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As Egypt Goes Offline U.S. Gets Internet 'Kill Switch' Bill Ready (all dictatorships - and wannabes - think alike)

Old Technology Finds Role in Egyptian Protests

Metamaterials Approach Makes Better Satellite Antennas

One-Size-Fits-All Mobile Phone Charger: IEC Publishes First Standard

ESA Investigates Novel Analog Self-steered Antennas

Senate Version of Amateur Radio Legislation Introduced

U.S. Still Lacks Some Basic Essentials for Cyber Defense

Chip Flaw Forces Intel to Cut Its Forecast

Capturing More Light with a Single Solar Cell

Google Topples Symbian from Smartphones Top Spot

Stanford Researchers Develop First Android NFC P2P Apps

Unlimited Data for the iPhone? Don't Bet on it Long Term

Space Shuttle Discovery Returns to Launch Pad for Final Mission

Record Number of Illegal Immigrants Win Right to Stay in UK (who the &@#$% is running this !^#@% world anymore? we must be insane for letting it happen!)


Nanowires Exhibit Giant Piezoelectricity

Mobile Phone Shipments Hit 1.36B in 2010

Hidden Fractals Suggest Answer to Ancient Math Problem

RIM Might Have to Walk Away from Corporate India

GaAs Device Market Grows 32% from $4.3B to $4.9B in 2010

Nokia Reports Market Share and Profits Frittering Away


Suicide Bomber Exploded Prematurely Due to Unexpected Text Message

Motorola, Nokia Suffer at the Hands of Impending Verizon Wireless iPhone Launch

NI Plans 19% R&D Headcount Increase as Sales Reach New Records

LinkedIn Plans to Raise Up to $175M in IPO

Struble Says Digital World Threat to Radio.

NASA’s Nanosatellite Heard by Hams

ZigBee Alliance and SAE Accelerates Electric Vehicle Connection to the Smart Grid

Siemens Executive Calls for Re-Balancing of UK Economy

Net Approaches Address Exhaustion

NFC Business Models Report Sets Strategies for Success in Emerging Mobile Wallet Wars

Samsung Revenues and Profits Hit All Time High

The Most Connected Man You Don’t Know in Silicon Valley

iPhone Causing Problems for Everyone

Nanotoxicology: An Interdisciplinary Challenge

LibreOffice 3.3 Suite Advances While Staying True to OpenOffice Roots

Cree Rolls 'Breakthrough' LED Bulb

Navy Taps Contractor for Signature-Silencing Work

Spain's Jobless Rate Surges to 20%

Roofs Collapsing under Tons of Global Warming in New England

Egyptians Shuts Down Internet, Messaging Disrupted (FCC's Julius Seizure wants power to do same in Amerika, if directed by CIC)


New Transistor for Plastic Electronics Exhibits the Best of Both Worlds

Raytheon, Lockheed Martin Get Go-Ahead to Design Space Fence S-Band Space-Surveillance Radar

Electronics Testing Needs Greater Flexibility, Army Official Says

A Shortcut to Designer Nanostructures

U.S. Broadband Speed Jump Boosts Global Ranking

Engineer Jailed for Spying

ARRL Legislative Newsletter to Be Launched (FCC really overstepping its bounds these days) and the Freemium Business App

Graphene and 'Spintronics' Combo Looks Promising

1.4 Billion People to Access Both Fixed and Mobile Broadband by 2015

Scientists Seek to Assess Nanomaterial Risks

AT&T Revenue Up, Driven by Smartphone Growth

'Wave and Pay' Technology for iPhone 5

GSMA Publishes Mobile Privacy Principles

Photon-Plasmon Coupling: Dye Guides Light Through Perforated Metal Foil

Orange Customers of Everything Everywhere Get Mobile Payments

Facebook Phone Rumors False, Company Says (that about guarantees one is in the works)

picoChip Encouraged by Femto Competition

China to Step Up Controversial Technology Plans

Profit Falls 21% at Nokia


Tech IPO Market Finally Starts to Thaw

FCC Mandates LTE for Public Safety Network

Ericsson Profits Jump on Higher Quarterly Sales, Lower Costs

Scope Market Bounced Back in 2010, Says Agilent VP

Why the Entire Internet Is About to Become 'Slower and Flakier'

