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Worldwide Mobile Phone Market Grew Nearly 20% in the First Quarter

Handset Semiconductor Market Revenues Shoot up 15%

USPTO Postpones Effective Date of "Track One" Fast-Track Patent Processing

DOD Buyers Told to Chip Away at Contractor Prices (sure, kill the U.S. defense industry so we buy everything from China)

3-D Terahertz Cloaking

GPS Company TomTom Sold Drivers' Speeding Data to Dutch Police

Samsung Profits Plunge on Low Demand and Falling Prices

On the Shuttle, A $2B Bid to Find Antimatter (watch live launch @ 3:47 pm ET)

Exploring the Superconducting Transition in Ultra Thin Films

Why the White iPhone 4 Took So Long

U.S. Army Creates Its Own App Store

Research In Motion (RIM) Shocks With Unexpected Profits Warning

Tweaking Environments Changes Material Conductivity

Herding Swarms of Microrobots

3-D nanocone Solar Cell Technology Cranks Up Efficiency

Wireless Carriers Say They Get Consent to Use Location Data


Panasonic Reports Loss, Plans to Cut 17,000 Jobs

EU to Build Most Powerful Laser Ever in Prague

Smartphone Units Up 13%; Revenues Up 15%

Will the Royal Wedding Break the Internet?

How One School Redesigned Design Education

T-Rays Could Probe Materials at Unprecedented Level of Detail

Sony Faces Global Legal Action over Data Theft

Researchers Take a Step Toward Valleytronics

North American PCB Shipments Up, Orders Down in March Y/Y

Strong Record of Technology Transfer at German Universities

Anchorage VEC Asks FCC to Grant Lifetime Credit for Expired Licenses

EGNOS European GPS Program to Get Upgrade from Thales Alenia Space

Modified Virus Used to Significantly Boost Solar Cell Efficiency

Silicon Clock Can Outperform Quartz

Investigation Launched into Roaming Costs Between New Zealand and Australia

Forensics Experts Say iPhone Tracking Isn't All That Accurate (it only needs to be close to establish a pattern of movement, though)

Nearly 8 of Every $10 Spent on OSs Goes to Microsoft

U.S. Economic Growth Slows to 1.8%


Nokia to Shed 7,000 Staff as Part of Reorganization

Apple Blames iPhone Tracking File on 'Bug' (oh, OK then)

Replacing Batteries May Become a Thing of the Past, Thanks to 'Soft Generators'

Smart Grid Could Fuel Telco-Utility Company Mergers

Two Graphene Layers May be Better Than One

Bacteria May Communicate Wirelessly (Wi-Bi[o]?)

RPI Researchers Find New Method for Making Green LEDs

Ericsson Profit Surges on Mobile Broadband Demand

RadioShack Blames T-Mobile for Poor First Quarter

50% of New Smartphone Buyers Choose Android

Connected TVs Forecast to Exceed 123M Units in 2014

LG Electronics Posts 2nd Straight Quarterly Loss

American Apparel Adding 50 More Stores in Aggressive RFID Rollout

Long After Microsoft, Allen and Gates Cast Shadows over City

Apple Says White iPhone to Arrive Thursday

NASA Invites 150 Lucky Twitter Followers to Endeavour Launch

UFO Group Seeks Funding for Telescope


Egad! Coffee Prices Hit 34-Year High

Army Tests Comprehensive Plan for Wireless Services

Most Powerful mm-Scale Energy Harvester Generates Electricity from Vibrations

Queens Awards for Enterprise Led by Electronics Companies

France Telecom Employee Sets Himself on Fire in Car Park

What Does NFC Mean for Mobile Payments?

