPal Tops List of Most Trusted Mobile Payments Brands (RF Cafe uses PayPal)

LinkedIn Raises I.P.O. Goal to More Than $405M

U.S. Lays out Priorities for Future of Cyberspace

Australian Beer Hopes to Boldly Go Where No Beer Has Gone Before

Couple Names Baby After Facebook 'Like' Feature (pity the kid w/parents that stupid)

Endeavour's Last Mission Could Help Unravel Dark Matter Mystery


Copper Thieves Steal Overhead Phone Lines, Knock Out Service

LTE Networks Rolling out at 2.6 GHz Pending Lower Spectrum Availability

Euro Body Calls for Schools Wi-Fi Ban

France Wants $3.5B for Its 4G Frequencies

Memristors' Current Carves Protected Channels

Graphene Could Reveal the Grain of Space-Time

Germanium Takes the Strain out of GaN-on-Silicon Epi

IHS Raises Outlook for NFC-Enabled Handsets

New Ways to Exploit Raw Data May Bring Surge of Innovation

VCSEL Achieves 92W Output Record

Motorola Launches Retro GSM Only Mobile Phone

Nanosatellite Will Look for Alien Worlds

Super-Accurate Atomic Clocks Emerge from 'Heat Haze'

Germany Hopes to Develop Electric Car Industry

LHC to Reveal Dimensions Beyond Our Own

Space Shuttle Endeavour Blasts Off on Final Flight

Are Leaked iPhone 5G Cases a Sign Apple is 'iPad-izing' the iPhone?

Wirelessly Add 500GB to Your Cellphone or Tablet

Solar-Powered Airplane Makes Historic Flight


Dutch to Boost DECT Guard Band for License-Free Use

Indian Government Plans Spectrum Legislation

Why DoD Wants Cloud Computing

Today’s Hottest Wi-Fi Radio Devices

NASA Clears Space Shuttle for 8:56 am Monday Launch

New Yorkers Under 30 Fleeing State Due to High Taxes

Theory of Recycled Universe Called into Question


Activated Graphene Makes Superior Supercapacitors for Energy Storage

Quantum Calculations Can Make Atomic Clocks of the Future Far More Accurate

Universal Charger Specification Within Two Months

Ofcom Talks Up Spectral Efficiency Benefits of LTE

NASA Looking for Good Ideas for a 100-Year Starship Project

Tiny Iron Spheres Are Oldest Fossilized Space Dust

Tablet Sales Poised to Overtake e-Reader Sales in Canada

Verizon Races to Bolster LTE Capacity

OSCAR I and Amateur Radio Satellites: Celebrating 50 Years

NASA Airplane Tests New LIDAR Technology

World's Largest Particle Accelerator Offers Window into Laws of Nature

Proton Dripping Tests a Fundamental Force in Nature

U.S. Government Backs Concentrated Photovoltaics

Ericsson Planning to Hire 1,500 Staff for Indian Managed Services Centre

Did Facebook Hire a PR Firm to Tarnish Google's Name?

NYSE: You Are Witnessing A “Complete Crushing” of the Nasdaq

For-Profit Colleges: Targeting People Who Can't Pay

Google Unveils First Chrome Powered Laptops

'Mobile Miracle' Continues to Transform Lives in the World's Poorest Nations (just remember who's paying for it)


Achtung! Foreign Workers Wanted for Germany's Job Boom

LED-Based 100W Bulb Replacement Has High CRI (look at the heatsink on that sucker!)

PayPal Is Top Brand for Mobile Payments

Malaysian WiMAX Network Seeking Additional Radio Spectrum

4G Will Solve Mobile Capacity Problem in 2013

Video to Trigger 33x Growth in Mobile Traffic by 2020

Websites Told to Ensure Cookies Comply with UK Law

Optical Control of Magnetic Effects at the Nanoscale

German, U.K. Domain Names See Strong Sales Outside Home Markets

High School Radio Club to Offer Free Foxhunting Transmitter Kits

Wi-Fi Offload Set to Boom in India

FCC Commissioner Leaving to Join Comcast

Super-Stable Laser Fired Up in Cramped Minivan

EHF Satcom Antenna for B-2 Bomber to be Developed by Northrop Grumman

Bell Canada Profits Jump on Flat Revenues

Flash Crash: Unhappy Anniversary

ZeroTouch: New kind of Infrared Touch Computer Interface (this is kinda cool)

10 Years After They Broke up Microsoft

$$$ in Graver Danger Than the €€€

Amateur Photographer Links 37,000 Pics in Night-Sky Panorama


New Technology Integrates Phone Antennas into Decorative Films

More Frequencies for Europe's Mobile Internet by 2013

Smarter Atomic Clock on a Chip Debuts

TSMC Sees 2% Growth for 2011 Chip Market

NASA Considers Lasers to Battle Space Junk

2011 ARRL/TAPR Digital Communications Conference Call for Papers

Google Raises Concerns over Viability of NFC Card Emulation Mode for Mobile Payments

Canadians Annoyed with Increasing Cell Phone Bills

Avionics and Electronic Warfare Test System Ordered by U.S. Air Force

Graphene Enables Speedy Data Pipe

Bringing a Whole New Meaning to "High-Speed Internet"

FBI's Controversial Tracking Device No MacGyver Special

Energy Harvesting for Automotive Applications

Google Threatens to Shut Down Swiss Street View

Pairing Quantum Dots with Fullerenes for Nanoscale Photovoltaics

World Could Be Powered with Renewable Energy by 2050 (more contradicting expert predictions)

JetMan Quietly Makes Historic Flight Over Grand Canyon

Facebook Profile Access 'Leaked' Claims Symantec

Forget Engineering - Be a Calif. Lifeguard @ $200k/yr.