Contract Manufacturing, Set for 8.5% Growth

27% of Americans Use Facebook on the John (remind me to tell you sometime about the tech I worked with at Westinghous who would smoke a cigar, eat Ho-Hos, and drink chocolate milk in the john)

New Materials May Bring Advanced Optical Technologies, Cloaking

iPhone and iPad to Enable NFC Payment Services

Ericsson Profits Jump on Higher Quarterly Sales, Lower Costs

Armchair Nanoribbons Made into Spintronic Device

Senators Cantwell and Franken Introduce Bill to Revise Net Neutrality Rules

Android’s Hidden NFC tag Writing Abilities Revealed

Google to Hire More Than 6,200 Workers This Year (didn't they just lay off a few hundred?)

Online Mobile Phone Sales Reach Record High in Europe

Butterfly Wings Offer Guiding Light for Nanotech Innovation

Sirius XM: Keep the Door Open for Rate Hikes

NASA Exploring Laser Beams to Zap Rockets Into Outer Space


Faulty GPS Causes Elderly Couple to Drive into a Church

DOD Approves Requirements for Coalition Waveform (I didn't know there was such a thing)

New Definition of the Kilogram Coming Soon

AEM Debuts Tin Whisker Mitigation Process to Assure Surface-Mount Component Reliability

The Free Software Conundrum

Physicists Describe Method to Observe Timelike Entanglement

A Look at Recent Tech-Industry Earnings

Light Touch Transforms Material into a Superconductor

Thermal Nanotape Aims to Cool Hot Spots

Huawei Sues Motorola over Possible Infringement

Cell Phone Danger? Who Needs Evidence -- Health Group Still Wants FCC to Require Warning Labels

See Your Career in a Whole New Way

Russia Drops Kidnapping Charges Against Former Phone Retailer

BBC Swings an Online Shutdown Hammer

MIT Achieves Highest Frame Rate for Holographic Videos

Facebook Raises $1.5B from Investors

Efficient Source of Terahertz Radiation Developed

Firefox, Chrome to Gain 'Do Not Track' Functionality

Science Pubs Quench a Thirst for Knowledge ('pubs' not short for publications)


Start-up Aims to Replace GaAs ICs with CMOS in Mobiles

Mobile Phone to Blast into Orbit

Man Dies Following Base Station Inspection Accident

Universities Act to Reverse Engineering Decline

Pecan Street Project Aims to Merge Wireless with Utilities

Standard Issued for PCB IP Protection

Engineers See Future for Small Solar Applications

Future Phone Networks to Use Miniature Base Stations

NFC News in Brief

Where High Speed Internet Meets Smart Grid

Cognitive Radio/Secondary Spectrum Use

Nanotape Could Make Solder Pads Obsolete

General Assembly Aims to Gather New York Techies

Italian Scientists Claim Cold Fusion Success

Cisco’s Vision of the Future of Wi-Fi

Automakers Show Interest in an Unusual Engine Design

Man Charged with Spying for PRC

GM's China Sales Pass U.S. for First Time in History (Americans rejecting Gov't Motors vehicles)


Single Photon Management for Quantum Computers

Plasmonic Metamaterials Underlie Advanced Optical Technologies

Internet Users Are Ditching Webmail Services

Quantum Entanglement Could Stretch Across Time

HTML Version Numbers Eliminated - To Be Living, Breathing

Facebook Raises $1B Through Goldman Sachs

Google Changes CEOs as Q4 Profit Rises 29% (so much of that evil capitalism by those who supposedly despise the inequity of it)