Eight Easy Ways the FCC Can Help Fuel Broadband Deployment

New In-Car Streaming Study: Consumers Only Want 2 FM Channels

Deutsche Telekom Tests Rural LTE Services at 800 MHz

Freescale Sees 4G Basestations with 160 MHz Bandwidth

Mathematicians Develop Stress Test for Global Economy

Space Weather Prediction Center to Discontinue Broadcasts on WWV and WWVH

Selective Encryption Said to Cut Wireless Power

Google Bids for Another Batch of Mobile Phone Patents

NASA Solar Sail Is the 'Little Satellite That Could'

Search for Alien Life Put on Hold

9 of Top 11 Worst New Cars Made by... Wait for It... Government Motors (GM)!

Airships and Aerostats Carve Niche in the U.S. Military's Persistent Surveillance Arsenal


FCC Begins Auction This Week. 144 Frequencies Up For Grabs.

Will Science or Politics Ultimately Define Nanotechnology?

TriQuint Brings GaAs to the Masses

Vending Systems Going Wireless

Fabless Sector Under-Performs

'Cell Tower in a Suitcase' - Brought to You by AT&T

Scientists Suggest Spacetime Has No Time Dimension

The Army's First Smartphone?

Paper-Thin Graphene Material is 10x Stronger Than

Electron Ping Pong in the Nano World

Why You Should Care About the iPhone Location-Tracking Issue

PlayStation Network Was Hacked

Iran Claims It Has Detected Second Cyber Attack

Google Fined for Infringing Linux Patent

IMF Bombshell: Age of America Nears End (½ the country seems to be alright with this - how about you?)


World's Largest Atom Smasher May Have Detected 'God Particle'

Graphene's Varying Conductivity Levels Pinpointed

Amazon Still Trying to Fix Computer Problems

Lensless Microscope Can Create 3D Tomographic Images

Another Tech Bubble-About-to-Burst Prediction

LED Efficiency Puzzle Solved by Theorists Using Quantum-Mechanical Calculations

U.S. Northwest Coast Overdue for 'Megathrust' Earthquake

Dirty Energy Behind Internet and Wireless Communications Growth (that's because it is affordable)


Apple Admits "Intermittently" Collects Location Data, Including GPS

Google Also Collecting Data About Your Phone

USA Today: Tech Jobs Boom Like It's 1999 (happy days are here again ♫... must be true, right?)

Researchers Claim Replacement for Rare Material Indium Tin Oxide

Your Cell Phone May Be Used Against You in a Court of Law

Seibersdorf Adds NFC to Textiles

Self-Healing Plastics Could Mean an End to Scratches on Cell Phones

DOD Redoubles Its Efforts to Lower Costs Via RFID

Has the FCC Finally Gone Too Far?

Could Apple's iPhone 5 Be a World Phone?

Light Can Repair New Material When Scratched

Subsea Cable Set to Improve Internet Connectivity in Africa

Next-Gen Blue Force Tracking System Gets Major Boost

173M Wi-Fi Direct-Enabled Devices to Ship in 2011

Crackling Electric Link Joins Saturn and Its Moon

Researchers Find Plasmonic Resonances in Semiconductor Nanocrystals

Broadcom Moves on to Top 10 List as 2010 Semi Revenue Records More Than 30% Growth

Microsoft Plans Sweeping Pay Raises


iPhone Keeps Record of Everywhere You Go (iBigBrother?)

Apple Overtakes Nokia - Becomes World's Largest Handset Vendor by Revenue

Apple Named 'Least Green' Tech Company (Al Gore on Board of Directors)

NASA Losing Large Amounts of High-Tech Equipment

Arkansas, Mississippi top U.S. in Wireless-Only Households

Laser Sparks Revolution in Internal Combustion Engines

“Eternal Vigilance” Is the Price We Pay for Our Spectrum

India Launches Three Satellites on Single Rocket

63% of Wireless Traffic to Move to Fixed Networks via WiFi and Femtocells by 2015

Wireless Power System Works in Buildings

Nokia Posts Stronger Than Expected Quarterly Profits

Amazon Fault Takes Down Websites

Qualcomm Posts Stellar Second Quarter Results

Houston Leads Way in Launching 'Super WiFi'

IDC Sees IC Growth in 2011

Cooling Down Solid-Oxide Fuel Cells

GE's Q1 Profit Jumps 77% (will GE pay $0 in taxes again in 2011?)


