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Thieves Watching Holiday Trash to Find Targets

Top 10 Wireless Industry Predictions for 2012

New Year's Eve Science: Toasting the Chemistry of Champagne

China Push to Put Astronaut on the Moon (USA is toast if we don't get real leadership)

Incredible Things That Happen Every 60 Seconds on the Internet

Top Scientific Discoveries of 2011

Subtle Electronic Effect in Magnetite Discovered

Must-See Science Videos of 2011

U.S. Court Upholds Telecom Immunity for Surveillance

Amazon Says 2011 'Best Holiday Ever' for Kindle

The Year’s Top 10 Apps for Android Phones

Are Superluminal Neutrinos Possible? (a question I have often pondered)

Verizon Wireless Faces $1B Lawsuit from Phone Retailer

Apple in Race to Keep Ahead in 2012

Verizon Adds $2 Charge, Admits 4G Network Issues

Over 50,000 Apps Now Available in Windows Phone Market

Christian Named Broadcaster of the Year

Metal-Assisted Chemical Etching Makes High-Aspect-Ratio Wet Etch Easier

Extremely Large Telescope's Construction to Begin Next Year

What If Electric Cars Were Better?


Sun Storms May Slam Earth

FCC Scrambles to Cope with Data Avalanche

Yaesu’s Amateur Radio Division Breaks with Motorola, Changes Name to Yaesu Musen

EE Times 10 Most Read News Stories of 2011

Verizon Wireless Hit by Third LTE Network Outage This Month

Facebook Scams in 2011

The Art of Molecular Carpet-Weaving: 2-D Networks from Boron Acids

NASA's 2011 Year-End Review

NPR's Year in Review: Mega Tech Brands Raise Megabucks

FM Receivers Operate as Standalone TMC Receivers

Next-Gen iPad to Be Shown Off Next Month

At Construction Sites, RFID Tracks Arrivals, Departures

MSNBC's Top 10 Tech Stories of 2011

China Satellite Navigation System Starts Service

US-CERT Says Wi-Fi Hole Open to Brute Force Attack

Microsoft Lines up 'Superphones' for 2012

Despite RIM Takeover Talk, Hurdles Would Be High

Exploding HP Printers Turn Out to Be Not So Explosive

New Satellites to Extend China's Military Reach

Google and Facebook Top 2011's Most Visited Sites in U.S.


5 Tech Trends to Watch in 2012

11 Scientific Twists from 2011

Your Cell Phone is Out of Your Control

ARRL Launches New DIY Campaign

Researchers Propose New 12-Month Calendar

'Sketching' Electronics with Conductive Ink

Apple Reported to Be Working on Redesigned iPhone

GSM Phones Vulnerable to Hijack Scams

Faster Broadband for Welsh Rural Areas by Summer 2012

Timeline: A History of Touch-Screen Technology

Google Activates 3.7M Android Devices over Christmas, But Apple Wins

Cause of Death Still Unknown in Cape Coral Tower Death

Urban Indians Sleep Increasingly Disturbed by Gadgets

The Internet's Perilous New Year's Resolution

Holographic 3-D Looks Tantalizingly Closer in 2012

Twin Probes to Orbit Moon, Study Gravity Field

8,000 Staff Strike at LG Display's Chinese Factory over Bonuses (watch out for the tanks)

2011 Was the Year of the Restless Sun

Will Russia's Mars Probe Fall in Afghanistan? Too Early to Tell


Thieves Steal ½-Mile of Copper off Poles

Doh! Top Science Journal Retractions of 2011

Tech Disasters of 2011

Apple Researching Hydrogen Fuel Cell Battery

Top 10 Worst Tech Presents for Christmas

USPTO Begins Electronic Delivery of Pre-Grant Search Results to the European Patent Office (EPO)