NASA Seeks Amateur Radio Operators’ Aid to Listen for Nanosatellite’s Beacon Signal

1:5 Cellphones Sold is Unlicensed Copy Says Nokia

U.S. Navy to Install CANES Wi-Fi on 275 Ships

Verizon Sues FCC Over Proposed Net Neutrality Regulations

Unexpected Properties Unveiled in Superconducting Material

Mobiles Attract Hi-Tech Thieves

A Short-Circuit to Distracted Driving

Test Shows Smart Phones Vulnerable to Attack

Carbon Nanotubes Set for Electronic Applications

Cybercriminals Shifting Focus from Computers to Mobile Phones

Most French Consumers Not in Favor of Mobile Payments

Highly Ordered Artificial Spin Ice Created Using Nanotechnology

Apple Seeks to Get Nokia Patent Declared to Be Invalid

Which-Way Detector Unlocks Some Mystery of the Double-Slit Experiment

Start-Up taps Into Wireless Healthcare Revolution

Huge Delta Rocket Flies from Vandenberg AFB

Dow Corning Joins IMEC GaN Affiliation Program

Your Mobile Phone Bill Is Going Up

Apple 'User-Proofing' iPhones with Unremovable Screws

GE CEO Immelt Named As President's Economic Adviser (no conflict of interest there w/GE having $B in gov't contracts?)


Study: First 2 Years of College a Waste (see graph of how time is spent)

New Magnets Could Solve Our Rare-Earth Problems

10 OEMs Generated $104.3B Semiconductor Revenue in 2010

Microsoft Explains Windows Phone 7 'Phantom Data'

Foundries Cut Workers' Holidays to Try to Meet Wafer Orders

ARRL Seeks New Youth Editor

10B Bits of Entanglement Achieved in Silicon

EU-Approved Aid to Broadband Schemes Tops €1.8B

Nanoscale Rope: Complex Nanomaterials That Assemble Themselves

Starbucks Starts Accepting Mobile Payments Nationwide

Two 112' Dish Antennas for Deep Space Exploration to be Provided to NASA by GD SATCOM

First silicon Carbide MODFET from Cree

Thwarting Attacks on Cell Phone Mesh Networks

Connected Car App Users Accelerating 40x by 2016

Italian Scientists Claim to Have Demonstrated Cold Fusion

Brightest Nanoparticles Shun Quantum

3G Will Continue to Dominate in 2011 As 4G Starts to Take Off

Chinese Environmentalists Scold Apple (let them try scolding a Chinese company, though and the tanks could roll)

T-Mobile Confirms Sidekick 4G, Samsung Galaxy S 4G

''If China becomes the world's No. 1 nation ... ."


South Africa Thieves Hit Traffic Lights for SIM Cards

Canadian Firm Plans Constellation of Low-Orbit Satellites for Mobile Backhaul

NSA Turns to Smart Phones for Recruitment

IEEE EMC Society Standards Development Committee Withdraws as Cosponsor of IEEE BPL EMC Standard (has BPL finally died?)

Electron Gas on the Surface of Insulator Opens Way to Multifunctional Transistors

Your Mobile Phone is Becoming Your Wallet

Electronic Gadgets Interfering with Flight Controls?

Condition-Heavy Approval Given to Comcast-NBCU Merger by FCC and DOJ

U. of Ark. Study Finds 60 Ways to Use RFID in Apparel Supply Chain

SRC to Develop Foliage-Penetrating Radar Workstation to Help Find Soldiers Moving Under Cover of Tees

Will Internet Radio Kill the FM Radio Star?

Semi-Autonomous Wireless Road Trains Begin Testing

Pair Accused of Hacking AT&T's Network for iPad User Data

Can the U.S. Compete with China on Green Tech?