Michigan: Police Search Cell Phones During Traffic Stops (** do not surrender yours w/o a warrant **)

DARPA Asks Industry for Ways to Blend Electronic, Photonic, MEMS Components on Chip

Transatlantic Amateur Radio Balloon Launch

Dollars Flow Back into Tech

A Breakthrough on Paper That's Stronger Than Steel

The Do's and Don'ts of Job Hunting Online

Novel Cloaking Device Makes 'Larger' Objects Invisible

Integrated Chips Fuel Smartphone Growth

Manhattan’s Tech Start-Ups Settle in the Flatiron District and Chelsea

Tech History on the Auction Block

Can Silicon Valley Culture Survive at Wal-Mart?

Smartphones with 2.5 GHz Processors Expected Late 2012

Robot to Throw Out First Pitch at Phillies Game

Smart Grid Standards Take Shape in Europe

20 Tax Facts That Will Make Your Head Explode Read

U.S. Hurries to Sell GM Stake (at big loss - taxpayers screwed again)

Carbon Monoxide Found in Pluto's Air (OMG, our SUV exhaust have reached even Pluto!)


Internal Combustion Used to Make Thin-Film Transistors

Apple Says Samsung Copied iPhone, iPad

Europe Outspends U.S. and Japan on Consumer Electronics

Super-Small Transistor Created: Artificial Atom Powered by Single Electrons

Sony Ericsson Quarterly Profits Halved

Ultra-Fast Magnetic Reversal Observed

DOD to Establish Three-Tier Process for Acquisition

Spanish City to Lend NFC Phones to Tourists

All Those Tweets, Apps, Updates May Drain Brain

Chip Has Most Transistors Ever?

Shipments of GPS-Enabled GSM/WCDMA Handsets Grew 97% in 2010

Internet-Bbased Attacks on Critical Systems Rise

Feds Grant $2.1B Loan Guarantee to Germany Company for California Solar Farm

Far-Sighted Space Technology Finds Practical Uses on Earth

TI Releases a Tiny Wireless Charging Chip

Texas Instruments Blames Disappointing Financials on Japan Earthquake


H-1B Employees Can Stay While Visa Extensions Pending

Ka-Band Satellite Constellation to Benefit Military Forces

Huawei Full Year Profits Up by 30% to $2.5B

Army Smart-Phone Efforts Face Uphill Battle

Cellphone Retail Sales Disappoint

RIM Studies Bid for Nortel Wireless Patents

Europe to Open Up GSM Spectrum to LTE and WiMAX Services

Saudis Slash Oil Output; Say Market Oversupplied (nice to have 'allies,' non?)

Microsoft Launches Office 365 Public Beta

Comcast Bests FCC’s 100 Mb/s Goal by 5 Mb/s

Gov't Motors Unveils First Model - the Baojun 630 - of China Car Brand (ah, so this is how we keep jobs in America - Detroit is wasteland)


WLAN-Enabled Device Shipments to Hit 1.2B in 2011

USPTO Updates Registration Exam for Patent Practitioners

Chevy Volt May Have Sparked Garage Fire

Limit the Dangers of Cellphone Radiation

RIM Shows Off Its Blackberry Playbook Tablet

Congressman - iPad a Job Killer

About 2,800 Shuttle Workers Will Be Laid Off in 2011 (we don't need no stinking high tech jobs - McDonalds is Hiring)

½ of U.S. Households Are Like GE: $0 of Income Taxes


Is Your Station Responsible If an Engineer Falls Off Your Tower and Dies? (2 engineers fell off tower)

Graphene Steps Toward Spintronics

Telco Tupply Chain: 'Enabler' or Risk to Profitability?