LinkedIn Releases IndexEngine Search As Open Source

Onset of Electrical Resistance Measured for First Time

Research In Motion Facing Trademark Dispute over BBM Service

Patents Are Getting Out of Hand

5 Simple (But Hidden!) Tricks All New iPhone/iPad Owners Should Know

Sapphire Supply and Demand Back in Check

France Telecom Sells its Swiss Subsidiary for $2.14B

Students: Irregular Study Gets Best Result

New Technique Makes It Easier to Etch Semiconductors

A Polaroid Instant Camera for the Digital Age

China Launches High-Resolution Remote-Sensing Satellite

China Tests 500 km/h Super High-Speed Train

Self-Healing Electronics Could Work Longer and Reduce Waste


45-Year-Old Spy Satellite Program Declassified

Vietnam Store Makes Christmas Tree from Cellphones

Navy's X-47B on Truck Trailer Mistaken for UFO

AT&T Gets Conditional Approval for $1.9B Radio Spectrum Purchase

Researchers Double Organic Semiconductor Conductivity

Outsider Physicists and the Oh-My-God Particle

RIM Waves off Amazon Interest, Says It Can Turn Things Around

Paint-On Solar Cells Developed

Wireless Infrastructure Gear Market Grew 9% in 2011

Mysterious Metallic Sphere Falls from the Sky

Samsung Shows Off Dual-SIM Android Smartphones

Hacker Finds Weak Mobile Security in Europe

Electronic Gadgets OK on Airplanes, Study Suggests

Russian Satellite Hits 'Cosmonaut Street' in Siberia

Russian Spacecraft Delivers 3 to Orbiting Station (at least that one made it)

'Anonymous' Hackers Hit U.S. Security Firm Stratfor

PayPal Tests Wireless Mobile Payments in Sweden

Study Links College Football Success to Decrease in Male GPA

Young Women Get Introduced to Electrical Jobs at 11th Annual Yukon Career Fair

Saturn Moons Spied from the Side


The 'Science' of Santa

An Expert's Take on Snowflakes

Top 10 Reasons Why Large Companies Fail to Keep Their Best Talent

FCC Approves AT&T Purchase of Qualcomm Spectrum

More Powerful Supercomputers?


Verizon's 4G Service Suffers Yet Another Outage

Terahertz Pulse Increases Electron Density in GaAs 1000x

Webpages Showing Sharp Growth in Size, 965 kB on Average (RF Cafe 2012 will shrink)

Large Hadron Collider Discovers First New Particle

Most Employees Will Work Through the Holidays, But Get Little Done (IPV: in-plant vacation)

10 Notable Blunders of Electronics World in 2011

Bill That Could Break the Internet' Delayed Until 2012

10 Super Extravagant Gifts for the CEO Who Has Everything

Smart Meter ICs to Be a Billion Dollar Market in 2016

Nanotransistor Boosts Sensitivity of Gene Sequencer

Indian Government Blocks 3G Roaming Agreements Between Operators

'Plasmonic Nanoantennas' Show Promise in Optical Innovations

Organic Semiconductors Now Made More Conductive Than Ever

Digi-Key to Grow Short-Order Production Business

Patent Firm Sues German Retailers for HTC Phones

Teliasonera Pays $1.52B for 49% Stake in GSM Kazakhstan

The Puzzle of 3-D Images from a Single Shot

'Space Ball' Drops on Namibia (weird)

U.S. Population Growth Slowest Since Before Baby Boom (Illegal aliens fueling growth, legal citizens not having kids)


Verizon Investigated over Radio Spectrum Purchase

Self-Healing Electronic Chip Tests May Aid Space Travel

The 10 Biggest Stories of 2011 in Mobile Tech

The Onset of Electrical Resistance

Czech Firms Report on NFC Trial

Amazon, Microsoft and Nokia Mulled Takeover Bids for Research in Motion

Don't Believe BlackBerry Takeover Rumors

Record Conductivity Achieved in Strained Lattice Organic Semiconductor

Irish Privacy Watchdog Calls for Facebook Changes

Steve Jobs Statue Unveiled in Hungary

Linear Acquires Wireless Sensor Firm Dust Networks

Court Lends an Ear to Complaints Against FCC's Efforts on Special Access Reform

Capture of U.S. Hi-Tech Drone Signifies Iran's Power in Electronic Warfare (or not)