Sony Ericsson Sues Clearwire for Alleged Trademark Infringements

A Test Bed for Smart Buildings

Cloaking Device is Able to Hide Underwater Objects from Sonar

In the USA, iPhone Outperforms Other Mobile Platforms in User Loyalty

SOFIA Flying Telescope Gives Unique View of Orion

China Rising as Medtech Innovator


Colo. Student Pays "Absurd" Tuition One Dollar at a Time

Indian Mobile Number Portability to Further Increase Competitive Intensity

New Type of Entanglement Allows 'Teleportation in Time,' Say Physicists

Data from 120,000 iPads Hacked

Fiber-Based Electrochemical Micro-Supercapacitor

Student Entrepreneur: Idea vs. Execution

Wireless Coverage Is Now Onboard Italy's High Speed Trains

'Ugly Meter' App Spurs Cyberbullying Worries

China Rare Earths Exports Up in 2010

Wave-Generated 'White Hole' Boosts Hawking Radiation Theory

Open Source in GSM Could Breed Mobile Mayhem

Sprint Plan to Add $10 'Premium Data' Smartphone Fee Might Be a Tough Sell

Clustered Smart Phones Could Fight Crime, and More

Method to Film Nanostructures Developed

Wikileaks: 'Galileo Boss' Smutny Removed over Cable Row

G.E. to Share Sell Jet Technology with to China in New Joint Venture

Weekends, Holidays Ripe for Bad News from Tech Giants

Invisible Tanks, Planes and Armor Could Hit Battlefields in 5 Years

Chinese Leader Comes to Take Possession of Deed to America

Flashback - Dalai Lama Lead Past White House Trash Heap


New Mobile Technologies Boost for Welsh Business

Carbon Nanotube Aerogel Now World's Lightest Solid Material

Intel to Invest $500M in Irish Fab (green ICs ;-)

Calif. Man Used Facebook to Hack Women's E-Mails

Light Turns Insulator into a Superconductor

Government Not Supporting Women Engineers, Says IET

Smartphones Lift Apple and Samsung in Quarterly Phone Bonanza

iPad Reading Could Cut into TV's Time

In New Military, Data Overload Can Be Deadly

Tiny Silicon Chip Uses Quantum Physics to Slow Light Down

Next-Gen Battle Tech Gets Put to the Test

Where Are the Techies? Snow Kiting! (we found Waldo!)

Will Telcos Fill the IT Gaps for Small- to Mid-Sized Businesses?

Apple's Steve Jobs Takes Medical Leave Again

First Android NFC Apps Begin to Appear

Firefox 4 Release Creeps Ever Closer as Mozilla Rolls Out Beta 9

Solid-State Quantum Memory Unveiled

Depression on the Rise in College Students


Alaska's Dept. of Transportation Mixes Asphalt and RFID

Retail Outlets Adding Electric Car Charging Stations

IPv6 for a Day: Sampling the New Web World

LED Market Grows a Record $4B in 2010, up 67% to $10.2B

Study Finds No Evidence of Health Risks from SmartMeters

Microsoft Releases Windows 7 SP1 to OEMs

Why Coffee Protects Against Diabetes (I should never get diabetes!)


Coiled Nanowires May Hold Key to Stretchable Electronics

TurboTax Unveils Mobile App to File Taxes on Smartphone

Physicists Observe Exotic State in an Unconventional Superconductor

Mass. Solar Plant Closing, 800 Green Jobs Lost to China (wait, this wasn't supposed to happen)

Samsung Electronics Workers Commit Suicide

Experian Warns Against Use of Insecure Wi-Fi by Smartphone Owners

RIM Hits Back in Indonesia Row

Refreshed Computer Museum Looks Back at 2 Millennia of Thinking Machines

Stimulus Funding for Satellite Internet Companies in Rural Areas (corporate welfare disguised as social welfare)