FBI Closes In on Zombie PC Gang

More Flights Allow Mobile Calls

Mercury-Containing Oxides Offer New Perspective on Mechanism of Superconductivity

White iPhone 4 Will Be Out in Weeks

More Than 1B Devices to Have Embedded Wireless Networking Capability in 2011

Do Cellphones Cause Brain Cancer? (here we go again)

Galileo Honored by Vatican on Telescope Anniversary

Hydrogen-Producing Catalysts Could Replace Lithium Batteries

Reprogrammable Chips Could Enable Instant Gadget Upgrades

Russia's Largest Phone Retailer Delays UK Stock Market Listing

Congress Approves $18.45B for NASA

Algae Could Replace 17% of U.S. Oil Imports (sounds good to me)

Solar Junction Hits Record 43.5% Efficiency for CPV Production Cell

Comcast Offers Faster Home Broadband in Some U.S. Cities

What the Top U.S. Companies Pay in Taxes (GE paid $0 on $14.2B in pretax income)


International Patent System Marks 2,000,000th Filing

Nordic and Asian Nations Connected for Growth

Court Date Set for UK's Biggest E-Waste Investigation

White iPhone Coming Soon, iPhone 5 Not-So-Soon

Ofcom to Issue Special Temporary Call Signs for Royal Wedding

Free Wireless Technical Forum Heads to Oxford

Online TV is $Billion Biz (Idon't have cable or satellite TV - Internet only)

Chile and Colombia Leading the Way for LTE in LatAm

Nokia Siemens Networks Still Seeking Buyer for an Equity Stake

1 in 5 Smartphones Will Have NFC by 2014, Spurred by Recent Breakthroughs

LOFAR Takes the Pulse of the Radio Sky

Motion Detection Enhances Wireless Network Switching

Dire Cyber Scenarios May Await U.S. Infrastructure

Online Ad Revenue Continues to Rise (as unread mags hit recycle bins - notice how thin they are anymore?)

Physicists Create Clouds of Impenetrable Gases That Bounce Off Each Other

Map of % of People Working in the U.S. (shocking!)

There Is No Male-Female Wage Gap (post this on your cubicle wall!)


Rebels Hijack Qaddafi's Phones, Build Own Network

Northrop GaN-Based Modules Smash Records for Sustaining High Power

Fujitsu Offers UK Fast Rural Net

World Amateur Radio Day Set for Monday, April 18

Foxconn Planning $12B Investment in Brazil

Black Holes Make Space-Time Splash

Ultra-Fast Magnetic Reversal Observed

Ceglia Says Facebook E-Mails Show He Owns 50%

EU Parliament Calls for Free Wireless Communications

Plastic Transistor Aims at OLED Backplanes

AT&T Offering Messaging Service for Colleges

Japan Disaster Calls Capacity, Supply into Question

FCC Says TV Airwaves Needed to Counter Wireless Crunch

Israel to Get Two New 3G Providers

Piloting UAVs is Becoming a Serious Profession with University Degree Program

Feds Charge Microsoft Staffer with Theft


Are Tech Companies Becoming Unofficial Intelligence Agents?

ARISSat-1 On the Air for Gagarin Anniversary

Multitasking Takes Toll on Memory

From the Clothing of the Dead, The Rings of Unanswered Phones

Engineers to Develop Process for Sorting Carbon Nanotubes

Russia Proudly Marks 50 Years Since Gagarin Orbit

Japanese Quake Not Expected to Affect GaAs Industry

'Noise Thermometry' System Measures Boltzmann Constant

Sales Boom for Opto, Sensors, Discretes

Ink with Tin Nanoparticles Could Print Future Circuit Boards

FCC is Playing Hardball with AT&T

Wireless Services Ignoring FM, Prefer Revenue from Pandora

Canadian Navy Orders Multiband Satcom Terminals

New Research Advances Understanding of Lead Selenide Nanowires

Navy Raygun Disables Boat with New High Energy Laser

$5/gal Gas by Memorial Day (Prez says stop whining and get a hybrid see 1:52)

Gov't Motors Recalls Cruze After a Steering Wheel Falls Off (what a fitting metaphor for the country!)