All 7 Planets in the Night Sky This Week

Mobile Internet Increasingly Available, But Europe Missing out on High Speed Broadband

Bouncing Data Would Speed Up Data Centers

Don't Expect the Phone to Replace the Wallet Soon

FCC Official: "Internet Freedom" Threatened

Google Invests in Utility-Scale U.S. Solar Photovoltaic Projects

Norman Krim, Who Championed the Transistor, Dies at 98


New Crew to Spend Christmas on the Space Station

Universal Transistor Serves as a Basis to Perform Any Logic Function

More States Ban Disposal of Electronics in Landfills

Year 12 Students Ditching 'Boring' Science in Droves

Wireless Infrastructure Drives RF Power Semi Markets over $1B in 2011

Eurozone Crisis Stunts Power Semiconductor Growth

Sweet Success: Global 100 Operators Report 2011

FCC's McDowell Opposes Setting Aside More TV Spectrum for Unlicensed Use

Living 'Neon Signs' Composed of Millions of Glowing Bacteria

New York Plans $2B Tech Campus

5 Signs that Employees are in Survival Mode

Metal Undergoes Novel Transition Under Extreme Pressure

FCC Gets a New Chief Technology Officer

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Teardown Shows Tidy 'Ice Cream Sandwich' Smartphone

Cascade Lasers Become Three Times More Powerful

Africa Pitches New Promised Land for Astronomers (just hope the warring tribes of a peaceful religion stay away)

NASA Announces Kepler Discovery of Earth-Size Planets


Look, No Hands! Italian Driver Caught on Two Phones

Rare Earth Demand, Supply Rising for the Next 5 Years

Cornell Wins NYC Science-Campus Competition

Three Drivers Behind Asia-Pacific's Explosive Smartphone Growth

Research Provides Insight into Ultrafast Laser Pulse Behaviour

Cars to Come Equipped with Embedded Wireless

Paris Gets Interactive NFC Mailboxes

China Probing Blast at Apple Supplier Factory

Military Prepares MUOS Satellite for February Launch

Get Ready for Land Grabs at 5 & 60 GHz

AT&T Walks Away from $39B Takeover of T-Mobile USA

Americans Losing Addiction to 'CrackBerrys' (I believe this is a media-driven decline)

Researchers Measure Nanometer Scale Temperature

Mouser Grows Sales Operation in Europe

Windows 8 to Feature Image Sign-on System

Scientists in Germany Create Acoustic Invisibility Cloak (I've already done that - nobody ever hears what I say ;-)

On the Edge of Friction

Sky-High Expectations Surrounding Mobile Networks

Popular Kim Jong Il Photo Blog May Live On (stupid people idolize this Communist paradise leader who starved his people - they can be found at OWS encampments)


Google Adds Christmas Easter Egg (it only works in Chrome for me)

"Whatever" Named Most Annoying Word Again in 2011

MIT to Offer Labs, Certificates to Virtual Students

Semiconductor Market Hits $302B in 2011

Army Rangers Take Smart Phone to Afghanistan

Can We Build Tomorrow's Breakthroughs?

BT Sues Google over Android 'Patent Infringements'

NFC Forum and Bluetooth SIG Publish NFC Developers Guide

Rebooting Philanthropy in Silicon Valley

Voltage Increases Up to 25% Observed in Closely Packed Nanowires

New NASA Rover Studying Space Radiation En Route to Mars

Samsung Tops UK Website Phone Sales Chart

RFID Sheet Antennas Enable Unique Shelf-Management Systems

A New Kind of Metal in the Deep Earth

Semi Confidence Lower Than Last Year

RF Mixers to Reduce Distortion in 4G Basestations

Verizon Continues to Gobble up MSO Spectrum

NASA Shuts Doors, Pulls Plug on Shuttle Discovery (need the money for green energy scams to donors)

Spy Drone GPS Spoofing Claims Doubted by Security Analysts

Saudi Prince Purchases $300M Stake in Twitter (maybe Saudis would like a record of your Tweets, too)


Audi Chief Calls Troubled Chevy Volt “A Car for Idiots” (see video)