Microelectronics Segment of Compound Industry Ends 2010 Strongly

Aim High in the ARRL January VHF Sweepstakes

A Breakthrough for Terahertz Semiconductor Lasers

5 Cyber Threats to Watch Out for This Year

Your Most Dangerous Possession? Your Smartphone

AT&T to Take $2.7B Charge Related to Employee Benefits

Euro Has Best Day in 6 Months, U.S. Stocks Fall


Pioneering Edsac Computer to Be Built at Bletchley Park

Industry Fires Salvo at Defense Contracting Rule

Light Can Control Electrical Properties of Graphene

Online Textbooks for Canadian Students

BAE Systems to Develop EW Machine Learning to Jam Enemy Adaptive Comms

Thanks to a Super Material, Your Future Phone May Be an All-Glass Wonder

NFC Vulnerabilities Under Scrutiny

Nanolasers Heat Up

FCC Sends License Renewal for K1MAN to Administrative Law Judge

IBM Computer to Take on 'Jeopardy!' Champs for $1M

Samsung Joins IBM on Fundamental IC Process Research.

Google, Facebook and Yahoo to Test New Net Addresses

FDA Reviewing Electronic Drug Patch

MTS Estimates 2010 Russia Handset Sales Rose 25%

Global IT Spending Will Reach $3.6T in 2011

A Silicon Spintronic Memory That Lasts

Astronomers Probe Ancient Radio Waves for Clues About the Universe's First Light

Arkansas Radio Compliance Center Aims to Avert Clashing RFID Requirements

Jobless Claims Post Biggest Jump in 6 Months


Ericsson Forecasts 3.8B Mobile Broadband Connections by 2015

Mobile Data Subscriptions to Top 1B in 2011

Defense Acquisition Faces Uncertain Future

Laser Cannon Set to Blind Pirates

NFC Vulnerabilities Under Scrutiny

Downturn's Ugly Trademark: Steep, Lasting Drop in Wages

Samsung Expects to Triple Smartphone Sales in 2011

Foundry Capacity Glut Seen in 2011

Calif. to Disconnect 48,000 Cellphones of State Workers (whoa! a sane act from Moonbeam!)

Everyone is Video Calling

Goonhilly to Rejoin Deep Space Communications Programme

NTT Docomo Adds NFC Reading to Wide Range of Mobile Phones

Google's Page Buys 193-foot Yacht for $45M (capitalism, greenhouse gas creation great for Larry, bad for you &me)

Biggest Picture of the Sky Unveiled

iPhone 4 Launches on Verizon Wireless Feb. 10

Hi Tech Pays Tribute to Eiffel Tower's 19th-Century Origins

Time to Take Some Chips Off the Table?

What's in a Thunderstorm? Antimatter, for One

Housing Market Slips into Depression Territory


IBM Received Nearly 23 Patents Per Working Day in 2010

U.S. Researchers Develop Crack-Resistant Metallic Glass (Mr. Scott's transparent aluminum?)

ARRL Foundation Scholarship Applications and Transcripts Due February 1

Suppression of Electronic Friction on Niobium-Films Below Critical Temperature

Coalition Forces Get Tactical Radio Boost

Boss of Chipmaker Advanced Micro Devices Resigns

For Tech Start-Ups, a Rite of Passage

Hubble Telescope Zeroes in on Green Blob in Space (a cosmic sneeze?)

ZTE Claims 7% of LTE Essential Patents

Mobile Broadband to Reach 1B Subscribers In 2011

New Amateur Radio Bill Introduced in Congress

The Trouble with Turning Graphite into Diamond

ISS: Fearless Forecasts for 2011

SEMI Japan Expects Sales Slow-Down

Solar-Powered Car Smashes Speed Record (cool, but don't get too excited)

Ohio Ex-NASA Worker Charged over Military Exports

China Ended Last Year with 850M Mobile Subscribers

Green Cars on the Rise, But Consumer Interest Lags

UK Tech to Aid Private Space Shot


FCC Lab: Report on Trends in Wireless Devices

Cambridge Design Firm Unlocks 4G Mobile Protocols

A Battery-Ultracapacitor Hybrid

Third of Online Shoppers Use a Mobile Phone to Visit Retail Websites

Physicists Create Sonic Black Hole in the Lab

2011 CES Sets the Course in Residential Services

Smartphone Users Face Confusion (well, just the idiot users)

Suppression of Electronic Friction on Niobium-Films Below Critical Temperature

U.S. Chip Makers Q4 to Paint a Clearer Demand Picture

Street Sees Trouble for Radio Shack in Verizon iPhone

Experts Call on UN to Prepare for Extraterrestrials

CommScope Sells Wireless Test and Measurement Product Line to Anite

What Made 400 People Volunteer for a One-Way Mission to Mars?