Drinking >5 Cups of Coffee per Day Reduces Risk of Breast Cancer (the miracle drug!)


Phones Required to Get IC to Receive DHS Broadcasts (ha, you think it won't grab info about your location, etc.? just shut up and bend over)

Internet Revenue for Radio is Soaring

LinkedIn Pushes for $3B Valuation in IPO

Annual Armed Forces Day Crossband Test Scheduled for May 14

Pairing Quantum Dots with Fullerenes for Nanoscale Photovoltaics

High Temperature Milestone Achieved in Silicon Spintronics

Microsoft Confirms $8.5B Takeover of Skype

Carbon Nanotubes - a New Interconnection Technology

Skyrocketing Rare Earth Prices and Harnessing Heat

Graphene Modulator Tackles Optics

Extreme-Sensitivity Sensor Developed at MIT

Is 2011 the Year of Prepaid?

Ban on 3-Year Contracts Pushes Up UK's Average Monthly Tariff

Last Launch of Space Shuttle Endeavour Set for May 16

Foxconn Denies Asking Staff to Sign Anti-Suicide Pledges

Google's Stealth Multi-Billion-Dollar Business

Even Affluent Women May No Longer Be Eligible for Credit Cards

Electric Cars Take Off in Norway

Global Warming Could Disrupt WiFi and Hit Power Supply (whacko news for the day)


Cellphone Crackdown as N. Korea Prepares for Leadership Shift

Nvidia to Buy Cellphone Radio Maker for $367M

Maine Honors Hams on World Amateur Radio Day

White iPhone 4 Launch Turns Violent at Beijing Store

Spintronics Achieved in Plastic-GaAs Hybrid Circuit

Ill. Gov. Offers $100M in Tax Breaks to Keep Motorola Mobility in State (corporate welfare from those who preach against it)

Slow Economic Recovery Dampens Demand for H-1B Visas

Congress Bans Scientific Collaboration with China, Cites High Espionage Risks

Android Wins 35% of Q1 Smartphone Market

Universal Phone Charger Standards Widened to Other Portable Devices

World's Best  Inventors Compete at the Concours Lepine

Satellite Terminals Slim Down for Battlefield Missions

Scientists Discover the Edge States of Graphene Nanoribbons

Google and Apple Gain Ground in USA Smartphone Market

Internet Boom 2.0 Is Here, Starts to Look Bubbly

Mobile Phones Could be Charged by the Power of Speech

First SBIRS Satellite Launched

$1B Debt Relief for Egypt (are you kidding me?)


Happy Mother's Day!

City Takes Unique Approach to Deter Copper Thieves

Smartphone Market Grew 79.7% in Last Year

Brightly Colored Bird Feathers Inspire New Kind of Laser

USPTO Announces 2011 National Trademark Expo

Fewer Jobs for Aspiring Astronauts

Sony Loses Account Info for 24.6M Customers


Semi Equipment Spend Up 148%; China's Spend Up 287%

Flexible Phone Made from Electronic Paper to Debut

Pirate Station Operator Threatens to Shoot FCC Inspector.

Seeing Is Believing When Cloaks Disappear

Mother's Day in Space: Astronaut Mom Connects with Son from Orbit

Pentagonal Tiles Pave the Way Towards Organic Electronics

New Way to Control Conductivity: Reversible Control of Electrical and Thermal Properties

TSMC Waiting Till 20nm to Introduce 3D Transistors

Nokia Siemens-Motorola Integration Begins

Almost Half of Latest Smartphones Boast a 1 GHz or Faster Processor

Apple Leapfrogs ZTE to 4th Position in Handset Shipments

ETH Solves InP/GaAsSb Maximum Oscillation Bipolar Disorder (finally!)