Spectrum Fragmentation Will Result in Costlier LTE Devices, Warns GSMA

Fewer Christmas Cards Make Their Way Via Snail Mail

5 European Startups to Watch

NTT DoCoMo Predicts 48% Increase in Data Revenues in 4 Years

NASA Builds Six-Foot Crossbow to Harpoon Comets (animation)


Operator Hears, Reports Dumb Thieves Talk of Heist After Pocket-Dial 911

Almost Noiseless Nanomechanical Microwave Amplifier

Venture Capital Winners of 2011

Snag This Glowing Apple iPhone 4 Mod Before Apple’s Lawyers Do

Wi-Fi Enabled Posters Deliver Police Messages in London

ST Creates Early-Stage Venture Capital Fund

Cox Cable Sells Wireless Spectrum to Verizon

LightSquared Demands Investigation into Lower-Band Test Leaks

Google Awarded Patent for Driverless Car

Hot Development Area: TV Antennas

NASA Makes Changes to Commercial Space Taxi Program (we're screwed for the foreseeable future)

Antarctic Ice Wired for Long-Distance Calls

Researchers Prepare Cheap Quantum Dot Solar Paint

The Future of War: Far-Out Battle Tech

4G Mobile is Ready to Power Ahead

USAF and Lockheed Martin Agree on Satellite Command and Control Research Project

Nokia Continues to Dominate Indian Mobile Market as Shipments Rise

Experts Question Need for Stronger Cellphone Ban

Comet Defies Death, Brushes up to Sun and Lives


'Smart Connector' for Coax Could Save Millions in Lost Revenue

DARPA Builds Space-Based Telescope for Missile Tracking

Amateur Radio Balloon Flight Crosses Atlantic, Sets Records

LTE Pricing is Set to Decline by 60% over the Next 5 Years

New Path to Flex and Stretch Electronics

TV Companies Have a Year to Pipe Down Loud Ads

Are We Too Hooked on Our Phones for a Driving Ban?

U.S. Forces-Afghanistan Buys Tactical Comms Units

Intel Announces Mobile, Wireless Reorganization

35M Handsets in 2011 Marks Breakthrough Year for NFC

Net Access: EU Survey Shows Geographic Divisions

Engineers Enhance Thin-Film Thermal Conductivity

U.S. Teens Triple Data Usage

New Report Maps Out the Current Status and Future Trends in NFC Market

Does LightSquared Interfere with 75% of GPS Systems?

Tablet Computers Read Blood Pressure over Bluetooth

ST Claims World's First Contactless Wafer Test

NASA Spacecraft Cozies Up to Gigantic Asteroid

Even Headsets Are Dangerous for Drivers

Firearm Sales Way Up During Holiday Season (go ahead, make my day)


NTSB Seeks Nationwide Ban on Driver Use of Personal Electronic Devices

Alexander Graham Bell Recordings Played from 1880s

ARRL Warns Members to be Aware of New E-Mail Scams

FBI Denies Request for Info on Smartphone Spyware

European Businesses Keen to Deploy Tablets in 2012

Ofcom: UK Lags on Fast Broadband

Tweeting in Court is Allowed

Optical Fiber Innovation Could Make Future Optical Computers a 'SNAP'

Artificial Electronic Skin Device Capable of Detecting and Responding to Touch

Deadline Approaching for Hams to Recommend Updates to Microwave Band Plan

AT&T's 4G LTE Comes to NYC

Nanocrystals Go Bare

FCC's Voluntary Auction Legislation Passes House

Semiconductor Capital Equipment Spending to Decline 19.5% in 2012

IBM to Develop NFC Payments Solutions in Moscow

Original Apple Founders' Document Sells For $1.6M

Two Hurricane Experts Won’t Make December Forecasts Anymore

Despite Growth, China Too Faces Debt Problems

Household Electricity Bills Skyrocket (don't look for sympathy from the top)


U.S. Consumer Electronics Industry Faces $17B Product Returns Bill This Year (ouch!)

WiGig Preps Software Specs for 60 GHz

New Generation GPS Satellite Starts Tests in Colo.