Tajikistan Fatwa Bans SMS-Divorce (why do images of the Flintstones come to mind?)

Research In Motion (RIM) Eyes a Rebound

GaAs Supply Chain Robust After Quake

India to Halve Telecoms License Duration to Just 10-Years

LTE Capex to Reach $28B in 2014

Mobile Phone Users 'Overpaying by £200' Per Year

Batteries that Recharge in Seconds

Million$ to Be Made in the iPhone Underground €¢onom¥

Got GPS? Maybe Not For Long!

Physicists Discover New Way to Visualize Warped Space and Time

Scientists Move Closer Towards Mainstream Use of Organic PVs

Tesla, Other Electric Vehicles Poised to Enter the Mainstream

Coffee Studies Should Warm Your Heart (woo-hoo! vindicated again!)


Superconductivity Celebrates 100 Years

AT&T, Verizon Slam FCC's Mobile Data Roaming Rules

Mysterious Cosmic Blast Keeps on Going

Aussie Teachers Outraged Over Cut in Science Course Funding

In Texas Instruments' Acquisition, Engineers Might Avoid Job Cuts

U.S. Satellite Subscribers Get Offered Free Guns

Calif. Lawmakers Get OK for Concealed Carry (Their Lives More Valuable Than Yours)


Iron Dome Intercepts First Rocket (amazing performance!)

FCC Votes to Force Wireless Data Roaming Agreements

Scientists Prove Youngsters Suffer Gadget 'Withdrawal'

2011's Top Tech Investors (don't forget Legend Investment Enterprises)

MathWorks Adds C/C++ Compiler to Matlab

Several Japan Fabs Halted by Aftershock

Telkom South Africa Wants 900 MHz Spectrum Holders Barred from 800 MHz Auction

Speedier Nanotube Circuits

Silicon Valley-Based Startup Unveils Hardware-Neutral NFC Platform

DOD Prepares Personnel for Government Shutdown (they already close down effectively weeks every year for vacations, sick leave, comp time, etc.)

Test Moves Navy Step Closer to Lasers for Ship Self-Defense

Government Shutdown Threat Paralyzes Contractors (cry me a river - whole country's got 'skin in the game')

ARRL Frequency Measuring Test Scheduled for Tuesday, April 12

Something's Wrong with Our *@!^ Chips Today; High-Tech Warfare

Self-Cooling Observed in Graphene Electronics

Army Deploys First GPS-Guided Mortars

Europe’s $2T of Distressed Debt Set to Outstrip U.S. (isn't wealth redistribution great?)


Georgian Woman Cuts Off Web Access to All of Armenia (there has to be a good Armenia joke in this)

FCC Betas New Website Design

Six States Use Nearly Half of All Pirated Software in the U.S.

Replacing Batteries May Become a Thing of the Past, Thanks to 'Soft Generators'

It's a Wrap! Nanowire Opens Gate to New Devices

Make Your Electronics Supply Chain Green - or Else

Android to Command Nearly Half of Smartphone OS Market by End 2012

Samsung Profit Tumbles to Near 2-Year Low, Chips to Fuel Rebound

EC to Create RFID Tag Guidelines Addressing Privacy Concerns

New Engine Sends Shock Waves Through Auto Industry

Smartphones Surging, Nokia to Tumble

Talking Shop: Eight VCs Open Up

Einstein@Home Detects Unusual Stellar Pair

British Police Speed Up Checks for Stolen Handsets

Mystery Atom Discovery Has Physicists Abuzz

G.E. [who paid $0 in taxes in 2010] Plans to Build Largest Solar Panel Plant in U.S.

Coffee Drinking in Your Genes?