Chest Movement Radar Could Help Prevent Crib, Sleepy Driver Death

NXP: Up to 100M NFC Phones Could Be Produced this Year

Mobile Action Lab Trains Young People to Design, Develop and Market Apps

U.S. City Clamps Down on Delivery of Yellow Pages Directories (a sanctuary city that accepts unbridled deliveries of illegal aliens)

52 Years and $750 Million Prove Einstein Was Right

IPv6: A Reality Check from Brocade

LastPass Says Hackers May Have Stolen Password Data (maybe they need LifeLock)

The Best Password is a Sentence, Says Expert

Scots Wind Farms Paid Cash to Stop Producing Energy

Stocks Rally as Job Growth Surprises Wall Street (they are evidently surprised every day by everything)


3D Chips to 'Transform' Devices

Higher Wages Costs in China Driving Manufacturers Back to the USA

Service Providers, Equipment Vendors Weigh Impact of Going 'Green'

Your Ethical Legal Duties When Using Wireless (Wi-Fi) Networks

Commercializing Stretchable Silicon Electronics

NRL Scientists Achieve High Temperature Milestone in Silicon Spintronics

TSMC, UMC Prepare for Water Rationing

Flexible Paper Computer 'Does Everything a Smartphone Can'

Chinese Tech Giants Fight over 4G Phones

Proposal for Optical Transistor Uses Light to Control Light

Single-Molecule Magnet Created from Depleted Uranium

European Payments Council Launches Public Consultation on Mobile Contactless Payments

Japan Earthquake Rattles Key Components Delivery

Quantum Simulation with Light: Frustrations Between Photon Pairs

Apple Sending Out iPhone Location Tracking Bug Fixes

A Tool to Harvest iPhone Location Data

How America's First Astronaut 'Got It Done' in 1961

After 52 Years, NASA Gravity Probe Confirms Einstein Theories

19% of U.S. Companies Hiring, 25% Laying Off

Jobless Claims in U.S. Unexpectedly Jump ("in-the-know" experts always caught by surprise)


Celebrating Engineering: EDN Names 2010 Innovation Award Winners

4G Initiatives By Operators Benefit Tower Firms

For Sale: World's Smallest Atomic Clock

Wireless Carriers Scale Down Scope of Mobile Payment System

Ultracapacitors to Boost the Range of Electric Cars

'Woz' Says Schools, Corporations 'Tamp Down Creativity' (not Apple, of course)

Auto Manufacturers' Drive to Simplify Electronics

Stealth Unmanned Combat Vehicle Makes First Flight

Federal Judge: Open WiFi Doesn't Make You Liable for Your Neighbors' Misdeeds

FCC Seeks to Raise the Fee for Vanity Call Signs

Tiny Tech Gains in Stature

NC Senate Approves Heightening Hurdles for Muni-Broadband

Android Increases Smart Phone Market Leadership with 35% Share

Security Concerns Rise in Korea over Wi-Fi Networks

Scientists Create CMOS Sensors to Capture X-Rays

General Dynamics Development of Satellite-Guided 120 mm Smart Mortar Shell Moves Ahead withTests

Amazon Tablet Appears Set for Late 2011 Release

Better Glasses-Free 3-D: A Fundamentally New Approach

About 1 in 7 in U.S. Receive Food Stamps


How the U.S. Tracked Down bin Laden (no thanks to POS Pakistan - can we leave the 5th century now?)

The Internet: One Big Power Suck

RIM Phones Aim to Rival Apple’s

RIM, Microsoft Ally in Smartphone Wars

Improved Electrical Conductivity in Polymeric Composites

Salty Solution for Energy Generation

Researchers Raise Conductivity in Polymeric Composites

Graphene's Varying Conductivity Levels Pinpointed

College Students Attempt High Altitude Balloon Launch

Multitasking Creates Distractions for Most People

James Donald Smith Named Chief Administrative Patent Judge at USPTO

New Theory Shows 1-Way Transmission Materials Possible for Sound and Light Waves

France Telecom Quarterly Revenues Down on Regulatory Changes

Ownership of TV Sets Falls in U.S.

Nokia Looking for New Chairman to Start 2012

Meteor Shower Spawned by Halley's Comet Peaks Friday

TriQuint's Quarterly Revenue Falls 11%

New Mac OS Malware Threat Masquerades as Antivirus Software

Seoul Police Raid Google Offices Over Personal Data Collection

Google Named Most Reputable Company in U.S.


Verizon Wireless Is Labeling Phones as Tracking Threats

Reliable Military and Aerospace Comm Depend on Advanced Military Antenna Technologies

Leaked Emails Highlights Importance of Android Location Data to Google

How bin Laden News Spread on Twitter

U.N. to Track U.S. Recycled Cellphones, TVs

Startup Recruiting: Adventure vs Job

BP Oil Pumps Up High School Hams

Smartphone Boom Lifts Phone Market in First Quarter

Global Averaged Chip Sales Growth Slows in March

Sagem Wireless Files for Bankruptcy

Physicists Create Quantum Twin Atoms

Keyboards First. Then Grenades.

Analyst Comments on 11 Vendors' LTE Chips

Huawei Sues ZTE for Patent, Trademark Infringement

Hydrogen Fuel Tech Gets Boost from Low-Cost, Efficient Catalyst

Solar-Powered Plane Ready for First International Flight


Apple Juggernaut Sends Ripples Through Tech World

Apple's Chinese Workers Treated 'Inhumanely, Like Machines' (best ignore this report if you want cheap gadgets)

Bank Lets Customers Pay Friends by Bumping Phones (NFC)

Extending WiFi to 1 Mile, Thanks to Empty TV Channels

Verizon Wireless Says 4G Network Up and Running

Gold Hits All-Time Record of $1569

Who's Killing Children Now? (Was It Hope or Change?)