Blue Christmas for Tech Stocks

NASA Intros "Third Rock Radio"

Multi-Purpose Photonic Chip Paves Way to Quantum Processors

Scientists Close In on 'God Particle'

LightSquared to Propose 'Upper Band' for 4G Network

Here Come the Quantum Dot TVs and Wallpaper

'Matrix'-Style Effortless Learning? Vision Scientists Demonstrate Innovative Learning Method (I want the helicopter pilot program that Trinity got)

Microsoft Adds NFC to Tag Platform

Rad-Hard 3D Integrated Circuit Design for Aerospace and Defense

The World's Smallest Steam Engine Measures a Few Micrometers

Wi-Fi Beats Cellular for Tablet Connections

System Uses Small Electrical Currents to Aid Stroke Patients

Attention, Angel Investors Have Until Jan. 1 to Lock in 100% Tax-Free Capital Gains on Startup Stock

Wireless Sensor Device Quickly Measures E. Coli Levels in Water

Apple Spent $460k to Lobby Government in Q3 (~2M iDollars per year)

High Winds of the Upper Atmosphere Contain Less Renewable Energy Than Previously Assumed


Ham Radio in Hollywood: Comedian Tim Allen Stars as Radio Amateur on New TV Show

Afghanistan Firm to Test Paying Wages by Mobile Phone Transfer

Blue Christmas for Tech Stocks

How Long Do Electrons Live in Graphene?

Carving at the Nanoscale

Police to Test Blinding 'Anti-Riot' Laser

Carbon Nanotubes Best for 3D Electronics

Army to Hit Civilian Workforce with Nearly 9,000 Cuts

Nokia Siemens Networks Sells Fixed Line Broadband Access Division

Samsung Claims over 300M Mobile Handset Sales in 2011

Japan Launches Second Spy Satellite This Year

Startup Turns Your Cell-Phone Number into a Location Fix

Are These Satellite Images Exposing America's Secrets?

Mobile Devices Pushing International Remittances to $55B in 2016

Newton’s Handwritten Notes on Laws of Motion Published Online for First Time

Deep-Sea Battery Comes to Light

Optical Chips Can Now Control Quantum Entanglement (I'm still a bit dubious about entanglement as hypothisized)

U.S. Military Needs Versatile Weapons Systems

Industrialized Nations Borrowing >$10T in 2011


Copper Thieves Targeting DISD Campuses

8 Reasons Why the Electric Car Will Not Be a Success Anytime Soon

Army Slashing 8,700 Jobs as Budget Cuts Begin

U.S., Israel Shocked by Undamaged Captured Drone (I hope that bugger is booby-trapped to detonate upon breach)

A Modest Proposal for Immigration: The $100,000 Green Card (heck, just buy a ticket to Mexico and get in free - full benefits and hero status)


Twelve 2012 Predictions for the Telecom Industry

Motorola Wins Apple Wireless Patent Fight in Germany

Lasers Can Tweak the Internal States of Atoms

Panasonic Confirms Plans to Re-enter European Smartphone Market

ViaSat-1 Passes Data Transmission Test

How the Verizon Spectrum Deal Changes the World Forever

Canadian WiMAX Network Tests LTE Overlay

Intel Takes a Seat on the Board of NFC Forum

Scientists Excited over Hints of Finding Elusive 'God Particle'