Economists Foretell of U.S. Decline, China's Ascension


Magnetic Logic Attracts DARPA Money

'4G' Takes Center Stage at CES

emPower Electronic Eyeglasses Let You Change Your Prescription in a Blink

Dvorak: The NFC Revolution

U.S. Wants Twitter Details of WikiLeaks Activists

Bills Introduced to Defund NPR (good, we can't afford it)

China's RFID Market Set to Double by 2014


CES: Please Turn Off Your Phones and Your Wi-Fi - We Can't Handle It

Pentagon to Cut Spending by $78B, Reduce Troop Strength

When Refrigerators Tweet and Washing Machines Text

T-Mobile USA to Boost Network to 42 Mbps Download Speeds by Mid-2011

FCC Cites Retailer for Marketing Amateur Radios as CB Radios

New Ways to Tune Electrical Conductivity Revealed by Electron Interaction

Spinning Nano Yarns

FCC's Julius "Seizure" Urges Repurposing of Underutilized Spectrum

Magnetic North Pole Shifts, Forces Runway Closures at Florida Airport (must be due to global warming!)

Tech Toys Unveiled

Google Phone Bug Misdirects Text Messages

Consumers Pay More Often and Spend More with NFC Phones Than with Cards

Color Imaging Reveals Graphene Defects

Maxim Gets into Electric Sports Car

WiMAX Subscriber Base Reached 13 Million in Q4 2010

Is Renewable Energy a "Good" Investment?

Motorola Leads Off Verizon Wireless LTE Device Effort

Telcos: Morgan Stanley Turns Cautious; Advises Shorting Verizon

Gates Details DOD Budget Cuts, Consolidations

EPA, AZ Create Website Showing Illegal Alien Trashing of America's Border


Car Theft by Antenna

Bluetooth SIG Conducts Successful Counterfeit Product Raids in China

LinkedIn Plans to Go Public in 2011

IIA, NSN: Broadband Saves U.S. Households $7,707 a Year, Adds $100B to GDP (what an obviously bogus claim!)

FCC's 'Julius Seizure' Challenges App Makers to Protect Open Internet

Retailers Bank on In-Store Wi-Fi

Police Use GPS in Stolen Cell Phone to Track Down Robbery Suspect

Qualcomm and Duracell Explore Wireless Recharging of Gadgets

Wireless TV to Be Big Story at Vegas CES

Scientists Make Holograms of Atoms Using Electrons

AT&T Cuts iPhone 3GS Price to $49

Utah's $1.5B Cyber-Security Center Under Way

Water Damage Worries Deter Purchases of Expensive Phones - Survey

Ofcom Acts to Improve UK Mobile Broadband Services

'Nanoscoop' Technology for High-Power Li-Ion Batteries

Global Spam E-Mail Levels Suddenly Fall

What You Need to Know About 3D Technology & Vision Problems

Graphene Electrodes for Organic Solar Cells

FCC Survey Suggests Schools and Libraries Need More IT Staff (please, no more growth of gov't!)

Weekly Claims for Unemployment Benefits Rise (there's never been a better time to be unemployed - 3 years of benefits)


DARPA Seeks Lighter Energy Source for Radios

IEEE-USA President Commends House for Passing Innovation Legislation

Court: No Warrant Needed to Search Cell Phone (only in wacko Calif.!)