Planned Wireless Internet Network Threatens GPS

How Safe is Safe Enough? To Engineers, It Depends

February 'Actual' Chip Sales Show 6.8% Drop

Chip Revenue Figures Revised After Japan Quake

Invisibility Cloaks: Force of Acoustical Waves Tapped for Metamaterials

Ten Tech Stocks With Huge Cash Cushions

Net Giants Challenge French Data Law

Judge Overturns $625M Apple Patent Award

Giving Electronic Rejects a Second Chance

Tantalizing Glimpse Has Physicists Holding Their Breaths

AT&T iPhone Drops Calls 3x That of Verizon

Hacker Group Targets Sony Executives, Children

As Costs Plummet, LED Use Soars

Graphite Nanoparticles Get Solar Power Plant Application

Google's Massive Undersea Power Spine

NASA, Roscosmos to Discuss Nuclear Powered Rocketry

Gold Hits New Record, Brent Oil Above $122 (lots of change, little hope)


Texas Instruments to Buy National Semiconductor (wait, is this April 5th or April 1st?)

Chip Stocks Soar on TI Deal

Quake Makes Analyst Raise IC Market Forecast

A Lighter Apple in Revised NASDAQ Stock Index

UK and U.S. Patent Offices to Share Research Data

Fed Launches Smartphone Privacy Investigation

Silicon Valley Experiencing New Hiring Boom

The World's 10 Most Innovative Companies, and How They Do It

Indian Chip Design Market Booming

Fake iPads Burned for Chinese Burial Ceremony

CBI to Probe Apparent Suicide in Indian Telecoms Scandal

2009 Was a Revenue Disaster for Radio

Criminals Target Mobile Devices and Social Networks

A New Rotary Engine Design

Boots on the Ground, Intel in the Cloud

Google Bids $900M for Nortel Patents

Satellite-Guided Heavy Artillery Shell Able to Detect & Attack Moving Targets

World's Most Powerful Rocket Ready in 2012, SpaceX Says


A Message to Congress: Keep Your Hands Off the Patent Office

European Agencies Consider the Expansion of Spectrum for UHF RFID

Fight Brewing Over DOD Budget Cuts

Atomic Superconductor One-Ups Squid

'Nanocrystal Doping' Enhances Semiconductor Nanocrystals

Millions Caught in E-Mail Breach

Rapid Testing Yields High-Energy Battery Materials

West Point Cadets Gain Real-World Cybersecurity Experience

Chip Market Upbeat Despite Weak Q4

How Blind People See the Internet

Jodrell Bank Has Got a Nerve for Radio Telescope Planning

Technology's Most Blatant Design Copycats

Twitter, Zynga Threaten to Leave San Fran Over Taxes (I would bet that the founders voted for people who always raise taxes)

WiMAX Forum Boosting Efforts in India

NASA Delays Endeavour Launch

Windows 8 is Coming Soon


Spain Seeks €1.5B-€2B from Telcos in 4G Auctions

From Science Fiction to Research Breakthrough

Co-Founder Larry Page Returning to Google Helm (the "Page" in PageRank)

Ancient Greek Computer Had Surprising Sun Tracker

USPTO to Host Free 2-Day Seminar on Protecting Against Intellectual Property Theft in China

2x Number of People Work in Government Than in Manufacturing (no wonder we're broke!)


IEEE Approves IEEE 802.16m - Advanced Mobile Broadband Wireless Standard

April Fool's Day: Tech Companies In on the Jokes

Congress Hears Two Views on H-1B Visas

Android Will Seize 45% of Smartphone Market by 2016 (something else always comes along)

Mobile Phone Adds Brain to Stratosphere Research

14 Qbits: Physicists Go Beyond the Limits of Currently Possible (if they did it, then it IS currently the limit, not beyond limit)

Two Astronauts Get Their Ham Ticket

'Spincasting' Holds Promise for Creation of Nanoparticle Thin Films

U.S. Venture Capital Loses Its Momentum

How to Create and Remember Super-Secure Passwords

Sites Hit in Massive Web Attack

Is This Tech Boom Different?

DOJ: Google is a Monopoly (Google must not be part of Holder's "my people")

Scientists Isolate Mysterious 'Ribbon' of Energy and Particles that Wraps Around Heliosphere

Cellular Baseband Market Jumped 20%

A New Method for Measuring X-Ray Optics Aberrations