Germans Join Probe of Mobile Phone Tracker

Jigsaw Puzzlers Summoned to Defend the Nation

QRP Group Offers Free Kit Building Services to Hams with Physical Limitations

UK Distribution Market to Decline Next Year

Android Market Hits 10B Downloads

Starbucks China Adds NFC to Festive Check-in Campaign

Gartner Cuts 2012 Chip Market Forecast

Elusive Ultrafine Indoor Air Contaminants Yield to NIST Analysis

Yahoo Lottery Scam: Conmen Ordered to Pay Net Firm $610M

Astronomers Find Cosmic 'Dragonfish' Packed with Supermassive Stars

Lunar Eclipse Will Supersize Blood-Red Moon Saturday


Man Admits Stealing Cemetery Urns, Selling for Scrap

Verizon Wireless Says 4G Service Restored

One of the World's Smallest Electronic Circuits Created

U.S. Weighed 3 Options for Destroying Downed RQ-170

IEEE Elects 3 Texas Instruments Engineers to Fellow

Start-up Seeks New Life for Planar Transistors

More Drivers Texting at the Wheel

Nokia Looking to Sell its Luxury Handset Division

Why QR Codes Aren't Catching On

IBM Extends Graphene to Silicon Scales

Physicists Find That an Ultrahigh-Energy Proton Looks Like a Black Disk

EU Court Rules ISPs Cannot Be Forced to Block Copyrighted Content Source

38% Are Concerned About Safety of Electric Cars (I actually like the eCar concept, just not ready yet)

Everything Everywhere Outlines UK Network Upgrade Plans

Nippon Steel Develops Japan’s First 6” SiC Single-Crystal Wafer

TomTom GPS Shares Up as It Will Cut 10% of Workforce

New '3-D' Transistors Promising Future Chips, Lighter Laptops

Cellphones Test Strength of Gym Rules

NASA Rover Finds Convincing Evidence of Water on Ancient Mars

Drone Crash in Iran Reveals Secret U.S. Surveillance Effort


Pearl Harbor Attack Remembered at 70th Anniversary

Library of Congress to Receive Entire Twitter Archive (go ahead, tweet away, Big Bro loves it)

Bill Gates to Build Next-Gen Nuclear Reactors with China

Gov't Motors (GM) Volt Battery Issues Growing, Safety Findings May Have Been Suppressed (feel your gov't is scamming you yet?)

A High-Stakes Search Continues for Silicon’s Successor

Voltage Increases up to 25% Observed in Closely Packed Nanowires

Taiwan Spy Agency Denies "Electromagnetic Wave" Attack (nothing a tinfoil hat won't protect against)

Graphene Chip at 2 GHz

Mexican Networks Drop Legal Action over 2010 Radio Spectrum Auction

Android Marks 10B Downloads for Google (not even 1 from me, Apple neither)

Hollow Through-Silicon Vias Ease Expansion Issues

Superhard Carbon Material Could Crack Diamond

Renewed IRA Provision on Charitable Giving Makes It Easy to Support ARRL Through 2012

Longtime FCC Commissioner Copps to Retire

Norwegian Mobile Market Sees Less Voice and SMS - More Mobile Data

Media Salivating over Big Political Spending Season (½ of it from a political party they'll then bash at every opportunity)

Thales Communications to Enhance Wideband SATCOM Capability with Pending Acquisition of Tampa Microwave

Daimler Tests Wireless Electric Vehicle Chargers

China's Hu Urges Navy to Prepare for Combat (hurry to Walmart and buy more Chinese goods to fund them)


Silicon-Free MoS2 Promises Small, Low-Energy Chips

RQ-170 Drone Crash Might Put U.S. Sensor Technology at Risk (possible sabotage in USAF? check everyone involved)

Jobs [not Steve] Still Engineers' Top 2011 Concern

Lawyers Turn to SMS to Deliver Eviction Notices to Protesters

Power in Numbers: China Aims for High-Tech Primacy

Special Prefixes on Tap for Canadian Stations this December

Korea to Eliminate Paper Receipts with NFC

Earth's Radiation Balance Target for New NASA Airborne Study

MEMS Transistor Integrated on CMOS

Verizon Blocking Google Wallet on Android Smartphones

Liquid-Nitrogen Engine Could Be an Alternative to Batteries

1 in 4 Starbucks Card Transactions Done via Mobile

Printed CNT Transistor Circuits May Lead to Cheaper OLED Displays

Google Security Expert Demonstrates Web Browser History Theft (Big Bro know where you've been)

Qualcomm Atheros Launches World’s First HomePlug Green PHY Solution

Voyager Hits New Region at Solar System Edge (aka "V'Ger" to Trekkies)