Domino's Sells £1M of Pizzas Via iPhone App in Four Months (great, now I'm hungry)

Internet Surpasses TV As Main News Source for Young Adults

Qualcomm to Buy Atheros (WiFi) for Around $3.2B

DARPA's 'Smart Jammer' to Throw Enemy Off Balance

"SMS of Death" Could Crash Many Mobile Phones

The Biggest CES Flops of All Time

Functionally Graded Shape Memory Polymers Developed

Microwave Scanner Sees Fires Through Smoke

Smartphone Demand to Buoy Taiwan GaAs Foundries in 2011

Toshiba Showing Glasses-less 3D TVs and PCs at CES (LSD tablets included?)

Inside and Kovio Add NFC Support to Ultra-Low-Cost Printed RFID Tags

More Schools Embracing iPad as Learning Tool (why not? you an I are paying for them)

China Uncloaks Stealth Fighter Prototype

Subatomic 'Signature' Found Permeating the Universe

Online Holiday Spending Up 12% to a Record $32.6B

Carnegie Hall Stagehand Moving Props Makes $530,044 (maybe you're in the wrong business)

World Bank Issues Its 1st Yuan Bonds in Hong Kong


Cellphone Most Lethal Weapon in Prisons

European Semiconductor Sales Increase for Fifth Successive Month

Radiotelescope Link-Up Opens Up the Sky

The Surprising Usefulness of Sloppy Arithmetic (low-achiever computers in the future)

With Air Force's Gorgon Drone 'We Can See Everything'

Android Nets for 40% of Smartphone Sales

Chinese Investors See Mobile Technology Boom in 2011

Nokia, Samsung Take 70% of Indian Mobile Phone Market by Revenues

CES 2011 Trend: Single-Die Chips

iPhone Alarm Problems Persist into the Workweek

2011 Heralds Correction, Analysts Agree

Wet Smartphones Can Be Dried in as Little as 6 Hours

Positioning Bits in Nanowire Memory

RF Signal Analyzer for Radar, EW, and Radio, and EMI/EMC Introduced by Tektronix

It's Official: Motorola Now is Split in Two

What Constitutes an Act of Cyber War?

Qualcomm Supplying Wireless Modules for Use in Diabetes Glucose Tester

U.S. Yield Spreads Fall Below Rest of the World (it's just Social Justice, right?)

No Word Yet from Stuck NASA Mars Rover Spirit

Meteors and Solar Eclipse Make for Celestial Double Feature


New Year Mobile Bug Strikes French Texters

The Problem with 'Science by Press Release'

"Epic" and "Fail" Make LSSU's 2010 List of Banished Terms

2011 Predictions: Macworld's Annual Forecast of the Year Ahead

iPhone Glitch Causes Alarm Problems

The Science Breakthroughs That 2011 May Bring

India to Develop New Telecom Policy

November's 'Actual' Global Chip Sales Slip Below Par

LG Smartphone Was Most Wanted Gift on Amazon Website

Ring in the New Year with Morse Code Ringtones

Goldman Invests in Facebook at $50B Valuation

iPhone Coming Soon to Verizon

Bad Marks for ST-Ericsson, Mediatek in China Report

Nintendo Warns Against Youngsters Playing Its Upcoming 3-D System

Improving InGaAsN Laser Diodes with Antimony Passivation

Quadrantid Meteor Shower and Solar Eclipse Coincide on Tuesday

FCC Considers Expanding Role of Travelers Information Stations


A Look at Some of the Biggest Tech Stories of 2010

U.S. Science-Funding Boost Faces Uncertain Future (you can see the photog's reflection)

New Ford App Bridges Smartphone and Vehicle Nav Systems

USPTO Creates Online Subscription Center

Particle Pings: Sounds of the Large Hadron Collider

RIM Could Add NFC to BlackBerrys 'In the Near Term'

Fresno or Zimbabwe? Extremists Have Killed America's Industry from Agriculture to Manufacturing