New Nanoscale Electronic State Discovered on Graphene Sheets

Electric Grid Needs Full-Time Cyberguard

Second Earth Found? Location is Promising


DARPA, Northrop Team on RF Transmitters Project

Nano Paint Could Make Airplanes Invisible to Radar

S-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g Electrical Conductance to the Limit

Samsung Can Sell Disputed Devices in U.S., for Now

Researchers Find Way to Observe, Control the Way Electrons Spin on the Surface of Exotic New Materials

New Switch Could Improve Electronics

Wireless LAN Infrastructure Market Posts Record $1.7B in 3rd Quarter

Syria 'Bans iPhones' over Protest Footage

European October IC Sales Down 1.6% on the Month

Scientists Create Transistor Compatible with Living Cells

Are U.S. Cell Phone Carriers Complicit?

DOD Said on Verge of Authorizing Androids, iPhones

How Carriers Could Thwart Mobile Phone Thieves, But Don't

Wi-Fi Service Upgrade for Norway's Airports

MIT Recommends U.S. Power Grid Improvements and Security

Should Homeland Security Control the Electrical Grid?

China Post Office Offers Letters from Space

Online Learning, Personalized

Seattle Welfare Recipient Lives in $Million Home (think this is an isolated incident?)


Smartphone Addicts Starting to Feel the Pain

Pentagon Official Calls for F-35 Production Slowdown

Church Uses Baby Monitor to Help Nab Suspected Copper Thieves

Could a Higgs Boson Announcement Be Imminent from the LHC? (ha, see Sept. headline from LHC)

Massive WWII Bomb Successfully Defused in Germany


ALERT! Gov't Motors Offers to Buy Back All 6,000 Volts (reverses ownership polarity... will the $7k credit have to be given back?)

FCC Grants Secondary Service Allocation to Wireless Broadband Medical Micropower Networks

U.S. Senator Calls for Answers on Phone 'Snooping'

Engineers Behind Russia's Failed Mars Probe Could Face Prosecution

FASTRAC-1 Satellite Digipeater Active

Defense Authorization Targets Industrial Base

Carrier IQ Responds to Spying Allegations as Companies Distance Themselves

$100B Invested in Smart Grid in 2011; to Double by 2015

Names Proposed for New Elements (Rfcafenium still in the running)

Sprint and Clearwire Announce Agreement Worth Potentially $1.6B

RF Warhorse Takes on TI Transceiver as Booster

Cable Companies to Resell Verizon Wireless Service

Scientists Link Diamonds in Strange Quantum Entanglement

2011 Technology and Innovation Award Winners Revealed

Cellphone Towers Don't Hurt Property Prices - in New Zealand

Gasoline Fuel Cell Would Boost Electric Car Range (is this an ironic joke?)

Instant Nanodots Grow on Silicon to Form Sensing Array

Month of Amazing Skywatching Awaits Us in December

Study Confirms Many of Us Go Online for No Reason

China Manufacturing PMI Plunges to 32-Month Low of 47.7


Tens of Millions of Smartphones Come with Spyware Preinstalled

Canadian Researchers Running JTRS-Compatible Radio Waveforms on Android Smartphones and Tablets

The Startup Choice: Get Big or Get Bought

Can HP Printers Be Remote-Detonated?

Fully Printed Carbon Nanotube Transistor Circuits for Displays

Europe Proposes New Conditions on Research and Development

Internet Economy: Wireless Subscribers Drive Broadband Growth

Authorities Gauge Impact of Europe's Galileo Navigation Satellite System

Dutch Banks and Carriers to Launch NFC in 2013

Alternatives to Quartz for Frequency References

Can Physicists Crack the Big Puzzle?

Legal Row over Carrier IQ 'Surveillance' App Claims

2012: Magnetic Pole Reversal Happens All the (Geologic) Time

Can You Crack This Code? Britain Spy Test

USPTO Seeking Comments on Future Locations for Satellite Offices

Apollo 13 Checklist Auctioned for $380,000  

First Superman Comic Sells for Record $2.2M

Central Bank Action Merely 'Buys Time' for Europe

Fed Shifts $88B to Undisclosed Recipients (nobody with authority has the guts to prosecute the Fed)